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Dariel smiles at Linkon's story. "Well well well, what Dame Fortune gives, she takes it away the day after! You, sir, are in big trouble because you were not able to control yourself... I can understand. There is no way that this little brat can throw accusations of sorcery like that. I know how you make a little girl confess, you scare her!"

Dariels seems really sensitive to Linkon's story, as it reminds him old scars.

"A huge slap on her face, that's what she deserves. That or the belt! But I'll be damned if I let an almost innocent man like you be hanged today!"

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Terwyn Arragast wrote:
Dariel Fremont wrote:
That's nice! Because being obligated to forgot skilled and the free feat for a +2 in charisma was bleh
Just out of curiosity: Is this an actual rule of the game that I missed somehow? Or something that DM waz up? allowed us to do?

Advanced Race Guide:

Dual Talent: Some humans are uniquely skilled at
maximizing their natural gifts. These humans pick two
ability scores and gain a +2 racial bonus in each of those
scores. This racial trait replaces the +2 bonus to any one
ability score, the bonus feat, and the skilled traits.

I took it after seeing my scores, because waz up said at the begining that we can't have lower than 6, and I had a 5 somewhere.

If the minimum is 8, it's gonna be a better world! However I'll not take the points budget, rolling was a risk I took, I will have to live (or survive) with that hehe.

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Malevanidorian Ellemenirias wrote:
I've added a few memories to Mal's backstory. Also, I found the Master Chymist prestige class, for creating Jekyll and Hyde, which I believe to be fantastic to go with the Lovecraftian theme, and especially my Formerly Mind-swapped campaign trait. I could hade a colder, more Blood Knight-y mutagenic form (possibly switching between two aliases), so I believe that I'll aim towards it.

I played Master Chymist in one of my tabletop game, it was a pure blast. Flavorfull and strong at the same time!

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Alors les enfants ici on va faire la discussion HRP.

L'aventure va se passer essentiellement en Thuvie, Osirion et Katapesh.

On fera vos personnages et on découvrira les fonctionnalités du forum ici ensemble.

Races Jouables:
Humains (Ethnies typiques: Garundis, typés blacks/arabes, avec d'anciennes civilisations de magiciens et de pharaons. Kéléshite: les contes des 1001 Nuits et la Perse antique.)

Elfes (les hauts-elfes, typiques des grands empires elfes, et les exilés, ceux ayant grandi dans des communautés humaines ou inspirées).

Nains (Nains des Montagnes, typiques du cliché, ou Nain Pahmet, conseillers des Pharaons d'Osirion et nains monastiques du désert).

Halfelins (Pieds-légers, les citadins, et les Robustes, les ruraux).



Gnomes (des roches, les urbains, des profondeurs qui vivent sous terre et des forêts, qui ont de forts liens avec le monde des fées.)

Genasi, enfants des élémentaires et des génies (terre, eau, feu et air).

Classes et archétypes (choisir un à chaque fois):
Barbare: Le Berserker, véritable boucher enragé. Le Guerrier Totémique, infusé du pouvoirs des esprits totems. Le Fou de Guerre, en armure à pointes qui lapident ses ennemis au contact.

Barde: Le Collège de la Valeur, des skalds et chanteurs de guerre en première ligne. Le Collège de la Connaissance, maîtres des arcanes et des mauvais tours.

Prêtre: (Choisir un domaine) La Lumière qui brûle les impies. La Vie qui protège les alliés. La Mort qui ronge le corps et l'âme. La Duperie qui emploie les ombres et les illusions. La Guerre, en première ligne et en armure lourde. La Nature, avec des connaissances druidiques et en harmonie avec l'environnement. La Connaissance, avec des divinations et de nombreux savoirs. L'Arcane, serviteur de la Magie.

Druide: De la Terre, puissants lanceurs de sorts. De la Lune, puissant métamorphe.

Guerrier: Le Champion, guerrier athlétique et maître d'armes. Le Maître de Guerre, génie tacticien et érudit. Le Champion Occultiste, guerrier-magicien aux pouvoirs d'évocation. Le Chevalier, symbole de courage et d'espoir en première ligne.

Moine: L'Ordre des 4 Éléments, maître aux sorts élémentaires. L'Ordre de la Paume, artiste martiaux au corps à corps. L'Ordre de l'Ombre, espions et assassins. L'Ordre de la Longue Mort, maître de l'anatomie et des ondes vitales. L'Ordre de l'Âme Radieuse, maître de la lumière céleste qui incendie les ennemis et réchauffe les cœurs.

Paladin (Pas de restriction d'alignement, juste un code de divinité): Vœu de Vengeance, assassins et justiciers vigilants. L'Ordre de la Couronne, rempart de la civilisation. Vœu des Anciens, protecteurs de la nature et des terres sauvages.

Rôdeur: Traqueur, chasseur infatigable et tueur de monstres. Dompteur, accompagné d'un féroce compagnon animal.

Roublard: Voleur, le maître des sales tours et des astuces. Assassin, tueur, espion, empoisonneur. Le Mystificateur Profane, adepte des illusions et enchantements. L'Arnaqueur (Mastermind en Anglais :O ça sonne mieux) dont les paroles véhiculent troubles et tromperies. Le Duelliste, spadassin alliant panache et style!

Ensorceleurs: Lignée Draconique, aux pouvoirs hérités des dragons. Lignage des Tempêtes, seigneurs du ciel et du tonnerre. Mage Sauvage, dont la puissance est tirée de manière incontrôlée du tissu de la réalité.

Magiciens: 8 Spécialisations: Enchantement, Illusion, Transmutation, Evocation, Invocation, Nécromancie, Divination, Abjuration. Ainsi que le Chantelame, magicien-guerrier à l'arme magique.

Sorcier: Le Pacte des Fiélons, avec des pouvoirs ardents tirés d'une sombre entité. Le Pacte des Dieux Très Anciens, Shallub'Nagurath Cthulu! Le Pacte des Fées, tissé avec les mystérieux maîtres du Premier Monde, prince des fées et du monde sylvestre. Le Pacte de la Non-Mort, hérité d'une alliance avec de puissantes créatures mort-vivantes et/ou immortelles.

Vous pouvez teinté tout roleplay d'une touche égyptienne et/ou arabe/perse/tribus du désert. Vous pouvez aussi faire un étranger si vous préférez. Sur quoi vous voulez plus de précisions?
Les classes et archétypes se valent au plan des règles.

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I played a Bard in the first campaign of D&D 5 (the one with dragons). From lvl 1 to 12. Best character in my life gameplay-wise in a d20 system. Best Bard by faaaaaaar. So much possibilities in combat or outside during social encounter and exploration.

The system is simpler, and most importantly way much more balanced. I know people will disagree but when you don't play with all the books and you put a stop on power gamer about multiclassing (you know that monk/druid/witch who has no sense at all roleplay wise or that orc barbarian/ragechimist) D&D 5 is more balanced.

When we played Serpent's Skulls I played a Varana Monk. I had basically a climb speed and can almost fly between trees with jumps. My friend got a Rogue Elfe with no archetype who throws daggers... He selt useless.

In D&D 5 I played a Drow Bard, my friend a Noble Human Warrior. We were both so usefull. Nice feeling.

But I don't hate Pathfinder. I think we need more class is D&D 5. And of course I still play in Golarion, wonderfull world and roleplay possibilites. And yes I want a Alchemist class in D&D 5 and a decent and funnier Ranger. Yes sometimes (as a DM) I would prefer more information about a few rules. BUT when you play, I prefer D&D 5, always.

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I really really like the 5E. It's simpler, quicker, with much more importance for the roleplaying part of the game. You can push a chair between the legs of someone even if you're not a trip specialist. You can put some beer in the eyes of the thug witout the feat tree of dirty tricks.

You also have a lots of possibilities with just one book. The archetypes selection allows diversity and simplicity. And last but not least the different options are much more equals. Pathfinder is suffering from way to much bad options or useless feats. Or too much rules.

So for the system: all hail to 5E. However and whitout a doubt: from art and storyline perspective: Golarion and Wayne Reynolds wins. Always. All the time. Best setting ever, you can do whatever you want. Go from Egypt to space in a blink. I can't wait to have a good and quick way to translate PF monster to 5E. Then it's directly PFS scenario and home made adventures in Golarion. THe Forgotten Realms seems too simple for me today. Maybe Eberron or Dark Sun, but still prefer Golarion. And the adventures path are still ahead.

Sorry for my english.

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wakedown wrote:
Lornis wrote:
The Arcanist kills the Sorcerer ...

Eh, don't get me wrong, I really like the Arcanist class.

Depending on the group and their playstyle though, it can be vastly inferior to both the wizard and the sorcerer.

Our group regularly runs the treadmill from 1st to 8th level and typically spends the bulk of our time playing 4th-6th level.

Our typical adventuring day sees 40-60 rounds of combat, with 50 rounds being the norm.

We don't typically have any idea what we're preparing spells for in advance. The party is traveling down the road. They don't know if they are getting pulled into an undead-heavy crypt today or helping defend the town against marauding orcs. Thus, the day begins with the arcanist and wizard already selecting spells for "standard adventuring purposes".

A 5th level wizard contributes a 1st through 3rd level spell in 12 of our 50 rounds of daily combat.

A 5th level sorcerer contributes a 1st through 2nd level spell in 12 of our 50 rounds of daily combat, drawing from two 2nd and four 1st known (or more with bloodlines).

A 5th level arcanist contributes a 1st through 2nd level spell in 9 of our 50 rounds of daily combat, drawing from two 2nd and four 1st prepared.

Other tables will see a typical adventuring day span just 12 rounds and they'll know the "theme" of that day in advance. In that case, yes arcanist is certainly more powerful.

The truth is that I'm afraid as a DM of two exploits: the dommage one, which gives a lots of attack options for just one point, and the counterspell one who can ruin the castre boss. Plus, the roleplay of the class feels terrible. But I can understand that it's really fun to play, no doubt. Just seems overpowered for me (immediate counterspell come on!) you can ruin a runelord with a few points :(

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For me it's almost fifty-fifty. I really like 6 of the news classes but for the oters... It seems to me like a lost cause...

Arcanist: Yeah, no roleplay, just mechanism that allows arcane spellcaster to be more effective... Like they need it, not for me.

Skald: No synergy, they don't have the good weapon proficiency, and a arcane duelist will always be better. (Skald was a bard in the viking culture who told myth and saga)

Warpriest: Yes, I'll play the archetype battle crusader. Thanks.

Hunter: Never seen something so lame in Pathfinder. Go Druid, Ranger or Summoner, thanks.

For the classes I like:

Brawler: Monk is my favorite class so I really like the idea to have a non-mystic class that relies on punches and kicks.

Swashbuclker: FINALLY! We can play a gentleman with a rapier. The class works for me, it just needs a few up.

Bloodrager: Yes, works again! A good roleplay savor, and it seems really fun to play without be overpowered.

Slayer & Investigator: I really really like theses classes. The had the good idea to break the rogue apart and make two classs that are focusing on one aspect of the rogue: skill monkey & murder things.
(But goodbye rogue...)

Shaman: My favorite one. Really like the concept, the gameplay, the choice... Yeah, favorite one :D

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Really like it, but they should have acces to weapon finess at level one as a bonus feat. It will be a good start for level 1 feat, and this feat is just so linkd with the class...

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Of course, like everybody here, I'm using a lots of descriptions, but also music, like in a manga or a good action movie. The players will have the opportunity to feel like real heroes with a good ost in the background^^

Also, don't hesitate to forbid non-roleplay talking during fight. If the Paladin leader wants to kill the evil wizard first, lets his character say it, not the player. With all this elments, you'll have the Moria Scene :D

Good fights for me: 1/3 dices/strategy/luck & bad luck, 1/3 music, 1/3 roleplay discussion/ description

Few examples:
I used this one for Foxglove in the first AP: and this one for Karzoug:

For Jade Regent: or

And in a homebrew scenario in Molthune (I know, easy but...):

Moreover, all my players have a theme that I play when there're doing epic thing (like the last strike on the boss). For example, one of my rondolero player have this one:

Try music :p
Sorry for my english, not my mother tongue ^^