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Hi, I'm having quite a bit of choice paralysis for a themed character I want to build for a game starting at level 4, 25 point buy. Does anyone have any interesting ideas for making use of Hastur centric abilities? Cleric, bard, the 'deific obedience' classes for Hastur, or other more roleplaying-ish ideas? I'd also appreciate hearing about any Hastur characters anyone else has ever seen or played.

It seems like the new Unchained skill unlock made a hilarious build even better. Now you don't have to dip rogue(thug) anymore to have the option to make enemies flee, instead you can just pick up signature skill for intimidate at level 5 and continue acing checks. You even get to 'decide' if people run away later, like the thug.

Considering I've seen an itemless build on zenith games that has about a 30% chance to demoralize a CR 39 monster(Lucifer) at level 20, it's made me interested in trying out the Scariest Person Ever again.

The problem is that I'm not sure what to create! Half-orc would probably be preferable for this kind of character off of sheer mechanics, but does anyone have any interesting roleplaying ideas to put this on?

Maybe a follower of Calistria who makes it their goal to hunt down jack-the-ripper types and scare them. To death.