Iomedae Gets a Fruit Basket [SPOILERS]

Wrath of the Righteous

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My wife was inspired to draw this picture after she read the encounter with Iomedae in Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth. Like some others here on the forum, she thought Iomedae's interaction with the PCs was a bit out of character for her and ran with that idea :)

Warning: her gallery has some potentially NSFW images, but this image is fine. So, don't visit her gallery if that's a concern.

Her Deviantart Page.

CUTE! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Iomedae is not EVIL!

Of course not. She's just Lawful Stupid. Arguably worse.

Thanks for sharing. Your wife is a good artist.

Yep, I can see that happening now. Poor Iomedae~

To Paizo writers: you are not GRRM, and LG should not be your butt monkey.

Thankfully, it was explicitly admitted as a mistake.

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