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In that case, high UMD and a wand?

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Might I suggest a change of course if you are looking for damage while also having buckets of hit points and being a necessary target for the enemy and not needing to rely on full attacks?

Polearm master (shorten grip), trip weapon, high dex, combat reflexes, greater trip. Felling smash for when you can't full attack, fury's fall to take advantage of your high dex. Very Oberyn Martell.

You will eventually do more damage, your party will do more damage, you can stay at distance, and you can harass ranged and casters in groups much more effectively.

Absolutely no help with your original question, but it is a character I played into retirement, and while frustrating for the GM, nobody in the party ever argued with a massive hit point pool that blocked 20 squares instead of 9 that could make everything prone (well, maybe a ranger once, but he didn't count).

Casters at LEAST have to immobilize you because you can ruin their day with your AOO's if they let you get close. I found him targeted more than any other fighter I have sat at a table with.

For what it's worth, I did have four levels of alchemist for the mutagen, enlarge person (32 threatened squares), heroism, and alchemical allocution for things like bark skin and fly, but that was just so I could be more self sufficient, one could totally skip that and rely on party buffs to make an even beefier fighter. My fighter was for PFS and thus couldn't rely on an optimum party mix.

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Hiya CS folks!

When everyone is back from holiday, please cancel all subscriptions. Thank you.

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How is the card gained using the second power selected? Is it the top card of the blessings deck, a random card from the blessings deck, or players choice from blessings deck?

If it is choice of blessings, we assume one would shuffle after selecting a blessing.

Any thoughts on intent?

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Hello all, looking to create a new character to use up a couple of boons.

There was an older thread that looked at using an ifrit boon to build a mysterious stranger gunslinger, which looks like it could be buckets of fun. Utilizing my protege boon I can make a pretty good starting character.

I then started looking at some builds that added in levels of divine hunter, either a two level dip for the saves, or going for a full three levels to gain the mercy and divine health abilities.

On the surface, it doesn't appear that losing my level 11 deeds are going to be a huge hit, especially for the trade off of gaining diplomacy, lay on hands, mercy, saves, immunities, and smite.

Am I off base on this line?

So basically looking at MS 1, DH 2-3/4, then MS 4/5-11

Is it worth gaining those level 3 paladin abilities to slow down getting my level 5 deeds one more level?

Have there been any significant changes in any of the newer books since the thread that got me thinking of this character over my other idea, a swashbuckler that I need to take into account? Initial post here

Thanks for any advice you might have.

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This is awesome!

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Minimal issue, I have looked back at the loot that is AD -2 and have found nothing remotely useful. Maybe Radiance if we had the right party composition. Even then you need to find a way to either banish more weapons than you acquire or add a weapon as a card feat and hope nobody picked up a random mace. This is not something that is going to come up in most peoples' games as an intentional way to skew gear level.

I know it seems to break the game for you Andrew, your option would of course be to simply not do it. The change gives you a choice, it doesn't require you to do so.

The Exchange Marathon Voter Season 7, Marathon Voter Season 8, Star Voter Season 9

Whoop whoop, love this time of year!

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Thanks John, just wanted to confirm we were doing it correctly on our end.

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Our group was unable to find any info on the test forum, and was hoping someone knew if it was mentioned somewhere:

Does playing a module count as one line or multiple lines on the play test record sheet?

Thanks in advance.

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It would be super cool if Paizo could start working with Reaper to get minis ready for all of the secondary characters in the class decks that aren't destined to become prepainted minis.

I would love to see representations of all of them as I am looking at painting a mini of each one for when I run demos/start new players in organized play. Zarlova, I am looking at you!

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You could go back to a foam core diy insert Hawk, considering doing that myself as the sets are starting to stack up.

At least for the old sets, use fancy inserts on the current one etc.

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I am bringing de Garde. Anyone want to set up a share?

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Separate question about possible henchmen error..

At least one of the henchmen from the starter scenarios does not have the text that you can attempt to close the location when defeated, I don't remember which one right now but can look later.

Do you know if this was intentional Mike? We were not sure how to proceed yesterday with play.

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1 person marked this as a favorite.

the tree barrier... noooooo.

seriously, we ran through the material that is out this weekend, and that is the single worst thing we could find.

hate it, hate it! :)

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Think of it as if someone took your favorite movie, took all the character names and places from it, and used them to write a new movie of the same genre, but with a totally different plot.

You will find cards that will list villain names for example, but outside of AP context they won't mean much to you.

If you really don't want them to know the names of the demons they will come across in the AP, or want to make sure they have no clue what sort of monsters they will fight then I would be wary of that... but if you are cool with the idea of Darth Vader being a generic space bad guy and not having that spoil the original movie plot for you, your group should be fine.. organized play will not spill the beans on anyone's parentage.

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I was pretty stoked that they thought to include a ziplock bag for the new game tokens, that little touch saved me a trip to the store to buy a box of bags this morning.

I am hoping that one of the insert makers is going to be at Paizocon this year, I am holding out on ordering one so if there is a vendor there I can help make their trip worth while.

If not, maybe an afternoon slot of making a card insert will be in order if I can find some foamcore board near the hotel.

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If by official you mean it came from Paizo then yes, it came in my box today with the other promos.

As stated above it has no use in actual game play, consider it a playing card sized advertising slick just like the other ones that occasionally come in the shipment boxes, for example those for future hard back books or adverts for Paizocon.

It does appear that if you look close enough the ring is on slightly different card stock, there is a different sheen to the finish. I expect that this is an example of the work that drive-thru does so you can see how closely they can match the color and feel of Paizo's cards. If that is the case, they did a remarkably good job and have sold me on the service.

Don't be surprised if that is announced soon as the intent of the card.

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Ravingdork wrote:

All you need is to be able to make a standing long jump of 5 feet. What is that, DC 10? Insofar as I can tell, there is no chance of falling prone with a long jump, and there is nothing keeping you from doing this multiple times as part of the same action used to move.

It doesn't even slow you down.

From CRB

"For a running jump, the result of your Acrobatics check indicates the distance traveled in the jump (and if the check fails, the distance at which you actually land and fall prone). Halve this result for a standing long jump to determine where you land."

As I said, poor rolls can cause problems.

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Keep in mind there is a jump check involved, only 5 with a running start, but hopping around from square to square is going to be a dc 10, which with bad rolls could put you prone.

Also a long jump gives you a height of 1/4 the distance traveled, so adjudication on the height of the terrain could also come in to play.

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Hello fine folk!

I redeemed two gift certificates back on the 5/1/15, but the balance isn't showing what I think should be the correct total on my account page . Has something from the May subs already drawn from part of it? Maybe I am missing something from my orders history that would explain it?

Hoping someone can have a quick look at it before the May shipments are generated.

Thanks in advance!

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I was pretty proud of my no gm credit level 4 core character, I can't fathom how much play in such a short time it would take for someone to play a 7-11 by Paizocon.

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Waylorn wrote:
Well.. I will be killing my sub. No digital is a deal breaker for me. I see this as nothing more than a money grab.

When Paizo does not do the product in house they are subject to the agreements of their partner company, see no pdf for comics as an example. You are working with a questionable definition of money grab.

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Any chance Paizo will be offering tax exempt sales to Oregon residents?

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Alchemist 4 and Pole Fighter the rest of the way was a lot of fun to get to Seeker level. Mutagen, Enlarge person and shield potions, heroism, barkskin and fly potions, use alchemical allocution so you don't lose the expensive level 3 consumables, then pole fighter gets shorten grip eventually to threaten b2b out to 15 feet with light fortification (preserve organs).

Greater trip and you are golden, just pump dex for maximum aoo's and the CMB bonus due to fury's fall and str for the hit bonus. If the character is going high enough to afford +4 or +5 to a weapon get the PSFG version of dueling on a +3 or +4 weapon and go to town, I think my fighters trip bonus is at something like +47 when fully self buffed with 5 aoo's at level 11.

There is a PFS boon reward of a CL 15 stoneskin potion, that an an elixir of elemental protection from dragon hunters handbook makes most gm's pretty speechless. Permanent access to these is a riot as they never go away due to the alchemist.

Feather step slippers are a real necessity for these types of builds, look into those too.

This character was able to one round the BBEG from Storval Stairs... +3 adamantine dueling horsechopper critting twice in a row FTW.

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One of the players in our group plays Lem, and he is starting to become frustrated. I will try to explain what he is feeling, and am hoping to gather some feedback to share with him.

He is finding that due to the support role, he is not able to reliably hit any of the numbers to overcome any of the banes.

He does not have a strong enough offense to overcome current (adventure 6) henchmen or villains, his cure spell never really scaled to keep up with the damage that is coming in, and he is not able to make most of the skill checks now that the numbers are hitting the 20's fairly regularly.

He does not know how he should be using allies, the character design gives him allies as his largest deck percentage, but outside of using them for explores and an odd d6 here and there, they aren't generally benefiting him or the group.

He was loaded up on cures for a while, but found he spent most of his time cycling his deck for cures and blessings as there wasn't much else he could do, so he dropped most of them and now isn't finding an effective way to blast things.

His survivability is low because instead of investing in armor, he went for more spells and blessings as that is how he felt most useful, and now he frequently finds himself losing his entire hand to the very difficult checks we are facing.

When checks were in the teens and twenties, using a few blessings to allow him to complete checks seemed doable, but now that we are looking at checks in the 30's and 40's in most cases it seems more effective to just have him lose his hand each time something bad comes up.

Is Lem fighting the mechanics and trying to do something that his character just really shouldn't be trying to do, or is he not seeing the synergy that exists on the cards?

Maybe some suggestions for ways to alter his deck into a more formalized role would help...

Allies: giffer tibbs, swab, old salt, ederleigh bings, dindreann, audessa reyquio
Items: ruby of charisma, masterwork tools, spyglass
Weapons: spellsword +2, invigorating kukri 1
Armor: howling skull armor
Blessings: zogmugut, abadar, achaekek, gozreh X2
Spells: geyser X2, cure, quickened ray
I believe he is the seasinger (seachanter?) archetype

Taking any feedback that anyone may have. The rest of the party includes Seltyiel, Jirelle, and Ranzak. What is Lem doing in your groups to not feel like an innefecient healbot?

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When you make a PFS character (if you ever end up playing PFS) upon character creation on this site it will ask you for your faction, and will display the corresponding icon next to your name.

As for what is on the cards, I believe that is set. As there are no factions for PACG it is purely esthetics. Mine has the new icon (faction logo change) from the first PFS character I created.

If you click on your name at the top, and click on the sessions tab, it will start to populate with the sessions that you did with your PACG character as the organizer enters them.

Hope that helped.

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Any idea if the preorder plastic iconic pack will be set to roll with January shipments?

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This location plus spyglass octopus wrecked us twice. We assumed since we needed to make some ruling that it was compulsory and happened at the start of the turn as other at this location effects do. I will be overjoyed if this is FAQ'd to make it optional.

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Frencois wrote:

I vote for plush paizo goblins. Lots lots of them.
My 22 year old son as a bed covered by plush Gizmos from the Gremlins movie and I'm SOOOOO jalous.

That is one way to prevent unauthorized sleepovers

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Henchmen that have bonuses if you use spells with the attack trait are about all we could think of, but I think it has the attack trait too. It would be super awesome if the weapon persisted past a single round for a second check etc, but as is it underwhelmed us.

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Are you getting 5 different packages, or are you talking about 5 copies in one box?

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So, Teleportation Chamber + Giant Spyglass Octopus = ouch.

Ruins of Sumitha was mad difficult in a party with all ranged characters and casters but one.

Half way through the blessings deck 3/4 of us could not draw or we would die, it was that bloody.

That is all.

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This is good news! Well deserved.

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We pulled a barrier at I think the ale house that summoned the Dominator last week, that made us think for a bit...

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BT has a generic insert for the HL case designed to work with any game, it is sized differently than the one that fits in the PACG box.

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The other solution is to get three of the 660 card boxes and cut the tops off and use those for final storage with everything sleeved. As you are not needing to pull out cards constantly, not having them divided up isn't much of an issue at that point. In most locales that is under $7.00 for final storage.

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Andrew L Klein wrote:
Hmmm... is he buying the beer? Or do I have to pay for my own? The answer heavily affects my decision on multiple promos and insta-winning.

He would be buying the beer in this instance. The funds would come from the savings of not buying 5 sets of everything.

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Had a quick question for fellow BT insert users:

I have found that after a few months slight deflection in the insert due to slightly too small dimensions for the box is causing some of the dividers to continually pop out of place. Has anyone played around with their recommended locations for dividers to see if that will fit the game once it is all in the box? I am considering disassembling the unit and gluing/nailing it together so that it doesn't keep coming apart, but I would hate to do anything permanent if that won't work for a final configuration. Monsters are already a close fit for example. I know this is difficult due to no card list, but maybe someone has played around with it using their RotRL cards?

Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

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Myfly wrote:

Different game groups ask for different promo quantities.... Thus a. Slot would be useful whatever logic you got....

The solution of course is you cite the rule that you should only play with one of any promo card except for zugmogot and tell them to get over it.

You buying extra promos would be akin to someone buying multiple sets to add in 5 of each loot card they enjoy, or to replace all of the difficult ships with merchantmen, it is breaking the game and essentially cheating. Certainly Valeros would love to have 5 Mokmurian's Great Clubs, but that isn't how the game is supposed to work. It would save a lot of time to just say to your group "you win" and then not spend the money and go get some beers and congratulate each other for not playing the game with the designed difficulty.

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Just checked, it is next to, not on top, but you still run into the problem of perpetually being stuck there... though I guess that is better than what we thought would happen assuming the rest of your party could take care of the other 7 locations without your help.

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The biggest issue we had with this was when becalmed came up (we actually got it twice) and we quickly realized that we had to overspend blessings to ensure that it didn't happen. If you lose that check, the game becomes unwinnable as it stays on top of the deck until the deck is empty, and obviously you can't do that if you need an enemy ship in the location to win.

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Google images "Map of Thassilon", and then overlay the first one that pops up on top of current Varisia, the seventh image is a good one to show the relative locations on a larger map of Avistan.

Alternately, get Lost Kingdoms as referenced above.

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Skull and Shackles is in ultra-pro matte yellow to match the box, double sided cards in ultra pro clears, class decks in matte yellow so I don't have to swap the sleeves as we always use my set. I keep token cards in the pacg sleeves and also give them out to new players for their class decks if the want them.

Eventually I will put RotRL in black sleeves, and I am guessing that WotR will go in red.

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On this topic, if a future iterative of the reporting screen can have a "series completed" check box or some wording of that near the scenario successful box it would make it easier to track when a player gains access to the special rewards.

Slightly off this topic, when setting up for play with a player who is not caught up, are they able to be assigned one of the loot cards if there are players who have unlocked them, or can they only go to players who have completed the appropriate scenarios? The guide isn't clear on this.

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Thanks Chris, you're the best!

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Andrew Klein wrote:
I don't think that's really necessary. Sometime's a reward just isn't going to benefit you. You hope it will, and you use all the other many opportunities to tweak your deck how you want it. It isn't a problem in the base game, and in OP you have even more opportunity to customize your deck because you will always get at least 1 card from your custom built deck box.

If it doesn't benefit you it isn't a reward. A player needs to either always at least have a chance of an upgrade, or the option to not check take reward needs to be made if we assume that difficulty ramps up based on upgrading the deck/character every time.

Maybe Tanis designed OP around the concept of players only upgrading 50% or 75% of the time they complete a scenario (similar to in PFS where it is assumed a player will not get every prestige point) but that hasn't been stated.

Additionally, in real play, 2 of the 6 scenarios in the 0-1 series did not yield any acquired cards that would provide an upgrade when swapped out for an equal power level card from the class deck.

Maybe that is a unique issue with the cleric deck, but the concept of always coming away with something has proven to not be the case... this is only compounded by a scenario reward that has the capacity to be wholly unusable.

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I should note, I did try creating a new alias with my account name as a first step, but I get the error message that that alias is already in use by another user.

The Exchange

Need to change my default alias name, updated my profile but can't figure out how to change my posting name (thought a profile edit would do that, but no such luck). Recent email re. PACG requested this be done. Can one of you awesome CS folks do that, or do I need to send an email to someone? Thanks!

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For people still having issues-

Make sure you are reading the updated email, click the new link, and be sure to add the file that the link takes you to to your downloads. It will appear under the tab Paizo Publishing, LLC: Pathfinder Society Scenarios

Took me a while to find it, I have more than a few downloads available :)

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