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Yes guys I was planning on starting an Occultist (Reliquarian) of Norgorber and I was wondering if we have the right to worship an evil god in PFS? I mean if the character is Neutral it should be legal right?

Furthermore how do these characters are perceive at the table? Maybe you run into a few of them? Are they jerks or team players? I mean I would like to create that character but if it's only a disappointment to the GM there is no point in doing that. And of course I'm planning to play him as a Neutral not as an evil backstaber.

Hey guys, two questions that came up at my tabletop game:

- If somone bullrush you or trip you with an AoO or a Readied Action or something like that (that Mesmerist's power for example) can you step up and then do a five-foot step? If the only movement you had during the turn was the steping up part?

- When you pick an animal companion or a familiar, do you keep the skills racials modifiers from the bestiary? For example if I choose a bird as an animal companion does he keep his +8 racial to Perception or not?

Hi guys!

I was planning to build an Elemental Ascetic for a Skulls & Shackles tabletop game starting in a few weeks (20 points, core races and few exceptions, one campaign trait, all Paizo legal, no 3rdPP). This archetype seems to suck hard but I want to be Avatar Ang in close combat!

So I got a few questions for the crunch experts around!
- If you got an ability which emulate one from another classe (Furry of Blows) can you take the Unchained one?
- If I take a one dip in Unchained Monk, and then Elemental Ascetic, will I have the two furry of blows? Only one?
- Is there a way to do a decent build with that or not? We are not power gamer and our GM is generaly fair, but I don't want to slow the group down with a cool thematic character that sucks.

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Alors les enfants ici on va faire la discussion HRP.

L'aventure va se passer essentiellement en Thuvie, Osirion et Katapesh.

On fera vos personnages et on découvrira les fonctionnalités du forum ici ensemble.

Races Jouables:
Humains (Ethnies typiques: Garundis, typés blacks/arabes, avec d'anciennes civilisations de magiciens et de pharaons. Kéléshite: les contes des 1001 Nuits et la Perse antique.)

Elfes (les hauts-elfes, typiques des grands empires elfes, et les exilés, ceux ayant grandi dans des communautés humaines ou inspirées).

Nains (Nains des Montagnes, typiques du cliché, ou Nain Pahmet, conseillers des Pharaons d'Osirion et nains monastiques du désert).

Halfelins (Pieds-légers, les citadins, et les Robustes, les ruraux).



Gnomes (des roches, les urbains, des profondeurs qui vivent sous terre et des forêts, qui ont de forts liens avec le monde des fées.)

Genasi, enfants des élémentaires et des génies (terre, eau, feu et air).

Classes et archétypes (choisir un à chaque fois):
Barbare: Le Berserker, véritable boucher enragé. Le Guerrier Totémique, infusé du pouvoirs des esprits totems. Le Fou de Guerre, en armure à pointes qui lapident ses ennemis au contact.

Barde: Le Collège de la Valeur, des skalds et chanteurs de guerre en première ligne. Le Collège de la Connaissance, maîtres des arcanes et des mauvais tours.

Prêtre: (Choisir un domaine) La Lumière qui brûle les impies. La Vie qui protège les alliés. La Mort qui ronge le corps et l'âme. La Duperie qui emploie les ombres et les illusions. La Guerre, en première ligne et en armure lourde. La Nature, avec des connaissances druidiques et en harmonie avec l'environnement. La Connaissance, avec des divinations et de nombreux savoirs. L'Arcane, serviteur de la Magie.

Druide: De la Terre, puissants lanceurs de sorts. De la Lune, puissant métamorphe.

Guerrier: Le Champion, guerrier athlétique et maître d'armes. Le Maître de Guerre, génie tacticien et érudit. Le Champion Occultiste, guerrier-magicien aux pouvoirs d'évocation. Le Chevalier, symbole de courage et d'espoir en première ligne.

Moine: L'Ordre des 4 Éléments, maître aux sorts élémentaires. L'Ordre de la Paume, artiste martiaux au corps à corps. L'Ordre de l'Ombre, espions et assassins. L'Ordre de la Longue Mort, maître de l'anatomie et des ondes vitales. L'Ordre de l'Âme Radieuse, maître de la lumière céleste qui incendie les ennemis et réchauffe les cœurs.

Paladin (Pas de restriction d'alignement, juste un code de divinité): Vœu de Vengeance, assassins et justiciers vigilants. L'Ordre de la Couronne, rempart de la civilisation. Vœu des Anciens, protecteurs de la nature et des terres sauvages.

Rôdeur: Traqueur, chasseur infatigable et tueur de monstres. Dompteur, accompagné d'un féroce compagnon animal.

Roublard: Voleur, le maître des sales tours et des astuces. Assassin, tueur, espion, empoisonneur. Le Mystificateur Profane, adepte des illusions et enchantements. L'Arnaqueur (Mastermind en Anglais :O ça sonne mieux) dont les paroles véhiculent troubles et tromperies. Le Duelliste, spadassin alliant panache et style!

Ensorceleurs: Lignée Draconique, aux pouvoirs hérités des dragons. Lignage des Tempêtes, seigneurs du ciel et du tonnerre. Mage Sauvage, dont la puissance est tirée de manière incontrôlée du tissu de la réalité.

Magiciens: 8 Spécialisations: Enchantement, Illusion, Transmutation, Evocation, Invocation, Nécromancie, Divination, Abjuration. Ainsi que le Chantelame, magicien-guerrier à l'arme magique.

Sorcier: Le Pacte des Fiélons, avec des pouvoirs ardents tirés d'une sombre entité. Le Pacte des Dieux Très Anciens, Shallub'Nagurath Cthulu! Le Pacte des Fées, tissé avec les mystérieux maîtres du Premier Monde, prince des fées et du monde sylvestre. Le Pacte de la Non-Mort, hérité d'une alliance avec de puissantes créatures mort-vivantes et/ou immortelles.

Vous pouvez teinté tout roleplay d'une touche égyptienne et/ou arabe/perse/tribus du désert. Vous pouvez aussi faire un étranger si vous préférez. Sur quoi vous voulez plus de précisions?
Les classes et archétypes se valent au plan des règles.

Hi guys.

I play in Golarion, and use a lot of books from the campaign setting. And I love the monsters, but I'm tired to always have to create news monsters to emulate the ones from Pathfinder.

Is there a good way to convert monsters and PNJ relatively quickly?


Hi guys!

I was wondering if there is outhere some kind of list made by the people who know well the game about the good/best archetypes for each class?

I know there are the class guides, but a lots of them don't consider all the gaming material or are outdated (which I understand perfectly, it's a lots of work!)

So is there some kind of "the best" archetypes? We are not power player in my group (just a few multiclassing, always a lots of roleplay, etc...) but we really like options. It's even more true since the release of the new Advanced Class Guid.

Today, when I want to build a warrior or a barbarian I'm like totally lost between my books, my pdf, and Pathfinder SRD. Too much options, and too much bad option that I can miss (like that archetype seems fun and... no it's lame but you're already level 8 so too late...)

Anyway I'm looking for a general guid with a good, short and complete list of good option.

Hi guys, a few questions about Damiel!

1- When he uses a Noxious Bomb and discard a card to add his craft skill, he adds +3 or 1d10+3?

2- How can he acquire a new spell? Does his craft count as divine or arcane to acquire a boon? :)

Thanks in advance! :)

Hi guys, we just finished RotRL with my girlfirend, and I'll purchase the S&S box soon. But I wanted to know if it was possible to mix the box with the adventure society game, and get some rewards from the bonus scenario?

We are not planning on using class deck, just the regular boxes (and the following adventures) and try to get some more play time with the pdf scenario. Is that possible? Do you have any advice about this idea?

And we wanted to know if the 7 characters of the base box are good to go from a duo perspective. Can we play whoever we want? We did RotRL with Lem and Kyra.

Hi guys, I'm a Big fan of Golarion, but I choose to drop the Pathfinder rules in favor of D&D 5, because it's easier and with more roleplay, less subrules, etc...

But I'll still play un Golarion of course! So I'm looking for a quick way to adapt Pathfinder's monsters, does someone have a magick PDF or some good advices :)?

Hi guys, one of my fellow player wants to play a Pahmet Dwarf Monk for our upcoming Mummy's Mask, and he wanted to be the tank of the group, who can support some heavy strikes and control the battlefield.

We are 25 points-buy and not a party of powergamer so don't worry the Monk is pretty good in our game. I was thinking of an Iron Moutain Monk, or a Flowing Monk but I'm not sure which one is better. No multiclassing, just pure monk. UM, UC, APG allowed, and around level 7-8 ACG should be autorized.

Any advices guys :)?

Hi guys,

Firstable I created this thread not for the troll, but for some advices and maths. Do you think that the Arcanist make the Wizard and the Sorcerer weak? Or at least he's far better than them? He can do almost anything (counterspell as immediate action... Lol).

So should I autorize him at my table? Here are the rules in my campaign:
- Adventure Path or module
- 25 point buy
- No dip, only solo classing or multiclassing (2 maximum) for a prestige classe.
- APG, UC & UM but no other books, only core race, racial trait but no prédilection bonus.
- No Rogue (too weak), no summoner (too strong)
- One archétype maximum, and you need a good roleplay.
- No ressurection of any kind. Dead means dead.
- Weapon finesse give dex to dommage for one handed weapon finessable.

Do you think the Arcanist has a spot in here? I'm affraid of him... All my players have a lots of fun with my rules for now on, enough options, Monk and fighters have no problems with the 25 points but no dip limitate the munchkins.
I'm affraid the Arcanist is far too powerful for my games, what do you think? Any feed-back?

Again, it's not a troll. I love Paizo work, and I'm ok with people who trying to make the best build, but I'm concerned about this class.

And I'm not english so please guys forget my mistakes! :)

Hi guys,

I saw that there is some kind of society card game event coming soon? Are they planning to make an organized game with one-shots adventures like the roleplaying game? Is it the point of the class deck to be played in these events?

Well, a few noobs questions but I need informations, because it seems really cool!

Hi guys! Firstable sorry for my english, I'll try my best but it's not my native linguage so forgive me the few mistakes :p

So, here's the situation: we are going with my band to finish Kingmaker soon, and I'm the next DM! So I have to choose an AP to run!
And I really like Reign of Winter (Bin fan of Witches) but I really dislike the location on the fifth adventure! We like planes, space, guns... But earth is too much, for me and I'm certain at least 50% of my players. So if I want to plays RoW I need to make some modifications!

I want to keep Rasputin and a lots of the encounters, but no troops or tank. I was thinking of rellocate the adventure in the Spellscar where Rasputin would have used chaotic magic and steampunk technology to counter the Old Crone. There will still be the strange encournter like fey, gas... But it will be spellscar/steampunk staff, not earth. But I could keep the russian pawns for Alkenastre mercenary. I was also thinking of a Technic League sidekick adviser from Numeria and a Gunsliger/Alchemist Alkenastre expert who will supervize Rasputin's world engine.

Any thougths? Advices? Should I just take an other AP?

Hey everybody!

I'm actually DMing a kind of campaign where my players are Pathfinders. One game session, one scenario, one place. It's a very good way to explore and discover the all world (& beyond!)

And I would like to make a one shot in the Kamaria's Pyramid, or in Gallowspire, but I've go no idea how to "skip" the first levels of the dungeon whithout loose a lots of roleplay credibility. Do I have to just make a new background for the enire dungeon? Make it shorter?

Well, I need some advices. (Group level 12)

Exscuse my english, it's not my mother tongue.