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I have a barbarian character I would love to use in this campaing, here is a view of him, although it needs some re-work, as he was planned for another game. :)

About his alignement, he is N, but the voices will force him to be Good ;D

I will progress the "spirit voices" mechanically taking the spirit totem. Not one of the best, but with a lot of flavor for Groonan.

About what he did, is related to an inflexive Lord, a loan, and a fraud-robbery. For more info, you will need to bribe him with a lot of ale. A LOT.

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Perhaps, and only perhaps, vow of poverty can be not totally awful with the unchained alternative rule of Automatic Bonus Progression. And at middle-low levels.

About your concern, you are taking a rulebook for a *game* as a contractual document. In that case, you can win a formal demand. XD

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About 2nd edition paladins, they got a +2 to all saves, just because they are the god's favorite toys. :)

In pathfinder paladins got one major re-work and IMHO, made them the most powerful martial class (full BAB).

PBP player 1

we will miss you, farewell.

qwerty1971 wrote:

So I decided on the Dragoon archetype for Fighters.

his stats come to be:
STR:18 (+2 human) DEX:14, CON:15, INT:12, WIS:10 CHA:7
Traits: Defender of the Society and Seeker.
Feat progression is:
Human: Shield Focus
Dragoon Bonus:Mounted Combat, Skill Focus: Ride
lvl1: Shield Brace (at lvl 1 with Scale mail and heavy shield AC is 21; attack with Longspear is 1d8+6)
Ftr2: Power Attack
lvl3: Weapon Focus- Longspear
Ftr4: Weapon Specialization- Longspear
lvl5: Toughness
Ftr6: Improved Initiative
lvl7: Iron Will
Ftr8: Greater Weapon Focus- Longspear
lvl9: Greater Shield Focus
Ftr10: Missile Shield
lvl11: Dodge
Ftr12: Greater Weapon Specialization- Longspear

At lvl 12 with a regular Longspear his attacks are +22/+17/+12 and +17 to damage OR +18/+13/+8 and +29 to damage using power attack. With non magical scale mail and heavy shield his AC is 28.

Thanks for all the input.

Being the longspear a reach weapon, how is no one advising combat reflexes? Does shield brace prevent it?

PBP player 1

Goodbye, and see ya around, alexis.


Looks like the spanish word does not work :/

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Count another one from Spain (España), from Sabadell city.

You know, the midday-nap masters. We are different.

Invulnerable rager is compatible with urban barbarian, as archetypes. (if more than one is allowed by your GM). But I think you will be fine with just Invulnerable and 3 AOOs until you can afford a belt.

First of all, combat reflexes gives additional attacks of opportunity. So, you will have 3 with 14 Dex.

You can take the urban barbarian if you like the archetype, so you can decide what you need when ragin, more Str of more Dex.

Other ways are equipment that gives you some Dex, but focusing on Str. Once you have a 4str belt, you can aim for a 4str/2dex one.

Dotting, having in mind "The complete hero", a bard-fighter gestalt =)

Or perhaps a Caiden Caillean paladin-bard. Mmmh, that last can be interesting.

I'm after a Reign of winter game, interested in Wrath of the Righteouss too, but without Mythic(at least on the players side, BBEG can have it).

Interested for sure in some dungeon crawl. :)

Are prestige classes Ok?

Interested, as I tried a couple times to get into this AP. Here is my submission, Gregor the grumpy yet reliable dwarven inquisitor.

Still need some re-work, but the basic idea is there.

Thanks for the update!!

Finally decided for a Duskblade, as grimdog will take on the Scout :)

Adam Cielo's HP rolls: 4d8 ⇒ (1, 3, 4, 7) = 15

So that makes 4+4+4+7=19+10 from the con =29-> 37 with first level max HP.


Interested, probably with a LN human priest of Asmodeus( priest|sorcerer|paladin) Lots of healing!

Mmmh, that makes me remember about the swift huter, a mix with scout and ranger, with a feat the blends them sweetly. It can make an excelent skillmonkey and perhaps even better at archery than a single ranger.

If you don't have anything against that build (perhaps a bit too optimized for your tastes) it will cover that missing role, and still being totally what I want.
On the other case, an archer bard can do the trick, and with already a couple melee fighters, give some yummy bonuses.

As a side note: In your last post, there was 34 ability points, it is a typo or it is that good? (32 being the standard)

Dwarven Invulnerable barbarian with steel-soul and superstition->eater of magic line are a thing to take in consideration too. :)

That makes de % up.

And don't forget this is compatible with urban barbarian if you want a more controlled rage that does not punish AC.

Hey there, I'm thinking on a ranger archer, perhaps able to swith for two-handed if Wiclas need help.

What means Interest is closed?

I'll refresh myself in 3.5, and I'll put something together. Interested in this adventure, in fact, I passed a selection a couple month ago, but the game died.

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Snowblind wrote:
Or they could have rolled Finesse Training into the Finesse Rogue talent and given the rogue an extra rogue talent at level 1. It wouldn't have a negative impact to current builds that rely on Finesse Training, but it would mean that a hypothetical muscly rogue wouldn't have dead class features.

I fear that they decided to give it at level 3 because of cheese multiclassing.

A lot of classes buiilds (magus, ranger, slayer, brawler, monk...) will "sacrifice" one level progression to take a single rogue level to import the dex to damage ability.
Just take a look at the vast quantity of dawnflower scimitar wielder builds that exist.

It can be compared "reasonably" to a fighter, you can make a decent two-handed melee, with some spells and more skills instead of feats and class features. A bit of meh because it can be pretty MAD. Altought having mirror image for a melee can be interesting.

And really, you can throw the aristocrat out. You don't need those all class skills.
With the ones from the warrior, adept and the 10 you can choose from the expert, and "only" 6+int for a MAD character, you have more than enough.



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Not sure about the Tarrasque being able to take on mythic characters.

A good level depends on the party configuration and the optimization used. From 17 to 20 can be OK.

About making the Terrasque viable... well, if the group somehow manage to take it down without too much trouble... there goes fase two. The Tarrasque shows his ¿true? form or power. (flying with some kind of breath weapon? rays from the eyes? :P)

Weird things apart, there are the kaiju family, in bestiary 4 if IRC. You can take a look on them in the PRD: Kaiju. The Tarrasque can be one of a bunch.

If you are going to use the kaiju, you can give a mythic tier for each one the take down as a reward, instead of items. There is a best way to star steping in the godhood than killing those creatures?

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Cayden Cailean.

He is at the apex of human evolution.

Taking advantage of the already necromancy used here, I want to ask how do you think the Automatic Bonus Progression (ABP) will match with E8 Pathfinder?

One of the more used arguments against E8 is the posibility of crafting a belt with +6 to str, dex, and con. The ABP dishes out this problem easily, so a E8 can be a better option now?

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There is another option to the death issue: Ultimate mercy.

A pally with 20 char can get it as soon as 6th level, taking the extra lay on hands feat, or at 10 without more investment that the feat tax plus ultimate mercy.

Oh, I forgot about that, you right.

You can burn a feat to take two more traits, right?

I wish you all better luck next time, people.

I hope Pelius gets a place, hes is getting older, and soon will need retirement. :D

Good luck to all!

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Because if Vigilante if to make a Batman-like character, Chosen One is to make Sailor Moon characters.

The idea behind it is really amusing.

Finally Pelius Pindleloric is ready for service.

I did not filled all his priest spell-slots, but I'll do it asap if I get into the game.

Added Pelius familiar, Jailmaster!!

About Pindleloric.

Although its crunch is still under construction, the background has been updated and conected to Commander Gerregne of the Andoran army.

Poor Pelius, I'm starting to feel bad for him. XD

Revisiting the character, I noticed that he is not legally able to channel positive energy, so he can not take versatile channeler, that was allowed by previous GM. I have seen you are faithful to the rules, but asking does not harm so, how you feel about it?

Playing just a negative channeler will be a novelty for me. :)

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Take a look at Hero kids

I have this character that submited to a counciel of thieves, and before heavily modify its stats and class, I want to ask your opinion about this class.

If you don't totally like it, I'll take cleric, as it fits perfectly, so no problem. :)

For the other half I'm thinking standard sorcerer with arcane bloodline.

Pelius Pindleloric:
Pelius Pindleloric, born in a middle-class family, with no other resources that his great intelligence, good look and nice manners, was in mouth of all the Westcrown Asmodean clergy. The reason was that he was one of the first, if not the only one, that had access to The Asmodean Disciplines and does not come from a noble family.
Pelius future looked brilliant pleasant, but then, arrived the day that he made his postulation to the clergy inner circle.

...the more in deep I read The Asmodean Disciplines, the more I deeply believe that cruelty and corruption are against the Prince of Law doctrine...

That was it all. Just words making a sentence. Words ruining a brilliant career. He was judged, but no one got a real reasoning against what he postulated.
His life was spared, but Pelius was set aside from the main church into a deep hole, a place named The Bin.
The Bin was no more than a big archive placed under a little asmodean church, but even then, there was not direct path from the church, but from a dark alley at his back. This is the place where all the paperwork that is a nuisance or no one get interested is send. And him too.

Even realizing his destination is just a punishment, he did his work with great dedication, discovering that all the documents stored in that place, shows that a great conspiracy against the city is in the works.
The years passed, Palius was no more a cheerful young, but a bitter middle man. His faith did not lessened, but the awareness he now had about the great corruption around him, has taken his toll.
He must find someone that believes him and cares about it, but how without risking being duped and killed?

Guess that being sended to a far away mission to finally get rid of him fits nicely with his tragic destiny :D

Full round or not, the boss can still cast two, even three spells on a round if there are 6+ PC.

Perhaps the standard action, if used to cast, must allow only personal range spells, and not allow to cast the same spell twice in the same round whne used the option of the extra turn.

Actually, I'm in a fight boss with Mythic initiative, and it is very easy that what Dekalinder said happens: Two full rounds against a single PC is mostly a certain dead.
Its up to the GM to spread different round actions among the PCs or not to do.

As it is going to last in time, do not play anything that you don't feel confortable with. I say it by experience, you can stand it at the begining, but then it goes worse and worse and can make you stop playing.


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Gisher wrote:
This would be a lot more meaningful, for me at least, if you mentioned which errata killed the characters.

That would be great.

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Stone Lord for Dwarven Paladins.

I love the flavor of it.

Gestald characters are the way the old D&D 2nd edition worked with multiclassing.

All, except humans, where allowed to take 2 or even 3 classes simultaneously, and abilities, THAC0 and saves worked the same as the gestald today.

The difference was that in D&D they had to divide evently the xp for the classes they got.

Maximum dexterity bonus from armor does not affect your archery BAB?
I ever assumed it in my games.

About your question, what level you are, and did you looked at celestial armor (full plate) or, if low level, Mithril armor?

The regular fighter increases the max dex bonus from armors, but not sure about the crossbowman archetype.

PBP player 1

Argh, Nyssa, just realized you are DM waterhammer!! :D

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If you are decided to adjust battles/combats just fot the gunslinger, without hurting the other party members performance, just exchange some natural AC for dodge bonus, getting same overall AC but harder to hit its "touch" AC.

Warning, this will girt the party a nice bonus if they catch them flat-flooded.

Another option is, if the real problem are clustered shots, to talk to your player and ask him to change that one feat.

Here a current player, archer fighter Anton.

What our GM means with the +2 bonuns is a racial bonus to Con, not your con giving +2. So you get +4hp as you don't have a racial bonus (like dwarves have), but neither a penalty (like elves have).

As a side note, your character have an interesting story, and is 'oposite' to the lost player in the sense that he was a defensive melee (heavy armor plus shield) and you are really offensive.

About the smurf thing, there is a large threat about it. Funny you discovered it this way. :D

great smuf experiment.

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