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Greetings all, I'm running the Strange Aeons AP for a group and i'll be vague to avoid spoilers.

The PC's have assaulted the stronghold of a cult, they've fled twice from the battlefield but have whittled down the cultists that occupy the fortress. The cult leader is a 7th lvl cleric of an evil deity, who in the book said used her powers to raise some dead merc's as jujuzombies.

So, my question is- how long it take to raise said zombies? i am unclear on the rules for applying templates to Animate Dead and like spells.
i'm looking to hamper the party.

Let's see about how many a lvl 7 cleric could create in a ten-hour time frame. Thanks much.

Juju zombies aren't a template that animate dead can use. They require a higher level spell than a 7th level cleric has (create undead, a 6th level spell). Whatever plot-based power that cleric has is how they must have been created.

Horror Adventures mentions areas which animate creatures buried there as juju zombies after 24 hours. A negative-energy cleric could presumably take over and command those.

Yeah, said cleric is described to have raised the mercs at the fort as Juju zombies without the actually ability to do so. On the other hand, plain old zombies wouldn't have been a CR appropriate fight. There's no explanation whatsoever. Maybe she had a bunch of scrolls or something.

But the casting is 1 hour for create undead.

You could also have her know a custom ritual, which could take at least a day.

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