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I am working on a game idea and cannot seem to find conversation beyond “Man isn’t this big thing cool” regarding the tarrasque.

My hope is to build the game up around an end of the world type of scenario where the eventual big bad is the devourer of worlds, the tarrasque. I would like to use the mythic rule set as well as the additional 1st party works (ie PHB, APG, ARG, UC, etc) for my game. As I set down to draft out a general outline of the progression I would like to use I have come across a couple of questions that I was hoping I could have answered. Also I would like to ask for advice or experiences any has had using or facing the tarrasque as I have done neither.

• What level (CL/MR) would be a good point to encounter the tarrasque or to start to encounter creatures of that magnitude? I know that mythic messes up the basic APL-CR charts.
• What kind of gear is useful that should be acquirable or received during questing for such an endeavor?
• Are there any restrictions you would place on PC classes or class options to make sure the tarrasque stays a viable threat to the party? ( who wants a battle with no stakes?)
• How would you first introduce this terrible force of nature type creature to the party to let them know what is coming and at what level would you tip your hand on such a surprise?

Again any assistance or conversation is welcome. I am trying to create a difficult and hopefully memorable adventure for some rather jaded players so…

Dawt for later.

Bear I mind, Big T is cool, but he's really not as potent as he's made out to be. I'll be glad to weigh in later, when I've the time.

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The Mythic Monster Manual has a Mythic Tarrasque - it's CR 30/MR 10. That might be a good place to start.

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Not sure about the Tarrasque being able to take on mythic characters.

A good level depends on the party configuration and the optimization used. From 17 to 20 can be OK.

About making the Terrasque viable... well, if the group somehow manage to take it down without too much trouble... there goes fase two. The Tarrasque shows his ¿true? form or power. (flying with some kind of breath weapon? rays from the eyes? :P)

Weird things apart, there are the kaiju family, in bestiary 4 if IRC. You can take a look on them in the PRD: Kaiju. The Tarrasque can be one of a bunch.

If you are going to use the kaiju, you can give a mythic tier for each one the take down as a reward, instead of items. There is a best way to star steping in the godhood than killing those creatures?

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There's also the Olyphaunt of Jaundelay from ... I think the Mythic Realms campaign setting book. It's the highest CRed thing in any Paizo book and is similar in spirit to the tarrasque.

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Are you set on using the "as is" tarrasque, or are you looking to make any changes?

For a game I ran I made a variant - the Annihilation Tarrasque. Basically, it had a Sphere of Annihilation inside its stomach. Its regeneration was just enough to survive in this situation, but effectively it had no regeneration on its stat block. In exchange, being swallowed whole caused contact with the sphere (ouch), and it had a breath weapon it could use every 1d4 rounds for 30d6 damage (Ref DC27 half, Fort DC27 half; disintegrated if killed). In addition, the ages of being in a perpetual state of destruction caused it to be greatly toughened (double HP). Overall, it made it much more dangerous, but a foe that could be fought and killed (annihilated in fact).

Basically what I'm saying, is that you could tweak your tarrasque to be a challenge at whatever CR/APL you want. Additionally, you can tool it to whatever classes and items your players use. As far as how to foreshadow it, smashed paths and destroyed cities works pretty well ;D

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The tarrasque is intended as a top-end non-mythic threat.

A mythic party should be capable of fighting armies of tarrasques =P

Now, some suggestions about the tarrasque itself, who as written is merely a big melee brute (be sure to keep in mind its unstoppable force ability from Inner Sea Gods):

Death is Inevitable(Ex): The tarrasque doesn't automatically miss when it rolls a 1 on an attack roll. The tarrasque doesn't automatically fail when it rolls a 1 on saving throw. And naturals 20 rolled on attack rolls against the tarrasque or for saving throws against effects generated by the tarrasque do not automatically succeed.

Unnatural Disaster (Ex) : Whenever the tarrasque drops a foe to 0 or fewer hit points as a result of one of its attacks, or whenever the tarrasque successfully breaks or destroys an object, the tarrasque may make an additional melee or ranged attack at its full attack bonus, targeting a creature or object.

Glorious Feast (Ex): Whenever the tarrasque drops a foe to 0 or fewer hit points as a result of one of its attacks, the tarrasque heals hit points equal to the hit dice of the victim.

Call of Oblivion (Su): Any creatures that are panicked by the tarrasque's frightful presence, instead of fleeing, run towards the tarrasque as quickly as they can, dropping whatever they are holding. Any such creature that reaches the tarrasque cowers next to it.

All put together, you have an end result where every civilian within 300 feet (Big T has a BIG frightful presence aura) are trying as hard as possible to feed themselves to the tarrasque, while the tarrasque autokills every person within 30 ft with a 30 or lower AC and 35 or less HP (i.e., the endless stream of civilians) and heals from it.

And will keep doing so until someone strong enough to stand up to it engages in melee and starts tanking that full attack.

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