Solarian melee Step up and Strike vs. Weapon Specialization.

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Not really sure which would be preferred and wanted to see from folks who have used one or the other which one worked better.

FYI tentative feat progression (human).

1Human - Spellbane
1st - Heavy Armor
3rd - Weapon Focus (Solar Weapon)
5th - Step Up
7th - Adaptive Fighting
9th - Step Up and Strike
11th - Nimble Moves
13th - Penetrating Strike
15th - Improved Resistance
17th - Great Fortitude
19th - Iron Will

I don’t like the dead levels since you lose your reaction with Step Up, until you get the follow up Step Up and Strike.
So debating on picking up W. Spec instead...and picking up say Iron Will a lot earlier...never mind forgot WS is auto at L3...still getting used to SF...!

EDIT: if the setting / campaign is a factor, figure for AP play...

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I'm not sure I understand. You didn't use an earlier feat to gain proficiency with any out of class weapons, so what would you be taking Weapon Specialization with?

Also, level 3 would be weapon Focus (Advanced Melee), not just solar weapon.

weapon specialization isn't just a feat in starfinder: if you're using a weapon that your class gets proficiency in it's baked into your class. A solarion using their solar weapon automatically has specialization with it at third level.

You only need to take it as a feat if you're an envoy using longarms or a mechanic using long arms

I don't think you "lose" a reaction when you take step up, but you get another option for how to use your reaction. I agree it's a little underwhelming. Step up and strike is pretty powerful though, so is worth the feat tax.

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