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Not sure if it is related to this other thread:

But since it has been a month I decided to start a new thread.

Was trying to buy the Shattered Star AP (all 6 PDFs).

Exact same symptoms. Advance one page at a time, verify payment method and submit order. See spinning cog and then screen stays the same.

Checked card history and no pending payments (other than the one for a subscription) appearing. Not sure if it has to do with maybe a banking change? Software update?
I have no idea.

Don't know if this helps but:
1. I have not moved in over a decade so I am guessing it is not an address verification issue?

2. These are the same payment details that just cleared for several Paizo subscriptions in the past month (one of which was like a couple days ago) so I am think that it is not the card?

No big rush but if someone could see where the hiccup is in the next week or so I'd appreciate it.


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Do you already inadvertently have any of the pdfs (from a humble bundle or something maybe)?

That can mess things up.

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Its worth emailing customer.service@paizo.com.

They dont generally monitor the forums for CS issues any more.

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