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Talked to a friend of mine about pathfinder society play, after a bit of discussion he thinks he might want to play a primal companion hunter without the companion so he can apply the evos to himself.

He wants to make his character a Darwinist that wants the mortal races to evolve and improve like he has, he also wants to worship a Deity.

What should I reccomend to him? Irori because of the self-improvement part? I'm not really for telling him to worship the demon-lord of alchemy and mutation.

How about a god of nature? See how nature adapts to its surroundings, try to emulate that.
There's Gozreh for a primal nature god or maybe Cernunnos or Valani who are empyreal lords

It seems to fit an unexplored aspect of Gozreh, or a more nature-oriented reading of Irori teachings.

Liberty's Edge

Svarozic pushes improvement of society and Shei self-improvement.

Lamashtu is always experimenting to create 'better' forms of life.

Brigh supposedly went through a similar transformation herself, and a biological, rather than mechanical, take on her would be a close fit.

Going to second Svarozic. Not a lot of info on him, but what there is is spot on.

Silver Crusade

Reading up on those suggestions, I do like the premise of Svarozic, would he be ok with the forced evolution that the character constantly makes?

Improving society is one thing, but rapid mutations and avoiding natures due process all together?

Sorry if it sounds like I am nagging but I would like to know this right now, so I can have answers ready for him in the future.

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Cayden Cailean.

He is at the apex of human evolution.

Sovereign Court

LOL on Cayden... booze *does* seem to have a positive effect on human negotiations, fertility and coming up with ideas... ;)

My suggestion is a bit out of the left field but how about Abadar? he's all about human civilization improving... if you somehow tie overall civilization development to individuals' body processes (i.e. more efficient body less reliant on food and/or produces less waste meaning cities can be designed more economically; seeing in the dark to reduce need to produce lamp oil, bodies with more endurance so you can have people working longer shifts or night shifts, etc.)

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