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Greetings all, I know the dichotomy of gear has changed from 1e to 2e and Monks are the perpetual underdogs of the martial classes in the game. Still, I have a lvl 4 monk in society play, plenty of achievement points and gold to afford her some new gear. She already has some +1 Striking Handwraps, so my question is- What kind of equipment should I look into investing my achievement points to unlock those "curated lists from [Book X]" categories; or just normally available gear?

Also, would that aeon stone that gives characters the Shield spell be worthwhile, if i also use a Bo staff/Tonfas for the Parry ability?

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I'm pondering a DON'T CALL ME GROOT Root Leshy Wood Kineticist, with the Dendrologist background.

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Played this last weekend after not playing the other sessions at this academy, not knowing what to expect- playing low with my monk. The other players [a cleric, a fighter, a war priest, and a psychic] were glad to have me around for reasons to avoid spoilers. There were some encounters and a "trivial hazard" that made the scenario.

As we were wrapping up, apparently the artist of the final map was at the store, he was happy we were playing on his map.

I'd be cautiously curious to see this scenario at the high teir

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Forgot the Leshy got a free boost, because of it's flaw; so with some tweaking i can get the 18 con.
Leshy: +Str*/Con/Wis, Int-
Kinestic: +Con
Free: +Str/Dex/Con/Wis
Background (Dendrologist): +Con/Int

for a tally of Str 14, Dex 12, Con 18, Int 10, Wis 14, Chr 10

Twas thinking of going Root Leshy ancestry for 10 HP rather than 8. 22 HP at lvl 1 sounds pretty robust. Any arguments for taking Fresh Produce over Hardwood Armor at lvl 1?

since Kineticist already gives me Nature, i may get Natural Medicine for Treat Wounds out of combat.

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While building this character, i was debating backgrounds.
Eclipseborn would be a flavor background, and something to give my GM to inflict upon me. (+Con/Chr; +1)
Elemental-Infused would give me another wood-focused ability; though don't know how useful it would be. (+Con/Chr; +1)
Dendrologist would mostly be used to nullify a Leshy's innate Intelligence flaw, but would still fit the character very well. (+Int/Wis; +1)

Stat-wise, i think it would be-
Str 14, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 14, Chr 10

Leshy: +Con/Wis, -Int
Kinesticist: +Con
Free +Str/Dex/Con/Wis
Background: +Str*/Int (Going Dendrologist)

Fresh Produce into Dash of Herbs would make for a very nifty healer.

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With Rage of Elements and the return of the Kineticist, i thought about building another character for society play. Got the goofy idea to make a Leshy Phytokin, and the novelty quickly wore off as i thought of players asking "Is his name Groot?" Still seems like a good flavor character, still trying to understand most of the kinecticist's abilities.

So, now i'm having second thoughts on building this character; maybe even try a Leshy Summoner.

What im asking, is for some help deciding if such a build would be worth the effort, namely the effectiveness of Phytokinesis perhaps at later levels, or what kind of archetypes may help this build.

On a random note, i had thought to make a Druid with a crocodile named Logg- but i kind of want to rebuild my halfling saurian shaman from 1e... I know i'm being vague.

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im curious as to why you both recommended Illusory Object/Disguise into my spell list.

personally, i feel like going down the whole "draconic" route is too cliched, hence i avoided the draconic bloodline. Genie bloodline adds a bit of humor to the character.

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So, a few players have dropped from my local group's Age of Ashes AP and another is unsatisfied with his character. We're at the end of book 2- so a good time to bring in some new characters.
Currently the party is Barbarian/Druid, Rogue/Wizard, Druid, Ranger, Cleric, & Bard. The ranger and bard players have dropped out, and the rogue/wizard wants to play a cleric. I'm playing the cleric, and he's little more than a healbot. So, i've no complaints trying a new build.
So, to go along with with new Cleric, who's a lizardfolk who worships Apsu- i'm having the idea of building a Kobold Sorcerer to accompany him; but with some quirks...

I'm debating between the Genie/Efreeti bloodline and play it off as he believes he is a red dragon descendant; or Shadow bloodline and play it off as him being a "shadow dragon" descendant.
Another issue im having is wrapping my head around heightened spells and how sorcerer gain new spells and their 'signature' spells allotment . So, trying to build a spell list, for a 8th lvl character- especially from scratch... ya, i had a time trying to set up daily spells for my cleric with the heighten shenanigans.

so, looking for advice on possible builds for a 8th kobold sorcerer. Genie bloodline gives me arcane spells, Shadow give me Occult spells... i could attempt to go control/debuff with Shadow bloodline.


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Retraining into Herbalist will take a lot of effort. my cleric isn't even trained in Nature; he is an expert in Medicine.

I agree it may be easier to buy the formulas and craft them that way. As i read it, characters with the alchemist dedication can't use Advanced Alchemy to make infusions higher than 1.
At this level, my infusions are just for supplemental healing.
It would be funny for me to get Healing Bombs and chuck them at people; though i do 4d10+32 with my 2-action ranged Heal.
At this point, retraining into Herbalist may not be an option; Chosen One for Lay on Hands, or even Medic may be an option at this point.

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Greetings all, I've been playing a Cleric in a local Ages of Ashes campaign and he took the Alchemist dedication to supplement his healing by handing out Elixirs of Life and antitoxin/plagues to the frontliners.

That said, since taking the primary "Alchemist Dedication" feat- he has not learned any new Formulas, we're lvl 7 now [nearing the end of Book 2], and has not taken any other feats in the Dedication chain... So, my question is- would he still have learned formulas as he leveled up, like an alchemist?

If the case is yes, then i may need to consider taking more feats in the dedication. Thanks

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I've been reinventing my 1E characters in 2E. Until KItsune are allowed playable- i'm ruminating this build-

Tchyl, Kobold Swashbuckler
10 Str/16 Dex/12 Con/12 Int/12 Wis/16 Cha
Dragon Exemplar- White
Background- Emissary [Katapesh Lore]
Ancestry- Spellscale [Ray of Frost]; Feat- Kobold Breath
Style- Braggart

1> Kobold Breath [Ancestry], You're Next [class]
2> Intimidating Glare [skill], Duelist [archetype]
3> ... Haven't really thought this far ahead...

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i'm interested. are we doing this PbP or online on Roll20 or such, and PFS sanctioned?

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I may be interested in joining, as i've not played in a PbP would like to try one. However, I have GM'd this module myself- so, for that reason i'll not reserve the fourth slot, to see if anyone else would want a fresh experience.

I'm also curious as to the party composition. I have a 10-Alchemist [bomber], 10-Druid [saurian shaman with Anky], and an 8-"grippli grappler" of whom the GM may want to see the build for- if i join.

my druid would probably be a better option for support.

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Greetings all, I'm running the Strange Aeons AP for a group and i'll be vague to avoid spoilers.

The PC's have assaulted the stronghold of a cult, they've fled twice from the battlefield but have whittled down the cultists that occupy the fortress. The cult leader is a 7th lvl cleric of an evil deity, who in the book said used her powers to raise some dead merc's as jujuzombies.

So, my question is- how long it take to raise said zombies? i am unclear on the rules for applying templates to Animate Dead and like spells.
i'm looking to hamper the party.

Let's see about how many a lvl 7 cleric could create in a ten-hour time frame. Thanks much.

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Greetings all, I'm playing a cleric in a local age of ashes campaign and took the Alchemist dedication to supplement my Heal spells.
The dedication says i get the Alchemical Crafting feat... does that replace the Skill Feat i normally get at level two, or do i get my per-level skill feat?


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So, to preface- I'm running this AP for a group of players, of which two have dropped out. They recently cleared Fort Hailcourse, with the exception that they never encountered Tilsitari [the Soulsilver], who is now at Iris Hill.

The Party- gnome blood kineticist, human investigator (steel hound), Changeling Rogue (Eldritch Scoundrel), human Fighter, half-orc Barbarian.
The two that dropped out were a human alchemist [was to be the party's weapon/armor crafter, and wanted to create golems] and a half-elf druid [came late, decided to change characters after the disaster that was the assault at Ft. Hailcourse. Was replacing druid with Spellslinger before family matters interfered.]

The druid before she left, did the party a big favor and befriended Daridela.

That said, with a bit of pushing from Cesadia (Sleepless Agency) to investigate Iris Hill, the party infiltrated Iris Hill by hacking through the hedge with Cesadia in tow. I told the players she'd help if they asked, but she isn't a combat/Stealth rogue.

Sneaking onto the premises, they got the attention of Living Topiaries [Daridela didn't tell them about her 'gifts' to the estate], of which the fight got the attention of the gate guards. The guards went to get their comrades, which turned the fight into more than the party could handle- especially after the barbarian took two crits from the Kuru barbarians.

With a timely Web to hinder the cultists and kuru, the party opted to flee.

The party already made themselves known to Melisenn who told them to leave and never return; they were again warned to leave Asa and Daelene [the two visiting nobles] and the blood kineticist has drawn the attention of Rumatari.
They have opted to flee back into town to the Sleepless Agency HQ, which give me ample opportunity for an ambush.

Option 1> Tilsitari return to Ft. Hailcourse, torches it, and in the ensuing chaos pegs blame on the party for killing the magistrate and remaining soldiers and sacking the fortress. Asa and Daelene [with Risi and a few cultists at the ready] attempt to convince the party to leave. Several cultists hidden in the crowd as rabble-rousers to stir the crowd into a frenzy.

Option 2> Rumatari and her Mangannala(?) and several cultists, with Risi hidden in the shadows ambush the party.

Option 1 may give the party time to rest; where option 2 they haven't had a chance to rest. The party has indicated they may want to recruit Daridela to help them.

Which route to you all think i should take? This is obviously a more murder-hobo oriented party, but with no support- Winter has been their only source of healing.

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So, i'm running Strange Aeons and i have a player who has a Promethean Alchemist and wants to be the party crafter- namely making Golems. Until then, he wants to craft weapons and armor for the party. [We just started book 2]

Is there any rules i should be aware of, in regards to crafting such items. my main concern is the Alchemist's formulae book counting as a "source of spell x" when/if he wants to craft wondrous items- like belts and headbands, et al.

he's already crunched numbers in regards to the cost and time.


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another pertinent question is- if i change the "type" of bombs, it doesn't change the damage, correct?

Alkahest Bombs do xd8 Acid damage to Corporeal Undead and Constructs, and xd4 to everything else.

If i take Explosive Bombs discovery, it just increases the blast range.

I do wonder what the damage would be if i chose Force Bombs at a later level...

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So, my local group is starting up the Mummy's Mask AP and i'm contemplating running an Alchemist- using Crypt Breaker archetype.

The thing is, the Crypt Breaker archetype alters bombs- but has the "This ability otherwise functions as and replaces the standard alchemist bomb class feature." clause; so implies you can take bomb discoveries.

so, can someone confirm that i could take various bomb discoveries with this archetype?

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GM Wageslave wrote:

Ran this at PaizoCon. Observations below.
The last fight can be a bit of a spatial hassle if the party has managed to recover the golem and Hats has joined the party. We were able to make it work, but be advised that things can get *rather tight* in that last room.

Hope everyone else has an awesome run of this, it was a LOT of fun.

And you didn't even have the sentient wax golem participate in battle, much like the hunter with his giant scorpion.

At least Hats got to smash a golem before being 'ported to who knows where.
My Pack Rager Barbarian and Escape Route made maneuvering in that fight more manageable.

Thanks for running, it was a fun scenario.

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Vanessa Hoskins wrote:

10-21 Slaver's End wrote:
If any of the PCs have credit for Pathfinder Society Scenario #38 on any of their characters and have earned the Waverider’s True Revenge boon, then Jirandiel is equipped with a blood lily barb. If any of the PCs with the Waverider’s True Revenge boons are present, Jirandiel pursues those PCs above all others, fighting aggressively to get her revenge.

emphasis mine

This way as long as someone at the table has played that older scenario before, on ANY character, Jirandiel is a bit more powerful and the PCs have access to some unique loot.

Oh poop- failed to note "any character" still, at my tables it seemed like newer players, so i don't think they had played that scenario.

I'll see about contacting them, and try to correct that error if needed.


The second part just addresses her actions. In the unlikely event that it's the same PC as before, she attempts to murder them at all costs for ruining her life by stealing her first ship.

Also, I'm glad you liked the Estate on Alert mechanics. I was hoping the table would be useful for GMs and help facilitate a good infiltration scenario gone wrong.

Both tables, i tried to emphasis the "no one's on guard, security is lax" for a possible stealth infiltration, but both tables opted for a frontal assault.

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GM Wageslave wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

I was *worried* when I sat down to run that, because it was the least-prepared of the three different scenarios I ran all weekend... and then the 'circus' showed up to town (there was a full table PLUS companions, and then depending on circumstances there's a chance the party may get *even more* companions...)

So huge thank you to the folks at the table!

Glad you had as much fun as we did.

@Kwinten- sounds like a module i ran a couple weeks back.

Doom Comes to Dustpawn

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Daughter's Due
Playing my Ratfolk Barbarian (Pack Rager) at a crowded table 1am table at PaizoCon- Undine Cleric [low level healbot], Half-Elf Hunter with Scorpion AC, Human [caster], Ifrit Dervish Dancer, & Teifling Summoner.

Party sent to famed Blackros Musuem to investigate several missing relics. C'tev is not of the studious type [with 10 int], so while everyone does the investigations- C'tev quietly sits back and delivers reports and gets information from the Grand Lodge.
C'tev comes back from one such job, party calls C'tev to a wing to investigate a missing painting. "Do you have ranks in Craft (Alchemy), mr. Barbarian?"
YES, C'TEV HAS RANKS IN CRAFT (ALCHEMY)! C'TEV CAN HELP! *rolls Nat 1.* Screw it, uses Reroll with +3 GM stars. W00t 16 on the die, +6 to C:A, +3 = 25! C'tev knows the stark acridity of the manufactured acid differs from the effervescence of magical acid.
Party looks at C'tev. "Tastes different."

Party continues to do investigative stuff and has to go to Shadow Plane to meet up with "contact". We find contact, contact waves us off so "he does his job", the tiefling's invisible summon relays to her that another party is approaching from the alleys we currently occupy. Cue scattering.
Business is done and other party begins leaving... C'tev hides down alley. Bird with Mask [caster's psychopomp] tells C'tev to run- as the other party is leaving the same way! C'tev is glad he's a Surface Runner.

Next destination- Soul Markets. C'tev lets talky people talk to Night Hags, but takes note- Night Hags have poisonous claws that do Health damage. Avoid that. Negotiations over, off to next location- the Shadow Plane's Museum copy.

C'tev get to fight after lady talks about revenge. But big stuffed lizards don't get smashed, while Ifrit shreds them. C'tev disappointed, but party glad C'tev contributed with Escape Route.

Then party finds sad sewer monster with droopy hats and vats of Acid. Ifrit takes off running back to Soul Market, C'tev follow to get a portable Alchemy lab. Ifrit buys most flamboyant hat imaginable and runs back.
While sewer monster is happy, C'tev makes good acids for sewer monster to use.
Off to last room. C'tev rolls REALLY LOW initiative. Fights crystalline constructs. By time C'tev get to do his thing, statues almost destroyed- then new enemy shows up and C'tev runs after that enemy! Crystal Statues destroyed, caster hits new bad guy with Hold Person and they fail.
C'tev sad, but atleast C'tev contributed.

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Meirril wrote:

Just going to throw this out there: what do you think the fight against your tiny bad guy is going to look like? Will it excite the players? Will it be fun? How high is the frustration level going to be?

Different thought: Why evil? Chaotic Neutral tiny fay of enabling. The fay found a BBG. Thought he was fun. Decides to 'help' him. BBG wins too much. Stagnates. Becomes booring. Fay leaves.

Fay finds heroes. At least one hero is fun. Follows heroes. They win. Fay doesn't like the adventure ending. Remembers BBG. Fay hatches plot to frame the BBG so the heroes will go challenge him. Results don't matter, this should be fun Might even pull the BBG out of his rut and make him fun again, if he wins.

Tiny fay leaves clues to its existence. The main one being that the frame job was sloppy and the BBG + followers have no idea why the heroes have shown up. It doesn't bother them. They have done plenty of villainy, just not the villainy they are accused of. BBG should point this out before the fight.

Navi leads Heroes to fight BBG, BBG wastes hero's party but leaves hero alive to spite him.

Navi sees Hero fall into a doom spiral and promises to help, Navi knows old Tree that can bring back friends but is very stingy.
Navi has BRILLIANT IDEA- con the big bad into fighting stingy ent, get ent to promise to help Hero in return.

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NielsenE wrote:
Where does the scenario say that? It implies its polite/etiquette to bring a gift when visiting. Its said that he likes unique things. It says that that boon is an appropriate unique thing. I couldn't find anywhere where it says it replaces the the agreement with him. I was expecting it to add a large bonus on a skill check, but there's none in this section.

When asking about Vayn:
It might be efficient to bring

a rare alcohol or other unique gift for him if you have access
to such.” Note that characters who have the Chronicle sheet
for Pathfinder Society Scenario #9-21: In the Grandmaster’s Name
may check a box next to the Sommelier’s Private Selection
boon in place of any of Corvius’s other “favors” to obtain his
assistance (see Vayn Estate below).

In both my tables, i mentioned that bringing a rare or lavish gift was a courtesy. First table decided to chip in, and buy something; second table had played Corpses in Karlsgrad and had a rare vintage of gnomish whiskey that he donated.

i find it, almost extreme that at high tier, they're expecting the PC's to fight a GARGANTUAN PRIMORDIAL SQUID. imagine a party of mostly martials, not being able to identify the orb returns to the docks. yay

I want hear some horror stories of people freeing Khanuur and the repercussions of doing so... in both my tables, even with a few Liberty's Edge PC's they opted for the 'lesser' of two evils.

Grand Lodge 3/5

I ran this twice at PaizoCon, and both tables seemed to have fun. None got the "boon" weapon that was available if one play #38 No Plunder, No Pay on the character; but even then- i think it was a waste of a boon item, noting the length of time between the scenario's and tier difference. Needing a 7-11 chronicle, to play in a 5-9, for an item. poor planning.

The mechanic of "crew alertness" was interesting, and it deals with an aspect of the game people rarely deal with- getting ready for a fight.

Table 1-

Full table, playing up.
Talking to Corvius, only the Oread Fighter and Kitsune Arcane Trickster were offered his "deal" of a month of indentured servitude; the others [mostly mundane races and classes] were offered the 'favor to be owed later' but could take the indentured servitude as a bodyguards or enforcers. Talking to Khanuur, they didn't want to free the djinni; and most took the offer.

Approaching the Island, the party realized that the pirate ship out in the harbor wasn't on high alert, decided to take the ship. After doing so, they opted to swap crew with the other ship so they secured the ship for themselves.

Landing in the island, they scoped out the various game trials, learned that there were dogs on the island, and found the stash of stone discs.

At the manor house, the team opted not to scout the location. They only heard the ruckus of the crew in the other room, but they opted for a frontal attack. The trickster detected the trap, failed in disarming it the first time- thus triggering the alarm, but was able to deactivate it the second time. At this time, they learned that the crew was getting ready.
Then the shadow mastiff's bayed. The poor fighter was panicked for several rounds, and ran back to the docks [due to unspecified distance between the two locations and considering a character running full tilt], so to avoid a character death and two combat- i gave her a perception to notice the squid swimming about in the water. She saw it, and noped back to the group.
The witch, tired of being shot at through the window, ran to get the Warpriest to assist.

With the crew, dogs, and warpriest dispatched- they went for the captain and Phelgos. With only one melee in the party- the oread figher, the captain only had one person to use Parry/Rispote against. Phelgos was hit with Hideous Laughter near the start, and recovering he shanked the Arcane Trickster with his poisoned shiv- who then failed her fort save against the Blue Winnis poison.
With the captain unable to fend off several ranged combatants, she was soon downed and taken prisoner. Phelgos surrendered after being roughed up a bit.
No one made their Spellcraft check to identify the Orb of Aqueous Mastery- but did notice Phelgos realizing the party didn't. So some more roughing up and intimidate checks, he coughed up the information.

At the docks, the team held off the Squid while the orb was used to free the Squid from his bounds. Everyone happy, sans the Rapier from participating in the aforementioned scenario.

Team 2

Team of three, playing up with adjustment.
Talking to Corvius, only the Nagaji Bloodrager was offered the "deal" and the others offered the "favor". Talking to Khanuur, they opted not to free him.

This time, the party landed on shore, scouted out the harbor- found the save cave and did notice the ship wasn't on high alert- so they took the ship and imprisoned the crew. After discussing the sea cave, they opted not to use it. They also decided to approach the island at dawn.

This party did end up scouting the manor, and got some knowledge but didn't choose to try to infiltrate. They opted to storm into the front door- not noticing the trap.
Storming in, they took out the pistolero and the witch quickly, one of the brutes ran off after alerting the captain- who obviously already knew because of the trap and commanded the Mastiff's to Bay... all but the bloodrager went into a panick, and took off through windows. the Pregen, Hakkon, couldn't- because he was anchored in the trap.
After dealing the pirates, dogs, and warpriest- the party opted to drop out of initiative to heal up and loot. I warned them, but they knew what was going on.

Door to the captain's room was locked, but hey- Greater Chimes of Opening. Combat ensued, Phelgos rolled Sense Motive and saw a PC with the Treacherous Chains chronicle- and shanked the pirate boss... who failed her fort save against the Blue Winnis poison. It was written in the Four Player Adjustment, that Phelgos failed his daily assassination attempt against the captain- so he wouldn't have his poison and she would be sickened. Since they landed at dawn, he hadn't used his daily poisons. so... yea, timing. i was just surprised she failed her fort save.

Again, party found the orb, failed to identify it, noticed that Phelgos may have an idea, intimidated him to divulge, released the squid, and found the stone discs on the way back.
Again, no one had the chronicle for No Plunder, No Pay so no fancy Rapier.

The highlight of the scenario, was Corvius asking the party to introduce themselves- so he could identify them as something other than homicidal archeologists. a Final season nod towards Murder Hobo's.

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okay, i'm thinking this shouldn't be a "potion" but an ELIXIR and would need "craft wondrous item" before he can even use "brew potion" to do so.

Nature soul, "Extra Discovery [dead feat]", Craft Wondrous Item, et al to be able to craft an Elixir of Awakening.

Grand Lodge

WHY and to what extent does he plan to use this new "discovery" ?

First- he'd have to undertake some druidic communions. such tasks take years, and such communities don't just let random wanderers join.

Second- such ingredients needed to craft into a potion are rare and expensive. Yes, I SAID POTION. No to exploiting Infused Extracts.
Crafting such a potion has a big chance to fail, resulting in a loss of ingredients. You can only create one "Awaken" Potion at a time, and it's lifespan is short; the longer you wait to use the DC to awaken the target goes up. after a week, the magics have diminished to the point it won't work.

third- Nature Soul and a few other "mandatory" feats to make such a dedication worthwhile. "Extra Discovery-Druid Insight" as literally an "dead feat" for a milestone towards gaining insight.

Fourth- by creating a potion to awaken animals, it consumes a portion of the alchemists own magics that he infused into his bombs. Every time he creates such a potion, his bomb damage decreases as per the Polymorph/Natural weapon chart. unless he took an archetype that trades out Bombs, creating the Awakening potion diminishes that ability.

Lastly- knowledge of such a feat would become wide-spread and they may become a target of groups that want to abuse such a talent.

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So, in other threads people are discussing how to fight dragons and how to overcome the massive DPR of their min/max'd PC's. That got me thinking... about how to be antithesis to what's the norm... Forget the "Big Bad Evil Guy" what about a Tiny Evil Villain? Something with Natural Invisibility, preferably.

My plan- the PC's are doing the usual stint of stopping a "bad man" from doing "bad things" while his true boss- this Tiny Evil Villain there, checking in on his lackey.

Curious to see if these interlopers will go on a quest to stop his machinations, he follows them. Why not? Tiny and Invisible; using Greater Image/Ventriloquism, et all to distract the PC's and "Undetectable Alignment/Vigilante levels" in case the PC's become suspicious and Clairvoyance/Clair-auidence and Scrying to keep track of the party when he has to be away.

I haven't designed a campaign for him... this is more of a theory crafting.
So, what are some good options for a Tiny Megalomaniac, lets set the bar at 15th Lvl. More a manipulator than a blaster.

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JDLPF wrote:
Make him a strictly consensual necromancer. He only animates dead bodies who have given written consent to their remains being animated prior to their death. He offers cash to their families in compensation. He views it as simply a more extreme form of organ donation.

Having him be a Corpse Trader from Kaer Maga would be flavorful for this build.

Every time someone questions him about his practices, just pull out a contract. Profession (Barrister) for added emphasis.

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Ran it a couple weeks before playing it at PaizoCon. fun scenario.

When I ran:

Playing up with a Envoy-2 in tow; Dwarf-Friend and Dwarf in party. Merakoi Mystic, Elf Operative, Dwarf ? and a Lashunta Envoy.
One PC [jokingly] wanted to abandon the mission with the mention of the dark-dwarves using Trox as slaves.
I gave the option to trade out weapons with the mention of the magma-core of the asteroid. A few of them did.
Enter the asteroid, they tried to hack the computers and failed, this calling the Cybernetic Zombie Trox x4 to their room. Thankfully the narrow walkways and PC's blocking the door prevented the Trox from overwhelming them early. They managed to take out two of them before they fled back to the gate.
After finding the necessary info about the solarian stone, they descended down to the Magma Pits. With a good Life Sciences, they decided to "enlist" the Lice to chew through the walls- which triggered the Trox's return. Short work were made of them, as now the necromantic aura wasn't active.
While the lice chewed through the stone, they activated the Solarian stone, which opened the doors.

Fight against the Forge-Spurned was difficult, as the party got seperated from each other when they used their Smoke Cloud abilities, and the Operative nearly got beat by one of them.

Afterwards, the party convinced the Collective to salvage what they could- especially the Solarian Stone, then blast the rock out of the cosmos.

At PaizoCon, i warned the GM and Party that i'd already run it, so they were in control. We played low tier with 4-player adjust; i brought in my 2-Mechanic.
My party convinced the Collective to preserve the asteroid as a historic cite of Pre-Gap industrialism and proof of Dwarven Innovation and Tenacity.

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Doubtful. There's no GM Discussion as this scenario hasn't been officially released yet. :p

The alluded to scenario is an high-teir (t7-11) early Season-0/1, so it's unlikely that the players have played in it and this one.

I just want to get a straight Yes/No answer, and i'll ask it at PaizoCon if no one has an answer here.

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Greetings all, I'm running a scenario at PaizoCon, that alludes to an early Pathfinder session.
The sidebar in the scenario says "if a pc played [early scenario], this enemy is equipped with [boon weapon]." and the boon weapon is listed on the chronicle sheet.

If the PC's haven't played in the earlier scenario, thus the enemy isn't equipped with the [boon weapon], do they still get access to the weapon on the chronicle sheet- or not?

Thanks. I want to clear this issue up before the convention.

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#4-19 Night March of Kalkamedes- a fun scenario with some intuitive roleplay options and a nifty boon for those interested. it's a t1-5.

You could run the newer players through the BlackRose museum arc-
Mists of Mwangi, Penumbral Accords, Voice in the Void, Silvermount Collection and to some extent- Echoes of Overwatch,

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I have a question- I'm running #10-21 Slaver's End at PaizoCon, and all i want to know is- custom maps, or what flipmaps is the scenario using?

Getting the scenario a few days before PaizoCon doesn't leave me enough time to order any of the maps if any; and i won't have time to run to the store to buy the maps. [w00t running a 8am game Friday morning. :p]

in other Torch related discussions- i wonder if having a boon from a certain season 4 scenario on the character would have an impact or minor interaction during the "Passing the Torch" arc...

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Nefreet wrote:

What he said.

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Get a halfling sized marionette and convince people the marionette is the real character controlling a giant bird marionette

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So, simple question- aside from the first floor of Emerald Spire, are any of the currently sanctioned AP's are open for replayability?

I'm considering offering the sanctioned part of Book 1 as a pick-up game at PaizoCon this year...

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Sleeve of Many Garments?

Forget the beak, how are you going to explain the backwards-bending three-toes legs and giant feathered appendages that can somehow grasp objects?

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Good to know the name of the scenario i'll be running at PaizoCon... Slaver's End.

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Ferious Thune wrote:

Looking at the Spoiler, it's possible to complete the secondary success condition in that one while still TPKing later.

** spoiler omitted **

No to either.

My sorcerer didn't get high enough on his Knowledge Planes check to get anything significant about the Deva; and it wasn't until after we defeated him that the GM realized there was an absurdly high diplomacy to talk him down- my sorcerer with +7 Cha was mostly Bluff, and the Swashbuckler only had a +10 to her Diplomacy.
Also, didn't help that the Swashbuckler outright killed the deva with a crit when he hit his surrender threshold.

No one had Knowledge Religion to even identify the graveknight as such, so we had no idea to even bother destroying his armor- if we had survived.

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Near TPK in Murder on the Throaty Mermaid-

Party consisted of- 5 Tribal Shaman, 4 Inquisitor [me], 3 Wizard, 3 Rogue; playing up.

Three of us were on deck of the ship, when the Sea Elves attacked. The Tribal Shaman summoned 6 leshies on his turn- as we got a high enough perception to notice them boarding. The rogue was below deck and used the deck hatch to get on deck.
The wizard and my inquisitor got tangled in nets, while the other two sea elves wasted their poison wasting leshies.

TPK came when the Rogue was brought down by a crit, the wizard decided to jump overboard- while still netted, and my inquisitor got poisoned and couldn't shake it off [Str dmg and nausea with each failed save], and the shaman forgot his leshies had been buffed with Augmented Summons.

My Inquisitor not being able to make her saves against the poison dropped down deck, from the same deck hatch the rogue popped in from, bringing an unconscious sea elf with [it was beaten to submission by the leshies] and riled the crew to help us on deck.

With that help, and the ship's cleric reviving the fallen rogue, the tables finally turned.
And the investigation began...

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Typically, if any character has more than one "Pet" albeit a familiar, animal companion, mount, or undead army- you're only allowed to bring one on the mission.

Summons are temporary, but be aware- unless you know exactly what you're doing and how strong your summoned creatures are- bringing in too many of them will really irk the GM and other players as you clutter the battlefield.

recently my group had a Tribal Shaman summon several Leshy's and he even forgot that he had Augmented Summons and his leshy's could have been doing more damage.

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So, a few weeks back, i was part of a very unoptimized team that ran through a nefarious season 4 t7-11 scenario- and we were TPK'd at the final fight.

A swashbuckler, enchantment-focuses sorcerer, a multi-classed tank build, and an out of tier brawler in Refuge of Time. ya...

The GM awarded 1 XP for the players that opted to keep their characters, siting that we defeated two encounters; but no Prestige as we didn't complete mission.

So, i just want to get things clear- Is the GM in the right to award our PC's the 1 XP? This XP would have leveled up my character, so i want to keep my records straight.

Second- This scenario had a story-specific item, so i know we didn't get that, but do we get access to any of the other loot listed on the chronicle sheet?

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Well, my middle school volunteering gig is winding down, as the students prepare for the "standardized" end of the year testings.
I was planning on running the kids through We Be Goblins but with one more week left, i've changed my mind.

I've ran them through the Beginner Box, ran them through the introduction to Strange Aeons for halloween, i gave them lvl 7 pregens and threw them against some dragons for the holidays. I tried to get them to build characters themselves, but they just seem to want to play more than learn how to play... so I began running them through Silverhex Chronicles.

with one last session looming, I've decided their final encounter- THEMSELVES. it will be a mirror match.

Here's to hoping the teacher next year calls for my assistance and we do an afterschool session, rather than half-hour lunches.

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#8-19 Treacherous Waves has an updated chase.

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The Guild Guide is the guide that introduces players to society play- AND IT'S FREE.
The Field Guide is a companion book with optional material for players to use.

All players, GM's included, should have a copy of the Guild Guide when they come to play. it has information on the various factions and their goals, how Day job checks work and how much you get, what happens to treat diseases and permanent effects [like curses], and other pertinent information.

Hope that helps and welcome to the societies of gracious murderhobo's.

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If you go Skill Focus (Disguise) to Eldritch Heritage (Shapechanger bloodline)- you can increase the damage die of your claws.

Have you talked to your GM about maybe combining the Experimenter/Mutated Defender archetypes?
RP it as the Mutagen awakens the tainted ghoul blood, but with this horrific shift comes unpleasant capabilities.

For S&G's, have you seen the Fortune-Spurned template?

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*casually alludes to the "Rabbit/Duck Hunting" schtick, while gesturing with a NERF! dart gun*

Greetings all, with the advent of 2nd edition on the Horizon, i decided to plunk some ill-used con'boons on some of my last PFS characters.
One such boons, is Fighting Off Corruption: Lycanthropy. This boons requires several things to waive the negative effect for a nominal bonus effect. One of the tasks is to defeat a Lycanthrope or Creature with the Shapechanger subtype with CR greater than my character's level.
So, i made an Agathion-blooded Aasimar Lunar Oracle who's being tested by his devoted god, Ashava with Lycanthropy, and has become a Hermit (archetype) because of it; until he's befriended by a Wolf whom he sees as a portent to overcome the 'disease.'

The thing is... i've already played in a few of the scenarios I know of that have either Lycanthropes or Shapechangers-

Murder on the Throaty Mermaid- wererat stowaway; Horn of Aroden- lycanthrope bandit leader; & Midnight Mauler- afflicted pathfinder; Dead Man's Debt- werebat; Oathbreaker's Die- Doppleganger

There may have been others that i never realized had what i'm hunting.

So, i'm looking for more scenarios that have lycanthropes or shapechangers; if it's mentioned in the blurb than all the better [i can't be blamed for specifically hunting scenarios ;P]. Otherwise, any scenario or module will due. The character is only lvl 2 current, so has time.

Likewise, he needs to seek the aide of a Witch or Druid to help cleanse the lycanthropy. so, that's a secondary mission.

Thanks much, this is my 20th PFS character and mostly my last.

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Running Friday morning and Monday morning for a fresh scenario.