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Good morning web team,
Is it possible to petition for a thread title change? This would be a thread I began. Thank you for any assistance you can give me

Web Product Manager

Depending on the specific thread and context, we may be able to help. I would suggest sending your request to to see if our moderators can accommodate it.

Thank you Chris

Hi folks,
I attempted to contact as suggested, but the emails I sent were not replied to. I understand you folks have lots of stuff going on, but if I could just get a quick yes or no I’d appreciate it. Thank you.

Well, a non-response is basically a no. So, yeah, thanks.

Lantern Lodge Customer Service & Community Manager

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I apologize for the delay in my response. I've replied to the email.

~sara marie

Sara, may I ask why you closed The Monkey's Tree Fort thread?

Lantern Lodge Customer Service & Community Manager

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I received a request and determined the best course of action was to close the thread and let active participants create a new thread.

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Thanks. I found out the thread owner has requested its closure. I hated to see that, but it was a good trip. Hopefully, the new thread will be as fun and popular as his.

Happy Holidays!


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