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If I'm not mistaken, choosing a god is not mandatory if you're not a divine class. So I'm guessing that Razmir is legal as long as you are not casting divine spells or using divine feats/traits. Basically you can be an atheist or a believer "in friendship" or "voodo spirits" so The Living God should be ok for a Fighter.

Here are the officials légales gods of PFS

Alright guys I can see that it's totally doable thanks! Nana seems really really fun!

I'll go for the Cards they will be happy if they decide to start one day!

Minna Hiltula wrote:
Lornis wrote:
I just discovered that we can use the campaign to gain XP and boon for our PFS characters. But in my country (France) not all the people at my tabletop groupe have a PFS account (because some are not interested by this aspect of the game). So as a GM do I have the right to do chronicle sheets for 2 of my friends and I and report that or do we all need to be registered in PFS?
Print out PFS numbers for those players who do not participate in PFS, tell them you've gotten them numbers and if they ever choose to play PFS they can use them, report the AP for those numbers. Keep a record of the numbers in case those people do ever decide to try out PFS. Profit.

You, my friends and I, we are liking you!

Alright thanks you for the insight! That was the answers I was hoping to get.

Yes guys I was planning on starting an Occultist (Reliquarian) of Norgorber and I was wondering if we have the right to worship an evil god in PFS? I mean if the character is Neutral it should be legal right?

Furthermore how do these characters are perceive at the table? Maybe you run into a few of them? Are they jerks or team players? I mean I would like to create that character but if it's only a disappointment to the GM there is no point in doing that. And of course I'm planning to play him as a Neutral not as an evil backstaber.

I just discovered that we can use the campaign to gain XP and boon for our PFS characters. But in my country (France) not all the people at my tabletop groupe have a PFS account (because some are not interested by this aspect of the game). So as a GM do I have the right to do chronicle sheets for 2 of my friends and I and report that or do we all need to be registered in PFS?

Hum at least I got a few build possibilities which is good! However it's a shame that they did not create a better Ascetic than this one. All I can think when I see the class (Blood Kineticist come on...) is Avatar, and still Ascetic seems lackluster. I'll give it a try with a full fire build thanks Imbicatus fire is going to be strong in S&S I think a lots of boats to burn.

Thanks for this wonderful discovery Sledgehammer I did not know this archetype.
There are so many books and cool options outhere, hard to keep track on all of it!

Hum it's too late and a weekend in family (with you know these kind of loooooooooong dinners...) and a monday of hard work made the deadline a little bit too close for me! I'll withdraw from this recrutment, good luck everybody!

dragonhunterq wrote:

-Not sure if I understand your first point, but you can only take a 5' step if you don't otherwise move. You can still take move-equivalent actions such as standing up from prone or drawing a weapon, you just cannot move away from your current position (without another ability allowing you to).

For your second point the rules are different for familiars and animal companions. For an animal companion you only get the abilities that are in the animal companion part of the stat block. You don't get any other abilities from the bestiary at all. For familiars you use the bestiary entry and you do get the benefit of any racial bonuses mentioned in that entry.

Quick & clear, thank you very much! I was wondering if these "move-equivalent" action were considered as a movement or not, I got my answer now.

Hey guys, two questions that came up at my tabletop game:

- If somone bullrush you or trip you with an AoO or a Readied Action or something like that (that Mesmerist's power for example) can you step up and then do a five-foot step? If the only movement you had during the turn was the steping up part?

- When you pick an animal companion or a familiar, do you keep the skills racials modifiers from the bestiary? For example if I choose a bird as an animal companion does he keep his +8 racial to Perception or not?

Ok thanks you for the insight guys!

GM Nightfiend wrote:

Recruitment is now closed. The 6th seat will be taken by Chyrone, who has expressed an interest and is a GM of a recently played game of mine.

Lornis wrote:
Hi I'll be very intersted! So far no PFS for me! I was planning on doing a skill monkey/support character like an Occultist or à Skald! Is there still a spot for me?
I will place you as an the alt in case someone decides they can't make it.

Alright keep me posted in you need me! Good luck everyone.

Hi I'll be very intersted! So far no PFS for me! I was planning on doing a skill monkey/support character like an Occultist or à Skald! Is there still a spot for me?

Philo Pharynx wrote:
Multiclassing monk/umonk and kineticist seems to be a better option than elemental ascetic.

Yes multiclassing seems like the better option here! How much levels in Monk in your opinion? I generally prefer core Monk when I don't mucticlass because of all the cool archetypes but for a dip Unchained seems better

Two levels maybe then Kinetist?

Chess Pwn wrote:
what is the draw to elemental ascetic? What of that class makes you think of Avatar Ang? I ask because I have seen a few classes that mimic stuff that might satisfy your view.

I want a character that throw elemental stuff at people while doing Kata and martial arts. If you got anything like that with this feeling I'll take it!!

Hi guys!

I was planning to build an Elemental Ascetic for a Skulls & Shackles tabletop game starting in a few weeks (20 points, core races and few exceptions, one campaign trait, all Paizo legal, no 3rdPP). This archetype seems to suck hard but I want to be Avatar Ang in close combat!

So I got a few questions for the crunch experts around!
- If you got an ability which emulate one from another classe (Furry of Blows) can you take the Unchained one?
- If I take a one dip in Unchained Monk, and then Elemental Ascetic, will I have the two furry of blows? Only one?
- Is there a way to do a decent build with that or not? We are not power gamer and our GM is generaly fair, but I don't want to slow the group down with a cool thematic character that sucks.

Hey Mowque I sent you a MP I'm waiting for your answer before continuing my application :)

Hello guys! Is there still room/time to propose a character? I've got and idea for an Occultist (Reliquarian of Abadar Protection Domain/Transmutation) from Magnimar who decided to come to Sandpoint see if she can help the little community to expand and thrive against the wilderness. She's hoping to bring some of the villagers under Abadar's faith. I picture her as a Lawful Good woman from noble lineage, full of hope and dreams, but sometimes a little bit too serious or hard on criminals. She will be very interested with the history of Varisia and open-minded to the others faiths/communities.

In term of crunch I think of her as a Skill Monkey/Buffer with a bit of melee or range dammage depending on what is needed most maybe Evangelist (PrC) at level 6.

If it's too late well my bad!

It is a double edged sword. I just finished the first volume of the AP as a GM, with a Fire Oracle. Yes, he is very powerfull, but he also got to run a lot. Most encounters in RoW are with harsh angry monsters, who do not fear fire but hate it. You're going to do the dammage but you're also going to be focus hard!

3d6: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 2) = 8 +2= 10 CON
3d6: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 1) = 9 DEX
3d6: 3d6 ⇒ (4, 4, 5) = 13 STREN
3d6: 3d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 4) = 9 CHA
3d6: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 2, 4) = 7 INT
3d6: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 1) = 5 +2 = 7WIS

It hurts... Well let's try it anyway! Cavalier (Huntmaster incoming!) And let's put another +2 instead of the free feat for transforming that 5 into a 7 in WIS! ^^

DM waz up? wrote:

I'm sorry, but I would do an adaptation of GOT, but I know so little of the world I fear I will squander other's expectations. So to compensate I am doing this... sorry no giant ice wall.

Ah yes, cavalier is good... but know that you won't be a true knight.

Monks are too... lawful. I included brawler for that reason. They require so much discipline it's unlikely they commit crimes. Perhaps one believes he could hone his skills bby joining ... if you come up with a good story I will accept one.

I was thinking of playing my character as a Lawful Evil, the Lawful part being to the rest of the group and to his dedication to stop the wilderness to invade the kingdom. The evil part would be about what he's planning to do to the witches trolls and monsters once he catch them and his behavior with the people who don't come from the kingdom. But as I said he will be a real team player, considering the group as his true family, forged in the fire of battle and the harsh life in the wild. For the build I was thinking Cavalier (Huntmaster).

Sapiens wrote:
G-unit wrote:
I don't usually build full bab classes any advice on class or build?

As Lornis said. Additionally, I feel that Swashbuckler is early fun but falls flat at the mid levels; I had fun playing a dual-wielding Ranger, but in that game I was a secondary combatant.

One build I liked but never played is a Polearm Master Fighter going towards the Stalwart Defender prestige class.

I played a Witchguard Ranger Shield Style in an homebrew campaign it was really fun! Not broken but useful and perfect in a group with two casters (or a Magus!!)

G-unit wrote:
I don't usually build full bab classes any advice on class or build?

Reach weapons and Stand Still is a typical, Board and Shield with Bodyguard and TWF, Unchained Monk or Brawler with Trip/Grapple, all are solide front liners.

Does an exiled Cavalier would do the trick? A son of nobility that could not be killed but who was sent on the Wall? Do you allow evil characters? (Team player of course!!) I was thinking of an arrogant brat who could became a hero!

Lily The Quick is an Elf Wizard (Spellslinger) who was cast out of Kyonin when she decided that Sorcery and the Old Ways were probably not enough to defeat the grasp of Treerazor. But her determination was iron-forged and she decided to learn from the Gnome of Odessa the secret of Black Powder, a substance that the Queen might be able to replicate in mass if she was willing to see its power. The Gnome Scientist was one of her friend and teacher. (PC Elf Wizard Spellsinger 5 LG)

Nathaniel Fremont is the third son of the great Crusader Jeraxis, war hero of The Mendevian Crusade. Jeraxis was a proud fighter, infused with the holy light of The Inheritor, armed with the sacred sword Lightseeker, and well-known from Mendev to Brevoy.
Nathaniel is not his father, he is a coward who ran away at his first skimirsh against the demons. He decided to live as a drunk sell sword until he encountered Lily in a tavern on the road and fall in love with her (she does not know that yet). Her purity of hearth and her quest convinced the fallen warrior that there was maybe for his legacy an hope of Redemption. ( NPC Human Cavalier 4 CG planning to go Low Templar)

Rules coming later

G-unit wrote:

Sounds good I'll wait to see what others in the standard group are thinking. Prefer to play 3/4 bab classes, that gives me a lot of options.

Also, If we have too many players I can sit out to let our French friend into the game.

No way man! It's my fault if I posted too late we will see what everybody decide and if there is still room for me in the end.

ScorchedOne wrote:
Lornis, your English seems fine to me. I mean there's a bit there, but nothing that would personally distract me from the narrative (which is the only reason I'd be concerned). Assuming there is room I'll be taking those I can. We'll put you down under either/or.

Very nice of you! Understanding is easy but it is another thing to be able to write and create a rich narrative that don't ruin the game and I am willing to do my best (and to improve myself during the play!) So in case there is a spot for me:

If we go Core I could see myself as a Sorcerer/Dragon Disciple, a Monk (yes I really like the Core Monk), a Priest or a Ranger. Playing a full caster and/or a secondary frontliner.

If we go Standard... So many possibilities! Unchained Monk/Living Monolith or Cavalier as a frontliner, Psychic or Arcanist as a fullcaster, and Mesmerist or Ninja as a skill monkey.

Hi guys! I will be very interested in playing a PFS campaign. I never had the chance to try it and we just finished our tabletop game of Reign of Winter where I was mastering so I got my hands full of time for a project like this. Moreover I am French and we don't have a lot of PFS opportunity in here. But my English is still far from perfect so I would completely understand if you don't have any spot left. Core or not I don't care, but it's been years since I want to try to be part of the PFS experience!

I would be quite interested by Mummy's Mask! I can picture myself a Pahmet Dwarf Unchained Monk-Living Monolith/ Spiritualist who summons the spirit of the first Pahmet Dwarf, or the spirit of an ancient Pharaon, or even a sphinx (just in term of flavor). And he will be able to grow in size as his flesh turns to stone, and go full attack on the enemy of Osirion! With a Huge Spirit on him, like an armor, and he will be called Abu-Zakir, The Voice of the Sands.

Ysvigg Redcloak, Chaotic Good Ulfen Unchained Barbarian:

She does not remember much. She was in a city named Oppara, and was supposed to protect someone, a young noble, an arrogant brat who decided to throw a "special party". And there was a strange man in black clothes and... Nothing, emptiness. What happened that night? All she can remember is fear, disgust and a burning anger for the dark and what dwells in it!

Hey thanks for starting a new campaign. My proposal is an Ulfen Barbarian/Fighter who will probably become Ulfen Guard as she remembers her life. I'm french and my English is far from perfect however so I would understand if you decide to pick someone with better writting skills! I chose a Barbarian to represent the fact that her mother tongue is Skald, to erase some of my potentials mistakes!

I'm planning to build her as a protector for the group.

James Jacobs wrote:
Glad to hear folks are enjoying "Hell's Rebels!" If you DO like/love the AP, though... PLEASE write up some reviews for it!

I will! I really like these AP with a lot of roleplay opportunity in it! Curse, CoT, Kingmaker, S&S... Way better in my opnion that the ones with dongeons crawling all the time. I was disapointed by Mummy's Mask and Giant.

Anyway Rebells is really good and we just finished Kingmaker, I'll go for it! Nice to see that Paizo continues to deliver really good content!

We found Serpentfolk to be scary in Serpent's Skull. The ability to cast domination with an evil scheme, the yellow glowing cold eyes, the mystery around them... Felt like a Conan's novel with strange monsters in the jungle. Really nice.

Ogers are awesome too. Blood, stupidity, violence, incest... Good combination!

And Childrens. Make a good NPC Nosferatu Alchemist with dead babies hanging at the walls of his laboratory and a flesh golem pet. You'll see your players scared, sad but imbued with an holy wrath against the NPC. Epic!

And Foxglove's Manor! Read it for inspiration. Probably one of the best dungeon in a adventure path.

Also it's very important to the atmosphere to add music during your sessions. Use the OST from The Exorcist, Scream and the like.

I feel you. I was DM for a long time in Warhammer 2.0 so it was important to have that grim/dark atmosphere. However don't forget to do sometimes the opposite: even the worst bastard in the world can care for a few things (Child, legacy...) and sometimes do good.

Maybe a good Barbarian/ Ranger multiclassing? Someone should be able to so that right. I mean you've got favored ennemy, rage powers and a few good bonus feats depending in the style. You can drop the spells for tricks or traps. Maybe with a few good traits and feats?

Just a proposition that will fit the description.

Secret Wizard wrote:

So I'm working on this here guide.

It's mostly meant for anyone who wants to know a bit about a class without having to delve into a guide and more or less help them out deciding if it has the things they want.

So far, I've done from Alchemist to Bard. I'm not even finished with letter B and there's a whole alphabet ahead of me, so yeah, this is going to move along slowly.

If I don't mention your favorite archetype, don't take it personal. I mostly mention things that change the way a class plays in a big way. I'm not going to mention, for example, the Trap Breaker alchemist even if it's a good archetype, because the class is not significantly modified.

Anyway, let the flaming begin <3

This is simply a perfect work. I got huge problems to motivate some of my players to create correctly their characters because of the bloat. I'll keep watching your work, thank you very much!

Chris Lambertz wrote:
Hey folks! Unfortunately we do not host lengthy threads/campaigns in any language other than English on (please see our Community Guidelines for reference).

Ok nevermind we'll go somewhere else. However that's a shame, we thought that it'll be the perfect places for adventures taking place in Golarion. I understand the need of moderating a forum, but as a customer I have to say that it is a disapointment.

You can delete the campaign.

Très bien! J'attend les autres pour avancer!

Oui le craft est pas lié aux compétences mais aux outils tu peux crafter avec n'importe quelle classe. Tu peux faire un Guerrier qui fait de l'alchimie si tu veux.

Après le craft c'est en mode durant les aventures avec ce que tu trouves et compagnie, pas juste un jet de dés. Donc l'Ingénieur Alchimiste aura plus de possibilités que les autres via son background et ses compétences de classe.

Mais n'importe qui peut crafter poisons, potions magiques mineures etc... Avec une formation en outils d’alchimiste :)

Barde et Ingénieur font bien l'affaire. Les deux sont assez versatiles. L'Alchimiste est plus orientée dégâts/debuffs, le Barde cela dépend (Valeur est très orienté mêlée, Connaissance plutôt support).

Gnome est un très bon choix pour ce genre de roleplay quoi qu'il en soit. A noter que la Thuvie est un grand pays d'Alchimiste!

Question: vous partez plus bons ou mauvais?

Ca marche Jojo tout à fait possible! Les autres des idées?

J'ai oublié l'Ingénieur: alchimiste, pistolier ou Magocrate (famillier steampunk et quelques sorts)

Tous en coeur: "Bonjour Cédric!"

Invitations Only.

Essayez de poster ici pour voir.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Alors les enfants ici on va faire la discussion HRP.

L'aventure va se passer essentiellement en Thuvie, Osirion et Katapesh.

On fera vos personnages et on découvrira les fonctionnalités du forum ici ensemble.

Races Jouables:
Humains (Ethnies typiques: Garundis, typés blacks/arabes, avec d'anciennes civilisations de magiciens et de pharaons. Kéléshite: les contes des 1001 Nuits et la Perse antique.)

Elfes (les hauts-elfes, typiques des grands empires elfes, et les exilés, ceux ayant grandi dans des communautés humaines ou inspirées).

Nains (Nains des Montagnes, typiques du cliché, ou Nain Pahmet, conseillers des Pharaons d'Osirion et nains monastiques du désert).

Halfelins (Pieds-légers, les citadins, et les Robustes, les ruraux).



Gnomes (des roches, les urbains, des profondeurs qui vivent sous terre et des forêts, qui ont de forts liens avec le monde des fées.)

Genasi, enfants des élémentaires et des génies (terre, eau, feu et air).

Classes et archétypes (choisir un à chaque fois):
Barbare: Le Berserker, véritable boucher enragé. Le Guerrier Totémique, infusé du pouvoirs des esprits totems. Le Fou de Guerre, en armure à pointes qui lapident ses ennemis au contact.

Barde: Le Collège de la Valeur, des skalds et chanteurs de guerre en première ligne. Le Collège de la Connaissance, maîtres des arcanes et des mauvais tours.

Prêtre: (Choisir un domaine) La Lumière qui brûle les impies. La Vie qui protège les alliés. La Mort qui ronge le corps et l'âme. La Duperie qui emploie les ombres et les illusions. La Guerre, en première ligne et en armure lourde. La Nature, avec des connaissances druidiques et en harmonie avec l'environnement. La Connaissance, avec des divinations et de nombreux savoirs. L'Arcane, serviteur de la Magie.

Druide: De la Terre, puissants lanceurs de sorts. De la Lune, puissant métamorphe.

Guerrier: Le Champion, guerrier athlétique et maître d'armes. Le Maître de Guerre, génie tacticien et érudit. Le Champion Occultiste, guerrier-magicien aux pouvoirs d'évocation. Le Chevalier, symbole de courage et d'espoir en première ligne.

Moine: L'Ordre des 4 Éléments, maître aux sorts élémentaires. L'Ordre de la Paume, artiste martiaux au corps à corps. L'Ordre de l'Ombre, espions et assassins. L'Ordre de la Longue Mort, maître de l'anatomie et des ondes vitales. L'Ordre de l'Âme Radieuse, maître de la lumière céleste qui incendie les ennemis et réchauffe les cœurs.

Paladin (Pas de restriction d'alignement, juste un code de divinité): Vœu de Vengeance, assassins et justiciers vigilants. L'Ordre de la Couronne, rempart de la civilisation. Vœu des Anciens, protecteurs de la nature et des terres sauvages.

Rôdeur: Traqueur, chasseur infatigable et tueur de monstres. Dompteur, accompagné d'un féroce compagnon animal.

Roublard: Voleur, le maître des sales tours et des astuces. Assassin, tueur, espion, empoisonneur. Le Mystificateur Profane, adepte des illusions et enchantements. L'Arnaqueur (Mastermind en Anglais :O ça sonne mieux) dont les paroles véhiculent troubles et tromperies. Le Duelliste, spadassin alliant panache et style!

Ensorceleurs: Lignée Draconique, aux pouvoirs hérités des dragons. Lignage des Tempêtes, seigneurs du ciel et du tonnerre. Mage Sauvage, dont la puissance est tirée de manière incontrôlée du tissu de la réalité.

Magiciens: 8 Spécialisations: Enchantement, Illusion, Transmutation, Evocation, Invocation, Nécromancie, Divination, Abjuration. Ainsi que le Chantelame, magicien-guerrier à l'arme magique.

Sorcier: Le Pacte des Fiélons, avec des pouvoirs ardents tirés d'une sombre entité. Le Pacte des Dieux Très Anciens, Shallub'Nagurath Cthulu! Le Pacte des Fées, tissé avec les mystérieux maîtres du Premier Monde, prince des fées et du monde sylvestre. Le Pacte de la Non-Mort, hérité d'une alliance avec de puissantes créatures mort-vivantes et/ou immortelles.

Vous pouvez teinté tout roleplay d'une touche égyptienne et/ou arabe/perse/tribus du désert. Vous pouvez aussi faire un étranger si vous préférez. Sur quoi vous voulez plus de précisions?
Les classes et archétypes se valent au plan des règles.

Go with a spiritual guide. A ghost who gains the trust of the players and becomes seen as a wise adviser. His guidance brings wealth for the group and they're able to stop some bad guys at the same time!

Here is my proposition:

Gallius The Pale, Shoanti Slayer LE:

Gallius was born albino, in the Shadde-Quah, the Axe Clan. All his early years he had to carry the weight of being different, of looking like one of these cursed Cheliaxian. Some of his folks even considered him as being spiritless, without links to the memory and the ancestors of his tribe. He wasn't even worthy of receiving the sacred tatoos of the clan.

But the young Shoanti was clever. He watched a lot of foreigners doing buisness like piracy and trading on the sea with Ulfen or traders. He undestood the power of coins,of network. He also understood that he'll never be a true Shoanti for his peers. No matter how good he was with a sword, he didn't behave himself like a "true warrior", choosing instead of a frontal figth to strike from the shadow.

Tired of his condition, he decided one day to take his destiny in hands. A few month later a mysterious pale-skinned man with red eyes started to make himself a reputation in Korvosa, as a really good blade to hire.

The man changed his name in Gallius, typical Cheliaxian name, and became known for his efficient work. Today, Gallius is devoted to Asmodeus, to the idea that all people are basically on a social ladder, and that pity and traditions are not the good way to climb it.

He despite his people for being barbarians with no sense of "the Modern World", and he's willing to do what it takes to improve his condition as a subject of Cheliax. Quick thinker, fast with a blade, he already worked for a few officials and could be hired as a bodyguard or a murderer.

He's also lonely, despite all what he said or would like to think. Even a cold-blooded assassin need to be able to put his faith in allies.

That's a longshot, but maybe you'll find it interesting. He could use Disguise as a way to lie about his true identity. Or maybe not if albino is enough. Don't mind taking a trait for "nothing" but flavor or even a drawback.

Krane, a Kellid Alchemist from Numera. He grew up in a small tribe who lived near some alien ruins and started early to show a strong curiosity about the mysterious fluids which escaped from the wreckage. He learnt alchemy through empiricism. Tired of the Technic League's monopoly on magic and science in his own country, and the violent behavior of his fellow barbarians, he decided it was time from him to search a new home, in a land of oppotunity. The Stolen Lands seems to be the perfect place to do so.


Helga Riverborn, a Witch who succed to live and grow up in the wilderness by herself. A mysterious pact with a powerful and strange entity gave her the power to do so. She's a fierce adept of Gozreh and Hanspu. When she heard that some adventurers wanted to colonize the Stolen Lands she decided that it was her duty to help. As a way to protect the people from the unknown dangers of the area and to be sure that the land and the wilderness is respected. It could also be a great opportunity for her to become familiar with the civilization.

I'm really interested by this campaign. It could be my first Pbp. I'm french, so I sometimes do mistake in english. Play a rural character or someone who is not used to speak in common or to other people is a good way to compensate for my errors.

Thank you! It'll be usefull!

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