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I've been helping get a new venue rolling and could use some scenario suggestions. We're a rather saturated area and current scenarios tend to be well covered at existing venues. I've been generally trying to pick older scenarios that people who started playing recently might have missed and would be happy to go back to.

(I've also tried taking requests, but that's been hit or miss as its often been higher level stuff which hasn't worked well for the seed of what may become a regular crowd).

So any suggestions for fan-favorites from lets say season 7 and before, preferably 1-5 or 3-7. Scenarios that might have interesting boons that experienced players might want to spend a replay on are also good suggestions.

Grand Lodge 3/5

#4-19 Night March of Kalkamedes- a fun scenario with some intuitive roleplay options and a nifty boon for those interested. it's a t1-5.

You could run the newer players through the BlackRose museum arc-
Mists of Mwangi, Penumbral Accords, Voice in the Void, Silvermount Collection and to some extent- Echoes of Overwatch,

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