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So, I've been looking over the STAGGERING list of Trait options and find myself a tad overwhelmed. Does anyone have a list of suggestions or perhaps a link to a nice guide/handbook?

Also, is there a Summoner's Handbook I just can't find that is more up to dated than the one over on Giantitp? Would be nice to get a little info reguarding all the matterial that came out after it was finished.

There is this guide, which is great and more recent but focuses on turning Summoner to a melee PC.

With a Human or a Half-Elf Summoner, Reactionary and Focused Mind is a good start.

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Half-Elf? Are you consider Wild-Caller archetype? Stacks well with half-elf favored class option. Extra Evolution point every +1/4 + 1/4 = +1/2 or every two levels!!! Granted you lose access to a few things...but still :)

Since your Eidolon is fully sentient you don't really need Reactionary for yourself to send it into battle. Though it is still a very good option. Are there any skills you'd like to pick up?

Otherwise, my usual selection is:
Something to add initiative (Reactionary, Elven Reflexes etc...)
Something to boost the least favored saving throw. Indomitable Faith for Will, Deft Dodger for Reflex, Resilient for Fortitude, and so on. Note that Deft Dodger and Resilient are both Combat traits and so you cannot have both.

If you're looking for a specific skill, save or other such boost, does have a trait finder. Or I usually google +trait +<what boost I want>

If campaign traits are allowed, then Trap Finder (People of the Sands) gives you the rogue class ability to disable magical traps.

Good luck!

Thank you for the link. I was personally looking into making a non-traditional tank. Have my Eidolon act as the party's primary meat shield while I play the role of buffer.

I do plan on going Half-Elf for the free Evo point but I'm SOOOO on the fence about Wild Caller. The loss of DR is a bit harsh but I could get that elsewhere. What really gets me is S.Monster vs. Nature's Ally. I go looking for opinions and I see a very clear divide. Would love it if one were definably better than the other but I'm not seeing it 100%.

I would definitely not go with the Wild Caller. The biggest reason being that they lose Immunity. Immunity: 10 evo points, and your meat shield is immune to all the elements. DR and SR are really good things to have, as well. Not worth losing, to me.

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Oh yeah it's definitely an lose access to some key abilities...but can totally stack up on others. Works great for certain builds, YMMV.

10 evo points is a LOT. That's normally all your evolution pool at 7th. You'll be immune to all elements at 7th...and not have anything else unless you got evo points somewhere else. Still having the option is nice. Eidolons are one of the few pets/classes that even have access to immunity sonic. End game 10/26 points is not much...but early to mid, it's quite a bit.

I guess I'd ask what exactly do you want your Eidolon to be? And which specific type of monsters/nature summoning you prefer? Nothing wrong with passing on Wild Caller if it doesn't fit your concept.

Summon Monster is much better than summon nature's ally, but if you invest on your eidolon as a wild caller, and you will, you will not use SM so often to matter so much.

Wild Caller is a great archetype, as you will quickly stacku up the evo points and you will make a great meatshield.

The standard way to build the eidolon is to use a quadruped eidolon with pounce and many claws. But, if you would rather make it the "tank" of your team, you are probably better to go with a single natural attack for x1.5 Str to damage, bite for example, and use in your favor the evolution reach (bite), the large evolution and combat reflexes. Take the trip evolution, dazing assault and staggering critical as you take lvls and make an effective battlefield controller. Maximise Str for making your AoOs as damaging as possible. See the Chomper package from the summoner guide.

This can be done better with a a wild caller than a standard summoner IMO, but as you mention it is not 100% better as an archetype, so whatever you choose can make an effective character.

Wild Caller puts all your eggs in one basket. If you ever lose your Eidolon, having SNA instead of SM is going to suck, but hopefully you don't. It all depends what level of risk you're comfortable with.

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