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So, my local group is starting up the Mummy's Mask AP and i'm contemplating running an Alchemist- using Crypt Breaker archetype.

The thing is, the Crypt Breaker archetype alters bombs- but has the "This ability otherwise functions as and replaces the standard alchemist bomb class feature." clause; so implies you can take bomb discoveries.

so, can someone confirm that i could take various bomb discoveries with this archetype?

You can take bomb affecting discoveries even if you don't have any bomb class feature at all (it would just be pointless). The "otherwise functions as" phrase makes those discoveries apply to Alkahest Bombs.

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another pertinent question is- if i change the "type" of bombs, it doesn't change the damage, correct?

Alkahest Bombs do xd8 Acid damage to Corporeal Undead and Constructs, and xd4 to everything else.

If i take Explosive Bombs discovery, it just increases the blast range.

I do wonder what the damage would be if i chose Force Bombs at a later level...

As written, you'd get the full effects of Explosive Bomb, including catching fire. Definitely check that witch your GM, though.

For comparison, the Ice Chemist archetype explicitly disallows the Explosive Bomb and Inferno Bomb discoveries.

Force Bomb would RAW overrite the type and dice changes Alkahest Bombs made. Going by how some other archetypes work, what Force Bomb is supposed to do though is simply lower the bomb's damage, so ruling that Alkahest Force Bombs deal 1d6 vs undead/constructs and 1d3 against everything else would be sensible.

Note that according to James Jacobs, "the "force" damage was a fragment that, I believe, was left in there from the archetype's original turnover—they should do acid damage to all targets, just more against constructs and corporeal undead."

Selvaxri wrote:
another pertinent question is- if i change the "type" of bombs, it doesn't change the damage, correct?

What do you mean with "type of bombs"? Stuff like the Frost Bomb discovery doesn't change the damage dice, if that's what you're asking.

If you mean because it states you do acid would frost bombs do acid, no. It would change to cold.

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