is this broken?


So, I've been looking to start in on Pathfinder and for the most part wanted to leave 3.5 material, and all the broken brokeness, out of it. There are a few things though that I don't recall being overly disruptive due to their own mechanic and wanted some outside opinions.

Weapons of Legacy
Tome of Magic
Book of Incarnum

I thought some of the material present in these books were rather interesting in concept but I just wanted to double check. Anyone ever use them in a Pathfinder setting?

Those materials were, in general, considered to be on the weak side in 3e. They'd be even weaker in PF, most likely.

I would think that, if these were under performing at the time and the original base classes had fallen behind in power as new classes came about, that these might fit a little better in pathfinder since the base classes only recieved a slight power boost and the one that over performed were cut back a little.

I'd say they are perfectly fine to allow, as long as you are willing to put in the effort to learn how the systems in them work. Book of Incarnum was one of my favorites from 3.5 personally.

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