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Thomas Seitz wrote:
All I care about is the Giant pulled a Superior Spider-man.

You're more than four years late with that comparison:)

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You're back! Yay!

Bradley Crouch wrote:

Give drink.

Wait, I'm confused now--you're posting from a new account? Are you trying to out-do TOZ?


In over 10 years of playing pathfinder,

Where'd you get your time machine from?

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DrDeth wrote:
Ascalaphus wrote:
It makes it much harder for enemies to "geek the mage first",
I always wonder how they knew who the mage was. It is true, that some wear a big pointy red hat with "WIZZARD" on it in sequins, but they are the minority. ;-)

Now you're just being silly. All Wizards are absolutely required to wear big pointy hats, and Jiggy explains why

Jiggy wrote:

As for the cone-shaped hat, that one's a bit more complicated. See, the most dangerous thing for a wizard is to have your magic taken away, which generally comes in the form of an anti-magic field. Wizards need a way to protect against this. So what do you do?

You get a teepee (a cone-shaped tent) and cast shrink item on it. Refresh it every couple of days. Now you have a teepee that you can wear as a hat. Should you find that you've run afoul of an AMF, the spell on the teepee-hat will end, returning it to its natural size. This means that suddenly there's a full-size, open-bottomed tent above your head. Gravity does its thing, and now you're standing in a tent.

As a result, there is no longer any line of effect from the point-of-origin of the AMF to your wizardy self, meaning you're no longer affected. You can now teleport to safety. And make a new hat.

That is why wizards wear flowing robes and pointy hats.

Anyhow, I was personally impressed with Bubblegumshoe, so I'm not surprised at all the nominations it got. I don't think it's my kind of game, though, I just think it is really good at what it does. I was rather underwhelmed by 7th Sea, but I know John Wick has a lot of fans, so I'm not shocked to see it get nominated.

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Freehold DM wrote:

I also want to see the FAVORITE WAR, paizo's epic crossover event, as rysky and tacticslion attempt to out favorite each other. Get both the Rysky cover and the tacticslion cover! See thread denizens grapple succubi and get nekkid!

This advertisement brought to you by Ryskies. TASTE THE FAVE!

** spoiler omitted **

Tacticslion wins.

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Reduxist wrote:

Incoming wall of text!

Corprust, The Cosmonaut Colossus
Yong Duskenae-Dyar, Scholar of the Nihil Expanse wrote:
We are all born from chaos. How much of that chaos makes us up is up for questioning.

Sweet! I'm ready to play in it--when's the hardcover version coming out?

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Zeugma wrote:
<sarcasm>Thanks, 137ben!</sarcasm> Now I feel super old!

That just means your hearing and eye-sight are better than they were before.

Skeld wrote:
Sarcasm Dragon wrote:
Skeld wrote:

Omfg, this thread is ridiculous. Lol.


No, see, I just invented a made up title for myself: I am the Arbiter of LOLing. With my new made-up title, I decree that anyone who Lols in this thread is a cheater. I'm allowed to lol, though, because it's fun, and I support fun. But only when I do it, because I have a made-up title.

I unapologetically lol in your general direction, Sarcasm Dragon, because I'm a dirty, dirty cheater. And a liar, apparently. And possible a terrible person.

If you invite me to game with you, I'll come to your house, drink your milk, and argue that katanas are underpowered. I would probably kill your houseplants. I wouldn't punch you in the face though, because that's not cool and it's a stupid analogy anyway.


I recommend you read [i]Can you Cheat at D&D?. The whole thing, page 1 through 50, straight through.

Then come back and tell me that you'd be willing to rudisplork an Orcus into my milk while loling in front of a continually-reseting Summon Monster I trap which summons nesting doll Orcuses while chanting hymns to the Almighty Holy Skeld.

Kirth Gersen wrote:
PossibleCabbage wrote:
My question is, that how on earth would the players even know any of this happened?
How would the audience even know if the theatre cut a scene from a premiere movie? Or spliced one in? Shoot, a lot of people even get mad at Director's Cut editions, when the adding/deleting is being done by the creator (I'm looking at Michael Mann and "Last of the Mohicans").

You needed an example of a Director's Cut people got angry about and you choose a 1999 re-release of a movie I hadn't even heard of and needed to look up?

Granted, that's pretty easy to do, since I barely ever watch movies, so chances are most examples you can think of I've never heard of. I mainly stick with plays, which I guess makes me an Old School person. Everything was so much better before those awful rollplaying movie people came along.

But even I can think of an example of a director's cut of a movie that people got angry about. And the example I'm thinking of predates the director's cut of Last of the Mohicans. The Star Wars Special Editions enraged generations of self-proclaimed fans. You could almost say that George Lucas shot first when it came to often-criticized re-edits.

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captain yesterday wrote:
Ugh! Herolabs updating. Wish I did that yesterday.

You of ALL people should know what to do yesterday, Captain.

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Smurf Hitler was also a printer.

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I'm pretty sure Rovagog is actually a printer in disguise.

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Damon Griffin wrote:
At some point Wonder Girl will be revealed to be a nascent Lord of Chaos, which is why her origin can never be nailed down, even between reboots.

Would that make her...a god of reboots?!?

I can maneuver into whatever alignment I want.

Ya know, I just realized that I am the first person in the nearly seven years of this thread to post OTHER than Tensor. They are just responding to their own thread with different aliases.

So I guess I gotta say....


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DrDeth wrote:
Kjeldorn wrote:
A highly regarded expert wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Leave. That. Game.
This. ^
and I would like to add a "Run you fool, Run".
Gandalf said it better "Fly, you fools!" ;-)

Obi said it better: Run, Luke, Run!

phantom1592 wrote:

I feel like I've actually seen a few of those already..... >.<

Bah, you're just jealous because your series is about to be cancelled and replaced with a new-and-improved phantom1592: Rebirth!

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I will patiently await new Rebirth specials:
Flash of Two Worlds: Rebirth
Crisis on Infinite Earths: Rebirth
Zero Hour: Rebirth
Infinite Crisis: Rebirth
Final Crisis: Rebirth
Flashpoint: Rebirth
Convergence: Rebirth
DC Universe: Rebirth: Rebirth

Only when all of those titles have been released will I be ready to jump into DC comics.

Jessica Price wrote:
My browser plug-in that changes "political correctness" to "treating people with respect" would have had a field day if that post had been phrased slightly differently. :-)

I prefer to replace it with either "Player Character" or "Personal Computer."

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Magus Janus wrote:
He's slightly inaccurate for one solar system, and massively inaccurate for far more than we can count. That makes him wrong because of the high amount of inaccuracy overall, and one tiny exception does not change that.
Your license to play devils advocate has just been revoked with prejudice.


Dang, quasi-ninja'd by nearly half an hour. That's what I get for walking away and coming back before hitting "submit post."

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

And definitely no hyperspace bypasses!

The plans for the hyperspace bypass have been available on record in Alpha Centauri for 50 of your earth years. You've had plenty of time to file a complaint.

The paladin fell becomes they slipped on a pancake which had fallen on the floor.

The paladin posted on the "count to 1,000,000" thread.

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Sundakan wrote:
It was fun! Even though I was a bit late to the party.

That just means you were early for the next party. Specifically, the Fourth Party:)

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captain yesterday wrote:
Plenty of Ice cream right now in Wisconsin, just saying.

And literally every other time of year:)

Lisa Stevens wrote:
Fallyrion Dunegrién wrote:
Why not roll20?



or Bunthorne's Bride?

What's SPG?

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Imbicatus wrote:
The giant has a point.

Quite a lot of points, having written 1061 comic strips about it and all that jazz.

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Shadowborn wrote:
Ooh. Giant-sized panels. Cool.

They're called Giant-sized Panels in the Playground, FYI.

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But in other news, I just favorited one of your posts, bringing YOU up to 4000 posts favorited by others! Congratulations!

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I'm dissapointed in you! Over in the thread for the Adventurer's Armory 2, I made a string of posts repeatedly responding to myself (starting around here) and NO ONE FAVORITED ANY OF THEM!

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Calling Tacticslion! Calling Tacticslion! It's another thread for your giant list of questions!

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Calling Tacticslion! Calling Tacticslion! It's another thread for your giant list of questions!

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Kalindlara wrote:

I think there's still some stuff left untouched from AA, although I could be mistaken. Were any of the Equipment Trick feats or alchemical power components compiled elsewhere?
Isabelle Lee wrote:
In any case, I'm certainly a fan of Equipment traits - I even included some in a recent turnover. ^_^

Posting with two different aliases to hide the fact that you are double posting is deliberately misleading. No one should ever do such a thing!

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Burgerpants wrote:
Hey, little buddy. I need an avatar for this alias. Suggestions?

Use the Ooze image from Serpent's Skull part 6.

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So, in summary, my assessment of Apple's various product lines are:

Mac Pro: Great at what it does, though somewhat pricy.
iMac: Great at what it does, though somewhat pricy.
Mac Mini: Great at what it does, though it needs an updated version.

MacBook Pro: Spectacular at what it does, though somewhat pricy.
Macbook: Great at what it does.
Macbook Air: Great at what it does.

iPad (12.9 inch version and 9.7 inch versions): Overpriced and a complete scam. Anyone who bought such a device in the last few years without a colossal+ discount was conned.
iPad Mini (7.9 inch): Great at what it does and fills a specific size/price niche.
iPhone (all sizes): Great at what it does.

Hmm, notice anything odd about that lineup? One of those devices is not like the others.

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Iphones are actually pretty good at what they do. So are Macs, and iPad Minis.

Full-sized iPads, though...not so much. Just a couple weeks ago I got an HP x360 2-in-1 computer that's the same size as the larger iPads. Its keyboard can fold back so that it can be used like a tablet, but when ya need it it has the full functionality and power as a desktop in the size of an iPad. It also has vastly more powerful hardware, four times the storage of even the most expensive iPad Pros, and the parts can be replaced and repaired more easily. And it will last a lot longer, both in terms of hardware (more powerful hardware so it won't need to be replaced as quickly) and software (Apple tends to drop support for iPads after around 5 years. HP and Microsoft would support my computer for at least 10 years, except that I also installed Linux so that I can get free support indefinitely.)
It's a strictly superior product to an iPad Pro in virtually every way...and it cost around $450, significantly less than an iPad.

The iPad Mini is actually uniquly valuable among Apple's tablet offerings. While there are plenty of cheap and mid-range 2-in-1 laptops which completely eclipse the larger iPads, the iPad mini is smaller than almost any laptop. There are plenty of 13 inch laptops (the largest iPad size), and you can get 2-in-1s in many configurations down to around 9 inches. You'd be hard pressed, though, to find a decent 8-inch laptop on the market, so the iPad Mini is good for people who need a device of that size.

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Just upgraded my iPhone 5S to a 6S (cheap with my carrier plan.) More storage and a screen big enough to fit slightly more content....Good? Eh, maybe, it still has the limited functionality of iOS. I'll be impressed when Apple brings XCode and BASH to the iPhone.

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But the OP still has that horrible sleight against me! You even admitted it was wrong later! Which one of Captain Yesterday's aliases has editing powers?

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Uh oh, Tacticslion is in this thread now! Quick, make a bunch of posts for him to favorite!
Is making posts in a thread that you know Tacticslion is reading an Evil action?

By the way, how many posts do we need to make on this subject in this thread before KC indexes it?

DrDeth wrote:
Trekkie90909 wrote:
A friend once rolled 3 20s, an 18, a 16, and a 14 for stats. He played a dragon-born sorcerer in 3.5; it was the best tank, dps, face, and caster in the party.
How do you ROLL a 20???

Try using a d20.

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Posting for the first time from my new 2-in-1 computer! It's much easier to Maneuver. So now I can make even MORE useless posts, mwahahahahaha!

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The Gold Sovereign wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Extraplanar Undead Fey!
That just made my day, Rysky! XD

Plane shift back to your native plane!

There, now you just have an Undead Fey, no Extraplanar subtype. Consider your day UNMADE!

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Although given that the thread title asks who "just plays," I'd be remiss not to remind people of this exchange:

Greenish wrote:
LooseCannoneer wrote:

Greenish wrote:

Curmudgeon wrote:
Where are the rules for "Just Playing"?

Rule 1: The DM is as inerrant as Orcus is omnipresent.

Rule 2: Play exactly like the DM wants you to, or rocks fall.
Rule 3: They might fall anyway.
Rule 4: Only these 5 rules matter.

Okay, I know you want someone to ask, so I'll do it.

What's the fifth rule?

You're too obsessed with numbers, Real Roleplayers[SUP][SIZE=1]TM[/SIZE][/SUP] don't go around counting things. Rocks fall, you die.


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James Jacobs wrote:

Remember, the amount of souls traveling to the Boneyard every moment is a STAGGERING number;

Nope! I'm still able to take all my actions normally. Definitely not staggering.

Cyrad wrote:
And they're already making a new unique RPG. In a way that doesn't alienate their existing fans.

You used those words....

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