Recommend me an adventure... with Hellknights


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Could be PFS, a module, or anything else. Any level. It just needs to have Hellknights, the more the better. And ideally, yeah, it should be good in its own right. That's all.


Doug M.

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I haven't personally played it but Hell's Vengeance is about playing evil characters in Cheliax, and I'm pretty sure Hellknights come up there.

Fortress of the Nail is a Society Scenario in a Hellknight fortress, so if you need Hellkninghts, well, that's where you'll find them! Truth be told, there isn't a lot of combat against them (if that's what you want), but still, lots of interaction. Haven't played it, so no idea if it's actually good or not.

Combat not needed, interaction will do.


Doug M.

The 2nd and 3rd parts of the Fiend trilogy: 2-10 Fury of the Fiend, 5-11 Fate of the Fiend. (0-22 Fingerprints of the Fiend have no Hellknight but gives more context to the site.)

Hellknight play a big part in is 7-25 Orders from the Gate. the Hellknight are allies and can allow free retraining to the Hellknight Prestige class.

There are a couple others, but they usually are very minor.

"Hellknight Aspirant" is literally a campaign trait in Hell's Vengeance.

Part 4 (of 4) of Scourge of the Godclaw, the 5th installment in Hell's Vengeance AP, features an assault on the obscure/secret Hellknight Order of the Glyph.

Emerald Spire, main starting town is a Hell Knight Fort, the alternate town to work from is Thorn keep, which the Hell Knights would Love to Raze!

The Emerald Spire.

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