Interest check for AP PbP, Kingmaker, RotRL, Reign of Winter, or Wrath of the Righteous.


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So I'm interested in playing/running one of the AP's. Currently running through the idea of Rise of the Runelords, Kingmaker, Reign of Winter, or Wrath of the Righteous. I would love to throw in Iron Gods, but I don't have that AP (super sad face/I love sci-fi). But I'll be looking for around 4 people to run one of the the four AP's. Dot here if you're interested, and the AP with the most votes will (if there's enough interest) get a recruitment thread started. I'll leave the interest thread up through saturday, and on then I'll start a recruitment thread. Also, if we get a tie, or a win by 1-2 votes, I'll consider running two different games. So leave your interest dots here with which AP you'd like the best, and we'll see if this takes off.

Dotting for interest! To me ROTR is the most iconic and I've NEVER COME CLOSE TO FINISHING DANG IT so that one has my vote!

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I would definitely be interested in playing, I am still relatively new to the play by post thing, and I've been looking to get involved with a game. I don't really know any of the APs, I've never played through any of them so they are all equally good to me. Just make my vote whichever AP the majority is going with or use it as a tie breaker, I'm cool as long as I get a chance to play.

You will find a lot of interest for kingmaker. Seen two recruitment collapse.

KM or RoW


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Assign an appropriate number to each and roll dice to find the AP.

I'll happily join RotRL or Wrath. Meh, would probably go for the others as well.

I'd certainly like to join a Kingmaker game but I've done/ am doing the others.

I would love to actually play in a kingmaker game that continues. Loads of people like gestalt versions.

Wrath for me please! I've been dying to play that AP!

I would love to play in Rise of the Runelords, Kingmaker and Wrath of the Righteous.

Kingmaker seems cursed. I've been in half a dozen different Kingmaker games without making it past the second encounter even once. Maybe it turns out to be much more work than what people expect? Hopefully you'll be able to break the curse. WotR is equally difficult to run according to what I've heard, requiring either the GM to alter stuff or to seriously nerf the players in order for the encounters to prove a challenge.


I am interested in Reign of Winter. I have heard it is well fit for PbP.

There is always good interest on Kingmaker, but it's open model does not translate well to PbP where player driven decisions are very costly and complicated to be taken even for exceptional groups.

Also voting for Kingmaker... And agreeing on it being cursed. I've been accepted into three with each losing its DM within a week or two. Kingmaker is also the only one I have very little experience in... As I'm currently in all of the others (except Iron Gods, but not an option).

Are you opposed to people who only want to be accepted as a pair?

while I would most like to play Reign of Winter, I'm more than willing to play any AP.

Kingmaker or RoW

Scarab Sages

Definitely Rein of Winter.

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There is a lot of general interest on the boards for KM. (I'm running one right now that is partway in to the first module - finished two encounters and just started a third!) I haven't played Reign of Winter and could be interested in that.

I could do a RoW never tried it.

My order of preference

1 RotRL
2 Reign of Winter
3 Kingmaker (though about to start this with another DM, so will probably withhold playing)

X Wrath of the Righteous...

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Voting against Kingmaker

So currently Kingmaker and Reign of Winter are tied at 7 each, with Runelords at 4, and Wrath at 3.

@Hotaru, I'm not opposed to group submissions, but that also means you're more likely to get cut if one of the two doesn't seem to mesh with the others selected.

Rise of the Runelords, Wrath of the Righteous and Reign of Winter, in that order for me. I've had a couple ideas I've been wanting to run for those for a while, but I just can't seem to make the cut for some of them (Reign of Winter in particular, I just... I dunno).

Anyways, my two cents!

Not a problem! :)

I forgot to mention I'm good for a kingmaker hand too. But I think you should allow players to be able to play any race. And the point buy is 25

But that's just me.

I like to roll for stats with a point buy call back.

Honestly, I'd be down for any of the above.

I would be interested in any but this would be the order of preference,

Reign of Winter
Rise of the Runelords
Wrath of the Righteous

Gestalt and a 25 point buy is a good call. On a PbP its easier to keep track of

Also. Allowing race builder could yield a few interesting concepts too.

I'd app for a kingmaker but I'd be careful about high points buys and things like race builder since they can be easily broken.

Dotting for potential interest.

* Normal or Gestalt?
* Point Buy or Dice Rolls?

1) Rise of the RuneLords Aniversary Edition.
2) KingMaker.
3) Iron Gods.
4) Reign of Winter.
5) Rise of the RuneLords 3.5.
666) Wrath of the Righteous.

It'll be a 20 point buy gestalt game.

For KM i have a gestalt ready

NarcoticSqurl wrote:
It'll be a 20 point buy gestalt game.

I'd love to play a Gestalt Kingmaker game.

Ozak (a half-orc slayer/inquisitor of Gorum) was designed for a Gestalt Kingmaker game that never got off the ground (the GM disappeared before the first combat), and I still really want to play him. I will have to tweak the point buy but other than that he should be ready to go.

Kingmaker is more work for GMs than most APs though, due to its sandbox nature. But I want a sandboxy game so the other campaigns don't really interest me, except maybe Iron Gods.

Edit: Any chance you plan on using Background Skills from Pathfinder Unchained?

I have 2 gestalt characters for KM

Drow rogue/fighter
Kitsune rogue/bard

I'd like RoW>KM/RotRL>WotR

I'm after a Reign of winter game, interested in Wrath of the Righteouss too, but without Mythic(at least on the players side, BBEG can have it).

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Just offering my humble advice here... one of the reasons many KM games die (the other is the natural difficult to translate it to PBP because of its sandbox nature) is because it is already a pretty difficult game to GM and keep track of everything. Adding gestalt to it only increase the difficulty because all encounters will have to be buffed up, meaning even more work for the GM.

Also it is my understanding gestalt was designed for small groups were you cannot find enough players to fill all the roles in the party.

In PbP where it is much easier to go with a large party it is probably not needed, as it reduces the need of each member in the group to support on each other.

But in the end it is a group taste I guess.

Well, all things considered...

--I'm already GMing a RotRL Anniversary campaign, so I'd rather not risk metagaming that one;
--I'm playing in a RoW campaign;
--The last WotR campaign I was in petered out around the end of the second book;
--I haven't had many good experiences with Kingmaker.

I think I'll cast my vote for Kingmaker. Maybe the third time will be better...

Sir Longears wrote: because it is already a pretty difficult game to GM and keep track of everything. Adding gestalt to it only increase the difficulty ...

This is certainly true. I think the first KM Gestalt game that I was in which died ended because the GM bit off more than he could chew. KM is not an AP for beginner GMs.

JuanAdriel wrote:
...interested in Wrath of the Righteouss too, but without Mythic ...

Yeah, Mythic is what kills that AP for me. I might consider a WoR game without Mythic, but it would be my third choice (after KM and Iron Gods).

Can't really get into Kingmaker all that much. I see the appeal in it, but it's not something that I am all too wild about.

Wrath, Wrath, Wrath!!!

I'm playing a lot of the other ones so I'm biased :)

Sir Longears wrote:
Just offering my humble advice here... one of the reasons many KM games die (the other is the natural difficult to translate it to PBP because of its sandbox nature) is because it is already a pretty difficult game to GM and keep track of everything. Adding gestalt to it only increase the difficulty because all encounters will have to be buffed up, meaning even more work for the GM.

Would you say that you need to make a lot more adjustments than for every other AP (which you realistically should adjust quite a bit for play-by-post and for characters in general, IMO)?

Would you say that it's possible to delegate some of the tasks to other players (like handling the kingdom building)?

Do you think Kingmaker's fights are pretty balanced for non-gestalt? I know that baseline wrath is just a stomp. Rise of the Runelords is supposed to be a bit all-over-the-map for difficulty. I don't know how much my DM has changed for Reign of Winter, though, so can't comment on that. :)

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Well, my experience with running KM has been thus:

* The encounter difficulty for the first book is not terrible; the static encounters start off reasonably easy and ramp up as you progress. But, due to the exploration component, you may get out-level random encounters, like a 1st level party running into trolls. Just be an active DM and don't let the dice make those decisions for you, unless you establish up front with the players that they will roll with whatever comes up in the world and they should be ready to run away.

* One of the big killers of play-by-post forum games here is loss of momentum -- players don't know what to do, or the DM is waiting for players to decide something, and all the players are waiting for someone else to post. KM's exploration and kingdom-building is player-driven so you have to sometimes be ready to nudge your players. I use the NPCs judiciously to advise things like "Well the forest will be harder to map, maybe start in the plains" or "Let's follow up on this treasure map to make some money."

* Usually in recruitment I try to pick up at least one player who's really organized. I also generally keep a Google sheet of a swag bag (loot collected), and make that accessible to the players. This helps to keep track of loot and also lets me offload some of the management on to players.
I've also found that if you don't have any players who like doing paperwork, often they are just as happy to handwave complex systems. If you do all the kingdom management behind the screen, and the players are not really into all the nuts and bolts, they may be just as happy to hear "Ok, your kingdom made a little money this month, but you will make more if you raise your Diplomacy next level."

The biggest thing to keeping any hex crawl (and KM is a hex crawl) moving is the willingness to ask "what's in the next hex" whenever things get slow.

So it looks currently like Reign of Winter and Kingmaker are tied with 12 in favor of those. Runelords behind with 8 and Wrath with 6. Plus two undecided, and one voting against kingmaker (accounted for in the tie).

@Ozak: I'm not a big fan of messing with the skill points. I've always thought that between the optional bonus point at level up, plus feats, the skills tend to work out fine. But I also give out bonus points and feats at character creation to help fill any potential holes.

So interest check still goes through tomorrow Saturday March 12th until 11:59pm. At midnight I'll close this thread, and start recruitment for the winning AP. If you think you're undecided, then try to make a choice by then just to help give a solid count. If Kingmaker is picked, and player interest falls off, I'll pick from a reserve pool of players that will be selected at the same time I select the original play group.

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I would play wrath

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Oh! Since KM and RoW are tied, I should mention: I'm not really interested in gestalt play. So that means my vote for RoW probably shouldn't count. :)

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