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Not sure if it is related to this other thread:

But since it has been a month I decided to start a new thread.

Was trying to buy the Shattered Star AP (all 6 PDFs).

Exact same symptoms. Advance one page at a time, verify payment method and submit order. See spinning cog and then screen stays the same.

Checked card history and no pending payments (other than the one for a subscription) appearing. Not sure if it has to do with maybe a banking change? Software update?
I have no idea.

Don't know if this helps but:
1. I have not moved in over a decade so I am guessing it is not an address verification issue?

2. These are the same payment details that just cleared for several Paizo subscriptions in the past month (one of which was like a couple days ago) so I am think that it is not the card?

No big rush but if someone could see where the hiccup is in the next week or so I'd appreciate it.


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Will be running modules mostly as is. Starting with beginner box which I think is like playing with training wheels, which is exactly what we want. :)

Since we're trying out the new rules (I've play tested and then tried a few short introductions at cons but that was it) our group has made some well, fluffy decisions which are not really optimal. We're not using the pre-gens unless we get some last-minute players dropping in.

So I was just wondering for folks who have played and run, if you party basically has mostly PCs in the 14-16 range for their primary stat...are they going to run into major issues?

Our group aren't really optimizers and we usually play more DWorld and FATE.


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Hey gamers!

I've read through several threads but they are all from last year regarding this inquiry and much has been released since then.

I'm considering running a one-shot to introduce my gaming group to 2E. If it goes well, then I'll move to an AP.

Most of my group has experience with other systems (including 3.5, PF1, Dungeon World, Fate, etc.) and I was looking for a good intro to the 2E system. Ideally I would prefer something with a good story.

And as far as APs, what would you recommend? I hear the basic premise of Extinction Curse is Circus vs. Dinos, which sounds really nifty, but there have been other releases since then so I was wondering if a newer one is preferable.

One final thing while I am a Roll20 sub I recently took a gander at Foundry VTT and decided I'm going to give Foundry a spin. So if there's an AP/adventure that runs better via Foundry please let me know.

Cheers and happy gaming!

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I enjoy playing kineticists and for our current campaign after our TPK (wererat rogues throwing dusts of sneezing and choking at our party from surprise) someone suggested I look at the wood element for something different.

I did and have a couple of questions right off the bat.

Several of the infusions that are available are from other, older, sources which don't tell you which blasts may be used. For example Deadly Earth is normally used with earth, magma, metal, and mud...which wood blasts work with it? Same goes for say Entangling infusion. We can assume it works with wood (physical)...but what about positive blast? And which composite blasts?

It appears if you take wood again as your expanded element (at 7th), the class doesn't have a composite blast? Is that correct?

Thanks in advance!

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Just looking for some advice.

Which classes are generally easier to build / play? From a newbie standpoint?

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Not really sure which would be preferred and wanted to see from folks who have used one or the other which one worked better.

FYI tentative feat progression (human).

1Human - Spellbane
1st - Heavy Armor
3rd - Weapon Focus (Solar Weapon)
5th - Step Up
7th - Adaptive Fighting
9th - Step Up and Strike
11th - Nimble Moves
13th - Penetrating Strike
15th - Improved Resistance
17th - Great Fortitude
19th - Iron Will

I don’t like the dead levels since you lose your reaction with Step Up, until you get the follow up Step Up and Strike.
So debating on picking up W. Spec instead...and picking up say Iron Will a lot earlier...never mind forgot WS is auto at L3...still getting used to SF...!

EDIT: if the setting / campaign is a factor, figure for AP play...

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I am running Starfinder for my group. Most of us (including me) are completely new to SF. Now I have been running Traveller/Space Opera/etc... since they came out, and have been GMing PF since beta, so I hope my past experience doesn’t mess me up.

I am also trying to bring my gf into the game. She doesn’t like crunch so I would prefer a relatively simple build. And we only have the
core book at present as we want to see how it flies with our gang before dropping major $$$.

So what would you folks recommend for a social face character. My understanding is fighting isn’t at such a variance with SF vs. PF so that would be secondary. That said the less math (single attack vs. iteratives) would be preferred.

Any help welcome and thanks!

Oh if the campaign setting matters...we’re going with published modules so build for combat frequency based on that (I have no idea what the default for SF is)...

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I was just thinking it would be nice for my gnome fighter to have a cantrip to be a bit different. He won’t be MC so his proficiency won’t increase so attack ones are pretty much out. What cantrips would you recommend for a non caster?

I suppose I should also open this up if someone did take a MC just to get a cantrip but would not follow up with advancing the proficiency.

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Lets say at level 1, and breakthrough levels (weapon specialization comes to mind) of 7th and 15th?

Sustained DPR?
Burst DPR (not counting consumables).*Well spells are allowed for burst purposes, but assume these are self-buffs. And assume only 1 round (3 actions) unless these are hour long durations or longer to buff.

*I would expect by the very nature of the inherent limitations of less hp, less armor, and spell slots a caster nova would be higher, but perhaps that is not the devs intent with 2E. Or is it?

Got any builds?

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I thought a critical success was 10 over the target.
Yet on p. 584 there is a Keen rune that increases makes a natural 19 a does this interact?

A bit confused and learning 2e here. Thanks!

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From: Core rulebook P.289 Sorcerer class kit.

"...Weapons dagger, slingshot with 20
sling bullets..."

At first I was like "finally!" and then I realized it wasn't anywhere else in the book.

This is supposed to be a standard sling correct?

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Just started reading the focus section so I probably missed it.
There are a variety of abilities with focus 4, 5, 6 or more.

If the max you can have is 3 (and as far as I can see by the rules, regardless of how many sources of focus, you only have 1 pool so max is 3) how do you use the higher focus abilities?


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I have been reading various threads.

Is this what’s going on?
PF1E is going away.
All APs, adventures, modules, Society content will be 2E?
No new 1E content of any kind will be created.

Tyrant’s Grasp is the final PF1 AP.

Or is it something else?

Just trying to get up to date...


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Question: I thought this was a Warder discipline...nope. Then I looked at Stalker and Warlord. Nope. That is all three classes, none of which have access.

Which class from the main book has access to this? Was there errata? Or is it an archetype?

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That's basically it.

I'm still new to Path of War so I may have missed it.

I know there's Stalker, Warder, Warlord, etc...just wondering if there was a monkish one? I was trying to work with a core or unchained one but then realized he'd be limited by the Martial Training feats. Which are not terrible but a full initiator class would be nice to look at to compare :)


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Okay these are choices by another player so its mostly fixed:
Race: Oread
Stats: 20 point buy,
Class: Warpriest of Irori
Level: 7

Sacred weapon: Unarmed.

Single class, no class dipping please.

This is a home game and the GM allowed the player to get ‘agile’ on gloves so she can use her dex to damage.
Also every 4 level (4, 8, 12j we get a bonus feat.

The game is 75% combat and she feels unfortunately that is unable to keep up. We have a melee optimized melee using 3rd party material (path of war and psionics from dreamscarred). His damage output is around 150 DPR. My gf and I play kineticists so we do a good job as far as being skirmishers, though since we are doing a lot of plane travelling, my gf being all-in fire is also running into issues, but thats will be a separate thread.

Personally I am of the ‘power up, not nerf down’ mind so I was looking for some advice to beef the warpriest a bit.
I already have a few ideas but definitely could use more. :). I prefer paizo content but if anyone is familiar with Dreamscarred that’s open.
Also the warpriest is not looking for something complex, if possible. So minimum of variable bonuses.


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All we know is that this will be Pathfinder in space.
However while the GM may use Starfinder, the PCs may not. We will be Golarian primitives on a spaceship. Androids, etc. are not allowed to players. Know(tech) is banned unless we take the technologist feat. No one can start with Know(tech) ranks at start in any case.

My friend is 100% new to d20/Pathfinder and she wanted a simple ranged fire-focused damage dealer.

Her only experience with fantasy rpgs is WoW. She didn't like vancian spellcasting.

I suggested a Kineticist.

20 point buy, 2 traits, paizo official sources allowed.
3rd level, standard wealth by level.

Looking for some build advice.
So far the only other character is a cleric.
Note that for myself I was thinking of maybe a utility kineticist (aether) since she will be focused on damage. I can go with a Tier 1 (wizard) but prefer the swiss-army knife with 5 blades I can use all day instead of the 300 in a book version. :) But that's for me, I'm looking for help with her build.

So far I've come up with:
Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot (may not be needed? since it is vs. touch? Spell Pen instead?)
Infusions: Fan of Flames
Fire blast (basic).

Suggestions and thanks!

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We are about start this AP and I was looking for some advice on the campaign specific Noble Scion feat.

Our group so far:
Vigilante (str)
Heavens Shaman
Witch (Patron?)
Court Bard

I decided to go with an Unchained rogue, human.
The Mint Avenger. His foci are Profession (Cook), non-lethal combat, and wielding a MW wooden soup spoon (improvised blunt weapon).

We are limited to Core content, plus Ult Equip, traits, alt race traits from ARG, and two other Paizo hard cover sources (example an Unchained, Scout, Sap Master would be 3 sources and is not allowed) and 1 soft cover source (like a People of the X book.)

Not looking for in depth spoilers. In general from a story standpoint does Noble Scion give a tie-in through several AP books? If it makes a difference I have it narrowed down to strong supporters of the big bad (Thrune.) Just have not finalized which family.

I have played and run several APs and IME the campaign feats are very hit or miss...not terribly concerned from an optimization standpoint I just want the character's story with the feat tie-in to be relevant. I certainly can easily RP w/o the feat if needs be. :)


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Party is L7.
We have a shifter, a witch, a divine (lost 1 lvl of cleric) that functions as a flag bearer bard, one other melee (forget the class atm) and myself.

What we have:
flight: witch only
spider climb: (me)
tanglefoot bags: me and maybe one other.
ranged DPR: me only.

Since I am physical blast best to hit (before bardy buffs) is: +13
+1 Point blank
+5 20 dex
+5 bab
+2 elemental overflow.

There are no magic items available or anywhere we can stock up on say potions of fly.

We already know the dragon has some magic I figure he's gonna mage armor/shield and mirror image or so forth.
We do not have dispel magic.
He may have support (flying clerics with deeper darkness) plus other unknowns (mini-bosses?)
We do not have daylight.

I am a bit worried. With buffs a dragon could have AC's in the 30's. And if he just plays smart and strafes with his breath weapon, the majority of the party has limited or no range abilities. The witch fires a bow if hexes are not up.

We do not know the dragon type we are fighting. Though a reluctant minion' tested' us with entangle so assuming that is one of its SLA's. And no freedom of movement either.

One resist energy potion and one resist energy spell.

Suggestions? Meta-gaming wise we are an oversized party of L7 on an elite buy so we could be talking a CR10 before adding minions, environment, etc.

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So far we have a divine, arcane(full casters), a vigilante, and a bard.

I am considering an aetherkineticist because he was fun in dragon's demand. We are limited to core plus a couple books so I cannot cherry pick across all supplements but it should be enough for most of them.

I am concerned about long term viability.

I figure that skills such as disguise, bluff, etc. would be necessary and also we're probably fighting critters with DR/SR high saves (devils?) down the road.

Has anyone gone through this with an aetherkinetcist and run into problems, esp the latter half? Any tips (no spoilers please). Just want to make sure I am not making a bad choice.

Pure aether also means no high damage composite blasts...if that makes a difference.

Advice, recommendations welcome.

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Well it's been a good run, but my budget is extra tight so I'm humbly requesting that my subs be stopped.

Any orders in progress feel free to fulfill, don't want to gum up the works.


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So I'm playing a vanilla human TK artist and it's been fun so far. Basically he's a ranged build with ranged trap disabling/door open/closer.

I am doing a little planning ahead. At L3 Kinetic blade seems a decent backup for when I need that melee for 1 round...but I realized while attacking with on isn't provokable...gather power is...unless I want ot take damage every time I swing.

So far he's got:
Basic TK
TK Finesse.
L4 is reserved for TK Haul.
L5 is maybe for spindle for pseudo-AOE
L6 is whispers (rabbit for init) and tk invis
L7 if the game goes that long is Foe Throw.

Looking for suggestions as to get for L3. Note that this campaign ends pretty much as L7.

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Okay so after deciding to stick with my Kineticist in Rise of the Runelords looking for some advice.

Current party roster: Human Ranger, Human Fighter, Human Dervish Bard, Dorf Forgemaster Cleric.

25 point buy.
Paizo only.

Hobbes 'the Hand' a.k.a. Mr. Handy
Kineticist (Aether)

St 11
Dx 16(18 with racial)
Cn 16
In 12
Ws 12
Ch 10

HP: 12
AC: 16
F+5 R+6 W+2
Atk: 1d20+5 vs AC 1d6+4 BPS, Magic 20x2.

Traits: Reactionary (+2 Init), Vagabond Child (+1 Disable Device and class skill)
Drawback Naive (-2 AC/ CMD vs improvised weapons and dirty tricks)
Bonus trait (from drawback): Indomitable Faith (+1 Will)
Feats: Point Blank Shot(deleted due to house rules replaced with Weapon Focus),
Bonus Feat(human)Precise Shot.
Bonus Feat(anti-hero)Toughness
Gear: Leather Armor, Bag of Marbles, Torchesx3, Flint/Steel, Backpack, Rationsx5.

Tentative Leveling Plan:
1-Basic Telekinesis 5#/2L, Telekinetic Blast, inf:X Rng Feat: WF: Kin Blast, Precise Shot, Toughness(anti-hero)
2-Utility - Telekinetic Finesse, Elem Def
3-Inf:Kinetic Blade, El over+1 // Feat: Iron Will
4-Utility TK Haul 100#/lvl 0 burn, 1 burn 1000#/lvl
5-Inf: Spindle, infus spec 1, metakinesis (empower) // Feat: Ability Focus(Kinetic Blast)
6-El over +2, int buffer 1, TK Invis // Human Extra Wild Talent Max L1-Whispers(rabbit for alertness and +4 Init)
7-IF double aether Foe Throw, aether/force blast (comp) // Feat: Expanded Metakinesis (Merciful Spell) or Imp Init
8-Infusion specialization 2, utility (self TK)
9-Inf: Snake, El over +3, metak(maximize) // Feat: ???
10-Greater Self TK
11-Inf: Wall // Feat: Extra Wild Talent-Max L3: ???
12-Suffocate// Human Extra Wild Talent-Max L4: ???
13-Inf: Disintegrating Infusion

House rules:

1-Elephant in the room Feat Tax.Linky

Summary: Point Blank shot, Weapon Finesse no longer exist. Combat expertise and Improved X (Disarm, Trip, etc.) integrated into a single feat that grant benefits of both. Mobility eliminated and bonus (+4 AC when moving) added to Dodge. Deadly Aim and Power Attack eliminated as feats and available automatically.

2-Background Skills (2 free ranks to spend per level)

3-Hero Points (I used Anti-Hero, Hobbes makes his own luck)

Yes I know some of the feats are wrong...see spoiler for House rules.

With the boost to martial builds I considered going blade whirlwind+ kinetic form...but decided to stay true to his concept. Staying aether at least through Expanded Element. If the game (unlikely) goes to 15+ then I may branch out into earth or something else.

The goal is good utility, so-so ranged plinking, light battlefield control. Kinetic Blade is strictly backup.

Have a few holes especially in the mid-upper levels, any suggestions welcome and thanks!

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Well in yet another attempt to get through this AP I've signed on to a new party.
Current roll call:
Ranger Human, Human Fighter, Human Dervish, and Dwarf Runeforged Cleric

I was going to go with a Halfling Telekineticist just for fun...but I'm a bit concerned with the roster. It seems we are all melee martials or one sort of another save my guy who's more utility and going to stay ranged.

I have a decent amount of experience playing casters but really just wanted a break from being 'the wizard'.

That said...are we in trouble? I'm determined to make my character a bit happy-go-lucky...but I'm feeling maybe I need to roll a wizard...cause all melee martial party seems like catching the on-ramp for badwrongfun.

If we compare this to a core 4.
We don't have a standard cleric (Forgemaster gives up channeling and has only the artifice domain) we are heavy on melee, no arcane, no rogue...though I suppose my guy is sort of a rogue. Just without evasion, trap-finding, etc...

Maybe I'm fussing over nothing.

Thoughts? Advice?


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I was a big fan of nice things for martials (i.e. Book of Nine Swords in 3.5x).

When I had some folks request Path of War I gave a provisional ok for tier 4 classes and below. (Martials with at most 4th level spellcasting).

Now that said, I am not familiar with PoW or the expansion and it is literally several hundred pages of content.

Please is there a PoW & PoW Exp Guide I could reference?

So far as a GM I am most concerned about:
Combos that break action economy. (e.g. in 3.5x it was the infamous White Raven Tactics.)
Builds/archetypes/etc that make you say OMG (and why?)
Or any other pitfalls to watch out for?
Also any sample builds that are decent and easy for new players?

This will be for a level 1-17+ campaign
Thanks in advance!

EDIT: found a guide on gitp, I'll start there. Still if anyone has some suggestions please add here :)

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A player wants to bring in a duergar tyrant. The rules give stats for a player character but my 'huh' meter is going off big-time.

Are they considered a legitimate player race?

The entry does give full player character information which confuses me, because a race like hobgoblin does not.


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Many creatures (and class abilities, spells) have or create auras.
Some effects are obvious (e.g. targets must see or hear).

Some are a bit more vague...if an aura is Su, you are within the radius of effect, and it doesn't say you have to see/hear or provide other limitations does...
Having an inch of dirt on you stop it? (e.g. undead aura, but the creature is currently buried or hiding, covered in dirt.)
Having a cone of silence (or cardboard box) silly I know but is that enough to block an aura?

Do they follow the effects of emanations?


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Say a base creature inflicts 1d4 ability damage/drain. Or for that matter 1d4 negative levels.

I don't think RAI means that advanced template adds +2 to these but I could not a ruling one way or the other. Sorry search-fu is weak.

Is there a FAQ on this?

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Less moral ambiguity. I don't normally mind roleplaying grey areas but once in a while I want "hey we're good and here to beat up the bad guys."

So which of the APs do you feel falls into that category? No deals with evil...just take out the beatstick or I suppose convert them to the way of good.

I was leaning towards Wrath of the Righteous (with a few changes of course)...any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Just trying to determine what would be appropriate modifiers?
DC +2(unfavorable) is hidden in the brush?
DC +5(distracted) you are charging the target?

Or is this listed somewhere? My search-fu is weak :)

Thanks in advance!

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Been away from Pathfinder a while. Came across someone mentioning Molthuni in a thread about optimization.

What makes them so good? I am not being sarcastic, I just have been out of the loop for a while. I notice they get some martial perks...but what takes them over the line? Is it a specific build/exploit?


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I have read several guides and almost all of them state how great this is for a geokineticist.

I must be missing something.

For earth it works with metal blasts only right? So you have to double down on earth for level 7 to get metal blast.
Take Magnetic for your bonus talent cause you expanded your element in the same.

Metal blast is 2 burn as it is a composite. It's also physical, which you already have and so this doesn't help your accuracy.
Magnetic blast is 2 burn many times are you spamming this? +4 to hit for your NEXT metal composite, assuming you want to spend 8 burn over 2 turns (before reductions) AND that your first lower accuracy metal blast hit.

With Gather Power and Infusion Spec 1 you drop this to...2 burn? Not seeing the all day or even all encounter capability here.

By level 7 your Elemental Overflow is +2 so you already have 2 burn. It could be 3, but of course your +2 con/dex makes that a wash.

Please explain how this works?


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Okay you start with a physical blast which isn't too shabby.
But when you hit either do aether boost +1 damage/die (?) for 2 burn or do...less damage (as simple energy blast) for 2 burn.

Granted most folks won't be using composites regularly till level 11+ (supercharge.) But having the ace in the hole is nice from 7-10. And having a composite which does double damage (just about all other elements) would have been nice.

How did you boost the TK's damage? Or did you focus on utility only? I suppose foe throw may be used to throw someone off a cliff? Or I suppose straight up in the air...but at best you are only getting a few dice from falling damage (unless there's a cliff or convenient pit) because you cannot stack this with extended range so if you were say 10 feet from target (unless you want to provoke) you could toss them 20 feet straight up.

Free empower helps...the request is for the "big gun." Even adding a second element (if you abandon pure TK) won't really pay off till level 15, since aether doesn't stack with anything else.


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Working outside the default game standards...

In a campaign where you face encounters all day long, wave after wave, with additional adds. Casters may not get their resting time. Though I realize not as a big an issue for divines. You will have more encounters than spell slots.

I know martials could work...possibly a pet class (provided healing wasn't an issue) or of course the kineticist.

Any others?

Once you get to say the higher levels you'll have so many spell slots it won't mean as much...but what about the early days say levels 1-6?


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I've read several threads on this subject and it appears most are a year or so older.

As new content is constantly generated I wanted to find out if there are new (Paizo official) options for Pure Fire Kineticists and Fire Resistance/Immunity.

I know of the Utility Searing Flame. Which is resistance only.
For immunity we have draining infusion is for immunity vs. creatures IFF they have the fire subtype.

So what's a Fire Kin to do say vs. a Lemure? Even from the get-go we have fire-immune creatures...

Note I ran into a similar issue with my water kineticist since he was cold-based. In the first 3 adventures out of 13 encounters, 11 were cold immune or highly resistant...and there wasn't the option of "searing cold" :)

Just checking!


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Campaign parameters:


Combat to the tune of 11+ encounters before you get a rest.
You cannot buy magic items, especially healing potions.
Spellcasters that scribe will not be able to add spells other than what is obtained by leveling (i.e. wizard 2/lvl)
Little or no downtime, so crafting while not impossible is difficult. Figure 1 day to craft items are probably doable.
Frequently EL+5 (or higher) (last session the APL3 party fought a succubus who had support and/or enviro advantages)

3rd level.
Standard wealth by level (if you could have crafted something yourself, even with the discounts for class only, etc. it's legal)-but only for new characters. Existing characters will most likely be at 10% wealth by level. (My L6 wizard has 600 gp total net worth)
Any Paizo source.
No 3rd party.
No gnomes.
32 pt buy or 28 pt buy for bonus feat, 24 pt for 2 bonus feat (at level 1)
2 traits (standard rules).

I usually avoid these games but I'm feeling masochistic today since actual face to face tabletop opportunities are rare in my town.

What kind of builds would you folks suggest? Current party is 2 oracles, 3 martials, and an arcane hybrid (I think a magus). But usually we are short 2-3 players.

I have a few ideas:
Dwarf Stonesinger Geokineticist. Decent survivability, darkvision, and can keep going and going and going. Not a powerhouse by any means but reliable and steady. And since no magic items...well there aren't that many for this class anyway.
Classic Half-elf Summoner with Quadrapouncer. Pet takes brunt of attacks while my summoner hides and thinks stealthy thoughts.
Possibly an archer build (say vanilla ranger if I can meta what type of foes are more common). Maybe with an at-will (ranger only) item of either gravity bow (for dps) or infernal healing (because hard to find downtime and no healing.) Plus with Longstrider he'll be starting at range and faster on foot running away... :)

Musket Master (maybe but I may run into ammo problems if the GM makes ammo mats as rare as everything else)

I'd buy a wayfinder with cracked spindle...but don't have enough after a main weapon or at-will 1st level item.

Avoiding spell casters because you will shoot yourself dry long before you can get anoter rest.

Any other suggestions (other than run away) :)

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I do not have the rules and was wondering:
Does this covers powers of the mind (a.k.a. Psionics) or is it still Vancian spell casting (albeit at a reduced level)?

How is long range ground combat covered (i.e. snipers shooting from 2 km away).

Is there a random world/city/etc generator for when you arrive in a new star system?


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My GM for Carrion Crown used a couple of templates and he used some kind of bear. In any case, these undead bears had pounce. I am trying to figure out what combo was used...

Help please :) and thank you.

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Hi folks!

I purchase multiple products via subscription.
All with combined shipping.

For some reason, when the Pathfinder comic book ($4) is shipped you charge me $4 to single ship it. Each time I noticed and posted that this is supposed to be combined, you reversed and then combined it. I didn't catch them all, so I have several instances of paying double price for a product.

I could simply drive to a store and buy the comic book and spend considerably less than $4 in gas per issue. But I wanted to support your company directly. Heck I'd be happy if you held off shipping till next month if that's what it took.

Well it's happened again. I don't know why it keeps happening but I cannot afford to keep paying double prices.

I request that since you had difficulty to fulfill a combined shipping order with this product type to cancel this subscription, effective immediately.

Thank you.

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Tried Advice and apparently nobody remembers Red Hand so trying here:

Going to be running a group through Red Hand. Issue is I am looking for advice on which adventure (Pathfinder) would be a good lead-in that can transition into RH.

I'm thinking most AP's is out...but if there's a really good one that works please I'm open to suggestions.

Red Hand will have the party starting around 5th so looking for something to take the party from 1-4 or 5. I was trying the Adventure finder earlier...


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Looking for a complete adventure for some new and some experienced players.
Our home game will be heading into Red Hand of Doom and I was looking for one with a good lead in.

Any suggestions?


Tried the adventure finder having some speed issues.

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I know about the kineticist, but was wondering if there were other classes with at-will abilities. Hexes are close but usually have 1/day/target limitations.

Granted most baseline martial abilities are at-will :) and of course Paladins have detect evil at will.

I was looking something more warlocky or dragonfire adepty (Invocations).


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Rather than keep cluttering the other thread I figured I'd ask here.

I am curious about the Vigilante and Warlock.

The OP was asking about PFS builds. When I did a search in the PRD....nothing came up. I inquired and I got a link to ogc...

Does Pathfinder Society allow third party? Or is this Paizo published and just not in the PRD? Which sourcebook please?


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AC5 for a square and you lose the main target damage, but get the area effect.

Is it allowed under the rules?

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How do they interact?
Do you appear in any adjacent square? In the center of the midpoint of the wall?

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I playtested several during the beta but have not actually rolled with one since the rules were finalized.

I was wondering if anyone had used one in say an AP and how well they worked out. Please if it isn't too much trouble provide the basic build and the party makeup.
Assuming some combos (say cold kineticist in Reign of Winter) as obviated. :)

The only real strength I have come across is if the campaign is non-standard. Say excessive encounters with little of rest opportunities and such.

Granted I like the fluff and it is the closest I will likely ever get to a 3.5 dragonfire adept. Or warlock.

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