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Pathfinder Module for Tier 8-10

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When the iron mines that made Dustpawn so prosperous played out not long after the Goblinblood Wars of Isger ended, the city shifted its focus from mining to goat herding with quite a bit of success. Things have, as a result, been quiet and calm in Dustpawn for the past several years, but that quiet is shattered the night a strange falling star roars across the sky above town to crash somewhere in the hills several miles to the south. When several locals eager to find the fallen star and strip it of its ore go missing, it becomes apparent that whatever has fallen from the sky is much more than a mere meteorite. There are those in town who claim the falling star was in fact a ship, and now a strange malady is creeping through the townsfolk. Can the PCs discover the truth behind the falling star before doom comes to Dustpawn?

Now recruiting for Doom Comes to Dustpawn, a 3 XP/4PP module. This will be played via play-by-post and is for Pathfinder Society characters levels 8-10. It's something fun and a bit different than the norm, and I'm excited to run it.

If you'd like to play, please complete the check-in sheet below.

Only completed check-ins are accepted and it's first-come first-serve until I reach 6 players, so dig out those Chronicles folks!

Pathfinder Society Number:
This Chronicle #:
Starting XP:
Initial Prestige:
Initial Fame:
Starting Gold:

Grand Lodge

Hi again!

Player: neodam
Character: Taman Hornraven
Pathfinder Society Number: 137484-8
This Chronicle #:19
Starting XP: 22
Initial Prestige: 37
Initial Fame: 39
Starting Gold: 155
Faction: Grand Lodge

The Exchange

Thanks a lot for offering this game GM Jhaeman!

Player: noral
Character: Almaas Kargar
Pathfinder Society Number: 314670-13
This Chronicle #: 12
Starting XP: 21
Initial Prestige: 14
Initial Fame: 32
Starting Gold: 5344
Faction: Exchange

Have a great week!

Taman and Almaas, you're in! Please feel free to make your way to the Gameplay thread and start character descriptions and introductions when you're ready.

Four slots left. (and I'm off to bed!)

The Exchange

Thanks a lot! I need to update his char sheet to level 8. :-)

The Exchange

Player: Mage of the Wyrmkin
Character: Xilt Sphinx
Pathfinder Society Number: 115226-7
This Chronicle #:18
Starting XP:21
Initial Prestige:10
Initial Fame:35
Starting Gold:9804 gold
Faction: The Exchange

I might make some purchases before we start but my character is leveled up and ready to go.

Xilt is in! (fresh from The Dark Menagerie, I imagine!)

Three slots left.

Just bumping this--we need one more player to get the table to fire. If you have any PCs from levels 8 to 10, this is a great chance for a memorable adventure.

Grand Lodge

I may be interested in joining, as i've not played in a PbP would like to try one. However, I have GM'd this module myself- so, for that reason i'll not reserve the fourth slot, to see if anyone else would want a fresh experience.

I'm also curious as to the party composition. I have a 10-Alchemist [bomber], 10-Druid [saurian shaman with Anky], and an 8-"grippli grappler" of whom the GM may want to see the build for- if i join.

my druid would probably be a better option for support.

Liberty's Edge

I would be interested and have several choices. Let me see what the group could use. I'll check back in after my meetings.

Sovereign Court

Player: Michael Hallet
Character: Tachonius
Pathfinder Society Number: 2608-7
This Chronicle #: 14
Starting XP: 25
Initial Prestige: 31
Initial Fame: 39
Starting Gold: 2486
Faction: Sovereign Court

Dark Archive

I would like to join with this character if you still have space.

Silver Crusade

I'm interested if there's still room. My available PCs in that range:

Dawa Kookpa: Lunar Oracle 8 (support with melee tiger)

Hoprah: Sorcerer 9

Undiana Jones: Wizard 10 (debuffing)

Tull: Warpriest 9 (melee)

Happy to play any of those options, depending on what best fits the existing party composition... Looking at who is already signed up I'm guessing that the Lunar Oracle would be best but will defer to the group if I'm selected.

Player: Abraham Z.
Character: Dawa Kookpa
Pathfinder Society Number: 100198-3
This Chronicle #: 26
Starting XP: 22
Initial Prestige: 19
Initial Fame: 38
Starting Gold: 10,472 (but might spend some before we start)
Faction: Silver Crusade

Dark Archive

Player: TriShadow
Character: Izlin Greymantle
Pathfinder Society Number: 151777-19
This Chronicle #: 15
Starting XP: 21
Initial Prestige: 29
Initial Fame: 34
Starting Gold: 168
Faction: Darkive

I also have a level 8 bard available.

Excellent, Tachonious, Dawa, and Izlin are in. Please make your way to the Gameplay thread and start introductions.

The Exchange

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Great to game with you again Abraham! :-)

We are full up, and recruitment is closed.

Grand Lodge

Saw the post on the recruitment page.

Sorry, we're full for now, but I'll keep you in mind in case we need an alternate at some point.

Silver Crusade

Almaas Kargar wrote:
Great to game with you again Abraham! :-)

Indeed, good to see you Noral. Hope you and your family are all staying healthy and safe these days.

Thanks a lot Abraham!

Schools are closed in Germany and social interaction is almost zero so both my wife and I are working from home and take turns homeschooling the kids.

I hope you, your father and your family are well too!!

I am really looking forward to the game here as this is a great way to stop reading and thinking too much about the situation currently! :-D

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