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Rumors of a lost shrine in the Segang Jungle draw the Pathfinder Society’s attention, but the prohibitive cost of sending a team into the wilds of Jalmeray threatens to shut down the expedition before it even begins. Fortunately, a wealthy patron has offered to fund the PCs travel expenses in return for their help in his decades-old quest. Can the Pathfinders balance this new obligation with their exploration of the archaeological site?

The Segang Expedition is a tier 1-5 scenario for Pathfinder 1e.

This is part of the Gameday VI play by post convention. I'll select a team of adventurers by the end of Feb 15th, or sooner if there are a lot of applicants.

To apply please post your character name, class, level, and significant build/role information you want me to know. Feel free to post a character in the high and the low subtier if you would like.

Grand Lodge

grimdog73 here...Petro is an archer based build..lvl 3 ranger(urban)..working towards Zen Archer...he's ranged, but can still function close in if needed...good amount of skills...can go either tier...have other options if needed to better suit party needs...

Sovereign Court

Hi there, I've got a level 3 Unchained Rogue (Scout). Skills and diplomacy! I've got some level 1s and 2s otherwise almost all melee

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I'm interested as well but don't have anything 'nature-y'. I have L2 cleric, magus, and arcanist. If we want to go 1-2 I could make a ranger or druid.

Sovereign Court

Hello, I am interested and would like to join with my level 3 healing-focused Oracle. I would prefer to go high tier but would also play low tier.



I am Interested, I have 3 characters I could play for this, an Elven Alchemist at 5th level, a Vishkanya Paladin at 5th, and a Dwarven Cleric at 1st.

The Paladin is a classic two handed Paladin, the Alchemist is a pretty standard alchemist as well, and the cleric is an Asmodean Advocate so he is a decent face who channels negative energy.

I would be interested in playing as well. For a low tier game I have Relgar a level 3 sorcerer that is focused on fire spells and for the high tier game I have Rogarch who is a level 5 arcane bloodrager. I would also prefer to play high tier but can play low tier as well.

Ohhh, the jungle! I'm interested.
For low tier, I have a lv2 Intelligence bard and a lv2 bloodrager, and a bunch of lv1 characters. For high tier, I have a lv5 summon focus lion shaman druid.

I'd be interested - this is one of the comparatively-few scenarios I haven't played. I've got two PCs in-tier.

Level 2
Aurensar Petratianu - Melee wizard, Thassilonian specialist, and weaponsmith. Swings a greatsword when he isn't setting things on fire. Has training in Nature, Dungeoneering, and Survival, which seems likely to be useful on a jungle expedition. Also trained with the use of lockpicks and glaring at window shoppers who think they deserve a cheaper rate. Works with the Exchange.

Level 3
Hskomoro - Melee mesmerist from the jungles of Nagajor. Speaks Vudrani, and is trained in both making friends and scaring people. Also trained in Local and Nobility, which might help with the "wealthy patron" that's financing this trek. Definitely doesn't work with the Sovereign Court, which doesn't exist and you should really stop asking about it.

The Exchange

Level 1 Gunslinger
Tuck Maxim (Maybe level 2, I plan to play/DM some stuff on Roll20 before the convention starts, but definitely not level 3 or 4. I don't have any high tier characters up to date or even properly tracked, as I only play gunslingers now and have abandoned the other characters.)
A booned character. So he is a variant skinwalker race.

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This sounds like fun!

I think my two most preferred characters would be either Sandi, a level 2 ratfolk rogue, or Mika, a level 4 kitsune paladin. I have many other characters I would enjoy playing if party balance is a problem. I believe Sandi's ratfolk flanking buddy is planning to also apply soon.

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if we go high tier, I have a lvl 5 Sarenite cleric..Shadow Dragon's favourite type of character...

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Petro Rendell wrote:
if we go high tier, I have a lvl 5 Sarenite cleric..Shadow Dragon's favourite type of character...

Falls over...

I'm interested. I have a lvl 2 Ratfolk rogue for low tier, and a lvl 3 half-elf swashbuckler. I would be happy to use a pregen if needed for party balance.

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SD...you're in luck...i forgot i already played this...so i gotta back out...have fun guys!

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Thanks for all the interest everyone. I'll probably make a call on Monday (Feb 13) so people know if they are in or out and can potentially get on to new games.

Level 4 half orc archeologist... With a great axe named Diplomacy ready for adventure!

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Thanks to everyone who applied. I've picked the following party for a high subtier game:

Player class and level
Torilgrey rogue(3)
Noral oracle(3)
friendly sauce alchemist(5)
Colin_Mercer druid(5)
Redelia paladin(4)
klonac swashbuckler(3)

The above 6 can please dot in to gameplay and post reporting information in discussion, including day job if any.
I'll follow up via PM in about a week for anyone playing who hasn't done both.

Sovereign Court

Thanks a lot!!

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