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A Paladin will always have a good time in Wrath of the Righteous. In my limited experience, at least.

Spells >> No Spells.
Eldritch Scoundrel Rogue >> Horizon Walker Slayer

Spell Cartridges is pretty good, lets you deal force damage and you never have to worry about ammo. I'd also suggest considering the possibility of NOT dipping Spell Slinger Wizard, and instead just going all 15 levels in Magus. Level 15 Magus gets some great stuff, like the ability to enhance his weapon with Bane, or the ability to Reflect enemy spells.

Zepheri wrote:
Best solution take the 100k and pay a Slayer lv 20 to kill him

Why a Slayer? At least if you had said a Level 20 Ninja I might have been able to take you seriously, but a Level 20 Slayer? What's that going to accomplish?

And that's why you take the Thoughtful Wishmaker trait, to ensure that your GM the genie can't mess around with your wishes. Alternatively, put a lot of ranks into Profession (barrister) and Sense Motive.

Hey Kirth, what do you think of the idea of making it so that people who fall unconscious, don't actually "fall" until they reach their turn in the initiative? I'd imagine that they'd just teeter on their feet like a Mortal Kombat character does before the "Finish Him!" animations.

Would it be worth it to slaughter that sacred cow? Cuz I kind of think that your character is being penalized enough for loosing HP, and having to fall and then get back up even if you are healed before your turn is kind of a double jeopardy, IMHO.

I'm a little bit sad that our Fighter isn't a Barbarian instead. Cuz then we would have had a d4 wizard, a d6 archivist, a d8 rogue, a d10 ranger, and a d12 barbarian for maximal coverage. But that's just for the lols. Fighter is just as good as Barbarian, and arguably better when it comes to defending a party, which is pretty important in Kirthfinder it seems.

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Okay, so I looked through everyone's builds. Apparently, neither the Fighter nor the Ranger have much in the way of Ranged Attacks. The Rogue does, at least. And the Ranger has a reach weapon, which is nice.

So I'm currently thinking of a small adjustment to the marching orders. Rather than walking in a straight line, we'd be walking in a "+" configuration.

Kolmac is at the center, surrounded on all sides by everyone else. Cayden is in the front as our Vanguard Shield Fighter. Aemur still brings up the rear since he has reach on his glaives.

Eshkeval and Dairkal then will have to take up the left and right sides respectively. This opens us up for attack on our sides, but hopefully Aemur should be able to cover those areas with his reach.

More importantly, this configuration enables Eshkeval to touch Aemur and Cayden and affect them with Dimensional Skip, putting them into battle quickly while negating their lack of ranged attacks.

Since Dairkul already possesses a ranged attack, Eshkeval being unable to reach him easily isn't as big of a deal. Dairkul is also still close enough to the front to point out traps and other hazards, so this should still work out.

What do you guys think?

Kolmac is definitely in the middle then, as a squishy d4 wizard. He'll be sandwiched between Dairkul (in the front) and Eshkeval (in the back). We'll have Cayden (our Fighter IIRC?) stay in front, while Aemur, our Ranger, brings up the rear.

This way we have a frontline martial both forwards and back (Cayden & Aemur), as well as a skilled watchman on either side as well (Dairkul & Aemur). This leaves our wizard to be the most protected, and gives him easy access to buff the full party.

That said, I haven't really looked too deeply into Cayden and Aemur's respective builds. I would hope that the Ranger has some ranged attacks in his repetoire. If he doesn't, but the Fighter does, then we'll flip everyone's position. If neither of them have ranged attacks...then they should get ranged attacks. Alternatively, they could invest in a more defensive fighting style to keep Kolmac and I alive.

I'll stick around with Kolmac and try and keep him safe. I'm not particularly tanky as an Archivist, but I did roll awesome stats and my defenses are pretty optimized, at least for now, at this level. The two of us can also pew pew with ranged attacks to help out in combat.

This should keep us pretty safe moving foraward, though ambushes at level 1 will still be incredibly threatening. It also sucks vs AoE attacks, but I think there are Fighter abilities that counter that, plus such AoE isn't something we're likely to run into until later, and most AoE magic has been nerfed anyway.

Dairkal, if you want to reroll your initative, feel free to do so. One of those tree monsters is left, but you should be at max hp, and you, Cayden and Aemur have yet to actually go in combat. I think it should have less than 3 health, so I think we've got this combat in the bag, thanks to luck and hero points.

Note that the extra damage from Vital Strike is NOT multiplied on a critical hit. The same goes for the extra damage from Mythic Vital Strike.

So, question time. These guys just got healed before ever reaching their turn. Does that mean that they don't need to roll saves for being dazed or whatever else have you? Do they roll those saves when hit, or on their own turn? Actually, considering the fact that they went into negatives and thus became unconscious, does that clear them of their previous ailment of being dazed or whatever else have you?

Also, hero points. Did we start out with 1 or 2? Furthermore, would rolling double max on my Channel Energy + Hero point roll be considered an "awesome outcome" enough for me to regain a hero point?

Also, Kolmac, can you identify the creatures? If they're undead then they just took a ton of damage from my Channel Energy.

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Holy f@&#, I'm on a roll this week. Defended my dissertation and now I just rolled max on my Channel Energy + Hero Point roll. I hope this gets our fallen friends back to maximum health. If nothing else, that should negate their ambush advantage over us, giving us much better odds of winning this fight without a single death.

Yeah, the problem cleared up real quick. I dunno why, but I couldn't open up any of the Kirthfinder docs, but I was able to open up other google drive documents, so it was weird.

That said, problem fixed itself in like, 10 minutes.

Anybody have any trouble opening up the Kirthfinder google drive documents? Or is it just me?

Alchemist is probably the best Wizard Gestalt partner, if what you want is to enhance the Wizard aspects most of all. Alchemsits can gain Cognatogen which increases their INT and other mental scores the way Mutagen does for physical scores. Alchemist + Wizard also gets all good saves, and Alchemists are certainly no slouches when it comes to combat either. They also fit really well thematically, too, since you can get both Alchemist Discoveries and Wizard Discoveries.

Nice to know that ABP works the way I thought it did. Looks like I don't have to make any changes to my character sheet. I can't wait for the chance to play him.

Ah, that's unfortunate. I already have a level 8 tristalt character, so making him level 7 and Mythic Tier 1 wouldn't have been too difficult.

Ah, that reminds me, Automatic Bonus Progression and the Soulknife, how does that work, exactly? I think I just stacked the weapon enhancements together, but if you don't want them to stack, I can change it.

One GM I played with suggested not allowing the Soulknife to gain weapon enhancement bonus, but instead allowed them to choose pretty much any weapon special ability to compensate. Same with classes like the Magus, and whatnot. But that's just one suggestion. How do you want to handle it?

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doc roc wrote:
CorvusMask wrote:
You get third domain and automatically know whether your deity would approve or disapprove (or be indifferent) to any action you do.

Dear oh dear... LOL

I shouldn't be surprised the old cleric got one final kick in the knackers from Paizo.... heaven forbid it actually gets something interesting and/or useful as a capstone!

If you're a 20th level cleric and you dont know how you should be acting there is something going badly wrong!.....And as for getting a 3rd domain... what possible domain powers are gonna be worth having/using and since you only have 1 domain slot per level, the domain spells wont be much use either! And as always half the time your domain spells are ones that clerics get anyway!

I'll say it one last time.... Paizo just doesn't get the cleric class

I dunno, dude. Domains are pretty powerful on their own, even without spells. Just ask Inquisitors, who get a domain but don't get domain spells to begin with.

Getting the abilities of a third domain for FREE is a strong ability. Certainly better than not having a capstone at all.

Unfortunately, the Bloodline mutations are specific to sorcerers and bloodragers only. Bloodline arcanists and other archetypes that give bloodlines don't count, I'm afraid. Course, GM rule overrides all, so feel free to ask the GM.

Spheres of Power has an Advanced Destruction Talent called Penetrating Blast that lets you reduce enemy resistance by an amount equal to your caster level, or double your caster level if you spend a spell point. It also lets you treat energy immunity as energy resistance 40 for this purpose. But it only works for Destructive Blast, IIRC.

Mageknight has a mystic combat called Mark of Pain that reduces enemy DR and energy resistance by an amount equal to their level after they've marked a target. But this requires 7 levels of Mageknight.

I believe that there is also a totem that reduces enemy DR, energy resistance and even spell resistance by an amount equal to caster level...but it only applies to outsiders who are not on their home plane.

Outside of those examples, I dunno many examples that are available to you outside of mythic. Course, if City of 7 Seraphs is allowed, you might be able to enter the High Aspirant prestige class for some limited access to mythic stuff. Course, that depends on GM fiat.

Koro took the Radiant Dawn Discipline, so he also has access to healing if need be. Between Lifeburst Strike and Shatter Spell, he should be able to cover most conditions, with the exception of stuff like ability damage or drain, I think. He also has an Alchemy Salve to heal hit point damage, but it should be rarely used since he has a lot of damage mitigation (DR/- + Resilient Momentum) as well as threat management (i.e. Guardian Challenge).

As for the Infiltrator stuff he gained, Gloves of the Master Thief [Veil] lets him disarm traps (including magic traps) with a rather significant bonus. If he's using the Trickster Path for the Living Legend, he can stealth anywhere, even while observed. Furthermore, the psibertech Decevier's Prosthesis lets him change his appearance at will, as per minor metamorphosis. Lastly, Spectacles of the Shiekh allows him to always know whenever someone attempts to observe either him or a person within 30 ft of him via divination.

Yeah, Koro has access to a lot of different systems, which is why I gave him a minor artifact that can help mix things a little bit better without being ludicrously overpowered. Really, it won't even see much use until later levels, heh. (I'm actually worried it might be a bit underpowered, given that essence burn recovers by one per minute, but psionic power points don't recover at all until the next day).

At any rate, I've altered the character to level 10. As it turns out, Koro got access to some pretty sweet abilities that make him really good at infiltration now, as well. He's even got some decent counter-infiltration stuff going on, too.

Thanks for the heads up. I'll alter the character sheet accordingly then.

Huh I was about to claim that I was done, but it appears as though the level got buffed from 8 to 10. I am more than okay with this, if that's the case, but until I get confirmation, I'll keep things as level 8 for now.

At any rate, here's my character: Koro Jiren, the Page Blade

His base class is Daevic (with the Knowledge Passion from City of the 7 Seraphs). His two backup classes are Aegis (with the Ascendant archetype) and Soulknife (with the Living Legend archetype). His main role is that of an enforcer (due to the fact that he's incredibly tanky and has a decent offense to boot), but he's also capable of filling in other roles if need be. His diplomatic skills aren't particularly bad, nor is his infiltration ability. He can also alter his character to be a bit more specific to the needs of whatever group he's a part of, whether that means DPS, support, or whatever else have you.

Step 1: write five things about your character’s concept and background, five things that you think are the most essential parts of your character. You don’t have to stop at five, if you like…this is just a minimum.

1.) Koro Jigen is a member of an order known as the Page Turners. Page Turners are an organization dedicated towards the preservation of knowledge. There are three main ranks to this organization. Those at the bottom rank are known as simple "Pages," whose duties and stations vary wildly, but are most often people of knowledge: librarians, university professors, academy wizards, scientists and researchers alike. The society provides these members with access to a wealth of information and knowledge, and in return, the Page Turners Society claims membership dues to keep itself afloat. The next level above that of a mere Page, is a Page Blade. These members are the ones most often called upon to enact mission for the society. These missions include anything from the transportation of knowledge, to the reclamation of new knowledge for the Society. They are the "arms" of the organization. There is one more level above even a Page Blade, however. That level belongs to the Page Masters, the heads of the organization.Page Masters are the bearers of secrets with immense power: political assassinations, eldritch rituals, some say even the locations of lost civilizations. In order to attain the rank of Page Master, one simply needs to know one of these "Unsworn Secrets."

2.) Koro Jigen is currently apprentice to a Page Master by the name of Gaol Logan. Most Page Masters chose for themselves an apprentice amongst the Page Blades, and willingly pass along their Unsworn Secret to their successor. However, for secrets of such magnitude, the process is rarely a simple one, often times filled with challenges personalized by each individual Page Master. Hence, those who know their Page Masters the best often have an advantage in ascertaining their Unsworn Secret. Unfortunately, Gaol is pretty eccentric, and he was never one to make things easy.

3.) Not every piece of valuble information is held by the Page Turner Society, however. A number of secret organizations exist which exist to control wealth, power, and, of course, knowledge. One of the most prominent of the Page Turner's competitors, is the Bank of the Sun. The Bank of the Sun is primarily a financial institution, however few might guess that it's origins lie in piracy. Few know the story of how the legendary Pirate Warlord Suna came to lay down her blade and pursue the life of a merchant, but it is clear that the Bank of the Sun would not exist today without the appreciable value of many of Suna's stolen assets. Among these include a couple of books and scrolls that the Page Turner Society has shown a great deal of interest in for reasons unknown. While many Page Blades have attempted to infiltrate the Bank's coffers, few have ever returned. So when Koro took up the quest, he decided to do the unthinkable. He just asked nicely for it. Surprisingly, this worked!

4.) The Bank of the Sun abhors trickery and deception, and understands the value of a well kept secret. By telling them who he was, Koro guaranteed an audience with the Elite members of the Bank of the Sun. While there, he proposed a deal whereby he could simply purchase the scrolls he seeks. In return, Koro would offer up his own services as guardian to the Bank. Furthermore, he would act as a living liason between them, and the Page Turner Society. So impressed they were by his eloquence that they entreated him to also serve as a representative of the bank to noble affairs and kingdoms. One of these Kingdoms Koro was sent to as a representative of the Bank of the Sun, was the City of 7 Seraphs. The Bank was attempting to establish a stronghold in the city, so as yo expand their considerable influence into areas beyond the material plane. It was then that he came into contact with the Society of the Bookbinders. As it turns out, the Bookbinders were a sister society to the Page Turners, with many similar goals and aspirations. Koro aims to join this organization, and become the link between them all.

5.) Koro is true neutral. He's not evil, but he's also not a good guy. He is ruthless when it comes to the pursuit of the mission, putting it's success above all else. That said, he has a tiny bit of a daredevil-ish and masochistic side. Being put into dangerous situations makes his brain work overtime and being able to overcome such high-stress situations delivers a rush like you wouldn't believe. "High stress situations" include the sensation of pain, by the way. On top of this, he considers "the limits his body can take" to be a secret he's interested in finding out. But at the same time, it's not like he's seeking death, either. He won't do anything that will definitely lead to his death, but then again, with his abilities, it's rare that most situations are as dangerous as they first appear.

Step 2: List two goals for the character that you, as a player, think would be cool to see accomplished in-game. During any session in which you take positive action to achieve that goal, I will award you an action point that can only be used in scenes furthering that goal. These Action Points are separate from the action points you gain by resting and reaching milestones. You can change goals later, though you lose all the accumulated Action Points for the goal you abandoned.

1.) Koro's current goal is to become a Page Master. In order to do so there are a few ways currently avaialable to him. The first is to recover the Unsworn Secrets held by either the Bank of the Sun or the Bookbinder's Society. The second is to claim the Unsworn Secret owned by Gaol Logan, the Page Master he serves as apprentice. But Gaol Logan is eccentric, difficult to find at the best of times, and does not give up his secrets easily. Hence, the secret kept by the Bank of the Sun may be much more readily attainable, as it's really mostly a battle of time and endurance. The final method of becoming a Page Master, would of course be to create an Unsworn Secret. Given his research, this lofty goal is not necessarily unattainable for him...

2.) Unrelated to his stated goals, Koro Jigen has another, more personal goal. As far back as he could remember, he was raised by Gaol Logan. However, Gaol Logan is not his relative. At times, Koro dreams of people with faces he can't see, and places with features he doesn't recognize. But in these dreams, he feels...safe. Warm. Loved. So a hidden goal, at times even hidden to himself, is to find his original family. However, given the length of time he's been away from them, he really doesn't know how he'd feel to find them, or what he would even do should he accomplish that goal.

Step 3: List two secrets about your character. One is a secret the character knows, one is a secret that involves him but that he is not actually aware of yet. This will help me in creating plots that center around your character. I will also be creating a third secret which you as a player will not be aware of, so expect some surprises!

1.) As a member of the Page Turner Society, a liason to the Bank of the Sun, and a new recruit of the Bookbinder Society, Koro knows many secrets of magic, medicine, and nobility. Something that he has been researching, involves the intersectionality of magic. Specifically, how different types of magic are viewed in different societies, and the different ways in which they interact which other. As a result, Koro has dabbled in magic, psionics, akasha, and even the fabled spheres of power. With a few more years, he'll probably be the worldmost expert on the subject of their intersectionality. So far, he's been writing down all of his notes on the subject in a book he calls the Tome of Equivocation. The information there is detailed enough to the point that it's become a minor artifact. With a bit more study and training, the book could become a major artifact. At that point, it too will be an Unsworn Secret, and Koro will be made a Page Master.

2.) A secret that Koro does NOT know, yet concerns him greatly, is the secret that Gaol Logan wants him to learn. That secret is, that neither of them are from this world, or even really this very plane. Both belong to a parallel dimension where magic has long since been forgotten. The places that Koro visits in his dreams, the people he sees, they are all memories of the life he had before he found his way into this world. As for that way he found? It was in the humble pages of an eldritch book, known as The Neverending Story. But no secret can just be told. If Koro will learn this secret, then he must be the one to venture forth and claim it!

Step 4: Describe three people that are tied to the character though blood, romance or honor. Two of them are friendly to the character, one is hostile. All can do something useful for you, if you can get the situations to line up. If you like, you can include an enemy of yours here as well, so I have an instant NPC nemesis to throw at you.

1.) Gaol Logan. An eccentric man, a master magician, and a connoisseur of various cultures, Gaol Logan is a Page Master of immeasurable age. As far as Koro remembers, he's also the closest thing the man had to a parent. Gaol found the poor frightened child on the side of a road during his travels. It was during the winter season, so the boy likely would have frozen to death or died of starvation had he not come along. He decided to take the boy in, and when the boy showed academic prowess, he decided to turn the boy into his next apprentice. Gaol often left the boy alone with his unseen servants while he traveled far and wide for secret information.

2.) Baron Lurthnier. When Koro entreated the Elite members of the Bank of the Sun, all but one member of the Elite accepted his propisition. That sole voice of dissent, was Baron Lurthnier, who still cannot trust him and believes that Koro will betray the bank at his earliest opportunity. However, since the Bank operates on a three quarters majority, his opposition was overruled. There's likely to also be similar dissent amongst the Bookbinders, but few have revealed themselves to Koro directly.

3.) Paul. The "head butler" of Gaol Logan's estate. Paul does not have a last name. Paul does not have a body. Paul, is an unseen servant. Unseen or not, he's also the best caretaker that Koro has ever had. Koro was the one who named him, and in return Paul made sure that Koro had everything he needed to thrive both physically and academically. Paul even helped Koro train his latent psionic talent. In time it was Koro who shaped him a body made out of ectoplasm. He so did love having a body he could move with. Maybe one of these days, he'd be able to leave this place, and go on his own adventure! But...that's a silly idea. He's an unseen servant, after all. And that's all he'll ever be...

Step 5: Describe three memories that your character has. They don't have to be elaborate, but they should provide some context and flavor.

1.) Reading his first book all on his own. It's a story he was told many times, but for whatever reason, he cannot remember by who. Only memory of the story remains, and the feelings of joy he had when he finally finished it on his own.

2.) Meeting Gaol Logan for the first time. It's probably his first real vivid memory. It's hard to forget the man who saved you as a child and nursed you back up to health from your deathbed in a cold, unfamiliar world.

3.) Preforming magic for the first time, with Paul. Then getting good enough at it to create a body for him.It was probably the first time Paul had ever smiled. Kinda hard to do without a body, afterall.

Proposed Artifact: Tome of Equivocation:
This sacred text explores the intersectionality of magic. Those who read from this tome are gifted with the ability to combine their mental prowess with their lifeblood energy. Whenever they are required to take a point of essence burn, they may spend power points equal to their level instead. Furthermore, essence can be bound into a psicrown for 24 hours, restoring power points to the item equal to the wearer's veilweaver level per point of essence invested. This ability also works on staves, restoring one charge per point of essence bound.

This tome must be read once ever 24 hours in order to retain it's benefits.

Depending on how long this game goes on, I might be willing to be a Co-GM as well. Just not right now, since I'm in the midst of graduating. Give me a few weeks though, and I should be quite free to pursue GM-ing again.

I should ask, since I'm planning to be a Soulknife, is High Psionics in play?

It basically gives the Soulknife the same manifesting abilities as a Gifted Blade, only without costing them their psychic strike class feature. Effectively, it turns them into a 4th level caster akin to the Paladin or Bloodrager, only using Psionics.

I'm also planning on utilizing Psibertech, as well as material from the City of 7 Seraphs book (the Knowledge Passion for the Daevic and the Ascendant archetype for the Aegis). Considering the setting, I'm sure that these are already allowed, but it's always nice to ask and receive confirmation just to be sure.

There's still time to submit a character, right?

If so, I'd like to submit an Aegis | Daevic | Soulknife build. Should be pretty versatile, with the Host of Heroes and Living Legend archetypes, especially if High Psionics is in play, so that the Soulknife gets their Gifted Blade manifesting for free.

I can make them an effective healer or a tank pretty easily if given the chance.

Kirth Gersen wrote:
Kaouse wrote:
are all racial class levels also 1/2 CR, just like NPC class levels? If so, that would make the CR of my revised build...CR 13, lol.
No; they're PC class levels, so your revised CR is 21, in a game that only goes to 20th level.

When I wrote /Adept 2/ it wasn't me taking two MORE levels of Adept, it was just me taking the second level of Adept, since I took Adept 1 while an Amberite already.

That said, the most current build is as follows:

Amberite Adept 2 / Human Paragon 4 /Prestige Specialist (Necromancy) 1-2 / Vampire 5 / Lich 1 / Prestige Specialist (Necromancy) 3-4 / Lich 2-4 / Prestige Specialist (Necromancy) 5

Ignoring the level-by-level breakdown, it's just:

Amberite Adept 2 / Human Paragon 4 / Vampire 5 / Lich 4 / Prestige Specialist (Necromancy) 5

Altogether, 20 levels, CR 20, BAB 14 (fractional), Spellcasting Capacity 14 (Since Adept starts off as a full caster for the first 2 levels). Correct?

Since Vampire doesn't gain a single new ability beyond level 5, the class synergy from Human Paragon basically gives the same bonuses as Vampire 8, barring perhaps the extra feats, I presume?

Lastly, does natural armor from racial classes stack?

All in all, what do you think of this build? Note that it gets Thaumaturgy (Adept Arcane Bond), Control Undead (Prestige Specialist), and Leadership (Vampire) as bonus feats. Is the build too abusive? Does it even work as outlined? Or have I missed something?

I also considered taking levels in the Undead racial class instead of Human Paragon, but I wasn't sure if I could apply the undead gifts to spellcasting theurgy. None of the examples listed did such a thing, I'm afraid. If it's possible, let me know.

Mu Ridenhou, Round 3:
The tiny bird quickly recovers from the unexpected strike, calms it self for but a moment, and resumes attacking.

I could use up one of my Lay on Hands, but I think I'll hold off on that for now. It doesn't seem to deal a lot of damage per hit, so I think I can absorb even a crit.

Full Round Action: Full Attack [Fighting Defensively]

Attack 1: 1d20 + 15 - 2 ⇒ (4) + 15 - 2 = 17
Damage 1: 1d3 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9
Attack 2: 1d20 + 10 - 2 ⇒ (14) + 10 - 2 = 22
Damage 2: 1d3 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8

My strategy remains unchanged.

Slim Jim wrote:
Kaouse wrote:
Slim Jim wrote:
** spoiler omitted **...
Is this supposed to be for PFS only? Because otherwise, I have no idea why Beastkin Berserker is rated lower than Flesheater (other than Fleasheater's kickass level 20 capstone, I admit). Outside of PFS and outside of level 20, Flesheater just seems like a weaker, more restrictive version of Beastkin Berserker.

You can fly at 2nd-level as a Flesheater. All you need is 1sp and time to make thrush soup. (Unless you're a goblin, in which case stuff that thing down raw, feathers and all.)

Flesheater is the far more versatile archetype because you don't actually turn into the animal while gaining its abilities:

Flesheater wrote:
At 5th level, the flesheater can take on any number of the creature’s abilities that are listed under beast shape I. At 8th level, the flesheater can instead take on one of the creature’s abilities listed under beast shape II. The flesheater’s appearance alters to resemble the consumed creature, but she does not change shape....

So at 8th, I'll pop a bite of big cat jerky and gain Pounce, Grab, Low-light vision, and Scent, while remaining a humanoid capable of using manufactured equipment to 2hPA klonk people in the head with my furious/fortuitous/leveraging polearm. And I have to option of declining Grab if the GM determines that that would require my hands to turn into paws without opposable thumbs.

It's so good that, in address to avr's comment earlier: "+3 is just being a fanboi." -- ...I give +3s to overly permissive archetypes that GMs have a good reason to keep an eye on in their campaigns. For instance, they may feel that PCs flying at 2nd level (without spells or magical equipment) not only breaks their view of verisimilitude, but also demolishes a lot of options they'd otherwise have in adventure-design. Walls, for example, become worthless as a barrier a lot sooner than they'd otherwise be for the party.

You can fly at level 2. A Beastkin Berserker Barbarian can fly at level 4. Not a huge selling point.

As for the part about eating a Big Cat and grabbing Pounce, Grab, Low-light vision, and Scent, note that as written, you only get one of those abilities at a time. A Beastkin Berserker can get all of them, simultaneously.

Furthermore, it's not a particularly huge advantage to use manufactured weapons when the Beastkin Berserker Barbarian gets a natural attack routine with more attacks and less iterative attack penalties.

You can enhance your weapon easier, sure, but the (non-PFS) Beastkin Berserker is already working with a greater bonus to hit than the Flesheater ever gets until Level 20, when both will have fully enhanced weapons anyway.

Note, I'm not saying that Flesheater is bad, I'm just saying that I think that Beastkin Berserker Barbarians deserve a better score than what they have right now.

Slim Jim wrote:
** spoiler omitted **...

Is this supposed to be for PFS only? Because otherwise, I have no idea why Beastkin Berserker is rated lower than Flesheater (other than Fleasheater's kickass level 20 capstone, I admit). Outside of PFS and outside of level 20, Flesheater just seems like a weaker, more restrictive version of Beastkin Berserker.

Another thing that makes Kensai incredibly deadly as a Mage Hunter, they can use Spell Combat to full attack and then use Antimagic Field to prevent their target from using magic. Or, if there's a contingency of importance, they could do the opposite, and use AMF first, before then full attacking.

All they need then, is to be able to get in close as a swift action, which is easy with Dimension Door and the Quickened Magic Arcana.

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Kirth Gersen wrote:
Eshkeval, the Card Archivist wrote:
"Do you like it?" Eshkeval asks, timidly.

Baron Garstang shakes your hand, being careful not to put to much strength into his grip, lest he damage your sensitive artist's fingers.

"I hope you'll allow me to have it framed when you're done -- one day we'll hang it in the foyer of the big municipal building I mentioned."

"of course, of course!" Eshkeval says, as he estatically agrees to the Baron's idea, and shakes his hand with exuberance. When he retires back to his home, he will work throughout the night in order to finish the portrait, and send it to the Baron.

He will even use "Take a Breather" rules in order to give himself a +1 bonus on the check (assuming I'm using that correctly), for a 28. He will ask Kolmac for his opinions and ideas, and see if Kolmac can provide any aid in making his picture ever so slightly better.

I'd second the Kensai Magus. The ability to cast a spell and deal damage in the same round is actually quite useful as a mage killer. It allows you to use your spell to get in close, bypass an enemy defense, or just further buff yourself, while still allowing you to deal damage.

Magus also gets access to Fighter-based lockdown feats, like Pin Down, Step Up and Strike, or Teleport Tactician (especially nasty combined with a Phase-locking weapon). On top of this, they get a few unique abilities to really help deal with enemy casters, like Counterspell, Reflection, or my personal favorite, Lingering Pain.

With all of these tools, Kensai Magus are one of the most dangerous and threatening mage killers in the entire game.

Sebecloki wrote:
Kaouse wrote:

I'm half interested in seeing how well my Kirthfinder Dracula build would fit into this...

He probably wouldn't need the Mythic stuff though, if he's using Kirthfinder. In return though, I would very much like to stack spellcasting theurgy between gestalt halves (to a maximum of HD, of course). That, and maybe grab regular feats in place of mythic ones. That'll be enough, I think.

This game is less flexible than my other recruitments in terms of rules -- I'm happy to have you play, but you have to use the build rules outlined there for this particular campaign.

So, even if I decided not to use Mythic, it's still a no on the use of Kirthfinder? Even with other 3pp classes and "Horrifically Overpowered Feats" in play?

I'm actually fine dropping the Gestalt part as well, actually. I really just want to play more of Kirthfinder, and I would actually like to see how well Kirthfinder holds up against stuff like Gestalt and Mythic.

I understand that you have rules and all, but I would at least like some reasoning behind why Kirthfinder isn't allowed when it seems like almost everything else is. I doubt power scale is the reason in a Mythic Gestalt game. And if it is, I'm more than willing to give those things up.

I don't understand why people are saying to go for a DR focused build. Giants deal a ton of damage with their attacks; they'll blow through most any DR without really trying. DR is way better for surviving large numbers of low damage attacks than it is for surviving fewer, but more damaging attacks.

Against giants, you'd probably want to focus on pumping your AC up to the stratosphere. As a melee class who can do that the best, I'd suggest either an Enlightened Paladin or a Kensai (Bladebound) Magus, both DEX based. Enlightened Paladin is tankier (outside of AC) and has by far better sustain, but Kensai Magus has spellcasting utility, so it depends on what your team needs.

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If you're ever in doubt, just find Kirth Gersen's profile. He generally always keeps an up to date link to his Kirthfinder work.

I'm half interested in seeing how well my Kirthfinder Dracula build would fit into this...

He probably wouldn't need the Mythic stuff though, if he's using Kirthfinder. In return though, I would very much like to stack spellcasting theurgy between gestalt halves (to a maximum of HD, of course). That, and maybe grab regular feats in place of mythic ones. That'll be enough, I think.

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Warriorking9001 wrote:

Nice to see that there's more still being made for this system...

Though something still seems a little off for reasons I don't know... Granted without playing it I wouldn't actually KNOW how much of an issue this might be, but something still rubs me the wrong way, even though I love a lot of the designs. (Just that feeling that I'm still stuck on some clinging feeling of trying to combine the systems rather than jumping ship completely to KF.) Granted Granted maybe I'm just a weird person in general for assuming I can only play one exclusively.

Honestly, I can sort of see where you're coming from. Kirthfinder doesn't have the same feeling as a system like Spheres, where you have absolute freedom in your build and everything is incredibly modular.

Instead, Kirthfinder feels more like Pathfinder, where things are still gated by X, Y & Z, but at the same time, it lets you do practically anything, even gaining spellcasting on a Fighter.

It's not a new system, it's a different version of the same system with different paradigms in play. You *feel* like you need an extra system to solve Pathfinder's inherent problems, but Kirthfinder doesn't have those problems.

It's weird. But not bad.

Insignium wrote:
Is Battle Touch still a feat? Because I can't find it but it is referenced in the paladin doc.

No, as far as I can tell, it's been replaced with Rapid Strike, which I believe basically does the same thing, but more universally.

You know, it never actually mentions how long it takes to create a drawing using Craft: Fine Arts. I know taking 20 multiplies the base time taken by 20, but...what exactly is the base time?

rorek55 wrote:

@kaouse, I had wondered if that was the case, so I made that statement to clarify how they would work here. As summoning is powerful, and making it a standard action already increases its potency a fair margin(have yet been able to look over the words stuff save a glance, but don't see any real negatives yet)

I should note that Summoners exist, have standard action summons, and those generally get to act the same turn wherein they are summoned, so don't think it's a Word of Power thing.

Speaking of which, Servitor is generally much weaker than the equivalent Summon Monster. When summoning a single beast from the highest available list, they are equivalent. However, heaven forfend if you want to summon multiple creatures.

In order to do so, you have to Boost the target word, which raises the spell level by 3, just to summon 1d4+1 creatures. In comparison, 1d4+1 creatures with the regular Summon Monster X only "boosts" spell level by 2. Furthermore, regular Summon Monster X has an option to summon 1d3 creatures by "boosting" the spell level by 1. Servitor doesn't have this option, at all.

Mind you, Boosting a target word works similar to applying metamagic IIRC, so you basically can't do it at all in the early levels, and when you can, you're summoning a bunch of incredibly low level creatures that are AT LEAST two levels behind being relevant.

Honestly, most summoners don't even use the 1d4+1 option to begin with, since those creatures are ALREADY approaching useless without a dedicated Bard or Skald on your team. In a single player campaign, expect a word of power Servitor user to stick with one big monster, because anything else is basically useless.

I would ask if I was the only Paladin brave enough, but I'm actually less brave than most Paladins.

Also, the GM put a first-come first-serve 1 class limit to prevent repeat performers.

Let me know when this gets off the ground. Interested in seeing how well Mu Ridenhou can handle these challenges.

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Sorry that I've been gone for a while. I'll make a post later today and try to keep more active now that winter break is over.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13

Inquisitor is the best. Ranger is a close second though. Fighters aren't even in contention, IMHO. Both Inqusitor and Ranger can cast Named Bullet, which kicks archery damage into overdrive. Ranger in particular can abuse it even more thanks to Instant Enemy. But Inquisitor is more well-rounded overall, IMHO.

I showed what Dracula's stats would be at levels 1, 6, 14 and 20, just in case Sebecloki wants to use him at earlier levels.

I tried to go for a more balanced "all-rounder" build, so he wouldn't have any particularly glaring weaknesses.

Let me know when/at what level you want to use him, Sebecloki. Then I can give him the appropriate spells and numen for that level. But such things can change drastically between levels, so it'll be way too much work for me to do that for each level, IMHO.

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