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Hiya CS folks!

When everyone is back from holiday, please cancel all subscriptions. Thank you.

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How is the card gained using the second power selected? Is it the top card of the blessings deck, a random card from the blessings deck, or players choice from blessings deck?

If it is choice of blessings, we assume one would shuffle after selecting a blessing.

Any thoughts on intent?

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Hello all, looking to create a new character to use up a couple of boons.

There was an older thread that looked at using an ifrit boon to build a mysterious stranger gunslinger, which looks like it could be buckets of fun. Utilizing my protege boon I can make a pretty good starting character.

I then started looking at some builds that added in levels of divine hunter, either a two level dip for the saves, or going for a full three levels to gain the mercy and divine health abilities.

On the surface, it doesn't appear that losing my level 11 deeds are going to be a huge hit, especially for the trade off of gaining diplomacy, lay on hands, mercy, saves, immunities, and smite.

Am I off base on this line?

So basically looking at MS 1, DH 2-3/4, then MS 4/5-11

Is it worth gaining those level 3 paladin abilities to slow down getting my level 5 deeds one more level?

Have there been any significant changes in any of the newer books since the thread that got me thinking of this character over my other idea, a swashbuckler that I need to take into account? Initial post here

Thanks for any advice you might have.

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Our group was unable to find any info on the test forum, and was hoping someone knew if it was mentioned somewhere:

Does playing a module count as one line or multiple lines on the play test record sheet?

Thanks in advance.

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I am bringing de Garde. Anyone want to set up a share?

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Hello fine folk!

I redeemed two gift certificates back on the 5/1/15, but the balance isn't showing what I think should be the correct total on my account page . Has something from the May subs already drawn from part of it? Maybe I am missing something from my orders history that would explain it?

Hoping someone can have a quick look at it before the May shipments are generated.

Thanks in advance!

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One of the players in our group plays Lem, and he is starting to become frustrated. I will try to explain what he is feeling, and am hoping to gather some feedback to share with him.

He is finding that due to the support role, he is not able to reliably hit any of the numbers to overcome any of the banes.

He does not have a strong enough offense to overcome current (adventure 6) henchmen or villains, his cure spell never really scaled to keep up with the damage that is coming in, and he is not able to make most of the skill checks now that the numbers are hitting the 20's fairly regularly.

He does not know how he should be using allies, the character design gives him allies as his largest deck percentage, but outside of using them for explores and an odd d6 here and there, they aren't generally benefiting him or the group.

He was loaded up on cures for a while, but found he spent most of his time cycling his deck for cures and blessings as there wasn't much else he could do, so he dropped most of them and now isn't finding an effective way to blast things.

His survivability is low because instead of investing in armor, he went for more spells and blessings as that is how he felt most useful, and now he frequently finds himself losing his entire hand to the very difficult checks we are facing.

When checks were in the teens and twenties, using a few blessings to allow him to complete checks seemed doable, but now that we are looking at checks in the 30's and 40's in most cases it seems more effective to just have him lose his hand each time something bad comes up.

Is Lem fighting the mechanics and trying to do something that his character just really shouldn't be trying to do, or is he not seeing the synergy that exists on the cards?

Maybe some suggestions for ways to alter his deck into a more formalized role would help...

Allies: giffer tibbs, swab, old salt, ederleigh bings, dindreann, audessa reyquio
Items: ruby of charisma, masterwork tools, spyglass
Weapons: spellsword +2, invigorating kukri 1
Armor: howling skull armor
Blessings: zogmugut, abadar, achaekek, gozreh X2
Spells: geyser X2, cure, quickened ray
I believe he is the seasinger (seachanter?) archetype

Taking any feedback that anyone may have. The rest of the party includes Seltyiel, Jirelle, and Ranzak. What is Lem doing in your groups to not feel like an innefecient healbot?

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So, Teleportation Chamber + Giant Spyglass Octopus = ouch.

Ruins of Sumitha was mad difficult in a party with all ranged characters and casters but one.

Half way through the blessings deck 3/4 of us could not draw or we would die, it was that bloody.

That is all.

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Had a quick question for fellow BT insert users:

I have found that after a few months slight deflection in the insert due to slightly too small dimensions for the box is causing some of the dividers to continually pop out of place. Has anyone played around with their recommended locations for dividers to see if that will fit the game once it is all in the box? I am considering disassembling the unit and gluing/nailing it together so that it doesn't keep coming apart, but I would hate to do anything permanent if that won't work for a final configuration. Monsters are already a close fit for example. I know this is difficult due to no card list, but maybe someone has played around with it using their RotRL cards?

Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

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We had two runs at Fishfolk this past week and we lost both times due to running out of turns. We did not have much luck top decking henchmen anywhere around the board, and the closest we got was within 5 turns of defeating the villain due to his special abilities in the scenario.

Curious if this was just a string of bad luck two sessions in a row or if other groups were running in to this same issue.

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Sort of sad that the old faction icons were updated to the new ones, having the old faction tags as a legacy would have been pretty cool.

Would have preferred if you guys had just removed those check boxes for new aliases and new players...

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Just wanted to share a completely improbable event that happened last night at our PACG OP night.

WesWagner, Xebeche, our VL, his wife and I were playing Nature's Wrath. We built the locations as normal, shuffled them as normal, and began play. We proceeded to draw barriers 8 straight times. On the ninth draw we drew a monster (there were no more barriers in that location) and then we drew 3 more barriers in a row as we went around the table. Growing increasingly suspicious of somehow all of us incorrectly remembering shuffling when we did not we peeked at a couple of locations and found that indeed the locations were randomized, and we somehow shuffled 11 barriers to the top of the deck.

I am curious if anyone who is good at math and has access to the location breakdowns of that scenario can calculate the odds of that happening.

It was downright uncanny...

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Need to change my default alias name, updated my profile but can't figure out how to change my posting name (thought a profile edit would do that, but no such luck). Recent email re. PACG requested this be done. Can one of you awesome CS folks do that, or do I need to send an email to someone? Thanks!

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I have been watching closely the Paizo Exclusives section of the store hoping that soon a poster for PACG Guild Play will come available, but have not yet seen such an item for purchase. I have been able to track down RotRL PACG posters, and Skull and Shackles AP posters, but nothing that I can make a sweet banner out of for when I am sitting at a game store running demos.

I haven't seen the contents of the retailer pack that was sent out, maybe there is something in there, but do you know if there is any plan to release any guild play posters, flyers, banners, or whatnots that someone such as myself could pick up and use to attract more people to the game?

Even some cool community use art that I can take down to Kinkos and get printed up in color on 8.5X11 and hang from a sign holder at my table would be awesome... I'm just not so good at graphic design so making my own out of the load of images won't work too well for me.

Please and thanks!

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This order was set to ship with my sub for this month, but it looks like it didn't. If that is the case, and it is still at the warehouse, please cancel this order. I will not need it by the time November shipments happen, and paying separate shipping will negate the golem sale discount to get it here sooner.

Thank you.

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Today, going to an OP event, I realized I needed to find a solution to the table-full of stuff that I am carrying around.

As someone who has played a lot of PFS I have seen all manner of shoulder bags, rolling carts, milk crates, and pack mules (well, not pack mules) employed to carry all of the books and binders and dice to a gaming table, but PACG offers a different challenge as most bags and backpacks are more book sized.

We have the huge game box that doesn't fit neatly into any shoulder bag that I have as it is too wide one dimension, and too deep/thick.

I have three (so far) deck boxes holding OP characters, and eventually plan on rolling with all seven so that I can run demos with them to get people interested in buying in. These should have their own small case to hold them ideally so they don't pop open and go everywhere.

There is the Case-it 2" zipper binder full of scenarios, extra chronicle sheets, character sheets, and deck lists.

A rolled up play mat that as far as I can tell should be folded on pain of death.

I have a bag of dice, as a single set of 5 dice really isn't effective to try to play the game with.

Likely there is some lunch or dinner, and a couple of energy drinks or beers (depending on the venue) that I also need to haul around.

An iPad for checking on rules questions with necessary charger.

Come January, there will be minis coming out that will likely need their own little sub carrying case to protect them from being squashed.

What I am looking for is advice from someone who happened upon a relatively compact, wheeled or shoulder strapped bag or container that will hold all of this stuff together. I personally migrated to PDF's for PFS as all of the extra stuff needed was getting unwieldy, but PDF's won't work for PACG.

Anyone have a solution for me?

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Something came up today and we weren't sure how to adjudicate the situation.

Zarlova had to banish an armor to avoid death as she is not proficient with armor. This was a level one armor that was unlocked as a booty card that was reflected on a chronicle sheet When rebuilding, does Zarlova get to replace it with another level one armor, or does she need to start over again with a basic/basic armor?

It made sense to us to allow her to rebuild with a level 1 armor, but we couldn't find a reference to be sure.

As she never gains proficiency, it seems it would never benefit her to upgrade armors, as she would always need to rebuild with a basic/basic if upgrades are not persistent.


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Hi Tanis and the rest of the crew.

We successfully completed 3 scenarios last night. We filled out the chronicles, everyone lived, everyone got upgrades. Sessions have been reported for two of the three players.

My issue is that we were not able to find session sheets on the page as directed in the guide, they were not in the back of the scenarios also as directed in the guide, and the print session sheets link in the gm/coordinator screen is outputting PFS sheets which definitely don't work for guild play. I was able to get info from one of the players via email, but am waiting to hear back from the other player.

Are there plans for an updated reporting sheet to log all of the game info for the coordinator to take home with them, or are we just not finding it? To clarify I am looking specifically for a session sheet that has room for player number, success/failure, death, and what upgrades they took, not the chronicle sheet that the players take with them (or is the chronicle sheet not supposed to go with them?).

Thanks for any help you might have to offer!


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Hello fellow Pathfinders.

We launched tonight! A successful evening of adventuring was had at Cloud Cap Games down in the Sellwood area.

The next game day at Cloud Cap will be this Sunday at 1:00PM. There are still lots of class decks left, but I would recommend grabbing one as soon as possible.

We will hopefully be expanding from our one table today to at least two if not three, with one table running the intro and demo scenarios, and the others running adventures.

Please plan to arrive early to assemble your class deck, or use a pre-generated class deck to jump in to the action sooner.

We hope to see you there!

More locations will be added as we can get on table reservation calendars, if you are interested in seeing us at your neighborhood game store drop a line so we can get coordinated with the management there.

Warhorn coming soon...

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Just wanted to give these guys a shout out, I have been using them as my default PDF viewer for about two weeks now. It renders 4 or 5 times faster than Adobe and has all of the features that I need in a reader.

Not sure if it is available on mobile platforms (I still use goodreader as it links nicely to my dropbox where I keep all my gaming pdfs) but I would recommend it for the larger files if any of you are getting tired of waiting for Acrobat to render pages for you.

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Hello CS team!

I am trying to do some calculations to my order that should authorize tomorrow (maybe?) but have a question. The class deck has fallen out of the side cart and is listed as "will ship with a future subscription" as opposed to "will ship with earliest possible subscription". It has been there since August so presumably isn't caught in one of the checkout error issues people have been having.

Is there any word yet as to whether or not these will be shipping out with September? I need to figure out how much more to add to my side cart (or subtract from it) and the class deck is the only questionable item.

If it isn't shipping the easy fix is three more PACG sleeves, if it is I think I have enough for this month already side carted.

Additionally, if they aren't going out with September subs, is there any info on whether or not they are going to be in distribution in time for the 24th at brick and mortar shops? If that is the case I would likely pick it up locally so will need to know so I can cancel it before the October shipment happens.

Thanks in advance.

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Please cancel this order for the PACG mat, will pick it up locally. Thank you.

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Hello fine folks.

With the add on deck being pushed back, my carefully crafted order to take advantage of the shipping discount now no longer applies. I assume it is too late to add any items to my order to bring it back up to $100.00 to qualify for the shipping discount?

Is there a way to throw in a pack of the Serpent's Skull dice to bring it back above the thresh hold without delaying things too much?

I will add them to my side cart, if you can move them over and get the math to work out please do so, unless there is another workaround.

Thanks as always.

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The thread from a while back on the convention setup for quick demos was great... stripped down decks so you could get people through rapidly with fewer cards and three set locations. I know last year at Paizocon you were able to seat people, play the game, and then let everyone go in a 15-20 minute span.

With S&S coming I am hoping that you might disclose the demo set that you guys have come to prefer, I assume that you have worked to find basic cards that don't take a lot of explanation but still show off the base mechanics... I would like to save the time trying to reinvent that list.

I suppose it would be possible to just run the beginner scenario over and over, but in my estimation that will take a lot longer as there are more blessings, boons, banes, and locations to go through.

We are going to be running events at likely a half dozen stores in the area to start once OP opens up. My plan is to arrive an hour before the OP time slot and run 2 or 3 into games to get people familiar with the rules before we begin as it has been stated that the OP scenarios are not the best place to learn to play. This will also give them time to look at a few characters and determine which decks they want to buy.

Our PFS VL has his hands full working up a few big game events for us, I am hoping to take some of the logistics of also launching OP off his plate. He is planning an 8+ table (I think) event for the same day that we currently expect the Guild to launch!

Any help you can offer?

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Hello someone! I had a gift certificate I had forgotten to redeem until after my order authorized. I have since redeemed it. Can you please make sure that it is applied to this order? Once before I was too late redeeming one and it didn't get used first, circumventing my evil plans to hide the true cost of my addiction from the wife.

Thanks in advance!

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I have several characters that are coming back to play with the new season approaching (and a more organized local PFS scene), but they haven't played since the ITS was introduced. What is the most effective and clear way to backfill the ITS for them that will be legal at the table? Am I looking at a chronicle by chronicle purchase by purchase thing, or can I just start at the last session played before the ITS became required and fill it out from there?

I am looking at close to 80 chronicle sheets worth of purchases.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Gift certificate fell victim to the same problem I had the other month, please apply the balance to my personal account. Thanks!

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Heya Vic!

Our area currently doesn't have a VC to ask, so I was hoping you could offer some insight-

I have located a local store that is cool with a weekly or every-other-week OP night, but they don't really do PFS now, and the owner hasn't heard anything on his end about how to get set up to run PACG events. The only PFS that happens is one or two GM's that show up sort of regularly with mostly preset tables, but as far as I can tell none of them are talking about PACG at all.

In lieu of a VC, should we contact you, or MB, or someone else to get the info on how to get the shop ready so that we can hit the ground running? Is this information coming soon? We don't want to miss the boat on this one.

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Hi good folks,

I know this time of the year gets crazy for release schedules, but I had a quick question that I hope you can help with.

I noticed that for me, July has only a single comic shipping out, with an AP and a companion book being pushed into August.

If this is actually the case, is there a way to have that single comic pushed back to August as well so that I don't need to have a box shipped all the way here for that one comic? The goods to shipping ratio on that is a bit silly based on the current estimate.

Thanks for any insight you might have.

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I am hoping for some opinions on whether divine power stacks with the bonuses provided via the feat intimidating prowess. Also it has come up in our group discussion that if indeed it does stack, that armor check penalties might need to be assigned.

I think the difference in wording of strength modifier and bonus to strength are where I am getting hung up. A bonus to your strength would increase your modifier technically, but it isn't worded in a way that we can get a clear ruling, especially since intimidate is cha based.

Thanks for any insight any of you might have.

Is this RAW vs RAI, or am I just overly hopeful?

Intimidating Prowess (Combat)

Your physical might is intimidating to others.

Benefit: Add your Strength modifier to Intimidate skill checks in addition to your Charisma modifier.

Divine Power

School evocation; Level cleric 4

Casting Time 1 standard action

Components V, S, DF

Range personal

Target you

Duration 1 round/level

Calling upon the divine power of your patron, you imbue yourself with strength and skill in combat. You gain a +1 luck bonus on attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, Strength checks, and Strength-based skill checks for every three caster levels you have (maximum +6). You also gain 1 temporary hit point per caster level. Whenever you make a full-attack action, you can make an additional attack at your full base attack bonus, plus any appropriate modifiers. This additional attack is not cumulative with similar effects, such as haste or weapons with the speed special ability.

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Hi folks.

I have an order that arrived back in October that doesn't show as shipped, it is still "pending". It did arrive just fine. Almost a non-issue, but next time someone is cleaning up miscellaneous order issues, that one is ripe for the picking. Maybe a bug to look at.


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