Jack o'Lantern


As one might assume by my name, I'm a huge fan of Halloween and one particular aspect of it. So naturally when I see a low CR pumpkin monster I immediately ask myself "who do i have to maim to get my GM to approve this!?" I'm terrible at adapting a monster race for PC use but this is just some thing I need to try.

SO! With Halloween around the corner... Lets do this!
CR 1
Plant traits
15ft. land speed
Natural Bite & Slam
+3 Nat. Armor
Resist Fire 15**
Low-light Vision
Tremorsense 30ft.
Explode when they die
Fear Aura (vision based)*
Hide-in-Plain-Sight to appear as a normal pumpkin
Entangle on Slam*
Breath Weapon: 1d10 Fire (1/1d4 rounds)**

Best thought on stats... +2 Str, +2 Wis & -2 Cha?

*things I would happily lose
**Prefer to augment rather than lose

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