Humanoid skin pricing?

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This is actually a two-pronged question.

1) If a PC has killed a number of humanoids (let's say goblins for an example) what would the price on a goblin hide go? Would a goblin hide even be worth the trouble of skinning the corpse? Or would it be too thin? Do you think there would be a market for goblin-hide scabbards, armor, etc?

2) What would you imagine the scalp bounty on humanoids would be in border lands? I'm thinking maybe a gold per, as the marches wouldn't be very rich, but the PCs would be doing a service cleaning out the humanoids.

Any thoughts?

Maybe 5 gp for the hide and the kill.

A leader type would be 10-20; maybe more if he was a badass.

Less for females or goblin kittens.

I would imagine you'd have to pickle the leader's head to prove you got him. Unless you were close to the bounty payer.

I would think the baseline bounty would be the same for the kits and females. Nits make lice after all. That's just proactivity at work.

They're easier to cull though; not as much danger involved.

True. I guess a small discount would be likely. 75% of a baseline avg. fighter goblin? or would you say 50%?

25 percent I reckon.

How about 4 kits = 2 females = 1 fighting age gobbo = 5 gp?

Been looking for the price of Yeti pelts in Icewind Dale, but I can't find the price any more.

Now that would command a premium! I mean, Yetis are badass incarnate and their hides look like they could make some serious fur parkas, amirite?

This one dude would buy them for 150 gp iirc, then when you brought more, they'd go down in value.

I think it was 150 gp though.....might've been more.

I guess that'd make a goblin about 5 gp for culling it.

I guess I would rate Yetis up there with dangerous predators with nice pelts and goblin as vermin with iffy hides. Kinda like the difference between a snow leopard pelt and a rat hide.

Of course, Yetis are ape-like, so I imagine the hides would need a good cleaning before use. I mean, have you ever smelt a monkey? PU! =D

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I could see the right pelts/skins fetching a decent price with magic users. Those dudes are always looking for exotic ingredients. Maybe as components to a magic item or spell that uses transmutation.

Sure, but that might lead us into the tangental land of humanoid bits and pieces. A goblin brain might work well as a component of a scroll of Confusion, for example. Or mayhap the yeti's liver in a potion of Bull's Strength.

Then you can get into scrimshaw on orc tusks, goblin kittens hollowed out for Punch and Judy dolls, etc.

A scroll of summoning/control/disguise, written on the skin of the desired creature, would seem to be the right thing for an advanced form of the spell and add an olafactory component.

Whereas the tongue of a creature might be a component for a language potion or spell, a dwarf stomach for a CON potion, etc...

Who the hell wants a goblin hide? Animals have fur and thick hides that make it valuable. Goblins are thin-skinned, dirty, and most likely diseased. Not to mention, good luck finding one without horrible scarring.

I'm just not seeing the desire for goblin hides.

Maybe lizardman hides then?

Not seeing the desire for goblin hides?! Sir, you've been denied the luxury of rich Goblinian leather and that ends here and now! Step into our fitting chamber, strip off those frumpy clothes, and adorn yourself in the sin of skin from demon kin. Well at least try on the boots. You know what they say, "once you wear goblin, you'll never go hobblin'."

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Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:
Maybe lizardman hides then?

Lizardman skin boots! An extra 200 gp if they're made with skin from the Lizardman King. And they're evil-aligned!


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That is some f+%$ed up shit, man.

Or maybe kobolds? All the quality of fine dragon hide at a fraction of the effort!

I wonder if kobold egg omelets would be something worthwhile.

Do kobolds lay eggs? I thought they just put their larvae in corpses and shit like flies do.

Usually in a bounty situation, just one of the ears (either always the right or always the left) are collected.

I suppose if the humanoid race had a +2 or more natural armor (maybe +4?) it would be good for armor or toughened clothing.

Honestly though, the only use for human(oid) skin that I can think of would be for the religious texts of clerics following evil gods. And I'd say that they'd prefer to do their own skinning.

This is also, btw, the weirdest thread I've been in today. And that's including threads like "I don't want any magic in my Pathfinder" and "So my player had his Druid shapeshift so that he could impregnate a bird..."

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1) Only to necromancers. I think they would not be too picky on whihc humanoid race that the skin for their newest copy of a vile tome came from. I also think that they would prefer younger victims.

2) When we did KotB it was a silver for each right thumb. They players let a small mean one go because he already lost his right hand. They were not Lawful or good characters.

Mmmm, long pork pork rinds...

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