Adventure lead in to the Red Hand of Doom (need low level up to 5th or so)

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Tried Advice and apparently nobody remembers Red Hand so trying here:

Going to be running a group through Red Hand. Issue is I am looking for advice on which adventure (Pathfinder) would be a good lead-in that can transition into RH.

I'm thinking most AP's is out...but if there's a really good one that works please I'm open to suggestions.

Red Hand will have the party starting around 5th so looking for something to take the party from 1-4 or 5. I was trying the Adventure finder earlier...


How new is your group? Some really great modules for low level players are also poor choices for experienced players as they are very beginner focused.

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I found (incomplete) notes from when I ran this in 2007. It looks like I selected a handful of Dungeon magazine adventures.

Pre-start: Roadwork. As young adults, sent to help with annual road repairs so the road will be passable for caravans from foreign parts. During their work, the group is attacked by krenshars.

Dungeon Adventures:
Within the Circle (I honestly don't remember this one)
Funeral Procession (excellent)
Unfamiliar Ground (lots of fun)
The Automatic Hound (spooky)
The Hive (I don't recall this one either)

And some comments I found on my prep-work:

1st Level – Funeral Procession – SETUP: The PCs journey back through Bristol to trade their “work credits” (from the road repairs) for purchased goods, and possibly to trade goods for their community. Because of their defense of the road-work crew, they are asked to keep an eye on things at a funeral of a horrific serial killer who was slain by (now-departed) guards of some rich merchant who was traveling the trade road (the merchant and guards have since departed).

1st or 2nd Level – Within the Circle – SETUP: The PCs are summoned to meet with (whoever is the leader in Brindol), nominally to help a village that was beset by plague, but in secrecy, to investigate a structure near that village. (It looks like I may have changed the villains in that adventure, but I don't seem to have the details anymore.)

3rd Level – Unfamiliar Ground – SETUP: The PCs are traveling when a mysterious stranger lures them into conflict with a band of goblins.

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I ran RHoD many years ago, and used some Dungeon Crawl Classics stuff to get them started a few levels.

As for Pathfinder stuff, it's too bad Fangwood Keep (also involving Hobgoblins) is level 4-6 - perhaps it could be scaled down to lower levels? I am not familiar (on a GM level) with most PFS scenarios, but maybe Rise of the Goblin Guild might work for a portion of what you need.

Or perhaps Master of the Fallen Fortresss and then a couple levels of Emerald Spire might do?

Good luck, have fun - RHoD is a great campaign!

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After some research I think Crypt of the Everflame which introduces Pathfinder and Emerald Spire may work. I wanted to use Dragon's Demand....but it has several issues.

Group will be 4 maybe 5. Experience varies from someone who has never played (but just got introduced to 3.5) to some serious optimizers. I DM'd for over 30 years so have a decent grasp of the fundamentals was just stumped on adventures :)

Thanks for the suggestions folks. Now to get back to converting and tweaking RHoD...

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