Holy Crap! (new RotR party)

Rise of the Runelords

Starting up with a party of 3 using Gestalt rules to cover all the bases.

Aasimar (Angel) Paladin(Sacred Shield)/Fighter
-Super duper AC
Aasimar (Gauruda) Inquisitor/Unchained Monk
-no build really
Aasimar (Archon) Warpriest/Unchained Rogue
-Whip bases disarm/trip build

is there anything I should be worried about going into this? Like will not having Arcane be an issue?

This AP loves full arcane casters, especially Wizards and Arcanists. In every book, there is at least one spellbook given as loot, and in some cases multiple.

That said, with three Aasimars, you aren't in the worst position. It's a powerful party, it just lacks a lot of battlefield control. So, fights with a lot of enemies might take a bit longer than normal.

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