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Would a 9th level primal (fire) elementalist with summoner as a secondary class be able to apply his Elementalist Summoning ability to his Eidolon? The ability is not restricted to only spells. It just says "whenever you summon a creature it gains energy resistance 10 against the energy type and it's natural attacks deal an additional 1d6 points of damage of the same energy type".

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I want all my subscriptions cancelled along with any pre-orders and anything in my sidecart. I notified you yesterday about the Gothic Horror book that you placed an order for. I NEVER ordered it and it was your company that placed it in my orders without my knowledge or permission. You are just ignoring what you did. I will be disputing the charge. You have terrible customer service. I notified you about the problem and you just ignore it. I also want the $10 refunded to me for the shipping mistake instead of store credit since I never plan on ordering here again. I will also be disputing the charge if you don't since the order total is above $50 and I can dispute it.

I thought I would let you know about this. When I have placed my last several orders the shipping option was not listed until I went to confirm my order. At that time it just appears as step 2. On one order it never appeared but the shipping was listed as add to my sidecart so it was not a problem. The other thing is my payment choices. It lists the same cc info twice and no matter which I choose it says that my payment method has now been changed.
Also did the orders for the Second Darkness dice get cancelled? I ordered them a month ago but the item disappeared from my sidecart and is not listed under my orders anymore but if I visit the product page it says the item is in my sidecart.

Please cancel the book in my sidecart. I just read the october shipping above. The book says 4 - 11 days so it will delay my shipment. If for some reason it will not delay anything then please leave it in my order. Thanks.

What does Paizo expect from companies that license the Pathfinder brand? Are there certain standards that Paizo expects?

Please cancel all my subscriptions and any pre-orders I may have. Paizo is doing a terrible job of packaging recently. You use to use side/corner guards that kept things from being damaged but now it is just throw it in the bag or box. This last order has just did it. The Wayne Reynolds art book is so damaged that I will just be throwing it away along with the new adventure path. Everything else except the 2 paperbacks are damaged but I guess I will keep them. What a waste of $153.

I noticed that my july subscriptions have been combined with my august subscriptions. What is going on with this?

I wanted to add a hardcover rule book to my order for my son and all of the pathfinder hardbacks just say subscribed. There is no way to add any to orders. There is nothing to click on.

Could you please cancel order 2596696. It is in my sidecart. I will reorder it in a few months. Thanks.

Every time I print out something from a Paizo pdf it uses a lot of ink. Why not start including printer friendly pdf's?

Can a Wish Spell give a character a feat they qualify for or is this too much for a wish? Does it matter if the wish came from a cast spell or Deck of Many Things or creature?

Is priority mail always sent in an envelope? I assumed it would be a box. My order arrived with the envelope damaged and torn open. It was secured with a rubber band. Broken Chains and The Shackled Hut were damaged but Dungeoneer's Handbook was ok.

I received my order today and my copy of Thornkeep was not the autographed version.

Do the bloodline arcana stack if they both are the same? Example Elemental Primal and Dragon Gold or Red both give a +1 on each dice of damage for fire spells. Would that stack for a bonus of +2 per dice of damage?

Could you please cancel the Pathfinder Adventure Path: Rise of the Runelords Deluxe Collector's Edition (PFRPG) Hardcover that is in my sidecart. I decided to just have it shipped on it's own. Thanks.

Could you please cancel my pathfinder pawns and pathfinder cards subscriptions? Thank you.

Could you please cancel my Pathfinder comic subscription. I would like to just buy 1 comic a month and just pick out my favorite cover since so many are available. Sorry for the trouble.

I just received my order and for the first time I received a wrong product. I ordered the 3 sections of the Forgotten Realms map and 1 issue of Dragon Magazine with the other part. Well the magazine was correct but I received parts of the Greyhawk map instead of Forgotten Realms.

Paizo made several adventures for Falcon's Hollow and then nothing. Are there any plans to make any more products using Falcon's Hollow or maybe even detail the town of Falcon's Hollow?

Could I get some opinions. Do you think it is unbalancing to remove the 1 spell known for each spell level for a crossblooded sorcerer but keep the -2 to will saves? The character will be a pure sorcerer and it is mainly for role playing reasons. I am not sure either way. I don't usually believe in changing the rules but in this case I have always felt the -1 spell known of each level is just too much. Opinions?

Am I the only one who thinks that the price is INSANE. $200! Will anyone pay that? It is a great cover but I don't care how limited it will be. I think I will stick to the standard cover with the logo and save $196.

Just yesterday I could download my files with no problems. Today I can no longer download any files from here using IE. All I get is that the file can not be downloaded. I tried Google Chrome and it does work but I don't want to use it for every download. I also went to drivethrurpg and used IE to download and everything worked fine. What changed to cause this problem?

I asked this on the forum under the product but it was ignored so maybe I can get an answer here. Will the Pathfinder Adventure Path: Rise of the Runelords Deluxe Collector's Edition be too heavy to ship with the regular monthly shipment? I ask because I am afraid of the weight and size of it damaging the other items.

I wanted to order 1 poster but the cheapest shipping was $14.91! That is almost three times the cost of the poster. Is this correct?

If a sorcerer with the infernal influence trait which grants fire resistance 1 selects the infernal bloodline and advances to level 3. The sorcerer then gains fire resistance 5. Would he now have fire resistance 6? I know that other forms of energy resistance do not stack but does that include traits too?

I just started reading Horsemen of the Apocalypse and after page 48 it repeats pages 33 to 48.

I noticed that I am being charged twice for Inkantations: A Sourcebook of Tattoo Magic & Body Art (PFRPG). There is a current charge of $14.41 that has been sent through. I was already charged for it when I ordered it since it had a pdf with it.

I noticed that after I added 2 items to be shipped with my subscription that the shipping cost increased by over 4 times the previous cost. I cancelled the 2 items but the cost for shipping is still over 3 times what it was every other month. I changed my shipping to a much slower method but the cost is still much higher than before. Did shipping rates go up that much or is it some kind of error? Thanks for the help.

Could you please cancel both items from order #1786251. It added $30 to the shipping cost to have them sent which is just crazy. Thanks.

My next subscription was scheduled for late July but now has changed to mid September. Is this correct or some type of error?

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If you select the Linnorm bloodline from Ultimate Magic will the bloodline arcana ability of +1 natural bonus to ac for each level of spell you cast that is the correct energy type stack with the natural bonus you get from the Draconic bloodline starting at level 3? So if you are a level 9 sorcerer with the Gold Draconic bloodline and the Linnorm wildbloodline of fire and cast fireball you would get a +2 natural armor bonus from the gold dragon bloodline and an additional +3 natural armor bonus for 1d4 rounds from casting a 3rd level spell. A total natural bonus of +5 at least for 1d4 rounds. Is this correct or do they not stack?

Is there another problem with my order this month? It still says pending but I was charged for it last week. I believe that you only charge me when it ships. This happened last order and nothing was done until I said something.

I sent an e-mail to customer service and have not received a response. My monthly subscription has still not shipped. I see that others have received their subscriptions. What is the problem? Thanks.

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This is from the Advanced Player's Guide. Does a Monk of the Four Winds have to take the Aspect Master ability gained at 17th level? Could a monk refuse the choice and keep his appearance? It just would look very strange having any of the appearances.