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So... Take my money?

I notice that the preview video shows a number of community modules being used during the Foundry example sessions. Will the Beginner's Box module list which community modules are recommended/required for the content so that a GM can install them?

Thanks for the reply. It is good to know. This is looking too good to be true, so I am looking for the gotcha.

I notice the features list 'audio from the extensive Syrinscape library.' Does this mean the audio files are included in the product or that a Syrinscape account is needed to be linked to Foundry?

I see no errata for the card, so it would stay next to the pre-Core location until you rebuilt your deck. Post-Core cards make sure to take care of the card when the location closes so this doesn't happen, but technically yes, it stays displayed on the table until you rebuild your deck at the end of the scenario.

Let's see, we have a barbarian and warpriest so far...
I've never tried Ezren. I think I'll try that.
Core Ezren (Arcane, Occult, Support packs)

I'm EDT and can post daily.

Core Kyra (healing, support, and melee)

Augmented Core

The base principle of the Core Set is to offer a set of cards that cover most of the generic boons and bane so that any Adventure Path can be added to it and not have to duplicate and reprint the generics, instead focusing on card more unique to the story of the AP. This is a great idea, in theory, but the reality of printing costs and card count prevented the Core from having all the desired standards and enough extra cards to host the plotline of the adventure The Dragon’s Demand.

Therefore, many of the cards in the first Adventure Path: Curse of the Crimson Throne would seem to fit this concept of a generic card that could be used in any AP. As such, I present to those making their own custom Adventure Paths to idea of a Core Set augmented by some of the cards of Curse, without including the entire AP and all the boons and banes that are flavored specifically for that story.

I hereby encourage new content makers to consider this Augmented Core as a base for their Adventure Paths. It will create the need for the players to own a copy of Curse of the Crimson Throne in addition to the Core Set, but it is highly likely that a group will purchase the first expansion with or after playing Dragon’s Demand.

What follows is a list of cards from the Curse AP that should be placed in the vault with the Core cards of the same level when building the vault for various adventures.


Level 0:

Spider Nest

Support Cards

Level 1 Scourges:


Level 0 Boons and Banes

Level 0 Boons:


Acid Burst
False Life
Frozen Touch
Infernal Healing

Quilted Cloth Armor
Studded Leather Armor

Holy Symbol
Holy Water
Magnifying Glass
Spiked Gauntlet


Level 0 Banes:

Story Banes:
Monstrous Spider
Jigsaw Shark

Dire Rat
Guard Dog

Cutpurse Gang

Level 1 Boons and Banes
Level 1 Boons:

Cold Iron Greatsword
Elven Curved Blade
Flaming Shortbow

Frost Ray
Remove Disease

Magic Chain Mail

Helpful Haversack

Gentleman Explorer

Level 1 Banes:

Story Banes:

Hell Hound
Spider Swarm

Concealed Hatch
Tangle of Debris
Flank Attack

Level 2 Boons and Banes
Level 2 Boons:

Disable Mechanism
Vampiric Touch

Mithral Chain Shirt
Magic Mithral Chain Mail

Ring of Evasion

Level 2 Banes:

Smoke Slayer
Dire Crocodile
Vampire Spawn
Infantry Devil
Orc Rager

Symbol of Agony
Treacherous Tunnels
Foes on all Sides

Level 3 Boons and Banes
Level 3 Boons:

Chain Lightning
Divine Fortune
Ice Strike
Magical Mansion

Level 3 Banes:

Story Banes:

Inquisitor Devil

Symbol of Fear

Level 4 Boons and Banes
Level 4 Boons:

Acid Rain
Death’s Touch

Belt of Physical Might
Fireball Beads

Level 4 Banes:

Bloodbug Swarm
Emperor Scorpion

Level 5 Boons and Banes
Level 5 Boons:

Breath of Life

Broach of Protection
Headband of Mental Superiority

Level 5 Banes:

Sentinel Devil
Skeletal Minotaur

Cursed Statue

Level 6 Boons and Banes
Level 6 Boons:

Meteor Swarm

Ring of Energy Resistance
Staff of Greater Healing

Level 6 Banes:

Ancient Black Dragon
Toad Demon
Warlord Devil

Varisian Adventures
For those making an Adventure Path set in the nation of Varisia that wish to include the flavor of the fortune-telling cards known as the Harrow Deck, feel free to also include the following set.

Harrow Cards:

Level 1 Blessings
All of the Harrow blessings

Level 1 Spells
Minor Harrowing

Level 3 Spell

Level 5 Spell
Major Harrowing

Level 1 Item
Harrow Deck

Level 6 Item
The Lost Harrows

Level 0 Allies
Card Caster


I put pen to parchment to write this, the foreword to what will become my life’s work and gift to the world. As the years go by, I come to appreciate more the value of writing and those that spend their precious moments with quill in hand. For a labor of love is never a waste of time.

My name is Captain Roland Arthur, though a war wound left me not much of a captain. They say those that can’t do, teach. I’m not much of a teacher either. Reminds me too much of my childhood and time spent avoiding learning at all cost. But there is one thing I can still do: tell a good story.

They also say to write what you know about, but a book on military drills and hiking through endless swamp isn’t all that appealing to most. No, my stories simply aren’t worth the telling. Thus I seek out the stories of others, so that all may enjoy the triumphs and failures of those in this world that aren’t afraid to risk all in the name of something they believe in.

While it is true there are the occasional heroics and close calls of the brave and foolish soldiers, the stories of my fellow military men and women pale in comparison to those of another. A type of person compelled so strongly by greed or glory or righteousness that they will throw themselves into the worst of situations without the backup of any troops or army. A group that thrives on the adventure of new places and new challenges, all in the name of a reward, whether it be gold, fame, the salvation of the innocent, the will of a deity, or whatever reward drives them to risk life and limb. I speak of the adventurer, the mercenary, the sellsword.

These brave men and women work independent of any nation or military, offering their services to anyone with a reward to offer, fighting against the tide of chaos that would grip a lawless land, working to clean up the messes of the wicked, and perhaps causing a few of their own.

It is these individuals that seek out the greatest aspects of our world, from grand sites to monumental events. It is their stories that I strive to bring to you, so that you may experience the victory and sorrow, the excitement and majesty, everything this world has to offer. It is their stories that I tell, written in my chronicles for the enjoyment of all.

Relive the great deeds perform by these freelance adventurers in…
The Sellsword Chronicles

The Sellsword Chronicles is a set of games that will be ran for the PACG, featuring a healthy amount of homebrew material and mechanics, as well as a universal character and reward system. Games will be offered both as live games online utilizing TTS and as forum Play-by-Post games for those with less cooperative of schedules.

Look to the Flaxseed On Deck Adventure Card Guild Lodge for more information about using TTS or the forums to play PACG, and check out the PACG Community discord server to find the listings for games outside of Organized Play such as these Chronicles.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and the glimmer of hope that things aren't set in stone yet. There may be a chance at a bright future yet. But it always gets darkest before the dawn, so they say.

That's unfortunate, but thank you.

Section 1 of the CUP contains "Pathfinder Roleplaying Game books." Many of the rulebooks for (1E) Pathfinder contain the phrase "Pathfinder Roleplaying Game" in their titles on the Paizo webstore. I don't know if they are still referred to as being in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game product line or not.

My question is whether the entry in Section 1 of the CUP is referring to all PF books for the RPG, of all product lines, or just the PF books that have "Pathfinder Roleplaying Game" in the title?

A month ago I ordered something (Order 36265295). It shipped a few days later and stopped on Nov 17th in Kansas City. Tracking says 'Package enroute to USPS for induction'. It has not moved since then. What can I do to jump start the process so it continues to me?

Starting a PbP game of Curse of the Crimson Throne. Check out the Recruitment Thread for more information and status updates.

Wu Shens's before acting from the Drake:
Acrobatics 7: 1d12 + 3 ⇒ (11) + 3 = 14

Something I'd like to see (and would stimulate the conversation here) is not just examples of good play, but specifically a good example of each character. It would be a way for new players to see what kind of characters are out there and for anyone who is interested in a specific character but would like to see it in practice first.

I added shuffling because I personally believe that if you look through a deck that you are not supposed to know what cards are coming, you should shuffle it afterwards. If shuffling is a problem, though, it can be removed. This also excludes the use of the keyword 'search' though since whatever you search is shuffled by default.

If the intent was to avoid shuffling and banishing the blessing upon failure, then the process would have to be spelled out on the location. This situation doesn't happen often from what I've seen. In fact, I can't think of another example where you look through a deck (without examining) and then don't shuffle it afterwards.

Should there ever be a situation in the game where it is impossible to close a location? That seems like a whole other issue of design.

'Examine the hourglass until you find a blessing. Encounter it, then shuffle the hourglass. If you fail to acquire the blessing, reload it.'

If a few more words doesn't cause an issue, simply change 'summon and acquire' to 'summon and attempt to acquire'. Could even do the same for 'summon and defeat' to keep things parallel.

The location Reading Room has the following text for its To Close Or To Guard section: "Summon and acquire a blessing; if it is a Harrow blessing, you acquire it automatically."

If the word 'acquire' was synonymous with 'draw' then the idea of automatically acquiring something instead would be impossible. The word 'acquire' is used to mean the check to acquire just as the word 'defeat' is used to mean the check to defeat.

The reason the Dunes does not say 'summon and acquire' is because you summon cards from the vault. There is no term for taking the top card from the hourglass so it was simply written 'Acquire', meaning to succeed at the 'Check to Acquire'.

'Successfully acquire' is redundant as there is no way to unsuccessfully acquire. You either acquire or banish a boon when you roll the check.

That wouldn't make sense for scourges like plagued and wounded. Entangled is special in that it symbolized an external threat that is tied to location (possibly Frightened as well).

It would be better if cards like Locked Door also stated that it removes the Entangled scourge from local characters.

An interesting thing that seems to go against intent came up when I was playing this.

While the intent is obvious that you play Blood Pig until you have as many pigs as locations or until only one location is left, as soon as the Blood Pig Bout is displayed next to the Rooftops, if a player encounters it at the end of their move step they get to grab a second barrier and banish the Blood Pig Bout (since it is a barrier).

Seems a bit of an abrupt ending to the bout of blood pig.

Is it my imagination or didn't the PF Chronicles and Campaign Settings line of books appear in Section 1 of the CUP up to recently?

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From the bits and pieces I've seen since joining the community, I've come to understand that there is going to be a long break after Core+CotCT before any major content is made. Also, I don't expect to see a lot of add-on decks as the gaming stores were complaining about PACG products being released too often. I imagine the production schedule is on hold right now and when it resumes, it will have far less releases.

I came into this recently and wondered if it was a dead game, but I'm not seeing that as the case yet. The devs are still active and Society content is being released on schedule.

A convention recently happened, so a lot of games just started. I recently joined and it seemed very empty for this reason. There are still a few games that pop up, but you may have to wait until this wave of convention games settles down.

I've considered running a few non-convention games to help fill in this gap, and a few other might also be convinced to do so.

Also, if you are interested in PACS (organized play), I believe they run weekly live online games.

I know nothing about pre-Core as I'm new to PACG, but from what I've seen, most weapons only get the full bonus or effect if you reload/recharge/discard them. The idea that you can use a weapon over and over again is closer to getting a bonus die on all combat checks rather than the full effect of a spell.

Con Boon:
1d20 ⇒ 20

These orders just shipped. If emails and forum posts don't contact customer service a week before an order ships to cancel it, what am I supposed to do?

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Brother Tyler wrote:
I went through the Community Use policy and packages again, so I'm fairly confident I haven't used anything inappropriately (which will only make it more embarrassing if anything is used inappropriately).

Forgive me for being new and not knowing exactly how this works, but I looked through the Community Use Policy and I saw some things that seemed to make projects like this a violation. I highly doubt this is so, especially when Paizo releases things like the card templates. Nevertheless, when I read the CU Policy, I saw this bit:

Community Use Policy wrote:
Don’t do anything that might hurt or damage Paizo... You agree to not use Paizo's trade dress—that is, you may not make your material look like ours.

It appears like making assets that look similar to the actual assets in the PACG is against the policy. So something such as the following wouldn't be allowed?

Brother Tyler wrote:
I've changed the swirl at the top of the sheet to brown, matching that used on the official sheets.

Yet we are given card templates so we can make cards look like the official cards. How do you tell where the line is in regards to 'Paizo's trade dress'?

I have Soothing Word, for what it's worth.

Just a heads-up, I work third-shift. So I will be unavailable to post during the hours that most people in the US time zones are asleep. I doubt this is a problem for anyone, but I don't know your time zones or sleeping habits.

Aside from that, you can message me on Discord if you want to try to get my immediate attention. (I'm not sure how things work in a pbp game when an action on a character's turn affects other characters.)

Much thanks. It makes me wonder what's left to bring the old content nearly up to the current (2nd Ed) format. Conversions of the scenarios instructions themselves?

On a slightly related note (well, unrelated but it probably shares the same legals), has there been or is anyone planning to update the old adventure path cards to have the robust story of the Core storybook design? It would obviously take more writing skills than just updating card rule text, and I'm not sure how it could be legally distributed if not made by Paizo.

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I sent an email, but I'm not sure if the covid things has the email service backlogged. I would like to cancel two of my pending orders as it is faster to buy the products at the store.

Orders 3608360 and 3936565

It would appear only pdf. Some of the olders seasons seem to have physical cards available on DriveThruCards, but not any recent season.

Dave Gross wrote:
What'd make it more fun for the rest of us is to see you post a review of everything as you go through the entire Pathfinder Tales library--especially the short stories, many of which have no reviews yet.

Hmm, I was not aware of this. Having recently finished all the short fiction, I was about to move on to the novels. But if there is a lack of reviews I may take a moment to refresh my memory and give some feedback.

There was a lot of good writing and storytelling in what I've encountered so far. I figured enough people would be raving about it already. Perhaps it's time to throw my own two cents around.

Wayfinder + clear spindle ioun stone.

No more dominate.

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Nah, give him the Catch Off-Guard feat. Then he can not only use the limbs, but get some flat-footed attacks as well.

Besides, with the feat description of:

"Unarmed opponents are flatfooted against any attacks you make with an improvised melee weapon."

... you will be able to hand out the 'unarmed' puns.

My first character was a diviner. They have a class ability to always go first in the surprise round even if they fail their Perception checks (we call in spider senses :P). I remember a villain appearing in a room once and giving a grand monologue.

At the end the GM asked us to roll initiative. I said what about the surprise round? To which he replied, you just hear it. Well, do I get to go since I'm a diviner? The GM say sure!

I rolled a higher initiative, had a wand of scorching ray in my hand already and burned her to a crisp from the shot. Smirking at the GM, so that monologue never happened, did it? No, he said hanging his head, no it didn't.

Invisibility extends to objects in your possession, that includes water drops. While the water created by the spell would make it obvious that an invisible creature is there (since the water disappears in the vague shape of the creature), is would not stick around in midair.

Create water, like powder, can identify the square an invisible creature is in, but won't remove the 50% miss chance.

Some GMs use initiative to determine who can respond first to a situation, even a non-combat one. It's a fair way of handling when three or so players and say "I want to..." at the same time.

ryric wrote:
... but note the part about casting another spell causing the touch spell to dissipate....

This was already covered.

Glass has a hardness of 1 and 1 hit point per inch. So yeah, subtract 1 point of damage from the creature due to the hardness and call it a day.

Swarms fill more of the square than just surface of a character. It would be difficult to determine where the emptiness of the invisible body is in the swarm. Most swarms fill multiple squares, so you're probably looking through several feet of moving insects before getting to the part that has the invisible character.

Just assume the swarm is blocking your view fine details (like a body outline).

Technically Spellcraft is supposed to be used for detect magic which gives it a lot of mileage.

People use the rods because they don't raise the spell level and that let's them meta their most powerful spells. If you use a skill check to meta, the same thing will happen but it will be much, much harder to control. My wizard would break your game if this were the case due to his build.

Not sure about fictionfan, but mine would be +31 (12 ranks, +3 class skill, +8 Int mod, +2 circumstance for masterwork tool, +1 luck for stone of luck, +4 morale from greater heroism, +1 competence from ioun stone) at 12th lvl (or +37 with Skill Focus since I don't need feats for metamagics anymore).

This is for Society play, so I'm at the mercy of the devs. :\

Entilzha wrote:
I wonder if I should give him ranks in Knowledge (Nature), so he can correctly identify all the different breeds of fish? lol

Wouldn't that be Knowledge (local)?... Hehe.

I believe Hero Labs is working on a bridge between the BB and PFS given the new conversion guide. Don't quote me on that, but I vaguely remember a post by the creator in the blog for the conversion pdf.

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