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The Ultimate Psionics KS was only 4 years late with little communication after the first year. Did you really think he would do any better this time?

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redcelt32 wrote:

Hero Lab Classic is a thing of beauty, and you can keep it forever, regardless of whether the company continues in its current form or not.

Herolab Online is slow, clunky, has a recurring charge, requires a constant internet connection to use, and there is no guarantee of service continuance or speed from their servers as the number of users progresses. I am sure this was conceived as a great move to the cloud, etc, but all I see are many many detracting elements and no improvements over Herolab Classic. Even though I understand the reason for the slow rollout of Realmworks, that whole experience did not fill me with confidence regarding large IT projects from Lone Wolf. Moving more functionality and responsibilty to their side to maintain does not fill me with confidence.

YMMV and hopefully time proves my current feelings regarding this app wrong, but right now I am going to let my current account lapse with no plans to renew in the near future.

On the bright side, my table will soon have lots of paper character sheets and no tablets and PCs for players to surf Facebook, IG, or play Civ 6 on during the game LOL...

Don't forget that Herolab Classic will go into demo mode if certain things change on your computer or certain other things happen. All you have to do is reactivate your license but you will not be able to do that if the company goes under. No server to connect to and check your license.

Well PF2 is out. Anything on the third part?

Is the third part still being released?

P.56 of the Advanced Player's Guide. Also P.55

The summoner does exactly the same thing. The Eidolon stays until killed or the summoner is unconscious and creatures summoned stay for 1 minute a level. They both use his summon monster ability and he can not summon monsters if he has his Eidolon summoned.

the David wrote:

I'm still kinda intrigued by this. At level 9, you'd be able to summon an Eidolon once per day for 7 rounds. The Eidolon will have 4 hit dice and 4 evolution points. I'd say you're wasting 2 feats at this level.

Is there something I'm missing? Sure, you could add summoning spells so you can make more use of this ability, and your Eidolon will get stronger at higher levels. At level 20 you'd be able to summon your Eidolon 3 times per day for 18 rounds?

At least you turned my attention to another option for my Ponymancer build, and for that I thank you.

The Eidolon would stay until it was killed or you are unconscious. The other summons are 1 round per effective summoner level.

Correct me if I am wrong but I have not seen any official ruling on this so I guess it is up to each GM to decide. I would go with the equipped items disappear with the familiar and reappear with him. I would also rule that if you give the figment familiar items you can not get them back. They also become figments. This would keep it from being abused. I could see players loading up the familiar with heavy items of treasure and just dismissing the familiar and then summon him later along with all the heavy treasure.

Yes I did mean variant multiclassing. I was almost sure it would work but I had not seen this discussed like the augment summoning feat. I know the feat does not apply to the Eidolon but the elementalist summoning class ability does not limit it to just spells.

Would a 9th level primal (fire) elementalist with summoner as a secondary class be able to apply his Elementalist Summoning ability to his Eidolon? The ability is not restricted to only spells. It just says "whenever you summon a creature it gains energy resistance 10 against the energy type and it's natural attacks deal an additional 1d6 points of damage of the same energy type".

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Thanks for posting. Good article.

I would participate in the kickstarter but I am not well liked at FGG and I am sure they would rather have me not participate. I do hope this is funded at least. It looks like a good book.

Sara Marie thank you for letting me know why the subscriptions have not cancelled.

I posted last night and this afternoon my post was still ignored while all the others had been answered from others who posted today. It looked like it was going to be ignored. I believe I have had 188 orders from Paizo. I hate to end but it seems like Paizo just doesn't care anymore. If Paizo did care then the problem I had would have been addressed without me posting multiple times. The original problem I reported was never fixed and just caused more problems. I am only one customer so I guess it doesn't matter anyway.

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I want all my subscriptions cancelled along with any pre-orders and anything in my sidecart. I notified you yesterday about the Gothic Horror book that you placed an order for. I NEVER ordered it and it was your company that placed it in my orders without my knowledge or permission. You are just ignoring what you did. I will be disputing the charge. You have terrible customer service. I notified you about the problem and you just ignore it. I also want the $10 refunded to me for the shipping mistake instead of store credit since I never plan on ordering here again. I will also be disputing the charge if you don't since the order total is above $50 and I can dispute it.

I see nothing has been done about this. I will be disputing the charges with my cc company. You have no right to charge me for items I never ordered.

I just checked and now I have been billed for Gothic Horror. I NEVER ordered it.

Thanks. Sounds good. You might want to check but I never ordered the Gothic Horror Hardcover. You might of just mixed it up with Deep Magic. After a while I would assume the titles start to blur. I did get Gothic Horror through kickstarter but not through Paizo.

You said this was fixed but it was not fixed. I now have Deep Magic shipping and I am being charged for shipping when it should have been in my sidecart to ship with my subscription. This is from the order number I listed above. There is now another order that this will happen to also. The Deluxe Harrow Deck.

Thanks for sharing. Your wife is a good artist.

They appear there now but before they were NOT listed. My order from Sunday does show now under my orders. The strange thing is that they were there before then they disappeared and now they are back. Just wanted you to know. Thanks for the help.

I just checked and the order I placed sunday night has disappeared. It is not listed in my account under orders. I received an e-mail that night confirming the order. It is order 3073806. I also do not see the dice order listed under my orders.

I thought I would let you know about this. When I have placed my last several orders the shipping option was not listed until I went to confirm my order. At that time it just appears as step 2. On one order it never appeared but the shipping was listed as add to my sidecart so it was not a problem. The other thing is my payment choices. It lists the same cc info twice and no matter which I choose it says that my payment method has now been changed.
Also did the orders for the Second Darkness dice get cancelled? I ordered them a month ago but the item disappeared from my sidecart and is not listed under my orders anymore but if I visit the product page it says the item is in my sidecart.

Jason that is very nice of you. I will send you an e-mail.

Jason Nelson wrote:

My apologies you did not get your book yet. We did send out the PDFs created through this Kickstarter several months before they were available anywhere else, and the first shipment of our books has been mailed while the rest are getting boxed up and sent as fast as I can get through them; if you give me your name I can check and see if yours was on that list. With just me packing and shipping books, it's taking longer than expected to get them out the door.

Today my wife dropped off 13 cases of books at Paizo. Given that this is my first time fulfilling a major print order and they do it every day, it is no surprise that their warehouse staff is far more efficient than I am, so they're already ready to go as I'm still making my way through the pile. It's not a matter of loyalty but of manpower.

I infer that by loyalty you would rather I made sure all of ours were shipped first, however long it took, before delivering the books to Paizo. That's a fair point, and one I can certainly take into account in the future. I appreciate the feedback. This would not be the only mistake I've made during the course of this Kickstarter.

If you are interested in the current Kickstarter being run concurrently by us, Kobold Press, Rogue Genius Games, and Dreamscarred Press, I'd encourage you to give it a look. Hopefully one mistake doesn't sour you entirely, but either way God bless and happy gaming to you.

I didn't order the pdf's since I had already bought all the individual pdf's as they were released. I am a big fan of your work and company but I am tired of backing kickstarters and being the last to get the product. I didn't want to ever back another kickstarter but since I had such respect for your products and company I thought things would be different. I was very upset today to see your book in stock and ready to ship from Paizo before the backers receive the book. Sorry if others think that is ok but to me it is not right.

I wanted to back your kickstarter but now there is no chance. I backed your Gothic Horror kickstarter. I have not received my book from the kickstarter but the book is now available to buy and in stock from Paizo and with the 15% discount it is cheaper. If you are not going to get the book to your supporters first why should I support you. You have no loyality to your supporters so I will have no loyality to you either. I really expected better from Legendary Games.

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I love how it is for sale here before the kickstarter supporters receive it. It's even cheaper here with the 15% discount for subscribing to the adventure paths. I am skipping the current ks and will just wait and buy it here before the ks supporters.

Cyrad wrote:
Ah, it's coming to the Paizo store! I got the Kickstarter edition, and I'm not sure if I should say what I think of it.

What do you think of it?

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What is the point in producing books if they don't have everything in them? If some things are in print and some are in pdf's it is too scattered. I thought the idea was to put all of the material in print like the gothic series. I was interested in this until now. If things change I will be in but until then count me out.

Thank you Liz.

When is this expected?

One thing that he has done that is very crooked is to sell print copies of his Way of the Wicked series and as of today he has not delivered. Same with print copies of book 1 of Throne of Night. I believe some people are out $120 on WotW print alone. He will not respond to anyone about their orders.

This is the most pathetic update I have ever seen. Didn't he say back in september that book two was almost done? He even starts this update exactly like the last. Why doesn't Gary bother to respond to questions? I think he is just too cowardly to come here anymore after he has lied and stole from the people here. Gary is only getting away with this because too many people just blindly support him.

You have to buy it. When the file was listed for sale Lone Wolf made sure the old free file would no longer work. I was in the same situation as you and I had to buy it.

I also would like news on the second collection. I gave up reading the comic due to the eratic release schedule. 2 to 3 months between issues is just too much so I wait for the collection.

Another kickstarter that ended up a lie. The book did NOT have color art as promised, the bonus adventure was not exclusive, the book was not limited edition or numbered, there was no poster, no digital art, no personalized letter with art pictures, no pdf download code, and there was never a chance you could have your personalized picture appear in the book since it was not even sent to artist until after the book was finished despite the ks being 1 1/2 years late. What a waste of my money and time.

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Makarion wrote:
Sadly, Rite Publishing has the kind of track record that causes people to ban all third party material in PF games. No quality control whatsoever.

You must be thinking of another company. Rite Publishing has always put out quality material and it is run by very nice people. I should know since I have almost all of their books and I have never been unhappy with a purchase. The only problem has been with the HL file that was for this book but that was handled very well by Rite and had nothing to do with their book.

Liz Courts wrote:
PathfinderFan64 wrote:
So is the series cancelled?
Nope! Just waiting on updated information, which should be available shortly. :)

Thanks. Good to know.

So is the series cancelled?

Deanoth wrote:
PathfinderFan64 wrote:
I have all of the HL Pathfinder files. It appears great until you take a close look at everything. There are a lot of feats, traits, and class abilities that do nothing. The makers of HL, Lone Wolf, are just too busy trying to keep up with new releases that they can't fix the bugs. They do fix a few but most are being ignored and more keep being created with each new release. It appears to me that they do almost no testing since if they did they would catch the bugs and fix them before release. If I were you I would save your money and wait to see if Lone Wolf can fix the bugs before buying.

Lone wolf has ALWAYS been very very proactive on the Lone Wolf web sites clearing any bugs and or issues that crop up quite quickly to be honest. I am not getting where you are feeling ignored by the staff at Lone Wolf as it just can not be further from the truth. They do not ignore anyone nor do they ignore bugs and errors as you mentioned. Some are more difficult then others to fix if and when they crop up so they might get put aside for a following update but we will see it fix if it is categorized as a bug.

So please do not come in here and say they do not keep up with them.. as trust me that can't be further from the truth!!

Now as far as testing.. there is a beta team for testing and they do test each and every update before it is released to everyone else. I DO highly recommend Hero Lab to everyone!! It is a very well done piece of software and it can be of use for anyone that uses it. Please do not let the false sense of impropriety from deterring you from doing so! There is even a demo mode to check it out if you like :)

I will say whatever I want and I will not be silenced by you. It is obvious from your statement you do not know much about herolab. If you did you would see the hundred's of errors that have been around for a year or more. Lone Wolf does NOT fix very many bugs. You are just assuming all the feats, traits, and class abilities work. If you would bother to check them you would see the problem. If this were a free program then it would be great but it is not. It is expensive and for the price it should work much better.

Amazon and e-bay always have plenty available to buy at good prices without buying cases. All the stores around me also sell them.

Will there be a print edition?

azoun wrote:
Skeeter Green wrote:
azoun wrote:

Does the Stoneheart Valley include the Tomb of Abysthor errata ? ( #.UsR2_NLuLmc)

Like the missing stairs in level 4 from level 1, are such things right in the new version (text and maps) ?

Thanks !

We fixed all the errata we could find...(I hope)! lol

Your answer is pretty vague... but I guess you're still recovering from the mega New Year's party with Orcus, Thyr, and Muir ;-)

I'm running the Tomb of Abysthor (my favorite from Necromancer Games by the way, so thank you !), it's been more than a year and a half with a nice classic team (fighter/barbarian/rogue/cleric/wizard), and level 4 seems to be the next place the PCs will set foot on... clearly a possible TPK, as everything could go wrong with a bad save, but that's what we love !
I'm playing under Pathfinder rules, so switching to Stoneheart Valley would definitely make sense, but only if the new product is 100% reliable ! I hope you can give me a more precise answer so I can click on the purchase button without hesitation !

I have it and it looks good to me. I think you should go ahead and get it since you are running it now since it will save you a lot of trouble. It is a very nice hardcover.

Can't wait. Judging from your previous work everything will be great.

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I have all of the HL Pathfinder files. It appears great until you take a close look at everything. There are a lot of feats, traits, and class abilities that do nothing. The makers of HL, Lone Wolf, are just too busy trying to keep up with new releases that they can't fix the bugs. They do fix a few but most are being ignored and more keep being created with each new release. It appears to me that they do almost no testing since if they did they would catch the bugs and fix them before release. If I were you I would save your money and wait to see if Lone Wolf can fix the bugs before buying.

I know that. Gary should defend himself and if he chooses not to do so then other people need to stop defending him. He is a grown man and needs to stop letting others speak for him.

Why doesn't everybody who has to defend Gary just let him come on here and defend his actions. He sure had no problem answering questions and giving updates until he received the kickstarter money.

I think Gary's silence says everything.

TOZ wrote:
roysier wrote: seems he lost his motivation.

I wonder why.

PathfinderFan64 wrote:
You probably should not post anything negative about Gary here unless you want to end up like me.
A fate worse than death!

That actually made me laugh. Thanks. I guess I should have added a little more to explain it but it doesn't matter.

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