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Generally I find that when PCs start fighting angels no amount of charisma on Old Man Jenkins part will stop them from going 'wait what? Are we the baddies?' Most will even hit that point as soon as inquisitors from a Good deity show up...

I think it functions more like a touch spell, grasp and chill touch and all of that. If you miss, you still have the spell charged, but no shackles exist yet - I suppose it is kind of interesting regarding what happens if they make the save after the spell is discharged, but either way you aren't spellstriking with it again so it doesnt matter regarding sword or hand delivery.

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Can he wear all those magic items wi th out going into medium load at str 5? I doubt it

The idea isnt taking the skills from the weapon group you have. Its taking a skill you already have max ranks in, which, by the awt, lets you redistribute the ranks ANYWHERE. So since you can switch out the awts, you juggle your own skill ranks across your character and to nil with being limited by weapon group skills.

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Shackle doesnt need a pair of shackles as a casting focus , it is V/S, so the shackles not appearing unless the enemy fails save is the only thing that makes sense to me.. not sure how it can be interpreted differently.

Razmiran priests dont try to pretend they worship Gods that arent Razmir, so actually thats completely irrelevant.

Its great for easy rage cycling, yes. Take all the 1/rage powers you can and dont worry about the stats. No need to take Raging Vitality, you dont get hp anyway!

Because the last post in this thread was eight years ago! None of these people will ever see your words about whether CT is OP or not. Actually, was Magus even OUT when this thread lived?

You cant have someone else do it since the hex specifies it must be an effect you cause yourself.. I think.

I'm getting Yoshimitsu vibes and I love it. The witch is so voodoo that she stabs herself and other people die...

The shackles don't exist, Shackle is a Hellknight spell specifically for binding an enemy without needing to carry shackles around that came from Path of the Hellknight, so if the spell fails they cease or never even start existing. In fact they vanish once the duration is up, too.

There are some PFS memes I see a lot. Generally about certain (coughDrendleDreng) venture captains.

Well, the tenth level ability of the Evangelist does just SCREAM putting on a performance. Thank you all for your advice!

Is there anything I can do with the +4 to Perform as a cleric, by any chance, should I want to take the Deific Obedience?

Hmm, I've never actually tried playing a debuff cleric before, it should be interesting to attempt the playstyle. A last question - what domain (or subdomain) associated to Hastur would be recommended, do you guys think, from the chaos/evil/void restriction attached to the Mythos Cultist archetype?

Ten range increments for a 110 range longbow is 1100 feet at a -10 penalty.

I want to have a decently optimized character around this concept, and I already regret the loss of versatile performance for the Mute Musician since Hastur's deific obedience is a +4 to Perform. What is specifically great about the cultist archetype?

Mute Musician looks great, since it can poach from the wizard spell list. A great way to pick up stuff like Planar Binding, andit gives me the mental image of a snake charmer with a flute except the snakes are rather more dangerous. I had been thinking of a cleric of Void with a separatist Hubris for the touch of glory cha boost, but a bard would have Cha for binding naturally... What do you think about using Evangelist or Sentinel for it as opposed to progressing raw bard? The spell abilities of the archetype hint towards avoiding melee, so maybe trying to use the rapier/fencing grace is a bad idea since the Mute has to have an instrument of some sort... which would disqualify dex to damage..?

Hi, I'm having quite a bit of choice paralysis for a themed character I want to build for a game starting at level 4, 25 point buy. Does anyone have any interesting ideas for making use of Hastur centric abilities? Cleric, bard, the 'deific obedience' classes for Hastur, or other more roleplaying-ish ideas? I'd also appreciate hearing about any Hastur characters anyone else has ever seen or played.

Black holes are just negative energy portals, it'll be fine.

I'm actually decently certain that the gm just told Hellatze here that they can't buy the singular item Cyclops Helm because she thinks it makes no sense for the item, beingmade from a cyclops head, to be available, but a headband is common and thus is. Lore in the sense of before Pathfinder Unchained.

What deities even would give both the Glory and Void domains? That sounds like a really fun character..

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Buy a +1 Folding Mithral Buckler, fold it into a tower shield, enjoy mithral tower shield for about 5005 gp.

I think its cooler to have your 'backstory level' be something like 12 or 15 so that in the game, you can start genuinely surpassing your old self, being icly shocked at how much better you've become even over your previous capabilities.

Rey knew all about that personal drama, though. Its how Luke 'became a legend'..

Yuelral's blessing wizard discovery lets you use any gem of equal worth as a component for any spell. FEAR THE RUBY NECROMANCER. Or cast Wish with a sapphire... or cast Fireball with some nice tourmaline instead of guano. Gem magic is so much cleaner, and it comes with a bonus to nature-y spells too!

Have Gorum bless the barb with clarity of hatred since he hates dumb tricks like that and remove the charm. Welcome to why everyone suggests melee guys build up Will saves.

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Although it's interesting rp-wise that to constantly buff the party, the witch in question is literally laughing uncontrollably every minute of the day. Quite a few stares are likely in town...

Isn't there a feat or ability somewhere that is like spell penetration for kineticists? That increases CL without the damage?

Binding is more like teleporting an outsider to you than summoning them temporarily. If a wizard teleports somewhere and then someone puts up an AMF, they dont poof back where they came from!

Could go the vital strike route instead, just as a thought.

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Early firearms are extremely practical, both anecdotally and mathematically. Just because there is a more powerful version doesnt mean the Early ones suck. Or do you think non Mythic characters arent viable because, say, mythic power attack exists?

Almost all class abilities mean the class that they're written in, e..g a druid 1 rogue3 doesnt get wildshape even though the ability says 'at 4th level.' If it means total character level,, that is usually specifically called out.

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Either they venerate their portfolios gods, or they stay up at night agonizing over whether their Fire mystery was from Asmodeus or Sarenrae..

Like most things, its the attitude the druid has when casting it that determines a lot of whether they are revering nature or not - whether they cry and implore nature to sacrifice itself now to win later over what problem is destroying the land already, or just decide that they dont give a single s@%% about the land except to destroy it in order to get personal revenge on, say, the landlord... my opinion anyway.

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I remember on the radio thinking the lyrics to Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap were 'dirty deeds and the Thundercheeks.' My father never told me why he laughed so hard until I heard the song again years later...

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You're a desert druid who really likes sand.

Wouldnt pregnancy not progress in a timeless demiplane? Hmmm

If only they weren't so expensive that itd blow party wbl up if they captured them, what a terrifying low level encounter..

I just want to see four goblins pilot a couple apparati of the crab into town because they LOVE the continual flame eyes to try and intimidate a town into surrender or else become extremely pinched.


You cant do that because if you cast another touch spell of any kind while holding charges, the first spell expires.The weapon can't 'hold' anything. You also have to use Spell Combat as a full round action, like twf. You can, however, take one grasp from last round, spell combat and deliver your normal attack first which would spellstrike, then cast, then use your free attack to spellstrike again.

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Oh, now I know where I recognize your screenname from.. I'm gonna dip out before this gets started again.

Because the giant's soul is caught partially in the undead. So the spell wouldnt have a proper soul to work with to make a new body.

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There might be something to be said for the Arcane bloodrager using Gorum's Swordsmanship - arcane BR gets fighter only feats in bloodline, like Disruptive, and Gorums style inflicts COLOSSAL concentration penalties on a mage you charge.

I didn't mean the hands slot, but wielding it in one hand, like a weapon. Or a buckler.

I'd like to note that channel energy doesn't work the way a lot of people think it does. You have to pick whether to heal undead or harm living, for example, when you channel, or the other way around for positive energy. It's not a big burst that automatically does the certain effect to all targets in range- if you channel to harm undead you are NOT healing your party at the same time. Go read the class feature, its true.

It specifies that the item not only is identified by holding it to the chest but can be employed through such, so I would say it needs a hand to 'use'.

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Maybe they're targeting the village because a Changeling there is refusing the call and they figure if they kill everyone and everything they love they will finally join their coven as the final, most powerful member?

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The Runequest rpgs were like that. Pretty deadly combat too, wh40k rp reminiscent. Spells for everyone but the good stuff for specialists.

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