Pathfinder Legends Unearths the Treasures of the Dead

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Last spring, four heroes arrived in the sleepy coastal town of Sandpoint, were attacked by goblins, and embarked on a journey to stop the awakening of a legendary runelord in the first Pathfinder Legends series, Rise of the Runelords. Since this first audio adventure adaptation of Paizo's Pathfinder Adventure Paths, the interest and feedback from fans of the series have been fantastic. But what's coming next?

Today, we're happy to announce that starting this September Ezren, Harsk, Merisiel, and Valeros will be trekking to the pyramid-laden realm of Osirion in Mummy's Mask: The Half-Dead City, the first of six new Pathfinder Legends releases. This new series will follow the story of the Mummy's Mask Adventure Path, beginning in the city of Wati, where our heroes unearth a plot that could lead to the resurrection fo the ancient and feared Sky Pharaoh Hakotep. Will these iconic characters be able to succeed and defend the city, or will they be unable to stop the rule of this undead mummy from Osirion's distant past?

Illustration by Chris Seaman

Not familiar with Big Finish or Pathfinder Legends? Big Finish produces hundreds of audio titles based on popular titles like Doctor Who, Dark Shadows, Stargate, Highlander, and more. For Rise of the Runelords we worked closely with their team to determine the cast of characters, fine tuning the Adventure Path story to this new format, and pairing voices with the vivid characters featured. James Jacobs detailed this process last year on the Paizo blog.

With Mummy's Mask the Pathfinder Legends format is changing up! Each release is now double the length (running at about 2 hours) and will be provided as both a double CD set and digital download. Each Mummy's Mask episode will be released monthly as well.

Don't want to miss any of the action in Mummy's Mask? Starting today, Paizo is now offering the Pathfinder Legends ongoing subscription! By subscribing to Pathfinder Legends, you'll get:

  • 20% off of the list price of each double CD set
  • A free digital download version of each double CD set

The first installment in this subscription, Mummy's Mask: The Half-Dead City, will begin to ship with September's new releases. If you want to get all six episodes of the next Pathfinder Legends audio adventure as they release, sign up now!

Chris Lambertz
Community & Digital Content Director

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Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

Yes yes yes yes yes!

The Exchange

This is awesome!

Yes!Finally! Would've preferred carrion crown but this is equally awesome!

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber



Liberty's Edge

As a long-time fan of Pathfinder and Big Finish (mostly their Doctor Who range) I am excited about this product line. I subscribed to Rise of the Runelords and enjoyed it immensely. My only concern was that trying to fit content into a 1-hour audio drama always felt rushed, filled with voiceover exposition, or leaving out large parts of content. I am thrilled about the 2-hour, monthly format!

I just subscribed to the digital-only format via Big Finish. If you're on the fence, I strongly recommend you consider checking out at least the first chapter and I'll bet you'll be hooked.

Captain's orders.

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

We will be offering digital-only subs through, but probably not until a couple of installments into Mummy's Mask.

Scarab Sages

Love these!

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