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Fiend Flayer wrote:

Infernal Mortification (Su)

At 1st level, a fiend flayer can sacrifice some of his own infernal blood to add to his arcane pool. Sacrificing blood in this way is a standard action. For every 2 points of Constitution damage the fiend flayer takes in this way, his arcane pool increases by 1 point. Any arcane pool points gained in this way and not spent disappear the next time the magus prepares his spells. Unlike normal ability score damage, this damage cannot be healed by way of lesser restoration. Only time can heal the Constitution damage taken by way of infernal mortification. This ability cannot be used if the fiend flayer's Constitution damage is equal to or greater than 1/2 his Constitution score.
Pain Taster wrote:

Blood Control (Ex)

At 3rd level, the pain taster gains the ability to control the blood pressure throughout her body.

Anytime the pain taster is dealt bleed damage, she reduces the amount of damage taken by 1 per pain taster level (minimum 0). When taking Constitution damage as a result of blood loss (such as a stirge or a vampire's bite), a pain taster reduces the amount of ability damage dealt by an amount equal to half the pain taster's class level (minimum 0).

As an immediate action, a pain taster can delay the onset of injury or contact poisons by succeeding at a Will save. The DC of this check is equal to the poison's save DC. If the save is successful, the poison's initial and secondary damage are both delayed by 1 minute per pain taster level.

Has a Fiend Flayer/Pain Taster 4 the ability to gain an Arcana Point for free as a standard action or doesn't it count since the character doesn't actually take the ability damage?

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Would a character with Gun Twirling, Quickdraw and TWF be able to do the following?
1. Fire gun with primary hand
2. Reload gun
3. Holster gun
4. Draw gun with off-hand
5. Fire gun with off-hand

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Since we had threads about the worst feats, how about one about traits?

I'll start with the Dualborn Suli race trait which makes a character worse in most situations. Instead of four elemental you only get two and the same applies to elemental assault.
All for the option to apply two different elements (the only ones you get) to each arm while using elemental assault.

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How would Aura of Justice work for an Oath against Chaos Paladin?

  • do nothing at all
  • allow the paladin to grant the smite evil ability to his allies for 2 smites
  • allow the paladin to grant his smite chaos ability to his allies for 2 smites
  • allow the paladin to grant his smite evil ability to his allies for 2 smites and a LoH

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The second Exalted Boon of Sarenrae, Healing Sunburst, allows to add the Exalted level to the cleric level to calculate the effect of Channel Energy. How would that work for someone without any levels in Exalted? Would he use his character level instead or simply gain no benefit from this?

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Would a divine hunter with the scalykind domain gain a second companion?

Scalykind domain wrote:
Serpent Companion (Ex): At 4th level, you gain the service of an animal companion. Your effective druid level for this animal companion is equal to your cleric level –2. You may choose either a viper or a constrictor snake as your companion.
Divine Hunter wrote:
If the divine hunter selects the animal domain, she does not gain a second animal companion upon reaching an effective cleric level of 4th. When the divine hunter would gain that ability, her animal companion instead gains two ability score increases (gaining +1 to two different ability scores or +2 to one ability score). If her animal companion dies or is released, when she gains a new one, it benefits from this ability score increase.

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Would it be possible to use Planar Binding to call a petioner? If so, what would be needed to call a specific petioner?

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Is there any rule against casting Planar Binding for the sole purpose of killing (and maybe reanimating) the summoned creature?

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Would a monk with Pummeling Charge and Feral Combat Training (Natural Attack with Powerful Charge) be able to make a flurry of Powerful Charge attacks?

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Advanced Class Guide wrote:

Disable Construct

School transmutation; Level alchemist 3, sorcerer/wizard 3, witch 3

Casting Time 1 standard action

Components V, S

Range touch

Target construct touched

Duration 1 round/level (D)

Saving Throw Will negates; Spell Resistance no

You can make a melee touch attack to send a pulse into the target, interfering with the magic that endows it with life. If the construct fails its saving throw, it becomes helpless for the duration of the spell.

Helpless wrote:

Helpless: A helpless character is paralyzed, held, bound, sleeping, unconscious, or otherwise completely at an opponent's mercy. A helpless target is treated as having a Dexterity of 0 (–5 modifier). Melee attacks against a helpless target get a +4 bonus (equivalent to attacking a prone target). Ranged attacks get no special bonus against helpless targets. Rogues can sneak attack helpless targets.

As a full-round action, an enemy can use a melee weapon to deliver a coup de grace to a helpless foe. An enemy can also use a bow or crossbow, provided he is adjacent to the target. The attacker automatically hits and scores a critical hit. (A rogue also gets his sneak attack damage bonus against a helpless foe when delivering a coup de grace.) If the defender survives, he must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + damage dealt) or die. Delivering a coup de grace provokes attacks of opportunity.

Creatures that are immune to critical hits do not take critical damage, nor do they need to make Fortitude saves to avoid being killed by a coup de grace.

Apart from being a horrible broken spell, would a construct under its effect still be able to act?

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Has this been delivered?

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Since you can use statboosters to qualify for feats, would you also be able to use magic items to qualify in other ways?
Could you use a Dark Blue Rhomboid Ioun Stone to qualify for Sleepless Detective?
Could you use a Hand of the Mage to qualify for Arcane Strike?
Could you use a Greater Hat of Disguise to qualify for Mystic Theurge?

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Amnesia wrote:

Type insanity; Save Will DC 20

Onset immediate

Effect –4 penalty on Will saving throws and all skill checks; loss of memory (see below)


A character suffering from amnesia cannot remember things; his name, his skills, and his past are all equal mysteries. He can build new memories, but any memories that existed before he became an amnesiac are suppressed.

Worse, the amnesiac loses all class abilities, feats, and skill ranks for as long as his amnesia lasts. He retains his base attack bonus, base saving throw bonuses, combat maneuver bonus, combat maneuver defense, total experience points, and hit dice (and hit points), but everything else is gone until the amnesia is cured. If a character gains a class level while suffering from amnesia, he may use any abilities gained by that class level normally. If the class level he gained was of a class he already possess levels in, he gains the abilities of a 1st-level character of that class, even though he is technically of a higher level in that class. If his amnesia is later cured, he regains all the full abilities of this class, including those gained from any levels taken while he was suffering from amnesia.


Insanity can also be inflicted via magic. Consider allowing the spell insanity to merely inflict 1 randomly determined insanity per 5 caster levels on its victim rather than causing permanent confusion. Bestow curse can also inflict a single insanity on a foe, although in this case the insanity is also a curse.

Am I correct in assuming that with Bestow Curse you can chose to inflict Amnesia on your opponent instead of a random derangement?

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Apart from writing 'rogue' on his character sheet?

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Considering how different it is from a normal cavalier, this archetype deserves its own guide. Still work in progress, suggestions welcome.

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Disruption wrote:

A disruption weapon is the bane of all undead. Any undead creature struck in combat must succeed on a DC 14 Will save or be destroyed. A disruption weapon must be a bludgeoning melee weapon.

Strong conjuration; CL 14th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, heal; Price +2 bonus.

Final Rest Inquisition wrote:
Unravel Animation (Su): At 8th level, when you activate your bane ability with undead as the creature type, you can choose for your weapon to instead gain the disruption weapon special ability. The DC to resist this effect is equal to 10 + 1/2 your inquisitor level + your Wisdom modifier.

Would an inquisitor be able to use this ability on a scimitar or longsword?

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Another Huntmaster question:

Huntmaster wrote:

Bestial Challenge (Ex)

Whenever a huntmaster issues a challenge, both he and his hunting pack gain the bonuses and penalties associated with his challenge.

This ability modifies the challenge ability.

Charger wrote:

Mounted Challenge (Ex): When ridden by a cavalier,

chargers gain half of the bonuses and penalties granted
by the cavalier’s challenge class feature. This ability
replaces share spells.

Would both abilities stack?

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I feel like writing a Huntmaster guide, so I'd like to clarify a few things first:

Huntmaster wrote:

Hunting Pack (Ex)

At 1st level, a huntmaster forms a close bond with an animal companion. This animal companion functions as a druid's animal companion, using the cavalier's level as his effective druid level. He can choose either a bird or a dog when selecting his animal companion.

The huntmaster can have more than one animal companion, but he must divide up his effective druid level between his companions to determine the abilities of each companion. Each time a huntmaster's effective druid level increases, he must decide how to allocate the increase among his animal companions (including the option of adding a new 1st-level companion). Once an effective druid level is allocated to a particular companion, it cannot be redistributed while that companion is in the huntmaster's service (he must release a companion or wait until a companion dies to allocate its levels to another companion). The share spells animal companion ability does not give the huntmaster the ability to cast a single spell so that it affects all of his animal companions.

A huntmaster's animal companions gain a bonus on Survival checks to follow tracks equal to 1/2 the cavalier's class level (minimum 1).

This ability replaces mount.

Beast Rider wrote:

Beast Rider

You gain the service of a monstrous companion or mount.

Prerequisites: Animal companion or mount class feature, character level 7th, half-orc or orc.

Benefit: Select one of the following creature types: elephant, pteranodon, rhinoceros, stegosaurus, or triceratops. Add this creature type to your list of possible animal companions or mounts. When summoning a creature of the selected type to serve as a mount or companion, treat your effective druid level as if it were two levels higher (to a maximum of your character level). If the creature is large enough for you to ride, it gains the combat training general purpose (see Handle Animal) at no cost.

Would a Huntmaster with the Beast Rider feat be able to include a rhinoceros in his hunting pack? Since it's neither bird nor dog, he would certainly lose takedown, but a charging rhino that gains the full benefit of a cavalier's challenge has its own merits.

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Ultimate Equipment wrote:

Horseshoes of Glory

Price 39,600 gp; Aura moderate abjuration and transmutation; CL 11th; Weight 12 lbs.

These massive horseshoes sport deadly spikes that jut from their front. Once per day on command, the rider of a mount wearing these shoes may choose to either increase the mount's size by one size increment (maximum Huge), or change its type to magical beast, as beast shape IV. In addition, while the mount is augmented in either of these two ways, it gains DR/5 chaos, evil, good, or law (selected by the rider). These horseshoes are part of a set and require all four to be worn by the same animal to properly function.

Construction Requirements

Cost 19,800 gp

Craft Wondrous Item, beastshape IV, protection from chaos/evil/good/law

Since Beastshape doesn't change a creature's type, what are these horsehoes supposed to do?

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Cavalier: Add +1/2 to the cavalier's bonus to damage against targets of his challenge.

Would access to this be worth a feat, especially for a huntmaster cavalier? Aasimars have a similar, but weaker, favored class bonus, but gain access to the Celestial Servant feat.

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Champion (Story) wrote:

You must prove yourself through single combat.

Prerequisite: You must have defeated a single challenging foe without any aid from another, or have the Champion of a God, Champion of the People, Competition Champion, or Gladiator background.

Benefit: As a swift action, you can declare a single combat challenge to one foe within 50 feet and in line of sight. Upon doing so, you gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls and a +1 dodge bonus to AC against that foe as long as no one else threatens that opponent or until the single combat challenge ends. If another combatant attacks you or your foe, the challenge ends and you take a —2 penalty on attack rolls and to AC for 1 round. Though you can declare a single combat challenge at will, once you declare it on a foe you can't declare it on the same foe for another 24 hours.

Goal: Defeat an appropriate number of challenging foes in single combat. These combats must not be interrupted by other creatures, and the foes must not have already been substantially injured or impaired prior to combat with you.

Completion Benefit: Your bonuses for single combat increase to +2. In addition, any confirmed critical hits you make against such a foe deal an additional 1d6 points of damage.

Challenging Foe: wrote:
This is a foe or group of foes with a total CR of 10 or a CR of 3 plus your character level, whichever is higher. If this refers to a distinct individual, the foe's CR is set when the feat is taken, but the foe advances in power as you do. Otherwise, it refers to your current level. A typical recurring foe advances in CR by 1 for every 1—2 levels you gain.

A mirror match would only have a CR of your character level, so you would have to fight something of power similar to three duplicates of yourself.

You could certainly fight high level commoners or or cheat, but if you try to achieve the goal of the feat without cheating, your chances are rather slim.

So, has anyone used the feat and completed it RAW?

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Considering the number of demonic foes in this AP, how powerful would a Ranger/Rogue/Horizon Walker with Terrain Dominance (Abyss) be, considering you can get at least +8 on attack and damage rolls against demons by 9th level, more if you spend some of your feats on it?

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Spell Storing wrote:

Price +1 bonus; Aura strong evocation and varies; CL 12th; Weight —

A spell storing weapon allows a spellcaster to store a single targeted spell of up to 3rd level in the weapon. (The spell must have a casting time of 1 standard action.) Anytime the weapon strikes a creature and the creature takes damage from it, the weapon can immediately cast the spell on that creature as a free action if the wielder desires. (This special ability is an exception to the general rule that casting a spell from an item takes at least as long as casting that spell normally.) Once the spell has been cast from the weapon, a spellcaster can cast any other targeted spell of up to 3rd level into it. The weapon magically imparts to the wielder the name of the spell currently stored within it. A randomly rolled spell storing weapon has a 50% chance of having a spell stored in it already. This special ability can only be placed on melee weapons.

A spell storing weapon emits a strong aura of the evocation school, plus the aura of the spell currently stored.

Animate Dead wrote:

School necromancy [evil]; Level cleric 3, sorcerer/wizard 4

Casting Time 1 standard action

Components V, S, M (an onyx gem worth at least 25 gp per Hit Die of the undead)

Range touch

Targets one or more corpses touched

Duration instantaneous

Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no

Could I cast Animate Dead into a spellstoring weapon and activate it when I kill a creature? How would the material component work?

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Dazing Spell (Metamagic) wrote:

You can daze creatures with the power of your spells.

Benefit: You can modify a spell to daze a creature damaged by the spell. When a creature takes damage from this spell, they become dazed for a number of rounds equal to the original level of the spell. If the spell allows a saving throw, a successful save negates the daze effect. If the spell does not allow a save, the target can make a Will save to negate the daze effect. If the spell effect also causes the creature to become dazed, the duration of this metamagic effect is added to the duration of the spell. A dazing spell uses up a spell slot three levels higher than the spell's actual level. Spells that do not inflict damage do not benefit from this feat.

Hungry Darkness wrote:

School evocation [darkness, force]; Level sorcerer/wizard 7

Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (a bat’s tooth)

Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Area 60-ft.-radius spread
Duration 1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance yes (see text)

[This content was created by Paizo Publishing LLC for the Pathfinder rules but is not from the Pathfinder RPG product line.]

This spell creates an area of intense blackness, as deeper darkness, but filled with unseen chewing teeth and ravenous maws. Any creatures beginning its turn within the hungry darkness is gnawed and slashed by these unseen fangs of force, dealing 3d6 points of force damage and 2 points of Constitution damage per round. Once a creature leaves the cloud, it continues to take 1d6 points of bleed damage each round until it receives magical healing or enters an area of bright light. Spell Resistance can prevent damage from the hungry darkness but not against the darkness it creates.

So, each creature within the spell's area must succeed on a will save or be dazed for 7 rounds? Each round it has to make another will save or the daze duration resets to 7 rounds while taking force and con damage each round?

Might be worth the price of the rod.

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Dawnflower Dervish wrote:

Burst of Speed (Ex)

At 3rd level, a dervish takes only a –1 penalty to her AC after charging. At 7th level, the dervish can charge with no penalty.

This ability replaces Armor Training 1.

Savage Warrior wrote:

Savage Charge (Ex)

At 9th level, when a savage warrior attacks with a natural weapon at the end of a charge, he gains a bonus on his natural weapon attack rolls equal to half his fighter level, while suffering a penalty to his AC equal to half his fighter level. These replace the normal attack roll bonus and AC penalty for charging. This bonus also applies to his CMB for a bull rush or overrun combat maneuvers made when charging.

This ability replaces Weapon Training 2.

Since you can take both archetypes, how would those abilities interact?

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The basic idea is to combine as many natural attacks as possible with the ability to move and full attack. Martial Versatility is mandatory, so the obvious choice is an Angelblooded Scion of Humanity.
Since FoB does not work well with natural attacks, it's going to be a Master of Many Styles. The fighter archtetype is Dawnflower Dervish (aka Dervish of the Dawn).
With Feral Combat Training (whatever) and Martial Versatility (Feral Combat Training), any effect that augments unarmed strikes augments all of your natural attacks. And since Unarmed Strike itself is part of the Natural Weapon group, any effect that augments any of your natural weapons also augments unarmed strikes.
There are basically three options for fighting: Only use natural weapons, use natural weapons and unarmed strikes, use natural weapons and TWF with unarmed strikes. The second option is probably the best. Several of the natural attacks are already secondary (like the wings), while TWF has diminishing returns. An inability to use unarmed strikes and claws in the same full attack might change that, though.
Dragon Style is excellent for this build, I'm torn between Tiger and Panther Style for the second one.
Three levels of monk are necessary for monastic legacy which, together with monk robes, increases the damage of all natural attacks.

Any further suggestions for feats, archetypes or magic items?

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Bleeding Critical (Mythic) wrote:

Your deadliest blows unleash rivers of blood.

Prerequisite: Bleeding Critical, Critical Focus (mythic).

Benefit: The bleed damage dealt with Bleeding Critical increases by your tier. Stopping this bleed damage requires a Heal check with a DC equal to 15 + 1/2 your tier. Any magical healing ends the bleed damage normally.

You can expend one use of mythic power to deal 1 Con bleed, in addition to the hit point bleed damage you deal with this feat. This effect increases by 1 for each additional use of mythic power you expend.

Is there any limit on how much mythic power you can expend or could you theoretically use your whole pool to inflict a massive amount of con bleed?

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How much damage would a Druid with Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Focus (bite), Improved Natural Attack (bite), Improved Unarmed Strike, Feral Combat Training (bite), Strong Jaw and Stonefist Gloves deal with a bite attack while wildshaped into a behemoth hippopotamus?

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Arcane Armor Mastery (Combat) wrote:

You have mastered the ability to cast spells while wearing armor.

Prerequisites: Arcane Armor Training, Medium Armor Proficiency, caster level 7th.

Benefit: As a swift action, reduce the arcane spell failure chance due to the armor you are wearing by 20% for any spells you cast this round. This bonus replaces, and does not stack with, the bonus granted by Arcane Armor Training.

Arcane Armor Training (Mythic) wrote:

You've adapted your spellcasting to overcome limitations of wearing armor.

Prerequisite: Arcane Armor Training.

Benefit: You don't have to spend a swift action to gain the reduction to arcane spell failure chance from Arcane Armor Training. Furthermore, if you're wearing light armor, reduce your arcane spell failure chance by 20%.

Since Arcane Armor Mastery requires its own swift action and Mythic Arcane Armor Training only removes the swift action requirement of Arcane Armor Training, would a character with both feats still have to use a swift action to gain the -20% on arcane spell failure?

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Would a half elf who has both of the original classes of a hybrid class as a favored class gain two favored class bonuses per level in the hybrid class?

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Is the CR change really supposed to scale with HD?

What happens when you feed Blood of Baphomet to an animal companion or mount?

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Pathfinder Player Companion: Mythic Origins wrote:

Shapeshifting Mastery (Ex)
Your ability to magically adopt other forms is unparalleled, and you can expertly translate your arcane might into brawn. You add half your tier to the caster level of spells or extracts from the polymorph subschool. While under the effects of a spell or extract of the polymorph subschool, you can use your caster level instead of your base attack bonus when making natural attacks that rely on your new form.

Would you use your normal Caster Level or the one you have for the polymorph spell (including the 1/2 mystic tier bonus and other bonuses)?

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Benefit: Anytime a rogue with this talent successfully hits an opponent with a sneak attack, she may forgo her sneak attack damage to try to hamstring her opponent. If the attack succeeds, the rogue deals weapon damage as normal, but instead of the rogue dealing sneak attack damage, the target is knocked prone and is unable to take move actions during its next turn. A successful Fortitude save (DC = 10 + 1/2 the rogue's level + the rogue's Dexterity modifier) negates this effect.

Is the target still able to make a full attack (possible with a 5 ft. step) while being unable to do stuff like drawing a weapon, reloading a crossbow or directing a flaming sphere?

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Magical Marketplace wrote:

Sneaky Maneuver* (Ex)

Benefit: Anytime a rogue with this talent could hit an opponent with a melee sneak attack on her turn, she may take a –2 penalty on her attack roll and attempt a dirty trick, disarm, steal, sunder, or trip combat maneuver instead of dealing sneak attack damage. If the attack succeeds, the rogue deals weapon damage as normal and then attempts a combat maneuver check as a swift action (the –2 penalty only applies to the initial attack roll, not the combat maneuver check). This combat maneuver still provokes attacks of opportunity unless the rogue has a feat or ability that allows her to perform it without provoking attacks of opportunity.

Is "weapon damage" any damage you inflict that's not sneak attack damage or only the base damage of your weapon?

With the first option, that might make rogue 2 a viable dip for other classes, especially when combined with Greater Sunder or Greater Trip.

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Would Fog Cloud or similar effects block Sunburst or the Pallavi of Nirvana’s Blossoming?

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Please suspend all my subscriptions. I hope that I can resume them in time. Thanks.

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Mythic Past Life wrote:
]Mystic Past Life (Su): You can add spells from another spellcasting class to the spell list of your current spellcasting class. You add a number of spells equal to 1 + your spellcasting class's key ability score bonus (Wisdom for clerics, and so on). The spells must be the same type (arcane or divine) as the spellcasting class you're adding them to. For example, you could add divine power to your druid class spell list, but not to your wizard class spell list because divine power is a divine spell. These spells do not have to be spells you can cast as a 1st-level character. The number of spells granted by this ability is set at 1st level. Changes to your ability score do not change the number of spells gained. This racial trait replaces shards of the past.

Could a Samsaran Summoner for example gain Summon Nature's Ally from the Wild Caller's spell list?

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What is the best method to prevent a panicked foe from fleeing, making him cowering instead?

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Dastardly Finish (Combat)

You can take advantage of an enemy's debilitated state to attempt a coup de grace.

Prerequisite: Sneak attack +5d6.

Benefit: You can deliver a coup de grace to cowering or stunned targets.

Normal: You can only coup de grace helpless targets.


Bone Razor

Price 5,000 gp; Aura faint necromancy; CL 5th; Weight 1 lb.

This jagged bone knife seems too thin and frail for combat but easily cuts flesh. If used to perform a coup de grace on a helpless living creature and the creature dies from the attack, the creature's flesh begins to peel off and its bones animate as a skeleton under the command of the bearer of the razor. The creature's flesh is not destroyed, but decays at a steady rate. The bearer of the razor can spend 1 minute reattaching the flesh to the animate skeleton, which ends the necromantic magic and results in a normal corpse (though a corpse of a person killed or mutilated by knife wounds). If the bearer uses the razor to flense and animate another creature's bones, the previous animate skeleton is immediately destroyed.

Construction Requirements

Cost 2,500 gp

Craft Wondrous Item, animate dead

Should a Bone Razor work against a stunned or cowering target by someone with Dastardly Finish?

Dark Archive

Phantom Touch (Su): As a standard action, you can perform a melee touch attack that causes a living creature to become shaken. This ability lasts for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your oracle level (minimum 1 round). You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier. At 5th level, the target instead becomes frightened, and at 7th level the target becomes panicked.

Would causing a fiend to teleport away count as defeating him?

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Chronicle of the Righteous wrote:

Martyr’s Blood (Su) You are immune to bleed effects.

Whenever you would be affected by a bleed effect, all
enemies within 30 feet gain the bleeding condition
instead as though they were the effect’s original
targets (no save; creatures immune to bleeding are
immune to this affect). The Heal DC to stop this
supernatural bleeding is 20 rather than 15.
Advanced Player's Guide wrote:

Stigmata (Su): A vindicator willingly gives his blood in service to his faith, and is marked by scarified wounds appropriate to his deity. He may stop or start the flow of blood by force of will as a standard action; at 6th level it becomes a move action, and at 10th level it becomes a swift action. Activating stigmata causes bleed damage equal to half the vindicator's class level, and this bleed damage is not halted by curative magic. While the stigmata are bleeding, the vindicator gains a sacred bonus (if he channels positive energy) or profane bonus (if he channels negative energy) equal to half his class level. Each time he activates his stigmata, the vindicator decides if the bonus applies to attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, Armor Class, caster level checks, or saving throws; to change what the bonus applies to, the vindicator must deactivate and reactivate his stigmata.

While his stigmata are bleeding, the vindicator ignores blood drain and bleed damage from any other source and can use bleed or stabilize at will as a standard action.

How would this interact? Would the Holy Vindicator keep his bonuses? Would he lose them? Or do his enemies gain them?

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I preordered the Pathfinder Comic compilation before there was a Paizo exclusive one. Would it be possible to change the book in my sidecart so I get the Paizo exlusive cover instead of the standard one?

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Compared to alchemists, bards and inquisitors, the magus seems rather weak. He has a medium BAB and no good way to increase it. There's an arcana that let's him add his intelligence bonus but that one uses a swift action and is also rather costly. He can also increase his weapons enhancement bonus, but he can't raise it over +5.
With the limitation of haste, zorroing Arcane Marks doesn't seem that good, either. Shocking Grasp seems impressive till you meet an archer or charger. Blades Dash + Spell Combat is nice, but he's still limited to a one-handed weapon, so true pounce is probably better.

I have to say, I'm unimpressed. So, what is great about the magus?

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Instead of the normal Aasimar bonus, an Azatablooded gains a +2 bonus on Perform. Unlike other bonuses to Perform, this one isn't limited to a single type.
So, am I correct in the assumption that this would work rather well with Versatile Performance?

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Ultimate Combat wrote:

Domain Strike (Combat)

You unleash a domain power upon your enemy as part of your unarmed strike.

Prerequisites: Domain class feature, Improved Unarmed Strike.

Benefit: When you gain this feat, choose one domain-granted power that you can use to affect no more than one opponent. If you make a successful unarmed strike against an opponent, in addition to dealing your unarmed strike damage, you can use a swift action to deliver the effects of the chosen granted power to that opponent. Doing so provokes no attacks of opportunity.

Special: You can take this feat multiple times. Each time you take it, you apply it to a different qualifying domain power.

So, would it be possible for a character to target himself or an ally with Domain Strike to gain the benefits of a domain power for one attack plus swift action instead of a standard action?

He would still take nonlethal damage, but some of the domain powers would become much more useful. The same would also apply to bloodline and school powers.

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How big is the chance that the books aren't lost in transit?? They were sent to me on the 30th of january and had an estimated transit time of 9 to 36 business days. Order 2410144 which was sent later arrived a few weeks ago.

Dark Archive vxzA/
Work in Progress
Just trying to get the most out of Instant Enemy.

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Thorn Body wrote:
In addition, your natural attacks and unarmed strikes deal an additional 1d6 points of piercing damage.

Would damage reduction be applied against the extra damage seperately (most likely negating it) or does it only count against the total damage?

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One thing I don't get is why people cancel their subscription just because they don't like the theme of the AP. You probably won't be able to run all APs anyway (especially when you include third party material like Way of the Wicked, Razor Coast or Rise of the Drow).
But even if you would never run an AP, it still contains lots of useful stuff, bestiaries, gazetteers, deity articles, magic items, etc.
Of all the APs I can only see me running Carrion Crown (which I run at the moment), Curse of the Crimson Throne, Legacy of Fire, Rise of the Runelords and maybe Shattered Star. I can't wait to get my hands on Reign of Winter. But do I regret owning all the other APs? No, they are nicely done and contain lots of stuff to salvage.

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