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When a creature has the Grab special ability, is the free Grapple attempt follow a successful Claw attack a separate attack for the purposes of on hit effects?

Example: Lets say I have Vine Strike cast which reads "any creature hit by your natural or unarmed strike must succeed at a Reflex save or be entangled". On a successful attack and following Grapple, would they have to make one or two Reflex saves?

So I'm playing a Hunter with the Verminous Companion Archetype and decided to build my Mantis companion as a debuffer. Eye for Talent gets my bug a +2 Int so I don't lack Tricks and bonus for level goes into Int to open feats.

Currently I can:
Cast Vine Strike on Mantis (+1d6 damage, Ref or entangle on hit)
Skirmisher Trick: Upending Strike (Free Trip on hit)
Mantis: Grab (Free Grapple on hit)
Power Attack -> Cornugon Smash (Free Intimidate on Power Attack Hit)
Amulet of Mighty Fists: Cruel (Sicken when striking a Shaken foe)
Hurtful (Free attack on Demoralize)

Getting a foe Prone, Grappled, Shaken, Sickened and possible Entangled all on one turn is really nice, but I'm curious if there are options I'm not seeing to add more to this.

I am presently trying to build a Mooncursed Barbarian and I'm a little stumped as to what I want to do with him. I was considering VMC but no idea where to really start with that. I don't really make too many melee characters that aren't 6th level casters so I'm a bit out of my element.

Intended campaign was going to be Curse of the Crimson Throne if that helps at all.

Trying to get the most out of the 4 Natural Attacks I'll be getting duing rage (Bite, Claw x2 & Tail Slap)

Race: Human, maybe Skinwalker?
Class: Mooncursed (Crocodile) Unchained Barbarian
Str 19
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 12
Cha 10

01 - Power Attack (feat), ??? (feat)
02 - Lesser Beast Totem (rage)
03 - ??? (feat)
04 - Accuracy Stance (rage)
05 - Improved Natural Attack: Claws (Feat)
06 - Beast Totem (rage)
07 - ??? (feat)
08 - Unexpected Strike (rage)
09 - ??? (feat)
10 - Greater Beast Totem

"Shield Focus (Combat): When an attack is made against you while you are using a shield, you can spend up to 2 stamina points. If you do, the shield's bonus to AC against that attack increases by an amount equal to the number of stamina points you spent."

When is this ability allowed to trigger?

When the attack is declared?
After the Result is known?

General question: I'm pretty sure the answer is no, but is there anything in the game that, in a general sense rather than specific case, where you are counted as being adjacent to an ally without actually occupying the 5 foot square next to said ally?

Reason: I'm just looking for a way to open up the Bodyguard feat a bit to cover more allies.

Does the Aid Another action ever make physical contact with the target?

Aid Another:
In melee combat, you can help a friend attack or defend by distracting or interfering with an opponent. If you're in position to make a melee attack on an opponent that is engaging a friend in melee combat, you can attempt to aid your friend as a standard action. You make an attack roll against AC 10. If you succeed, your friend gains either a +2 bonus on his next attack roll against that opponent or a +2 bonus to AC against that opponent's next attack (your choice), as long as that attack comes before the beginning of your next turn. Multiple characters can aid the same friend, and similar bonuses stack.

From what I can gather, since you need to be threatening the target and that it is an attack roll, you are actively attacking the target... but are you hitting it in any way? Such as bouncing an arrow off their armor using Covering Fire or cracking a whip on their foot.

More to the point, would effects that trigger on hit, such as a Limning weapon or the effect of the spell Fire of Entanglement for example, trigger their effect?

Furthermore, should it fail to by some quirk of the rule I failed to notice, would it be fair to allow such Aid Another attacks to make contact if they break the targets touch AC in addition to the standard AC 10?

I was wondering what type of environments this AP has. I've gotten the impression a lot of it takes place within the city and was curious how true this is. Do you leave for any length of time? Would building an urban centric character be wise?

So, I'm about to level my character to 9th and I'm currently at a loss for what my next feats, or my feat last level for that matter, are going to be... any other suggestion would be nice but I'm mostly stumped on my feats. Planning on Quicken Blessing at 11 and Pin Down at 12th if that helps at all. I'm primarily a damage dealer in combat, but I'm not really sold on Weapon Specialization...

Half-elf Warpriest of Sarenrae (Good and Sun) CG
HP 68 / 68 Speed 30ft Init 7
AC 22 Fort 7 Ref 14 Will 12
CMB +6 BAB 6
+1 Fortuitous Whip +13 (1d8+6, x2)
Dagger +11 (1d4, 19-20x2)
Crossbow, Heavy +11 (1d10, 19-20x2)
Str 10 (0) Dex 21 (5) Con 14 (2) Wis 16 (3) Int 14 (2) Cha 8 (-1)
Feats Racial: Ex. Prof Whip, Wp 1st Weapon Focus (Whip), 1st Weapon Finesse, 3rd Slashing Grace, Wp 3rd Whip Mastery, 5th Combat Reflexes, Wp 6th Improved Whip Mastery, 7th ???, 9th ???, Wp 9th ???
Traits Fate's Favored & Reactionary

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Simple question: Can you fire a Kinetic Blast or Gather Power while Raging?

I've just been thinking over things to combine with Kineticist as a way to pass the work hours and Barbarian and the idea of going all RAAAAAAWR!!! and bursting into flames and firing off Raging flame bolts fun. Yeah Rage wont help the Blast's damage or anything, but that's not really the point. I'm pretty damn sure Gather Power falls under "any ability that requires patience or concentration" but it's thematically pretty cool with the whole manifesting elements part of it but I'm not as SURE about Kinetic Blast. Kinda just strikes me as a fire and forget thing you just kinda do. I could just be ignoring obvious things that stop it since I like the idea and want it to work... oh well.

Free action Rage > Full Action Gather Power > 6 months of filler arc > Pyrokinetic Blast + Explosion + Empower = good times

What happens if you become immune to non-lethal damage while having non-lethal damage? Does the damage go away? Does it sit there not doing anything? Does it vanish but return if the effect is temporary?

I started running Rise of the Runelords some time back with a party of three and we decided on the Gestalt optional system. I'm not new to the system but I'm having a bit of a snag thinking on how to challenge them since they have thrown me for a loop with their choices. I've been gaming with these guys for years and they suddenly decided to play quite the opposite to their typical styles! xD

Party level is currently 3rd:
Aasimar (Angel) Paladin(Sacred Shield)/Fighter (Tower Shield Specialist)
-Super duper AC, usually sitting around 23 before buffs. Only going to go up as time goes by.
-Divine Grace making what can hit not usually work
Aasimar (Gauruda) Inquisitor/Unchained Monk
-Stunning Fists are a pain
Aasimar (Archon) Warpriest/Unchained Rogue
-Whip bases disarm/trip build

I don't want to counter build because that's just awful, but I don't want this to be easy mode. Does the Adv.Path handle these issues on it's own as it progresses or should I plan to adjust for my parties strengths to provide more tense moments?

Starting up with a party of 3 using Gestalt rules to cover all the bases.

Aasimar (Angel) Paladin(Sacred Shield)/Fighter
-Super duper AC
Aasimar (Gauruda) Inquisitor/Unchained Monk
-no build really
Aasimar (Archon) Warpriest/Unchained Rogue
-Whip bases disarm/trip build

is there anything I should be worried about going into this? Like will not having Arcane be an issue?

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So, I've been offered an opportunity to try out Gestalt and have settled on Magus (Bladbound) / Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade). Was thinking Hexcaster would be a nice addition as well but I don't really know. Looking for a little feedback on where I might go with this

Tiefling (Daemon-Spawn)

Str 10
Dex 18 (+2)
Con 12
Wis 12 (-2, +2 Feat)
Int 16 (+2)
Cha 14
25 - points

InBld 1st - Weapon Finesse (w/ Rapiers)
InBld 1st - Weapon Focus (w/ Rapiers)
1st - Fiendish Heritage (Daemon-spawn, +2 racial bonus Wisdom OR Once per day you can reroll one die. You must take the result of this second roll OR You gain a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls for the following round)
3rd - (Edit: Eldritch Heritage (Arcane, Bond on Black Blade), Not happening unless I fit in Skill focus)
Swb 4th - Fencing Grace
Mag 5th - Combat Reflexes?
5th - (Edit: Improved Arcane Bond... 3rd party so likely a no-go)

So, I was joking around with my brother about a Gestalt Warpriest/Gunslinger build that uses a Whip/Gun combo and has the Travel and Artifice Blessing (if this doesn't mean anything to you, go watch more movies). While looking it up I came across this little problem...

SRD wrote:
Transfer Magic (major): At 10th level, you can temporarily transfer a weapon special ability from one weapon to another. The bearers of each of the weapons must be willing, and you must be touching both weapons to activate this ability. You can transfer a weapon special ability with a base price modifier of +1 or +2. If you are using this ability on a double weapon, only one end of the double weapon is affected. The transfer lasts for 1 minute, after which the transferred weapon special ability automatically returns to the source weapon. You can use this ability multiple times on the same weapon or weapons. Alternatively, you can use transfer magic to move a +1 or +2 armor special ability from one touched suit of armor to another, or move a +1 or +2 armor or weapon enhancement bonus to another armor or weapon.

1.) What type of action is this?

2.) Would it be worth it to just carry a pouch of sling stones, each with a different Bane/Holy/Unholy property?

3.) Does this add to the new weapons total enhancement? i.e. if I have a +5 Sword or +5 junk attached, can I transfer more into it?

Sooooo... This has been bugging me for awhile now and I thought I'd get some opinions...

Favored Enemy: Humanoid (subtype) - stupid or stupid beyond reason?

If I take Aberrations I can tell the right way to stab 60 breeds of land octopus. Things that almost never have two things in common within their own breeds let alone the entire classification... and some how FE: Human doesn't carry over to FE: Dwarf.

I'm considering dropping the entire subtype bit from the class, but I wanted to know if anyone else has gone the route and how it turned out.

Though it's not technically advice I'm looking for, I was really curious. Back in 3.x, prestige classes were the talk of the town and almost all the best builds used them. Here though, I don't seem to see much chatter about them and it's all about the Archetypes. Heck, the new books all seem void of them. So, my question is this, are any of the PrCs any good? Just over shadowed by archetypes?

As one might assume by my name, I'm a huge fan of Halloween and one particular aspect of it. So naturally when I see a low CR pumpkin monster I immediately ask myself "who do i have to maim to get my GM to approve this!?" I'm terrible at adapting a monster race for PC use but this is just some thing I need to try.

SO! With Halloween around the corner... Lets do this!
CR 1
Plant traits
15ft. land speed
Natural Bite & Slam
+3 Nat. Armor
Resist Fire 15**
Low-light Vision
Tremorsense 30ft.
Explode when they die
Fear Aura (vision based)*
Hide-in-Plain-Sight to appear as a normal pumpkin
Entangle on Slam*
Breath Weapon: 1d10 Fire (1/1d4 rounds)**

Best thought on stats... +2 Str, +2 Wis & -2 Cha?

*things I would happily lose
**Prefer to augment rather than lose

Okay, lets say for the sake of argument I want to make a character the specializes in thrown weapons but not the type that Returning would really apply to.

Let say shurikens.

Now, Bow and Cross bows have the advantage of applying all their enchantments to their arrows and bolt. Is there a way to do this with thrown weapons? A special glove? A container that holds a charge for one round or till thrown?

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So, I had this idea a few years back and after a few rounds of Shovel Knight it's but picking at my brain to finally get this on the table.

The idea was that a simple gravedigger that turned adventurer after his business went under because the clients couldn't stay under. After clubbing more than a few fresh unfriendly undead back into friend dead he decided it was time to move on. Not having a whole lot of money to spend on gear, he traveled about defending himself with what he had handy.

I've been trying to think of a good class to go with this but one that doesn't really scream "super trained professional" (i.e. no casters). Hunter stuck out for me to get an Earthworm companion for flavor, but I'm already playing a Verminous Hunter in another game and then there's the whole not wanting to be a caster thing. Fighter and Brawler sound fitting but I feel some Brawler features would be going to waste and, even though the game sparked my intrest anew, I don't know for a fact if I want to go around in heavy armor. Ranger with Favored Enemy: Undead seems fitting maybe.

Really just looking to toss the ball around and see where things go.

So, I've got a new game coming up an I'm looking to see if what I've got planed is solid. We'll be doing the Serpent's Skull Adventure Path and the other party members are:

Grippili Gunslinger
Goblin Alchemist
Elven Arcanist

My hunter and his Animal Companion.

Any suggestions would be welcome and I'll try to answer any questions as soon as I can.

So I've been wanting to build a Hunter and I've got a major geek on for insects and was curious about the communities opinion of this particular archtype. I'd personally love to mix it with Packmaster to have my own giant ant colony, but that one sttikes me a fair bit on shallow end of the pool.

I was planning on going two-hander and have a beetle flanking buddy and was also wondering if there were any stand-out Druid/Ranger spells to keep an eye out for.

So, I've been looking to start in on Pathfinder and for the most part wanted to leave 3.5 material, and all the broken brokeness, out of it. There are a few things though that I don't recall being overly disruptive due to their own mechanic and wanted some outside opinions.

Weapons of Legacy
Tome of Magic
Book of Incarnum

I thought some of the material present in these books were rather interesting in concept but I just wanted to double check. Anyone ever use them in a Pathfinder setting?

So, I played through 3.5 for some time and in that time I noticed, like many before me, that the system was just chalk full of the most broken and unbalanced things I've every expirienced in RPGs and is the major factor in me quiting the system. That said more than a few things still tickle my intrest that I never had time to try and was looking for a bit of direction concerning their balance in Pathfinder.

So, my question is this: what 3rd party source books don't break the system?

Specific books I was looking at that brought this to mind:
Tome of Magic
Weapons of Legacy
Book of Incarnum

So, I've been looking over the STAGGERING list of Trait options and find myself a tad overwhelmed. Does anyone have a list of suggestions or perhaps a link to a nice guide/handbook?

Also, is there a Summoner's Handbook I just can't find that is more up to dated than the one over on Giantitp? Would be nice to get a little info reguarding all the matterial that came out after it was finished.