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If you guys had to think of an archetype hall of fame, consisting of the 5 archetypes you consider the most well done/awesome/flavorful, which would you choose? Mine would be:

-scarred witch doctor
-zen archer
-paladin of irori(enlightened paladin)
-lore warden

Interestingly, this also doubles as a list of some of the most powerful ones in the game relative to their base classes.

zen archer (monk) - awesome, flavourful
arcane duelist (bard)- well done
invulnerable rager (barbarian)- awesome
primalist (bloodrager)- awesome
human wanderer (monk) - flavourful, well done

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Saving myself some time.

Sohei (monk)- what is all this 'unchained' stuff about? Whether using reach, ranged, crit fishing, or pummeling, I can do fine with this.

Scarab Sages

Occultist Arcanist!

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Let me introduce you to the Chosen One for Paladin. A young hero is greeted by an emissary familiar sent be Deity-Of-Choice and grants the young hero great powers to defeat the forces of evi... its a magical girl archetype. It exists. Your welcome, nerds.

Sacred Huntsmaster and Sanctified Slayer for the Inquisitor. I found the base Inquisitor class very meh, due to how underpowered Judgement is until 8th level. Both these archetypes solve that problem and make inquisitors into great combatants.

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Stone Lord for Dwarven Paladins.

I love the flavor of it.

I like:
Flowing monk
Ninja (rogue archetype basically)
Gravewalker (just nasty)
Phalanx Soldier (Because: THIS IS SPARTA!)- better in theme than in practice.

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Let's see let's see let's see.

Bladebound Magus
Vivisectionist Alchemist
Invulnerable Rager Barbarian
Qinggong Monk
Archaeologist bard

Honorable mention goes to that wizard archetype in Cohorts and Companions that lets you replace your arcane bond with another wizard. Not because it's particularly well-written or flavorful, but in terms of power upgrades the only way to make the wizard more powerful was just to give him another wizard.

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For me, it goes

Alchemist: Grenadier. The amount of versatility this gives to alchemical items as well as allowing an alchemist to buff their debuff game something dangerous, this is the premiere archetype. Honorable mention: Vivisectionist for invalidating the rogue before it was cool.

Barbarian: Invulnerable Rager. I don't even consider other archetypes for this class, the DR is crazy and what you give up isn't terrible for it making it basically the best tank in the game for physical damage. Honorable mention: Superstitious for giving a few nice bonuses, but it's a far second.

Gunslinger: Bolt Ace. With everything this archetype gives, the bolt ace makes crossbows flat out better than guns for just about everything without all of the gun hassle like misfires and such. It's just straight up better. Honorable mention: Pistolero/Musket Master for being the defaults for non bolt aces.

Summoner: Synthesis. Really, with all the complaints here, you'd think it just had an 'I win' button even though it's very cool and flavorful, but it can be too much for some to handle. Honorable mention: Master Summoner for ruining games.

Investigator: Empiricist. The only way to make an investigator better is to make them more sad, and this archetype does that in spades, making you the perfect face for every little cost. Honorable mention: Steel hound, although it's just neat, not amazing like Empiricist.

Magus: Hexcrafter. Again very little cost here to add an entirely new class feature that gives this 2/3rds caster a ton more to play with, basically making it a new class in and of itself, easily the best magus possible. Honorable mention: Staff Magus for the increased versatility of using staves well.

Those are the only ones I have a big opinion on, but taking any of these archetypes will boost your innate power a LOT.

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Scarred Witch Doctor was once one.

Barbarian: Breaker. I don't know why smashing things, with other thing is so fun.

Cavalier: Daring Champion. It is basically the only reason I play Cavaliers. I prefer to walk.

Inquisitor: Heretic. I don't need to play a Know-it-all, when I can be sneaky. Also, it really extends how one can play a devoted member of a faith. HERESY!

Ranger: Trapper. I sometimes don't want a bit of casting. I just want to make the Rogue cry instead. Also, it stacks with so many other archetypes.

Sorcerer: Tattooed Sorcerer. It works with many concepts, and allows you to have a familiar, that won't easily die.

Thug rogue (with enforcer): Who doesn't love removing people from combat at level 1?

Duel cursed oracle: Misfortune is crazy good (allies, yourself, enemies doesn't matter. 1/day per person). Combine with lunar mystery giving you an animal companion who can have a spell storing weapon with ill omen on it and you can have a person rolling 3d20 take the lowest on a save on the FIRST round of combat.

Grenadier alch: so launching crossbow + explosive missle + alch weapon + conducitve + targeted bomb admixture is 6x int to damage? THIS IS MY BOOMSTICK. (add kirin style to taste)

bounty hunter slayer: So any SA is now a dirty trick? archery + obscuring mist + goz mask has never been more appealing. And with full BAB you can get greater dirty trick nice and early so your enemies are blind, entangled, shaken, and sickened all in round 1. Have fun with that.

First world summoner: Ok so this is a pretty weak archtype by reducing your summons to a full round action and only lasting rounds/level, but having a wand wielding eidolon out while you summon pugwampis is priceless. Soooooo many pugwampis.

A couple third party ones:

Masquerade Reveler (Rite Publishing) - It's a Barbarian that sacrifices rage to gain revel. Revel is like rage, but you get eidolon evolutions from a mask you put on instead of getting the bonuses from rage. You get to design a bunch of masks as you level up. This is actually far more balanced than it sounds, and it is fun. You do lose sheer power compared to a Barbarian, but you actually get a big enough dose of flexibility to make it worthwhile.

Hexslinger (Rite Publishing) - Trade a few Gunslinger deeds you didn't need for the ability to use a few Witch hexes and shoot curses at people you don't like. It is mechanically solid, but where it really shines is the fact that the flavor is just amazing. Spooky occultish witchcraft and guns in the same package.

Knoght of the sepulcher antipaladin, for when plain antipaladin isn't evil enough. Undead resistances and flavored immunities, healed by negative energy, and a great name.

Scarab Sages

Goliath Druid, because Giants and dinosaurs are cool.

Sanctified slayer inquisitor. I hate judgements but love the inquisitor without them.

Sensate fighter. This actually makes me want to play a fighter.

Escapologist rogue. Cool flavorful abilities without giving up trapfinding.

Far strike monk. The zen archer of thrown weapons. I like it much more than za because it makes a substandard fighting style work instead of making an optimal one better.

Bolt ace gunslinger. Make crossbows what they should be.

Bard (Arcane Duelist) and (Archeologist) are quite likeable. The Barbarian (Armoured Hulk) may not be the most effective archetype, but decent movement in heavy armour and excellent defenses against critical hits are useful, and they are fun.

Wildblooded Sorcerer, if you count it as an archetype, for bringing in neat variations on the standard sorcerer like the Sylvan, Sage, and Empyreal Bloodlines.

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