The Paladin fell because...

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Grand Lodge

The paladin fell because the mere belief in the Jar-Jar-Binks-is-a-sith-lord theory is enough to become an antipaladin

the paladin conquered a nation of goblins

The Paladin fell after he was seduced by David Bowie the Goblin King.

The Paladin partnered with the Cleric, the Inquisitor, the Warpriest, and the Oracle to make a Super Sentai team dedicated to spreading the message of their deity.

Grand Lodge

The paladin fell because he did not associate with those following his faith.

The paladin donned a suit of Demon Armor

The armor turned her into a succubus, and lots of falling ensued.

The paladin made a cameo in the Strange Aeons adventure path.

Scarab Sages

The Paladin fell for appearing in something inspired by the writings of an ardent atheist.

The Paladin installed a state-of-the-art lighting system throughout the caverns of ZORK, thereby saving many a hapless traveler from those nasty grues.

How many paladins does it take to change a lightbulb? One to change the bulbs, and one to hold the ladder steady. Unfortunately, there was only one paladin present.

The paladin ate an apricot.

By eating the apricot raw, the Paladin broke his sacred Oath Against Paleo Diet.

After several years of scheming and manipulation, the Paladin became the Grand Master of the Red Mantis Assassin Cult.

The Paladin fell because they held a Sawtooth Sabre wrong, got their legs cut off, and had a nasty tumble. Oh yeah, and ruling an organization devoted to the Patron God of Assassins.

The Paladin witnessed true evil and made every attempt to stop it, despite dying.

They came back as a revenant and foiled the evil. They fell because all undead are evil.

The Paladin dual classed as a prestige class that becomes an angel at tenth level.

The paladin fell after one of his wings got sundered by a balor. Kind of hard to fly with just one wing, after all.

The Paladin threw a big New Year's party for his friends.

Sovereign Court

The paladin fell because 2016 will not allow us to have good things ...

The paladin fell because silence is golden, and only a grasping, wrenching, covetous old sinner hoards gold.

The paladin forgot to tip her waiter.

Sovereign Court

The paladin fell because in not tipping they were stealing the service provided by their waiter. And stealing is bad, mmmm-kay?

The paladin walked into a bar ...

... hit his head, and fell down. Really should have been paying attention to what was in front of him.

The Paladin walked into a tavern.

Their strong beliefs and strong spirits were the perfect recipe for a tavern brawl.
The Paladin fell for causing chaos.

The paladin brought many plot hooks to the inn.

The Paladin fell because plot hooks interfere with the DM's carefully crafted railroad story.

The Paladin gave 2016 a rude gesture and celebrated the coming new year.

The Paladin fell for not punishing the evil that is, was, and has been 2016, and merely admonishing it gently.

The Paladin was launched 500 meters (remember- Abadar prefers metric) straight into the air.

Sovereign Court

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The paladin fell because paladins were not meant to fly and by attempting it she was disrespecting the deities' will. And gravity, mainly gravity.

The paladin debated religion with the street preacher.

The paladin screwed up her check so badly that she was converted to the preacher's worship of Rovagug on the spot.

The paladin ate my sandwich.

Sovereign Court

You and your deviled ham sandwiches, KC, causing paladins to fall left and right.

The paladin answered a telemarketing call.

Answering the phone in the middle of a life-and-death battle and ignoring your allies' calls for help isn't very good behavior. Lawful, maybe, but not good.

The Paladin and the Monk had a conversation about what purpose the law serves.

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The Paladin fell because, this being the internet, it quickly devolved into defamation of the Paladin's character on Macebook. Because the Paladin's deity does not know how to use Gnoogle to fact check, he had to believe the monk's claims that the Paladin was in fact, a "goblin faced bby-eeter lollolrofl," whatever that means. The deity also smote the monk.

The Paladin made pancakes.

The paladin fell becomes they slipped on a pancake which had fallen on the floor.

The paladin posted on the "count to 1,000,000" thread.

The paladin fell because she counted backwards.

The paladin disrobed.

Scarab Sages

By disrobing in private, the Paladin denied others the opportunity to gaze upon their beautiful body. SELFISH!

The Paladin brokered a lasting peace treaty between two nations that had been at war with each other since time immemorial.

With the Treaty of Sigil finally bringing the Blood War to an end, the Nine Hells and the Abyss teamed up and turned their full attention to conquering the Heavens. Oops.

The Paladin fell asleep before midnight on New Year's Eve.

His god was a real stickler on 'morning prayers,' demanding that they'd be prayed to at 12:01, since that was the MORNING!

The paladin go so drunk during the new year's celebration that he trashed his host's house and slept with his girlfriend.

Trashing the Celestial Host's "house" is generally frowned upon, yes.

The paladin sang along to Let It Go.

Since the Paladin grew up in the tropics, she was clearly lying when she sang the lyric "the cold never bothered me anyway."

The Paladin's pure heart allowed her to convince a unicorn to become her bonded mount.

The paladin fell because paladin's can only have lawful good followers, not chaotic good.

After a long and arduous battle, the Paladin succeeded at the Starstone test and became a god of law and good, forever fighting against evil and chaos.

Scarab Sages

The Paladin showed the unicorn the purity of her heart by holding up the enchanted jar she keeps it in. The Paladin falls for having become a lich.

The Paladin opened a barber shop over a restaurant, the latter to which he provided a steady supply of fresh, high-quality meat.

The paladin followed the Book of Paul, which deemed it an evil act to cut her own hair so short.

The paladin kicked a gnome over a mountain.

Sovereign Court

The paladin fell because one should not merely punt a gnome.


Thereby she violated the forum rule of not posting in caps.

The paladin carried the injured gnome girl to the hospital.

The Paladin fell because he did not punt the gnome to the hospital.

The Paladin made an impossible-to-complete New Year's resolution.

Sovereign Court

The Paladin fell because one should not make promises one cannot keep.

The Paladin sat in the corner.

AwesomelyEpic wrote:
After a long and arduous battle, the Paladin succeeded at the Starstone test and became a god of law and good, forever fighting against evil and chaos.

The Paladin's god ended up being fairly vain, and hated his champion becoming more awesome than he is.

Zylphryx wrote:
The Paladin sat in the corner.

By not sitting in a chair in its proper place, the Paladin broke several customs and norms.


The paladin won a rap battle against an antipaladin.

The antipaladin's boss used telekinetic bullrush to push the paladin into a ravine for it.

The paladin heroically slew one hundred hobgoblin raiders.

Sovereign Court

The Paladin fell because the hobgoblins were actually traders, not raiders. Failure to communicate clearly can be a pain.

The Paladin wore white in October.

Scarab Sages

...because they were dressed up as a ghost. The Paladin falls for celebrating Halloween.

The Paladin invented the Rolodex.

Sovereign Court

And then promptly fell for setting the groundwork for the rise of telemarketing calls and political robocalls.

The Paladin invented post it notes.

And his paladin levels changed into sacred alchemist levels.

(here's an easy one)
The Paladin watched the premiere of Riverdale.

His wife wanted to watch pro wrestling on the other channel. Rather than lawfully come to an agreement, he simply ignored her and kept watching, thus bringing Chaos into their otherwise Lawful union.

The paladin stole a beggar's blanket to drape over a puddle, so his beloved's feet wouldn't get wet.

The blanket got soggy and his beloved's feet still got damp, so that Paladin fell for telling a lie.

The Paladin thought about kicking a puppy, but decided that he didn't want to.

Scarab Sages

Thoughts are the same as deeds, according to some theological doctrines. The Paladin falls for kicking a puppy.

The Paladin killed the proprietor of a cheese shop, but only after going through an exhaustive list of the cheeses he was familiar with to make certain they did not, in fact, have any cheese at all.

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The Paladin fell because he could have gotten the cheese he wanted and for less from the cheese factory down the block.

The Paladin became a voice actor on a popular animated show and donated her pay to charity.

She is the voice of Queen Chrysalis, who is an unrepentant monster. She cannot make up for it till the new season.

The Paladin is based on Bernie Sanders.

Scarab Sages

By serving in the 115th United States Congress, the Paladin associated with Evil.

The Paladin was...the Walrus! Goo-goo-g'joob!

The paladin fell for lying. Everyone knows the Walrus was Paul.

The paladin started a Beatles impersonation tribute band.

Sovereign Court

By paying tribute, he was in fact worshiping false idols.

The paladin took a much needed vacation.

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