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4d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 6, 2) = 10 9
4d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 5, 5) = 17 16
4d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 3, 2) = 10 9
4d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 3, 5) = 14 12
4d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 2, 3) = 13 11
4d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 2, 6) = 12 11

That's going to be unusable... oh well.

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Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:

It lets you grow 2-4 primary 1D6 natural attacks of any damage type.

You can do it in any form.

As long as the form has less than 2-4 natural attacks of it's own

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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

So, in the efforts of theorycrafting (and in the belief that some kind entity is watching this thread waiting for perfect insight) what would we need to do to Oozemorph to *fix* it?

First thing they need to do is reverse the entire damn class... I don't want no NOT be an Ooze. I can play dozens of classes with 100s of variation archetypes and be a humanoid. I don't want to suffer for a few levels just to fight to be a damn humanoid. It's called Oozemorph... lets me morph into a freakin ooze. Willingly, without being crippled by it.

While we're at it, attach it to a better class. There is no saving this without reworking the Shifter so give it to something like Slayer or Ranger.

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Introduction: Why do you want to play a Shifter?... No, seriously, why? I got nothin'...

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Don't know if it's been brought up but do you know what I find confusing... Why does it use Beast Shape and not the very spell introduced in this book, Ooze Form?! Spell's not great but it's far more fitting...

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Rajnish Umbra, Shadow Caller wrote:
Josh-o-Lantern wrote:
Let me see if I got this correctly... At level 1, with a 20 in Con, I have a Fort of +7... I can assume Humanoid form ONCE PER DAY... So I have a 55% chance of being all but completely useless to the party for 23 hours a day... Should I pass I have a 60% chance one hour later... This has to the be the very worst archetype in the entire game for what is already a very sub-par class...
At least now there's a definite answer to the age-old question "what is he worst class for a one level dip?"

It seems this might actually not be true... It's been brought to my attention that as an Ex-Shifter you lose all (SU) abilities... Oozemorph only has one... Take one level of Oozemorph Shifter, immediately teach someone Druidic and now you've got Compression, Morphic Weapons & Ooze Empathy... Hold out one more level for DR 4/slashing if you really want to...

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QuidEst wrote:
Josh-o-Lantern wrote:
QuidEst wrote:
Ooze form can do low-level combat just fine (when nobody is relying on magic items, having 2d6+2*Str is great). That’s about it.
Did I miss something in the book because as I read it your damage is capped at 1d6+str.
But you get two attacks.

That's what I thought but I wanted to make sure. The classes lack of damage scaling vs the base Shifter is so disappointing. Shifter's might be pretty poor compared to Warpriest and Monk but at least it's SOMETHING.

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You know what... every time I look at it it confuses me more... You give up every feature of Shifter with the exception of Track and Trackless Step... You aren't even really you original class. You get none of the minor/major benefits of the aspects that even made this class slightly unique... You get none of the damage scaling in your natural weapons... and the biggest sin of all? The freaking art for the archetype looks AWESOME...

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What confuses me the most about this archetype is that you are trying to fight against it's negatives just to be a normal humanoid most of the time. When I play something I want to EMBRACE the neat oddities, not min/max them away to just be functional.

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Let me see if I got this correctly... At level 1, with a 20 in Con, I have a Fort of +7... I can assume Humanoid form ONCE PER DAY... So I have a 55% chance of being all but completely useless to the party for 23 hours a day... Should I pass I have a 60% chance one hour later... This has to the be the very worst archetype in the entire game for what is already a very sub-par class...

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Well, Bard has a number of used for putting point into them but other than entertainment and possibly distracting people... I guess Perform: Surgery could be helpful! xD

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Sirocco + Tar Pool

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No they don't. The undead entry does not list it.

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This link covers my entire opinion on the topic

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I've always personally HATED how language is handled in D&D/Pathfinder... I like you use it whenever possible to obscure what the PCs can learn by just sneaking around listening in and the such, But what has always bugged me was that ANY language is one skill point away. That something as unscholarly as a Barbarian can just up and learn a language that they have never encountered just because they beat a few goblins in the head with a rock is down right ludicrous to me.

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Knowledge states "Training: You cannot make an untrained Knowledge check with a DC higher than 10."

Brdic Knowledge states "...and may make all Knowledge skill checks untrained."

Seems pretty damn RAW that you CAN make checks of any DC untrained.

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I'm not a fan of Ranger's Favored Enemy, more specifically Humanoids. Human, Dwarves and Elves are not that different in terms of combat and having to take them separately is just awful. Then there's the fact that, a human raised and trained by elves, has only known elvish life, and has never even seen another human would still be vulnerable to a Ranger trained in the fighting tactics of Humans. I would love to see Favored Enemy: Humanoid (Common Races) be a thing...

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darth_borehd wrote:

I was disappointed to see Unchained Summoner get specified in the Mystic Child and Fey Caller archetypes with no mention of the standard summoner.

It's fine if you want to include a few notes here and there for fans of the Unchained stuff, but the standard version should always get the main focus.

"You may notice that we did not say the unchained summoner would be available alongside its Advanced Player's Guide counterpart. Effective immediately, the Advanced Player's Guide summoner is no longer available in the organized play campaign, and the unchained summoner is its legal replacement."

From what I can tell the unchained summoner is now the new standard summoner as far as they are concerned...

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JiCi wrote:
Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
You generally don't get a class feature designed to negate the weakness of your class.

- Magi can cast spell in heavier armors

- Kineticists can reduce Burn
- Vigilantes can reduce the transformation time
- Monks can bypass certain damage reductions with their unarmed strikes

-Armor isn't a weakness of Magus

-Reduce is not eliminate and you still NEED burn to fuel things like Overflow
-DR is not a weakness of Monk but ALL weapon using classes

Can't bring myself to care to read Vigilante... but they do have an archetype to be a Magical Girl...

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The answer seems pretty simple to me...

Is it manufactured? Did this thing that is a weapon under-go manufacturing in some way? Nope

Is it a natural weapon? Nope

Is it an unarmed strike? Nope

What is it then? Well, it's a Mind Blade... a Kinetic Whip... a Mystic Bolt. They simply are what they are and nothing more.

So for said effect that requires a "manufactured weapon" it's a no-go

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So... to get this right... you want a Bard... that's not, well... a BARD... That's like saying "I love the flavor of this tomato soup, but could we somehow take these gross tomatoes out?"

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because someone at some point said Necromancy is evil sounding so spells that do "bad things" need to be Necro... Willing to bet that's as much though as went into it.

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My opinion? This is a TERRIBLE attitude to enter a game with and I'll have no part in helping it along.

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Bards and Witches? Both can cast healing magic as Arcane.

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Kahel Stormbender wrote:

As I said, I probably wouldn't penalize them. But it'd depend heavily on how the player roleplays it. If they portray the character agonizing over the morality of the action vs their duty to destroy the undead, I'd be more inclined to give them a one time pass due to to good roleplay. Cheerfully staking the vampire without a second thought though, that's a lot more iffy.

If they flat out refuse to do the deed, but are willing to stand guard for when things inevitably go wrong... (and things always go wrong) Definitely they'd be okay to me.

I really do TRY to stay out of these moral questions but this is an example of why I HATE Paladin discussions...

You are never JUST a Paladin... you are a Paladin of XXX and that XXX matters far more than Paladin does. Paladin of Pharasma? Yeah, your hand doesn't stay for longs than it takes you to curse the foul abomination. If a GM is going to come at me and say "well that Vampire was helpless" I'm going to fire right back with "Well so were it's damn victims and he deserves no better".

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Everything about fighting Cthulhu can be summed up in this video

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1:1? No, not really. 1:3 would be a nice target number... the current 1:72 shouldn't be a thing though...

As it should always be said when these come up, it's not a matter of players out performing players, it's more that the party will, and should, fight a large number of classed foes in their career and a party of 6 martials shouldn't have the walls painted with their insides because a cleric and a wizard teamed up to oppose them...

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Jodokai wrote:
Josh-o-Lantern wrote:

None? None at all? level 6 makes you immune to Reverse psychology?
Thought you were referring to detect evil aura. Sure, if the player is playing a dumb paladin that just blindly opposes everything that might work. It still doesn't change the fact that a paladin shouldn't be traveling with an evil character, let alone an evil character trying to manipulate him.

Wont argue that. If I write evil on a sheet and hear "I'll play a paladin", I reach for the eraser. unless this was a blind character build someone in this group it an ass

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Jodokai wrote:
Josh-o-Lantern wrote:
QuidEst wrote:

Reverse psychology. If he opposes everything you suggest, just suggest the opposite of what you want.

Also, if you aren't a divine caster with an aura, you don't detect as evil for another couple levels.

This. Every bit this.
Except they're 6th level, so none of that actually.

None? None at all? level 6 makes you immune to Reverse psychology?

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Short answer: No.

Long answer: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

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All classes: minimum skill points per level: 4+Int

All characters with a base attack bonus of +1 will be considered to have the feat Power Attack with any weapon that they are proficient in. Characters are considered to qualify for feats with Power Attack as a prerequisite. Characters using Weapon Finesse may use Power Attack, but will not receive a 50% bonus for wielding a weapon two handed.

All characters with a base attack bonus of +1 will be considered to have the feat Combat Expertise and will automatically qualify for any feats that require Combat Expertise as a prerequisite.

All feats with Point Blank Shot listed as a prerequisite no longer have it as a prerequisite. You may still select it if you wish and it grants the benefit of the Deadly Aim feat as well as it's printed benefit.

All characters with a base attack bonus of +1, and at least two skill ranks in Ride, will be considered to have the feat Mounted Combat.

Add the following to Weapon Focus and Greater Weapon Focus: At BaB 4(12) you gain(deal) an additional 1 to hit(2 points of damage) with the selected weapon. Weapon Specialization and Greater Weapon Specialization no longer exist as feats.

(Off limits): Leadership, Craft Wonderous Item, Blood Money, Masterwork Transformation, Miracle, Limited Wish & Wish

When used out of combat and applied like an oil, Potions of Cure X Wounds are maximized.

Armor worn weights 1/4 the amount for purposes of encumbrance.

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Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! The dead rising from the grave! Earthquakes, volcanoes... Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

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Simple question: Can you fire a Kinetic Blast or Gather Power while Raging?

I've just been thinking over things to combine with Kineticist as a way to pass the work hours and Barbarian and the idea of going all RAAAAAAWR!!! and bursting into flames and firing off Raging flame bolts fun. Yeah Rage wont help the Blast's damage or anything, but that's not really the point. I'm pretty damn sure Gather Power falls under "any ability that requires patience or concentration" but it's thematically pretty cool with the whole manifesting elements part of it but I'm not as SURE about Kinetic Blast. Kinda just strikes me as a fire and forget thing you just kinda do. I could just be ignoring obvious things that stop it since I like the idea and want it to work... oh well.

Free action Rage > Full Action Gather Power > 6 months of filler arc > Pyrokinetic Blast + Explosion + Empower = good times

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VampByDay wrote:
In your example of trying to bust down a wall, I've seen two interpretations. One is you disbelieve automatically. The other is that your brain thinks there's a wall there, and you instinctively stop your punch at the wall. The latter gives you a new save. Picking up and throwing something through the wall gives you a new save at a +4 bonus.

I've had a broken hand that says this is in no way what-so-ever a thing that will happen.

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Breq of Toren wrote:

In Pathfinder, the penalties for multi-classing have been mostly been eliminated except for the favored class bonus. As a result of this, with the appropriate build, one can create an incredibly dangerous melee fighter taking advantage of the many bonus feats different classes give at early levels.

The following build is a bit of theory crafted mayhem that is incredibly effective between levels 5 and 12, so the majority of the PFS career of a player. This character is screwed towards GMs who can apply credits to characters to bypass the first several levels of play, as this character only really becomes viable at about level 4 due to a couple of 4k gold items.

Finally before we begin a warning. This build is should only be played by experienced players who know what they're doing and are willing to incur the well deserved wrath of their GM. This build has a lot of moving parts and is very easy to screw up and take excessive time if you don't know the system well.

First the stats:
Str: 6
Dex: 20 (boost Dex every 4 levels)
Con: 12
Int: 7
Wis: 14
Cha: 14

Level 1: Swashbuckler (Mouser)
Level 2: Fighter (unarmed fighter)
Level 3: Paladin (Iroran)
Level 4: Monk (Master of Many Styles + Kata Master)
Level 5: Monk (Master of Many Styles + Kata Master)
Level 6: Paladin (Iroran)
Level 7: Slayer
Level 8: Slayer
Level 9: Slayer
Level 10: Paladin (Iroran)
Level 11: Paladin (Iroran)

Level 1: weapon finesse (from swashbuckler)
Level 1: Piranha strike
Level 2: Monkey Style (bonus from unarmed fighter)
Level 3: Snake Style
Level 4: Monkey Shine (bonus from Monk MoMS)
Level 5: Snake Fang (bonus from Monk MoMS)
Level 5: Combat reflexes
Level 7: Stand Still
Level 7: Ranger Combat Style: Aspect of the Beast (Claws of the Beast)
Level 9: Risky Striker
Level 11: Outflank

Next the two crucial items to this build:
Amulet of Mighty Fists (agile): This will allow you to have all of your attacks apply your dex to damage.
Ring of Seven Lovely Colors: This will allow you to transform into a tiny songbird for 10 minutes at a time, 7 times a day. Enough that you can be in songbird form for every single fight of a PFS scenario.
Ring of Eloquence: Allows you to speak with your party while in bird form.

How it all comes together:
When in bird form, you will get a +4 to dex, a -2 to strength and a +1 natural armor bonus to AC. In addition as a tiny creature you will get a +2 size modifier to hit and to AC.

Secondly, as a tiny creature, you use dex instead of strength for your CMB.

Third, and most crucially, tiny creatures can enter an enemy square freely, although this provokes attacks of opportunity. This will allow you to take advantage of the special mouser abilities as well as the feat Monkey Shine. Monkey shine is one of the key feats in this build, as it grants a +4 dodge bonus to AC when you are in an enemy square and a +4 bonus to hit while in the enemy square.

Fourth, snake style allows you to consider all unarmed strikes to be piercing weapons, making them qualify for swashbucklers finesse. In addition snake fang allows you to take an attack of opportunity every time an enemy swings against your character and misses. With an AC that will generally require almost every enemy to roll a 20 to hit you, and an almost unlimited number of AOOs, this will be a major advantage, especially since provoking every time you move in to attack will grant you an extra attack almost all of the time.

Fifth, the mouser grants the ability to flank an enemy when you are in their square and an ally is adjacent to you. This means that so long as you have another melee character in the party, you will be flanking nearly every round of combat. Additionally, the mouser can take an AOO every time an enemy leaves the mousers square, even if just using a 5 foot step. When combined with your high CMB and Stand still at level 7, you can pretty much prevent any enemy from run away from you.

Sixth, The dodging panache deed, will effectively give you the step up feat as well as a useful way of increasing your AC. The dodging panache deed allows you to take an immediate action to move 5 ft. when an enemy makes a melee attack against you and add your cha modifier as a dodge bonus to AC for a round. Since the deed does not specify which direction you need to go, you can use this as an easy way to enter an enemy square on their turn if they step back and strike at you. In addition since you should have a high cha, this should be a significant boost to your AC.

Key strengths of the build:
Ridiculous saves: Without any items, this character will have the following saves at level 12 as well as evasion:
Fort: +16
Ref: + 20
Will: +13

Ridiculous AC and touch AC:
One of the key strengths of this build is that you will be able to stack many many bonuses to your AC. First you will gain the size bonus, secondly you will get wisdom to AC from the monk. Third you will get charisma to dex AC from the Iroran Paladin (limited by number of paladin levels taken), Finally, you should have a ridiculous dex score from transforming and investing in dex boosting items. This score can be boosted and supplemented by the use of wands. I strongly encourage investing in wands of mage armor, barkskin, and shield. The level 12 character I have who is a slight variant of this build regularly has a 46 regular AC and a 36 touch AC.

Very High bonus to hit:
The combination of gaining a very high dex from changing shape, a +2 bonus to hit from tiny size, being only 1 level removed from being full BAB, and gaining a +4 to hit when in an enemy square from Monkey shine, means that this character should be able to hit most opponents on anything above a 4 most of the time from my personal experience.

Many attacks:
With this character, you will have 3 natural attacks as well as 3 regular weapon attacks at level 12. In addition, you will be able to counter-attack every attack made by the enemy who's square you are in so long as they miss. With your dex modifier, this should be enough for all of them.

High Damage per strike:
The other key benefit of this build is that in addition to having a good damage stat from dexterity, you will be able to greatly increase your damage by applying piranha strike and risky striker on all targets that are at least medium sized, which will be nearly every target you encounter.
For example at level 9, at the cost of decreasing AC by 3 and the bonus to hit by 3 you will get to add +12 to damage on each hit.

Key Weakness: anything with strength drain is a sign to run like hell. However, with your touch AC and the ability to fly, even then you should probably be fine in most cases.

I will continue to modify this and work to answer people's questions on the subject.


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Matthew Downie wrote:

You guys are clearly terrible at making balanced casters. It's really not that hard to make one who doesn't outshine martials and break the CR system. Focus on buff spells and battlefield control. Also, don't just use up all your spells early and then rest - conserve them so you can fight eight or nine encounters in a day. As for out-of-combat situations, adopt the philosophy that it's wrong to use magic to achieve anything that could be achieved without it.

Martials will then start to look pretty darn useful.

So... your suggestion is to play down a class that is easy to over tune so what? So the fighter gets his participation award?

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As long as Summon Monster is a spell that is on just about every caster in the game's list, martials are more replaceable than socks

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Bard-Sader wrote:
After all, Angels can fall (See Erinyes entry)

the problem with that is in your own example... A fallen Angel in this case, is now an Erinyes. So by that logic, a redeemed Succubus should become something other than what it once was.

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Well, first, this sounds VERY much like a GM trap meant solely to cause an argument. That aside, you said she reverted due to fatigue of LoH and level drain... he saw a woman currently in the act of using LoH, and ability and posture he should know first (lay on)hand. A flash of positive energy and a healed body suddenly before her, and then she reverted form... a still, once motionless form before her now stirring. Context clues says ask more question before smiting. Barring all that though, There was zero reason to detect alignment, attack on sight is basically the right of all Paladins in the presence of Demons and Devils... final verdict, have the Paladin... roll a new class since the GM is a butt.

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My Self wrote:


I'd say there are two general states of being: living, or dead

Being unconscious, being awake, dying, ascending to a higher plane of existence and becoming a god (IE, taking levels in wizard) are all sub-states of living. You have to be alive to be awake, and you have to be alive to die.

To be undead, you must first be dead. Hence, being undead would be a sub-state of being dead.

Since you're dead, at least by my logic, it would count against your time limit.

The way I see it is that the limit exists to reflect a souls tenancy to be absorbed my the outer planes where the soul is typically whisked away to. An undead creature still houses it's soul and thus great power isn't needed to draw the soul back from its final resting place.

More to the point, "you can resurrect a creature that has been dead for as long as 10 years per caster level." Undead is just that... not dead.

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andreww wrote:
Josh-o-Lantern wrote:
I don't even know where to begin with this mess of ill logic... So I'm just going to sit back and watch the sparks fly...
It's a mildly impressive grognadly rant but the railing against WoW costs it some points. I score it 4/10, could do better, needs more references to real roleplayers.

Perfect summery, though you are more generous with your score than I would be.

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I don't even know where to begin with this mess of ill logic... So I'm just going to sit back and watch the sparks fly...

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If I could I would eliminate every class with 7-9th level spells. Nothing much is lost since most of the unique features of those classes can be found in archetypes or feats.

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So, I've been offered an opportunity to try out Gestalt and have settled on Magus (Bladbound) / Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade). Was thinking Hexcaster would be a nice addition as well but I don't really know. Looking for a little feedback on where I might go with this

Tiefling (Daemon-Spawn)

Str 10
Dex 18 (+2)
Con 12
Wis 12 (-2, +2 Feat)
Int 16 (+2)
Cha 14
25 - points

InBld 1st - Weapon Finesse (w/ Rapiers)
InBld 1st - Weapon Focus (w/ Rapiers)
1st - Fiendish Heritage (Daemon-spawn, +2 racial bonus Wisdom OR Once per day you can reroll one die. You must take the result of this second roll OR You gain a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls for the following round)
3rd - (Edit: Eldritch Heritage (Arcane, Bond on Black Blade), Not happening unless I fit in Skill focus)
Swb 4th - Fencing Grace
Mag 5th - Combat Reflexes?
5th - (Edit: Improved Arcane Bond... 3rd party so likely a no-go)

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Malachi Silverclaw wrote:

Divine Grace is one of the absolute best abilities in the game. When I consider paladin archetypes, I lightly skip over any that trade it away. I may read it later just for amusement. What could justify losing that ability? WHAT!!! One language?

I'm honestly curious; have any of you played a paladin with this archetype starting at 1st or 2nd level? If so, why did you think it was worth losing Divine Grace?

If the rest of the package is good, whoop-dee-doo... Divine Grace is a feat now... pick it back up at level 7.

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My opinion... don't do this. The power level of Gestalt vary WILDLY from build to build. Party balance is almost completely impossible. I suggest all or nothing.

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So, I had this idea a few years back and after a few rounds of Shovel Knight it's but picking at my brain to finally get this on the table.

The idea was that a simple gravedigger that turned adventurer after his business went under because the clients couldn't stay under. After clubbing more than a few fresh unfriendly undead back into friend dead he decided it was time to move on. Not having a whole lot of money to spend on gear, he traveled about defending himself with what he had handy.

I've been trying to think of a good class to go with this but one that doesn't really scream "super trained professional" (i.e. no casters). Hunter stuck out for me to get an Earthworm companion for flavor, but I'm already playing a Verminous Hunter in another game and then there's the whole not wanting to be a caster thing. Fighter and Brawler sound fitting but I feel some Brawler features would be going to waste and, even though the game sparked my intrest anew, I don't know for a fact if I want to go around in heavy armor. Ranger with Favored Enemy: Undead seems fitting maybe.

Really just looking to toss the ball around and see where things go.

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Now, I do love the idea of duel weilding shields, and will likely one day try it myself, I feel it should be mentioned that just because it's real doesn't make it not stupid

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My honest suggestion is find a new game. Players like this seldom change and a GM that enjoys a player that is this disruptive doesn't deserve players.