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What do you use to draw your circles? Freehand or compass/device or...?

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i went to a quilting/craft store and bought a quarter-circle template and use that.

alternately, just use a string. find the center point of the circle, tie the pen to one end, hold down the other and round you go! it's a bit sloppy, but it's more accurate than freehanding.

I use a compass and a protractor.

an 18" ruler with quarter inch hole every inch works, much like string, secure the center and spin around it with a pen/dry erase marker

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I freehand it.

May not be the prettiest circle, but it gets the job done.

It's getting erased in 30 minutes anyways

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I also free hand but I just asked for quilting template for a Christmas present! Great idea!

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Buy a set of miniature bases, small through colossal...they make perfect circle templates for 1/2" up through 5" circles.

I tend to free hand it, but with a few cheats.

I generally find where the circle intersects with points on the map, mark them, and then draw it one quarter circle at a time. It's easier to freehand a curved line (even a long one) than a full circle.

Various lids, pots and pans.... anything that's a circle. Idk I just freehand it, but if you're looking for perfection.

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