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I had a more of a narrative effect with a Hunter and his animal companion which both failed saves miserably, a 1 and 2 respectively, the Hunter spent 10 minutes sniffing his bear AC while the AC licked the walls. The effect is part flavor, part be creative with giving those effected some sort of disadvantage that makes encounters more memorable.

I have a similar campaign going, a neighboring empire ransacked the kingdom save for a barony in the corner and said empire with drew in haste when another empire invaded behind them. The current campaign picks up months later, the kingdom is in shambles, post boards with in the commons of the keep have multiple notices of jobs/works, local news, and inquiries. I just print out on card stock what's the current listings with brief descriptions, and then go into detail when they check in with the noted NPC. Some of the postings stay up either due to no interest or reappear because some NPC Adventurers failed to return. If the PC's build up contacts in the community that could be a resource to use as well.

For all the options, a straight Paladin or even War Priest would be a solid front line and provide some divine magic, though Arcane is preferred, then a Magus or elven Duskblade would work

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An annoying curse that runs for a few weeks, simple enough to remove with remove curse or any other cure spell, but the catch is, it jumps to the cure caster, and continues to transfer to each next healer/curse remover until it's time runs out. Some powerful Fey or extra-planar beings may endow the casting of some such curse that a mere mortal spell may have troubles with.

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It may be comic, but as a good defense pick up the feat Roll with It! It's a Goblin only feat (Goblins of Golarion), along with the traits Bouncy and Restless Hunger or Mother's Teeth. Another good feat from GoG is {Burn! Burn! Burn!} and {Dog Killer, Horse Hunter} might also have some odd use.

For equipment, from GoG is Vicious Caltrops and Tossglove may be of some interesting use.

For standard gear, a Dogslicer or Horsechopper for that Goblin pride.

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Planning to load up Plants vs Zombies on your smart phone during the session? Tactical insight bonus!

MrCharisma wrote:

I think asking for services instead of money is fine, as long as the other players don't mind a side-quest. If it's just one player having a hissy-fit because he doesn't want to pay the expected rate to have a spell cast then tell him to suck it up. Hiring an NPC to cast a spell is something that costs money, just like wands/potions/armour/etc.

If the player were going to their own god's church I might view this differently, but even then they'd probably be expected to pay any material costs.

Also what level/archetype are they? Most Paladins are immune to diseases from 3rd level (this includes supernatural diseases etc).

I was thinking same thing! lvl 3+ Most Paladins are immune to Disease, depending on Archetype if it changes any thing from base class.

blahpers wrote:

Trained archers are expensive. Peasants with point-and-shoot devices are cheap. Save money outfitting your army.

The more general case: Skilled ranged combatants use bows. Unskilled ranged combatants use crossbows. (YMMV for other ranged weapons--slings can be pretty brutal with a lot of investment.)

Kobold (-1CR) + Warrior<NPC Class>(-1CR) + Point Blank Shot = very cheap and effective followers! Great for that Kobold Sorcerer with Leadership Feat! Bonus! It uses Charisma!

blahpers wrote:

That is some confusing verbiage:

Locate Creature wrote:
The spell can locate a creature of a specific kind or a specific creature known to you. It cannot find a creature of a certain type. To find a kind of creature, you must have seen such a creature up close (within 30 feet) at least once.
It can find a kind of creature, but not a type of creature? What's a "kind" and how does it differ from a type, exactly? Did we just stumble into a creationist diatribe?

Type would likely be Humanoid, Outsider, Elemental, while Kind of Creature would likely be a Sub-Type: Elf, Human, Tiefling, Aasimar, Fire-Elemental, ect...

I agree, clarification is needed with the way it was worded, though it possibly exists with in one of the Bestiary printings.

Graboids! Think movie/TV series Tremors for how they deal with beasties!

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
Scrapper wrote:
Unless an item that requires command words to function has a user's manual/notes found with it, Detect Magic and Spell Craft are not enough to figure out more than what the item may be by what properties are observed, Only Identify includes the ability to identify command words in it's description, Spell Craft and Detect Magic do not.

Well, your last sentence is correct. However,

The Knowledge (arcana) and Knowledge (history) skills might be useful in helping to identify command words or deciphering clues regarding them. A successful check against DC 30 is needed to come up with the word itself. If that check is failed, succeeding on a second check (DC 25) might provide some insight into a clue. The spells detect magic, identify, and analyze dweomer all reveal command words if the properties of the item are successfully identified.

I had forgotten Knowledge Arcana, though still subject to a DM on if it applies/situational modifiers, but that last part I find odd and possibly in error as I looked up Detect Magic and no where does it include revealing command words, while the Identify spell does. Hmmm...

*edit* found the reference in magic item section, though it does seem odd in wording.(pg. 458 CRB)

Unless an item that requires command words to function has a user's manual/notes found with it, Detect Magic and Spell Craft are not enough to figure out more than what the item may be by what properties are observed, Only Identify includes the ability to identify command words in it's description, Spell Craft and Detect Magic do not.

Look up the old Atari Game/comic series Sword Quest: Earth World/Fire World/Water World, Earth World had a strong Zodiac theme to it, other two might give some inspiration as well.

Darc1396 wrote:
Is there a way to intimidate with diplomacy? Or at least the bonus for diplomacy? (Hes going all in with diplomacy atm)

"I know I am not dress as imposing, but I am a diplomat for the Za'Kar Empire, you know, the guys with the deaths head helmets that level entire communities for breakfast? Well not to be uncivil or any thing to bring up your terms of surrender, but I am feeling most generous today, so let us instead discuss the benefit of a mutual alliance, and not have a diplomatic incident where this little dirt patch is razed from existence, shall we?"

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Mount, augments a party's land movement. Also good to cast in a group of goblins as they fear horse's!

If you look at the Pathfinder Society sheet for Emerald Spire it has some Boons for King Maker, so I'd look at that or any other River Kingdom's related modules, though may need to boost up level of encounters/story.
*edit* Also the Thornkeep Sourcebook if you can find a copy.

Xenocrat wrote:
The Dimensional Lock has no effect on the creature in the Maze. As you note, it's on the material plane, the creature is not. Until he escapes or dispels the maze, he's free to use his plane shift from within the Maze to return do a spot 5-500 miles away from the battle site.

And that brings up the question if Dimensional Lock was cast first, would the target then be immune to Maze as they can not be shifted into an extra dimensional space?

Hmmm, may not be best cast together...

maybe go as high as a +3 on bow, but save the real enhancement for Arrows, a +5 Arrow counts as magic/silver/holy/adamantine for bypassing damage reduction, while a +1 to +5 bow only makes arrows count as magic for bypassing damage reduction. Still investing in assorted arrow head types is a cheap alternative, a few cold iron, silver, ect..
Arrows can have elemental damage added or bane. Your mixed bag of tricks.

blahpers wrote:
They haven't gone anywhere. They just shapechanged into other creatures and are living low-profile lives until the idiot character races kill each other off with their advancing technology. You might have bumped into one at the supermarket the other day.

Given Most Metallic and Some Chromatic Dragons can shape shift, typically into Human/Elf/Humanoid/Demi-Human forms, you could have a village of them the party passed through. Now a dragon that gives birth in human/ect form may have a normal looking like race child that may grow up never knowing it's true heritage until it's made known. A Dragon Rider may have gained an unusually long life with it's bonded dragon, though may it's self be a dragon and not know it, a parent watching out for it's off-spring, concealing their relation.

yes you can still add Keen for one addition +1 enchantment effect, though you could also go to the +10 cap and get it enchanted to a +4 enhancement bonus with speed/keen/icy burst or for go Keen to get a +5 enhancement with Speed/Icy Burst and pick up improved critical.

Watch the Original Dungeons & Dragons animated series...

If you have a free feat, could burn it on an Evolution for the Familiar.

The BBEG is a Monk of similar build but Evil, no taking him down. Some one has to face him and trick him into a room and hold him there while the rest of the party seals the room forever...

The Monk is the New Black Knight! *See Monty Python: Quest of the Holy Grail* Use a Sword of Sharpness against them! Fast Healing does NOT regenerate severed limbs. Sure, the Monk is near indestructible, unkilleble, but with out arms and legs, not much of an issue any more... Ok, you will need a gag to muffle the ranting...

*edit* In other words, crippling attacks, severed limbs, Fast Healing is NOT Regeneration, just read each entry in back of Bestiary. Lost Limbs remain missing with out actual regeneration magic. Likely the only way to slow them down is with targeted strikes/cinematic crits...

Given the chaotic nature of the battlefield, you may want to treat it as hazardous terrain that deals damage like a swarm while in certain area's of the map.

Improvised Weapon for attack? Part of the costume?

Egil Firehair wrote:

Just to clarify a few things...

3. The nearby town is exactly that: a town. You can't get a lot of the more potent gear there (if you are in PFS, then you have downtime to travel to a big city). A build that needs equipment not found in the loot could be a problem. Once again, ask your judge.

4. My group has waffle-stomped multiple levels for two reasons: a) the dungeon was designed for 4 PCs, and we often have more. b) two of the players have really brutal swashmonklers, that generate 3-6 attacks of opportunity each round. Not just for each other, but for other melee players too. Our group is combat heavy and skills/knowledge light; we would have significant problems in many PFS scenarios.

(3) After discussing the game, Half of My players came back with characters that likely would have broken half a dozen Laws before getting out the front gate, so I had to go with the alternative town of Thornkeep, good if you were lucky to grab a copy when it came out.

(4) Also seeing some stomping with a 5 PC + Animal Companion, which an Animal Companion is not recommended as it can both cause problems and in some encounters, be a serious liability(party just entered that stage...)

I can see the party being over confidant about a quick rematch, using Protection from Evil or similar spells to ward off charm, and totally expecting the BBEG being all focused on that. So they charge in and the BBEG hit's them with an AoE dispel followed by symbol or other mass spell that stops the party cold, then gloats "Well, since you didn't do as I asked/commanded, perhaps the next hapless heroes will do so..." then proceeds to A) kill of party members at leisure one at a time, or B) teleport each member randomly some where distant.
I've had a friend run a game where a wyvern flying over was just for background, most of party knew they were low for an encounter and stealthier to get clear, but the ranger just off and shoots it with out warning, getting it's attention and forcing the rest of party into a fight they wanted to avoid...
Some times it just take one PC to get the whole party killed...

You must brave the Tower of Undeath! *NUKE* The tower has been cleansed...

Hellz wrote:

Oh. DERP. I was totally thinking something else when I typed the title. Yeah, it's a Gnome Barbarian.

I'm not that knowledgeable about Companions/Mounts/Leadership rules, but I probably will take that, unless I can get some other way to work around it.

Was going to suggest if allowed the Goblin as PC from Bestiary 1, Str -2, Dex +4, Cha -2, wouldn't make a bad barbarian, have to figure out how to get a Goblin Dog mount though...

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by the chart, creatures of 5HD or less do not even detect, so a dozen improved kobolds that are CR 3-4 each would not be detected. CR 1(or less) Undead only have a faint aura. Reinforced doors with enough metal or a sheet of lead mixed in would block detection as does a foot of stone.

Question, can you retrain Traits as you can with Feats?
I bring this up thinking of the Wealth by Level* for PFS, as it would be unfair not to have these Traits remain viable with level, in my opinion, they should continue to stack with WBL*, in which case you would always have that extra gold amount and gear option over the WBL amount.

This may sound harsh, but restrict them to 1st level starting funds any time they roll up a new character. I've been in games where me and one other player were the only constants for the party, other four players went through 2-3 characters along the way, half because they lost interest in character and wanted something different, rest because it seemed a new character would just be more cool and powerful with the wealth by level starting funds. As it was, the campaign was low wealth, so it created a rift when the new characters joined with superior gear and then went about hogging any good drops that popped up.
So as an additional suggestion, make sure if a character dies, their gear isn't simply handed over to the next character rolled up, like it was buried in a cave in, dissolved in acid, or lost in a lake of lava. Sorry, currently running Emerald Spire which does have those elements built in LOL!

Also realize that "Point Blank Shot" will add a +1 to hit with both bow and rope attacks inside 30ft and a +1 dmg on Bow as well. Plus on a Crit, that bow inflicts 3d8 + 18(21) dmg + 1d6 Fire, for an average of 34 dmg/crit.

Fighter is solid choice for melee, but for some added social skills, Skald/Bard would be a good class to alternate with and as a half elf you get two favored classes, though if this isn't for Pathfinder Society, I'd even recommend looking at the Aristocrat NPC class(Chapter 14-Core Rule Book) if your looking for more social embellishment, like a Noble Knight.

Emerald Spire, main starting town is a Hell Knight Fort, the alternate town to work from is Thorn keep, which the Hell Knights would Love to Raze!

For the Poison, by weak, are you looking at save or effect of the poison? I know improving Con will increase the save DC of a poison, possibly feats available in the bestiary may help as well.

an 18" ruler with quarter inch hole every inch works, much like string, secure the center and spin around it with a pen/dry erase marker

So how many dwarven clans may have issue with the prophesy and attempt some under handed dealings to prevent a non-dwarf from fulfilling the prophesy? Yes, there will be challenges, but likely some assassination attempts, where the axe may be the PC's only weapon of defense, like caught in their bed chamber, dwarven assassins standing between them and their armor and weapons, back to the bed when the stumble and their hand comes to rest on the handle of the axe mysteriously hidden under the bed before all this confrontation occurred. As an Artifact, it may be intelligent, or simply blessed like "Rabbit Slayer" from the old dragon lance books, always finding its way to it's owner when in need.

If you don't mind pre casting spells then switching to melee, lvl 6 spell Transformation boost your melee ability to that of an equal level fighter, with that sacrifice of all spell casting while in fighter mode, but unless extended, it only lasts one round/level, so you would be back to full spell caster after it ended. Time stop, self buff, ending with Transformation, unleash the beast!

Elven Druid, shape shift at lvl 5, has shield/medium armor proficiency, Elven Weapons(Long/Short bow, Long sword/Rapier), have a selection of spells, just no metal armor, which I am not sure if Link every had any true full metal armor.

Kobold trap, PC's spot a kobold that dashes down a tunnel ringing a bell, likely running for help, PC's pursue, cornering said kobold in a room only for it to contortion through a small hole in the wall too small for medium sized PC's to get through, the bell ringing is simply to let the rest of the clan, who have stayed out of sight to this point, know that intruders have past a trap point and to seal the entrance with huge stone slabs rolled into place. Now the PC's must figure out how to escape, with such options as gaseous form, shrink, shape shift. A Death Trap should be a challenge to over come once caught with in one, much like a nature disaster.

Hugo Rune wrote:
Scrapper wrote:
Ryan Freire wrote:
the entire point of a deathtrap is it isnt fair
I think the OP's question is related to the fact that the players rely on the GM to describe the surroundings. If the GM fails to provide any clue then the players will feel justly cheated. If something is foreshadowed then the players will be on alert for a trap. The question is how to provide clues without giving away every trap.

From my observations, a Deathtrap is one in which the party is aware of after they are already locked into it's jaws and must therefore figure out an escape, while fore shadowing and early discovery reduces it to a mere trap. You can fore shadow construction materials, bit's of odd plans and such to as an example of a sealed tomb deathtrap so that the party might look for a flaw and therefore escape a deadly fate. Another classic example, the party falls through a floor into a deep pit with spikes on the walls and they are slowly closing in, now comes the challenge of disabling it or escaping it on the clock. For added charm, have a classic hourglass with sand running as a prop next to the DM screen...

Ryan Freire wrote:
the entire point of a deathtrap is it isnt fair


Season 4 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Mac "Did two fire dudes just fall into a where house of fireworks?" Coulson "Yup... Didn't see that one coming..."
So how much Alchemist Fire, Acid, Alchemical/Gun Powder, Ect.. would likely have been present? Was there like a new shipment awaiting delivery? There is a scene from "The Color of Magic" part one where a bar tender sets fire to his own bar to collect insurance, but the resulting fire burns down 30-50 surrounding establishments, like the London Fires of old.
So if this were in town and the wizard happen to have the spells to survive it, say teleport/dimension door, just roll a 1d4 and inform them that's how many hit points they have remaining after their harrowing escape, then describe the fire that raged all night and late into the following day that consumes countless buildings and killed dozens, maybe even get the rest of the party caught up, helping in rescues and narrow escapes, like the party barbarian running through alleyways choked with smoke and fire while carrying 3-4 orphans to safety, the party healer tending to the injured and out of healing spells when the wizard shows up for help...
And the rogue in party possibly taking advantage to loot shops as people evacuate out of harms way...

Mystery Men: The Shoveler
I'm just sooo impressed!

An Artifact of Historical Significance that is guarded by powerful wards and guardians, but more importantly, a division of Order of the Gate Hell Knights, with support of two other orders, is Hell Bent on acquiring said artifact, over the dead PC's bodies as needed...
We call this Dungeon the Anvil, and the opposition force, the Hell Hammer...

Tricks, Traps, Puzzles, and Vending Machines at end of Adventure Area's for Supplies and Gear Upgrades?

Hmmm, I'm not sure if you can harvest souvenirs from planar creatures as they usually get banished to their home plane when defeated, unless they were defeated/killed while in their home plane. I usually see planar creatures treated like summoned monsters that simply go poof when defeated, and in most, if not all times planar creatures are encountered, it is the result of having been summoned. Feathers and Blood might be left behind, but rarely, if ever, an entire body, but I guess it depends on circumstance...

Otherwise you could look into Bane arrows/bolts vs Devils and Demons, though that is a rather open as to what will work.

I'll be honest, your stats are impressive and seems like a solid character, it really looks like bad luck and rolls is all, and it happens. If you're concerned that some thing is off about your character, take a step back and compare it to the original pre-made characters for the Rise of the Runelords. It might not be the character it's self either, but maybe gear choice that you can still fix in game with some time to shop and a hand full of gold acquired from an earlier encounter.

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