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Yakman wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Yakman wrote:

Yeah, the disaster that the R20 sheet is has been a handicap.

it's really not that bad once you figure it out. but the learning curve is more a learning cliff...
What is the trick to using it? With the simple sheet the trick is you need to not use it on firefox so you can see the icons you need to click to pop the hood see the engine and check the info.

well, that's probably why it's been a cliff for me! LOL.

nah, but it's easy enough. some of our new guys had some problems, but the vets straightened them out in a few minutes.

its flexible, which is what sheets should be, does everything you need it to do...

You need to stick to chrome for roll20 in our groups experience.

gigglestick wrote:
First, a Drow? Aren't they very Evil in Golorian...without exception?

I think the "Always Chaotic Evil" is now non a thing in pathfinder / starfinder.

A drow might face chalenges on the surface but the player needs to own that and rp the consequenses.


Last night we faced Jaagrath Kreeg who hit our tank 116 hp in one hit almost instakilled then I took 49 two characters down in on turn!

Just prior to that our rouge was insta killed by one of the other mid level Ogres.

Richter Harding wrote:

So now that the game has had a few years I keep noticing, why are ranged

weapons getting so many toys?

From gunner harness to bipod, You don't have to invest in strength to use heavy weapons anymore wich was their only downside, and these are stupid cheap.

Heavy Gunner harnass combined with a bipod and sniper atack allow you to make your full attacks with no penalty to hit.

Melee needs to run into range and take fire and then when they get to full attack, they will do less damage than ranged just because they have less chance to hit?

If you just hunker down with a heavy weapon and a gunner harnass, you can pump all other stats, ending with better survivability and better damage.

'But you are bad in melee!'
Add an operative weapon bayonet and there you go, no longer defenseless.

Seriously? What gives?

Don't think bipod and sling would stack ae front grip might

Freehold DM wrote:
Yeah, I am not seeing a problem here either other than perhaps game philosophy- there are always people who are going to want to save money by just looting corpses. There are a lot of ways to deal with that in game(i.e. the game world), but at the table? Just ask the guy to stop a few times, and then have the above happen. It certainly happened to me in a game or two.

That is how starfinder is designed I am not sure what the issue is here really

Ethan Winters wrote:
HammerJack wrote:

"Not in motion" doesn't actually MEAN anything coherent in space. You'd have to define a complete stop to come to one.

"Not accelerating" is something you can actually use as a rule.

Yeah, I totally agree with that. This is probably how I'll wind up ruling it. Either way my players will probably manage to make a case for using it to travel, at least this way I won't have to deal with them trying to calculate Aucturns orbit to project where it will be in two weeks so they can just wait cloaked in that exact spot.

Thanks all!

Well you can(EVIL GM HAT ON ) force them to rules from Traveller book 3 with gives the actual calculations for Newtonian mechanics for travel :-)

Zor D'Lan wrote:

thanks all for the interesting things to consider while running this AP ... as GM, im the only one of my group with actual military background

And I feel the need for a solid grounding in logic and tactics ... so I had to take upon myself to draw up actual maps the region from the start

so the players being sent out on their first mission can understand the lay of the land ... and encouraged them to try resisting the cold without armor protection at first, so they get a feel for it

as for the rank structure, the players squad included;
an outlaw who enlisted to get a pardon
a mercenary grunt who has survivor guilt
a phentomite scout/mechanic the excels at tracking
and lastly, a wild warden technomancer "plant creature"

so ... we role played up their "2 weeks of basic training" prior to the start of the story ... and each was provided a "score" (based on arbitrary things I added up, but players dont know that)

And the mercenary scored highest ... and was promoted to Squad Leader ... aka PRIVATE FIRST CLASS ... enlisted rank 2

and the other (2) were close behind in points and promoted to PRIVATE (each) ... enlisted rank 1 ... and each given a few special items for their class role (which works out best anyhow, since they are new to star finder and the real life youngest of the group)

finally, the "convict" was singled out as "beneath" them on rank structure ... rank 0 ... with no chance for promotion, just a full pardon ... and other team members were warned to "watch out that he doesnt turn on you or try to run off" (which fits his Lawful Evil alignment very well)

so far, has made for some interesting inter-party gossip ... and added to the realism and "internal conflict" for the players

I'm working on creating maps / handouts for the players before they head off on their overnight Patrol ... and another for the Long Slog

thinking of letting them move across the map in (1 hour) increments or something relative ... so they can choose to stick to the roads (reduced to...

I thought a squad leader was Staff Stgt with a Sargent leading a fire team in US usage

Though As I am in the UK If ran it id like to try using Dads Army (TV Show) as the model with the pcs being members of a home guard unit.

oOf course on pc would have to have a nice called Daisy who is training to be a Solarian.

Daisy Ridley (Rey) is famously relative on one of the dads army cast.

I also have ideas about a Vesk Concert Party :-)

karkon wrote:

I feel like I am missing something in this adventure. The Acreon crew is only ever called 'crew' and the captain is never described or named.

When the adventure mentions the Garaggakal it points out the creature has never met a human and is interested. It also mentions that it is interested in the non-humans.

But what race(s) were the crew?

What about the captain? Does he have a name or race?

It seems weird that the leader of the Hardscrabble Collective (We are family TM)does not play up on emotion by talking about the captain and crew by name. Or that he does not play on emotion. "Here is Captain Starbuck's widow and children. This drift rock could keep them fed, educated, and housed but the greedy corp is trying to steal their inheritance."

Do they give more on the crew and I am missing it?

Oh I totally agree I worked out who all the crew where and gave them

names made reading back the log recordings better and finding bodies with name tags on them.

Jason Tondro wrote:
Ixal wrote:
How do you think the average person in Starfinder lives? What are his working conditions (and job options), how does he live, what is his general living standard, what sort of services can he use (health insurance, etc) and so on.
These are great questions and I would love to see a future product address them.

For Absalom Its also very dependent on where you live it basically a hive of scum and villainy in a lot of areas down below you would have the eqvielent of the favelas - its just some areas are the same but with "Nicer Shoes" as Miranda puts it when referring to illium on Mass effect.

I defiantly had gangs of abandoned run away kids kids living downside - think Selina Kyle in gotham or the tunnel rats in mass effect again.

Bringer23 wrote:
Nice! I'll definitely check it out. Hopefully you enjoyed what you heard so far!

Struggling with Spotify whose UI is in need o fimprovement

Bringer23 wrote:

Hey all! I have been playing/GMing Paizo adventure paths and society scenarios for a while but I haven't really posted on the forums... SO I'm very happy for my first post to announce the creating of our actual play podcast the "Salt King Gaming Podcast".

It’s our first try at making a podcast and while we had a rocky start, we have been having a blast. So, join us as a crew of three (later four) run through the Piazo adventure path "Against the Aeon Throne"! As always, please rate and review us on iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcasts. We will be releasing every other Monday with the next episode dropping on 12/30.

You can also find out more information about the podcast and the team at and on social media.

Also if you are in the Dayton Ohio area I run public Starfinder Society games at our local hobby store. Would love to see new faces!

Just listening to your first couple of episode - be interesting to compare yours to the one I am in up to episode 22 now Uko_wVIFOXF5

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Well our AP Party make up is:

Drow Operative (Hacker)
Android Technomancer
Vesk Soldier
Human Mystic

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Shisumo wrote:
World of Dim Light wrote:
Some elements are leaving us a bit incredulous.
Which elements are those?

In the first book abandoning a vehicle with two auto cannons and two HMG.

Claxon wrote:
Sniper rifles are already generally pretty bad because of the unwieldy quality, so they made one good option that can be used for greater range while still being useful in a close quarters fire fight.

Exactly my operator just caries it as longer ranged weapon and is unlikely to be used to snipe that often.

I have added a bipod as well

Ascalaphus wrote:
"Do you want to live forever?"

That reminds me of Grunts when the Orc says this to some elves he is training :-)

One of the elves says "Actually Sargent about that"

Tryn wrote:

From what you tell, it seems more that your players don't wanted to lean in on the "military theme" of the adventure.

Sure some pieces doesn't looks logical at the first look, but also keep in mind that there are always things happen who are not shown/told in the AP.

Example: Why only one fleetfury?
When the convoy moves out Cmdr. Najiri of course told the HQ in Reos about it. They sent a swaudron of fightercrafts to backup the convoy. When Fort Gallant exploded, they are enganging the enemy sqaudron which tries to kill the convoy. They managed to hold them back, but one enemy slipped through their lines ans chased the convoy.

Why not evacuate immediately from Reos?
Because there are civilians and the duty of a soldier is to protect civilians. So the civilians will be evacuated first.
There were only a number of ships available, so it will take some time to evacuate several thousands of civilians.
That's why they were told "It will take 2-3 days to evacuate everybody from Reos".
They already had a days march from Fort Gallant to Reos behind them, so giving them some sleep before the next mission is logical.
If your player head right after the convoy to the temple I would suggest to take a look at the "Sleep Deprivation"-Rules.

For me it looks more a "player issue" then a AP issue

Just quote the Birkenhead Drill at them or the Starfinder equivalent

To take your chance in the thick of a rush, with firing all about,
Is nothing so bad when you’ve cover to ’and, an’ leave an’ likin’ to shout;
But to stand an’ be still to the Birken’ead drill is a damn tough bullet to chew,
An’ they done it, the Jollies—’Er Majesty’s Jollies—soldier an’ sailor too!
Their work was done when it ’adn’t begun; they was younger nor me an’ you;
Their choice it was plain between drownin’ in ’eaps an’ bein’ mopped by the screw,
So they stood an’ was still to the Birken’ead drill, (2) soldier an’ sailor to

Ascalaphus wrote:
One way in which Starfinder does feel a bit shallow is in the amount of wacky races that get pushed out, with just 1-2 pages of description. I'd prefer a slowdown in playable races (81 in Nethys, and ~15 more incoming with AA3), and instead focus on more development of some of these races we already have.

Exactly one of last seasons AOS had a glorious send up of Instagram / YouTube personalities

The Sensory Styix from NOVA by Samuel Delany would be a great example from the wider Cannon

The Drunken Dragon wrote:
Hold on, I’m confused. Doesn’t the CRB literally point out that item levels are a guideline rather than a hard restriction? As in, a low-level character could own level 20 items, it’ d just be a bad idea to allow that as a GM

That's the point just like in Traveller in most games having a FGMP 15 and the Power armour would unbalancing - even in the Military themed Striker games it would be OP.

Master Han Del of the Web wrote:

1) Armor check penalties do not apply to attack rolls

2) Drawing any weapon is a move action unless you have the Quick Draw feat. If you have a BAB of at least 1, you can combine drawing a weapon with using a move action to move.

3) Your character starts play with Common, your racial language (if any), and the language of your homeworld (if any). Nchaki, Arkanen, and Barathu are valid options in that regard.

Shirren are found all throughout the Pact Worlds

You also get bonus languages for ranks in culture and 1 for each INT bonus.

A high INT Operative or Mechanic can have a lot of languages

Um I think you might be missing the point that any sane party will be using some sort of coms system 100% of the time.

Everyone (99.99%)is going to be miked up and have earphones /earpieces in even when they haven't buttoned up their armour.

Metaphysician wrote:

Eh, strength in numbers does exist, its just not infinitely scaling. There are middle ground zones where the added number of attacks more than balances the the lesser chance of hitting.

That said, I'd be inclined to stat well-disciplined forces using something like the swarm rules.

Strength in numbers aka the human wave attack is not that good against a superior opponent.

Well unless the Gatling jams


The sand of the desert is sodden red,—

Red with the wreck of a square that broke;—
The Gatling's jammed and the Colonel dead,

Modern repeating rifles anything after brown bess massively changed things IRL

And harder SF like Traveller even more so tech level F troops could do an insane amount of damage with a small unit say a Jump Commando Company (basically an all teleporting powered armour unit)

Nerdy Canuck wrote:
SuperBidi wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
If thats your idea of a light machine gun I want to join your gym.
It uses half of his hands, so it's a Uzi for him. He should be able to trick attack with it.
Erm, no? Having more arms doesn't change the body mechanics of what you do with those arms.

Its not 1/2 your hands that defines what is an operative weapon or not.

Ravingdork wrote:

Starfinder could use a bit more bigotry and xenophobia. Evil just doesn't seem as evil to me when you shy away from the darker issues.

And don't mind the horns. I'm one of the good tieflings. Honest.

Exactly what my human aspected tielfling (pathfinder inquisitor) says - he tries not to let his eyes do the Gould flash and his voice flange.

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The Artificer wrote:
Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:
This is explained with why equipment have level restrictions, those restrictions represent a vague grouping of contacts, licenses, permits, and the like for said equipment.
That and who really wants to start a fight with what could be a walking Army of four people, it's far easier to respond then restrict in my opinion.

Well they would not be top of the line kit just keep a second skin and some easily concealable side arms and smaller melee weapons.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
It's probably the most realistic part of starship combat. If you're using the EM spectrum, people can see you

Its not really stated what sort of missiles they are and how they target are they active, semi active, passive beam riders.

You could say have a target passively or actively detected at range, fire a missile or missiles which could be guided closer until its within the zone of no escape - then switches to active and sprints in at full speed.

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Lord Fyre wrote:

Have you ever noticed that Starfinder characters tend to walk around settlements heavily armed and armored? In any realistic setting this should result in a chat with Law Enforcement; this would occur even the settlement is “Wild West” enough to allow characters to carry side-arms.

Thing is, the players are RIGHT to do this because of two issues I am having with the design of the game.

  • 1 – the encounter design system presumes that characters (and NPCs for that matter) have certain levels of protection and damage potential.
  • 2 – the Wealth By Level system normally does not allow characters to own two sets of armor (one light and one heavy) or multiple weapons (a long-arm, a side-arm, and a melee weapon – though even large melee weapons would be a problem, requiring still another smaller melee weapon).
Do you see this as a problem in your campaigns?

Isn't this just like pathfinder/dnd where characters keep a lower level / social set of armour - some times referred to as my leather pajamas.

Wingblaze wrote:

Ignore the 6 crew thing if you are all comfortable with the ship roles you've decided on.

Two ships is possible, but tricky. The system isn't really rigged for it but it might be more fun. You'd need enough diversity of skills

The problem would be each ship would take a different time to travel a given distance and you would split the party

artguy wrote:

I think my players are going to get ether the football players or gardener to saftly one way or thanother.

Tips on how to use them after?

Depends if the pcs all make it - you could used them as back story for a new pc.

Yakman wrote:
Paranoid Android wrote:

Hey there, this is Patrick the author here. The planet that "Fate of the Fifth" takes place on is called "Suskillon" and it is a far-off colony that has been under its own governance for over a century. I imagined Australia while I was writing it, as it has these huge cities but also large tracts of unspoiled wilderness between them. The description of 'marauding bikers' is funny because that makes me think of Mad Max.

I purposefully did not rewatch Starship Troopers while writing, but to be honest I have that movie like laser etched into my brain, so I hope some of the action percolated into this AP for you all and your friends to play in August!

Australia IN SPACE MATE!

Got to have the entire party named Bruce :-)

Claxon wrote:

No, this hasn't come up in a game but I just was kind of curious.

Let say you go out of your starship on a EVA. And someone comes along and decides to blow up your starship. Are there any kind of items or class abilities that allow for you to just guide yourself towards the planet and reenter the atmosphere? Normally that sort of thing would result in blacking out and dying from heat without special shielding to help you.

However, humans have done juumps "from space" and survived. And all of our combat armor is basically super tough space suits.

So do we have any armor upgrades or anything that deals with reentering a planet's atmosphere without using a space ship?

I mean I guess with force soles or a jet pack you could just control your movement back into the atmosphere. It might just take you a while to get back on your feet. Since it's like 60 miles from Earth's surface to "space". So you need some sort of system to make a controlled fall, and then gain complete control before you splat.

Traveler JTAS 11 did have a Atmospheric Re-entry Kit which had an inflatable ablation shield plus a deorbiting booster which you strapped your self into - you then deorbited and made the last stage as a normalish parachute jump

VampByDay wrote:

What are some fun/unique solar weapons people have seen in Starfinder?

I mean, the core book basically says anything goes so long as the mechanics remain the same, so what have you seen that are more than just swords and punching daggers?

MY current backup pc is I think going to be an uplifted polar Bear wielding a fuligin bastard sword that drinks in light.

Kutagza wrote:

For a homebrew campaign, one of my Solarians I designed weilds a musical quarter note for a solar weapon. His race is known for music, but he has no aptitude for music. Maybe later, an accordion-- and get shot first on general principle.

Another one is from a planet where life never evolved animal protein chains, but plants filled all of the ecological niches. Many move around and hunt. So this Solarian's armor looks like leaves overlapping regular armor.

Now I want a Kasthan bagpipe player using a similar theme obvs built as a tank to absorb all the shots

Xenocrat wrote:
Nimor Starseeker wrote:

Here are my two cents:

To answer your question I ask you in return:
What would it take to increase the maximum range of a firearm?
In my opinion the weapon would have to become more powerful somehow and a scope will not make a firearm more powerful, but it will increase accuracy at longer ranges (within the fire arm maximum).

I think scopes do not increase your maximum range, they increase accuracy.

Right, range limits of modern firearms are physical limits, not based on quality of sights.

For example, the M16 has an effective range of 500m vs point targets (a dude) and 800m vs area targets (a group of dudes or encampment). The point limitation isn't because small targets are harder to aim at and a better scope would help you extend out to that 800m, it's because the physics of the bullet mandate that it has too much random spin and dispersion past 550m. But it still has enough energy to (less accurately) travel and do some damage, so you can still hit at a random point inside a certain area out to 800m.

For energy weapons in Starfinder the physical limit would presumably be beam coherence past a certain point. A scope/sight isn't going to make the photons stick together any longer.

I suppose the real world upgrade the weapons barrel and use different ammo would be one way of improving the maximum range - its just that Starfinder didn't go down say the traveller route of being more based on real world weapons.

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Claxon wrote:

I encourage this.

But I also encourage that the Platyparians and Otterfolk be at war to determine who is the supreme space water mammalian entity in the galaxy!

Can we also have the "Heck Knights"

And who ever does the iconic for otterfolk has to base them on Benedict Cumberbatch.

AG-1 - A team of eleven special forces travel though Aiudara to uncharted worlds.

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thecursor wrote:

Let's just get the first one out of the way:

1. Game of Gnomes

GCIS Gnomish Criminal investigation service - with of course a Perky Goth Skittermander Scientist in the Basement.

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I should mention the:

culture ship names list

Lord Fyre wrote:
Torbyne wrote:
Edit: or take the glasses off but who would ever do that?

Even a Dark Elf doesn't need them when it is dark.

Well at night time :-) though two nights ago (aginst theeaon throne) my drow got hit by a dones lazer scanner at night and was blinded for a turn.

thecursor wrote:

Stewards Questions:

Do the Stewards act only in a Law Enforcement capacity or are they the Pact World's military as well? I'm asking because vague descriptions have been made about the Pact World's "military" but the only armed force we've seen with any official capacity in the Pact Worlds backing is the Stewards.

What do they consider their "jurisdiction"?

Tips for having a Steward character and how to use them as an NPC force.

They are more like a "Space Patrol" that enforces the minimum standards that pact worlds have to agree to - mostly outside of a worlds jurisdiction.

Metaphysician wrote:
breithauptclan wrote:
DM_Blake wrote:

As for other safeguards, it's very plausible that the system to shut off the air and suffocate people on the ship is not even accessible from any general workstation.

For well built systems, the designers should have learned the lessons of Therac-25 and would have hardware interlocks that prevent hackers from venting atmosphere - even with root access.

For cut-rate budget systems though...

The problem is, there may well be legitimate circumstances where "venting the atmosphere" is something you really do want to do. 'Fire' being the most obvious. And depending on how big the ship is, strictly analog electro-mechanical systems for handling atmosphere venting may not be practical.

Classically some Traveler Ships decompressed before combat - stops those nasty fires. The crews obviously where in vacsuits.

You probably would want to be in armour in an engagement even if you where still pressurized as you could dump fire suppressant into the crew spaces.

And I suspect that there would be a hard air gap between safety critical systems and the general computers.

Uchuujin wrote:
Also I'm not sure that once you have five all wired together it's going to be easy to throw anymore. I would say non-proficient with a 5 or 10 ft range increment at that point?

I know not every one has English as a first language but I don't see how this is so difficult to understand.

I would take it that its a set of 5 detonators ( and a triggering device or you could use a com unit.

Just like it works in real life most explosives are inert you need something to set it off.

Well all you really need is a character would would fit as a crew member of a tramp merchantman.

Han Solo and Chewie (uplited bear or nuauar) are a couple of archetypes the crews in firefly or Farscape are oher examples.

From older films you could chose several from Casablanc Rick, Sam (icon), captain Renault, Ugarte (I can see a seedy yosoiki operative) or Yvonne ricks girlfiend.

Xenocrat wrote:
Jacob Audette wrote:
So, if it takes 1d6 days to Drift to Absalom Station, why haven't the Azlanti tries to conquer it yet? Sure, Absalom has prodigious defenses, plus the armada, but is that the only reason the Star Empire hasn't attacked yet?
Since the Azlanti empire is at least much as powerful as the Veskarium and the Pact Worlds combined, but probably not a lot more, they'd have to devote more than half of their fleet to be sure to win an expensive battle of attrition against the Pact Worlds (and attacking Absalom Station would mean fighting all the Pact Worlds). That leaves the Veskarium forces, who are allied with the Pact Worlds and pissed at the Azlanti for taking one of their colony worlds, free to take revenge on any of 12 underdefended Azlanti planets. Or several, including the homeworld.

You would need a lot more than parity to guarantee success so I suspect its more of a stand off

The Ragi wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
If your fluff is that you are the galaxies best computer hacker, the mechanics of the operative being just as good at it as you are a little versimilitude straining.

As long as you believe in it...

Or advertise yourself as such...

Then you just need to roll high and jump ahead on skill rolls before the competition.

Well as the operative does have the hacker specialisation if you want to build a decker archetype to borrow a term from cyberpunk.

Felix the Rat wrote:
I think the witchwarper would make a great Dr. Who. They both have a pseudo-science explanation for everything.

I could see the Brig in Starfinder "Sgt Benson Grey chap with bulging eyes 20mm DF Grenade Launcher 5 rounds rapid"

The Paternoster gang would be another though part of me wants a propper Sontaran and Sluirian race.

‘Suggest we melt his brain using projectile acid fish, and then interrogate him. [PAUSE] Other way round.’

Torchwood would be another good crossover - I did think doing a SOR in the style of Crichton (red dwarf) as a team mom - though in the end I went for a cross between Avon And Villa - starship role lancer/snarkier I chief.

kaid wrote:
David knott 242 wrote:

It looks as though spaceships are the only free source for battery recharging -- note that there also seems to be no mention of them using up fuel. That raises the question of what other sources of free power might be available.

Public recharging stations cost credits to use -- but is there a minimum size or price of a private home that could be equipped with a recharging station comparable to that on a starship? I could easily see a wealthy patron including as a perk of working for him free access to his private recharging station, if he is sending a group with no spaceship on a mission on the same planet.

I think ship upkeep is figured in as part of what you are doing while adventuring and between adventures. So it is not necessarily free but basically negligible in the face of everything else you need to do to keep a ship running.

I uspect that some of teh oddities are due to the lack of sf role playing experience in the writers (and they have admitted as much in the SW youtube vids)

The pc's almost always have a SSTO starship charging a battery is trivial.

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Tupari - now made with 10% real Tupo berry juice!

The Dungeon Muser wrote:

Howdy All!

I am looking for some players for a Starfinder campaign that will play through the Against the Aeon Throne adventure path, playing on alternate Sunday afternoons (1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. CST, every two weeks), with the first session on January 27th (which I intend to use as a "session zero" to create the characters and introduce the players to each other).

Ideally, I would prefer four or five players and would ask that the players make at least 75% of the sessions.

We will be using Roll20 for dice rolls, pictures, maps, etc... and we will be streaming the session on my YouTube channel (which you can find here: ).

If you want to see what a session will look like in play (and what kind of DM I am), you can see an example, here (where I ran Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea): - Actual Play - Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea 2nd Edition

If you either do not have a functioning webcam or do not want your face on the stream, you will be free to play anonymously in Roll20 at the sessions, you will just need to join us without your camera on through a Google Hangout (I use that program to capture the audio for the stream and then just share the video from Roll20).

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the characters, the campaign, or the Starfinder rules beforehand, please do not hesitate to drop me a line at

Otherwise, I hope 2019 is off to a great start and hope to share a virtual table with you soon!



I would be interested I have mailed you :-)

Jasque wrote:

You should start with a Dex of 16 and put max ranks into piloting, as the others have said. This should take care of the driver and gunner roles.

The machine gunner role probably requires proficiency with heavy weapons. That's very feat intensive for a technomancer. If that's important to your build, I would consider a 1 level dip in soldier.

I don't think a "tank" in starfinder would have a 5 man crew the bow machine gunner was redundant shortly after ww2. If you watch the chieftains videos on youtube there is one where he describes the process of signing for weapons they had more than 1 mg for every crew member.

And a tank that does not have a gun with CPR rounds is unlikely to need a loader

A Tank in starfinder would be a panzer (grav tank) or possibly a full on gunship (a grav tank that can SSTO)

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The Ragi wrote:
Telok wrote:
Careful, I had a DM nerf that spell down to only providing air after the third environmental/noxious gas thing it negated because "it wouldn't be in the adventure if you were meant to ignore it that easily"
That's mean. He had to sacrifice a known spell to learn that - it's quite a compromise.

Yes I do wonder if the authors have actually played many sf games unless they assume the in starfinder everyone is like the crews in aliens oh look a strange egg thing I look in it *splut* *uurg* as the chest buster attaches to a PC

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