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Great first night of play!


Got together tonight with 4 other Pathfinder enthusiasts and we ran the first scenario in the base set. Our party consisted of Lini, Amiri, Seelah, Merisiel, and Seoni. After initial setup and a read through of the rules, the game was intuitive, proceeded at a good pace, and took about an hour and a half to get through. Now that we all know the rules I am certain that we can do the next installment in just about an hour.

On the physical game:

The cardstock was of good quality. I know that the cards will not all fit when sleeved, but I still plan on sleeving my set until they do not fit, that will keep 8 or 10 months of wear off of the cards.

The storage box is sturdy enough to hold up to a year's worth of play time.

We decided to jot down our finishing decks at the end of the game so that people could play other classes, there are not enough cards to make all of starter decks at once (we had the character expansion) and play, but by keeping a simple record it will be easy to reconstruct them for the next time we are all together.

None of us want to write on our cards as is sort of the design, I am going to get some slightly sturdier card sleeves for the character cards so that I can use a fine point sharpie to make the necessary level adjustments without ruining the actual card. If you are playing in two different campaigns at the same time you can just swap the sleeve if there are two instances of Valeros for example.

The game included dice, but obviously one set won't work for a 6 player table, be prepared with a dice set for each person (at a minimum) to speed things up.

If you have the iconics minis, they will be a nice touch to replace the token cards!

Thanks to Xebeche for letting us use his place and card set tonight, we all walked away wanting to play more. Luckily our regular PFS group is going to have at least 3 sets, so we can get the rest of our local friends on board quickly.

Highly recommended for group play, can not attest to solo play yet, but for the price you really can't go wrong from what our first night of exploration of the game has shown us.