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not going to be using this site anymore. your new "upgrade" has driven me off. realize this won't make any difference to paizo, but thought i should let you know that this IS happening, and why

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VixieMoondew wrote:

Took me a while to find the forums, but here I am.

This does nottttt look good on Mobile, though. We’ll see how desktop handles it tomorrow morning.

looks cr@ppy from the desktop. imo.

why the HELL do sites think they have to "upgrade" (using term sarcastically) what was FINE to begin with?


Dragoncat wrote:
I'll allow other PCs to take the Signature Skill feat. The Unchained Rogue will still get the skill unlocks for free.


Awesomesauce. The unlocks for Heal are totally worth spending a feat, at least if one is a healer.

Though if I were getting sneak attack, I'd be torn between heal and sleight of hand.

Of course, if I were getting sneak attack, I'd likely be a rogue, and would have rogues' edge, obviating the need for signature skill...

Way of the world.

Dragoncat wrote:

That could be quite interesting. :)

EDIT: Regarding the 3rd trait: 1 trait per category. So you can have a Combat trait & a Faith trait, and your 3rd trait would have to be Social/Regional/Race, etc.

awesomesauce. lemme look at my stack of half-finished builds and dig out the relevant build notes,

>humming happily, if off-key<

and a question re: drawback/extra trait: can 3rd trait be from same list as one of the initial trait selections, or would it need to be from a 3rd category?

um, hi; i mostly lurk on here, but would love to get into a game -- not a lot available where i live...

say, gnome oracle of the dark tapestry? been itching to play one

i find a quick-and-dirty rundown of typical party roles and my opinion on which classes are best-suited to what roles makes a good jumping-off point for new players. i'm not a great builder of martial characters, so if that's their interest i try to find someone who is good with them to play mentor for building 'em. i'm usually a wizard or an oracle, but i feel competent to advise on anything but magus and summoner.

once the basic character is built, play is the best way to learn, i think, with gentle intruction on the complex bits as you go along; soon the new players acquire te beginnings of their expertise, or at least basic competencies, and you're off!

Freehold DM wrote:
Rysky wrote:

Ah, sorry to hear that.

*offers head wubs*


wanna make a "wubstep" joke here...

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heh... fully Ryskymatic Hugguns...

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dear selene:

welcome, congrats, and warm fuzzies!

glad you made it here, and i'm sure this is one of the right places for you to be (judging by own experience here, but everybody's kind and supportive whatever issues one may be dealing with, whether life-shaping in scale or tiny day-to-day stuff).

even those of us (like me) who aren't "on your team" are definitely "on your side;" welcome again, and glad to see you.

...this IS the right place for fun-timey revolutionary socialism, right?

asking for a friend.


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>offers hugs<

>shuffles zombie deck<

>shuffles morphling/wizard deck<

>offers hellish magic games<


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thanks to all for the birthday wishes... so far all the old organs still working away.


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aaand i'm 44 now. 3 more years 'til the next prime number. >sigh<

Pillbug Toenibbler wrote:
Kobold Cleaver wrote:
My third-party friends, you've gotta have ammo to sell it. ;)
I just watched episode 4 of Taboo the other night. They showed what is needed to make gunpowder. It doesn't even sound that difficult.

um. may i recommend some jules verne reading? many characters who work with explosives are missing digits and/or limbs...

not saying don't do it, just pointing out that being simple =/= being safe.

be careful.

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granddad stable and improving.

RadiantSophia, "light of wisdom," take heart and linger longer, for it is in dark times we most need your illumination.

not saying the siren song of oblivion isn't tempting... i listen to it myself on occasion... so far, my stubbornness drags me away, because life is sweet and finite. and because i still haven't shed my fear of dying.

endings come eventually, i feel, with no need to hurry things

i hope for hope for you

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the current bonfire of the verities going on has kinda dropped into a surreal background buzz, overshadowed by my granddad being in hospital after collapsing in his bedroom...

i want to thank all of you for your work towards correcting our nation's course; it helps me to compartmentalize the chaos in my personal life.

and in the tradition of the grappelmeister,

>offers hugs to all who want or need them<

so glad you're all here

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Uh, my game only meets twice a month, like clockwork -- dependable, Gnome-designed, Dwarf-built clockwork -- so I don't get enough of great teamwork, clever PCs, and flexible, well-prepared GM?

(I know, but I had to come up with SOMETHING to air; all the cool kids are posting here.)

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>joins Hug Brigade<


been a long week; hugs for sure

the Hidden Shrine of? >insert name I cannot remember here<?

Aztec-y base (language "Olmec" in module).

There's this complex puzzle that either gets you a cache of treasure or locked in a doorless cell, depending on whether you do it right...

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Felicitous fortune favor thee, Iammars.

(Rennaivx, purses are entirely awesome. These days I just use a backpack for day to day, but for going out in non-gaming pursuits is better suited to a purse.)

Terquem wrote:
Mulgar wrote:
Terquem wrote:

Yes but I bet none of you played Fanta-Z-1, published in 1980

I believe that only 50 copies were printed, and I have one of them for a very stupid reason

Alright, Fess up, why do you have one of them?
My friend Robert Henegar and I were the authors and I only kept one copy. We sold the rest at a comic book convention in Long Beach, California in the summer of 1980

OK, this takes a couple of steps...

Would the Turb of Grogs kiss them and make them better?

I.e., "give me some sugar, baby."

Turb'n'nardo Sugar.

>runs laughing into the area of dim light to hide<

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How many grogs would a grognard nard if a grognard could nard grogs?

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Happy Day of Agening, Rysky! Birthday hugs!

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Heh. My current group all use laptops, except for me; I've kept to pencil and paper, because a folder with several sheets of paper (character sheet+scratch paper) is SO much easier to haul around and set up, imo.

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
My best player (and the one who's been with me the longest - 30 years) is thinking of "retiring" from gaming once the current campaign we're running ends. His goal is to reach 20th level. Right now he's close to 14th with 3 Mythic Tiers. I'd hate to lose him after so many years, so I hope he changes his mind when that time comes.

...quick, slow down the experience flow!

Golly, this thread's been fun (in a sick, can't-look-away-from-the-train-wreck kind of way). On the plus side, while there have been occasional errors, rule misreadings, etc., in my games, I have to say I don't really have any horror stories to tell about bad rulings -- no malice, no adamant positions.

Closest thing to offer are some PFS rules (which, rather than terrible GMs and/or players, are why I don't PFS).

Anyway, I look forward to more awful rulings.


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So, in my current game, I'm "That Guy;" the one who blew his first significant haul of loot buying a wagon and supplies to fill said wagon. Multiple tents, bedrolls, mess kits (a cooking kit), a shovel, a pick, a crowbar, a hatchet, a saw...

Y'know, enough gear to outfit the whole group with those often-forgotten items, plus a buttload (an Imperial Buttload, mind you, none of these newfangled Metric Buttloads) of personal gear.

Now I'm waiting for us to leave town, so I can surprise everyone with how well-outfitted we all are...

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Gonna leave this here; feeling a little maudlin.

Rhetorical Romance

Hypothetically -- I mean,
Like if I had one, just,
Around; y'know,
Another love letter?

So, if I did -- have one
--Would you read it?
Would you want to see it?
Or rather not
Be vexed with these
Extraneous complexities?

Would you become complicit
Reading prose that waxed explicit?
Could more daring words elicit
Some echo of felicities...
Or would it be
Just a tease,
And leave you more uneasy?

"I did it! I rolled a twenty! I cut off >insert god/dess name here< head!"

Garbage like that is why statless gods were instituted in my games >a long, long time< ago...

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Orfamay Quest wrote:

Not to mention that the Thief was the only character that could do things like open locks, disable tracks, and move silently. If your cleric wanted to walk past a senty,.... forget it.

Hey, you're forgetting the original Assassin.

Mind you, Thieves were WAY better at it, but Assassins COULD do it.

PS: Any group that has me in it has a grognard. Sigh.

Agrippa01 wrote:

Since I have my own ideas on alignment I'll use those as a launching point. Law and Chaos are collectivism versus individualism while Good and Evil are compassion versus brutality. Using only fictional examples these are who I'd tie the Evil alignments to.

Lawful Evil: Hydra and its membership, the League of Shadows and its membership (including Ra's al Ghul), Tywin Lannister, Roose Bolton, MCU Wilson Fisk and possibly MCU Loki.
Neutral Evil: Lex Luthor, Ramsay Snow/Bolton, Craster, Walser Frey, Thanos and the Four (Planetary).
Chaotic Evil: The Joker, the Purple Man, Eric Cartman, Nicodemus Archleone, Cersei Lannister, Joffrey, Petyr Baelish and V from V for Vendetta.

Now using these alignment definitions how well can you imagine a Lawful Good and a Lawful Evil character getting along?


Nicodemus Archleone, chaotic?!

Seriously, can I snort some of what you're on?

Meticulous and methodical, with plans spanning centuries, and you're plopping him into chaos?

YMMV, I guess?

Actually, they aren't -- strictly speaking -- WX elves. They're gnomes, disguised as elves; stilts, ear prostheses, wigs and all.

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I haven't been in a PFS game for a while (not since I moved from Alaska), but I still haunt the boards a bit...

My two coppers; I'm much more concerned with survival than spotlight, so my response to folks whose build lets them crush the opposition was "awesome, THAT'S dead, and I didn't use any ammo." Obviously, not everyone shares my laid-back approach...

Plausible Pseudonym wrote:
Haunted Heroes Handbook has a feat for this:


You can invite lesser spirits to partially share your body in exchange for their training and experience.
Benefit: You can perform a seance once per day, taking 1 hour and requiring your concentration, calling out to any nearby spirit with the skill you seek. At the end of the hour, you invite the spirit to inhabit your body. The spirit grants you ranks in a skill of your choice equal to your character level, and you treat the skill as a class skill. These effects persist for 1 hour per character level. You cannot have more ranks in a skill than your total number of Hit Dice. While you’re possessed, the spirit influences your personality
It's not fast, and until later levels it won't last all day, but it does let you have a free skill access every day.

Huh; learning something new every day. Thanx!

This seems to have wandered from "avoiding dump stats" into "debate about whether/how attribute generation leads to minmaxing..."

When faced with a point-buy -- which I'll admit, I prefer to any random-roll method (dice hate me) -- I simply don't dump. I mean, unless the point buy is ridiculously-low, which can change my parameters. But as a rule, I want at LEAST a 10 in everything, to avoid an avoidable penalty. Obviously, YMMV.

I guess I'm aiming for as universal a utility as I can get, and with all the available ways to enhance attributes out there, deficit-spending at creation seems unnecessary and unappetizing (to me).

I've seen some hilarious rp around dumped stats; I don't mind if someone decided that Charisma (for instance) is Not Their Bag, Baby.
If I see someone sporting a Constitution penalty, I'll probably raise an eyebrow at them, but MMV...

It's what matters to any given player; just because *I* don't want gaping holes in my characters' infrastructure doesn't mean a tablemate can't play (and effectively) around them. Is everybody having fun? Then who cares?

[I do a loy more playing than running; I usually offer either a point buy or an array chosen by me. I should probably change my array; it's almost always picked over the buy-in. Anyhow, the above is from a dominantly-player view, just fyi.]

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Sigh. The 1e Psionicist. The ecology of the Mind Flayer. The cartoons! (An armored goon w/"85 HP" emblazoned on his chest sayong 'not really, but it puts off the literate monsters...")

BretI wrote:

Pathfinder Society Primer, pg. 22.

Here is a link to the d20pfsrd description.

It would be up to the GM if the skill can change each time. I would treat it like other items that give an Int bonus and set the skill at creation.

Hmmn. Thanks!

Markov Spiked Chain wrote:
You can do this with a Magenta Prism Ioun stone (16k.)

Um. Which can be found where, please?

magispitt wrote:
Would this sneak attack stack with gestalt though?

Gestalting generally gives an either/or choice when picking features; in the case of Sneak Attack, having two classes to choose from is like having two 4-point class skills (e.g., Alchemist-Oracle); you get the benefit of an enlarged class skill list, but still have four skill points per level (plus race/intelligence/favored class modifiers). Likewise, having two sources of sneak attack IN GESTALT just means +d6 at first level, +d6/further two levels...

Now, in multiclassing, I'm in favor of "stacking" SA bonus die from different source classes, even w/o explicit language. YMMV.

I had considered multiple low-level headbands, but didn't want to be the wizard version of the golf-bag-full-of-weapons fighter...

BretI wrote:

You could get this ability using Ioun stones and switch them out to switch skills. That would be very costly -- one stone per skill at 24K (stacking) or 8K (non-stacking).

The Technology guide has implants for a skill slot (2K) into which you can insert a skillchip (cost varies from 400gp for +2 to 10K for +10).

Note that with both of these, you are paying for each skill that you want the bonus for.

Aha! A per-skill cost makes this more reasonable, yes. Anybody have suggestions for pricing? Add the +50% to the enhancement bonus, then tack on x% for each skill added? (Also gives an easy cap if desired; one extra skill per enhancement bonus teir, for a maximum of six skills for a +6 headband).

Running a rogue/soon-to-be wizard. Long-range plans include use of Fabricate to supplement Secure Shelter and insta-furnish wherever he's stuck going to. Actually, just adding three more skills will net me enough craft skills to make everything you need for a household. Re-housing refugees, repairing raided villages, that sort of thing; if I have to craft my own djimbe of building, I'm prepared to budget the Feat and make sure I have the requisite spells. When he grows up, he'll be supplying earthworks and Roman-Legion-style encampments, but with pallisade walls...

I want to be able to build and supply a town or a garrison overnight.

Didn't see a mod in magic item creation; quick-and-lazy player says throw on +50% hike to enhancement cost, call good. Cautious GM says limit one switchable skill per headband, regardless of how many (1-3) are granted. Haggling player asks if the cost hike only applies to first +2 enhancement then; GM takes idea under advisement.

Thoughts? This strikes me as a neat idea, a really useful but not overwhelming ability. So I'm curious as to how much one ought to pay for it, and don't trust own judgment -- I want to make one in the worst way, so I want it to be cheap...

So, first: taking the granted skill of a headband of vast intellect and making it switchable when preparing spells. I was lazy and just slapped a 50% increase to the enhancement bonus; seems reasonable, not terribly spendy. My own thought is that the switchability should be restricted to a single granted skill, regardless of the enhancement bonus and/or presence of multiple skills.

Thoughts on the price structure? Does anybody have string feelings about it being too cheap? I do think it's a very useful ability, granted. I'm working to push the trope envelope about wizards doing everybody elses' job. Combine the switchable skill with fabricate, and become a successful merchant: create your stock after checking the market. Sell wholesale to local merchants if you don't want to deal with customers; you're still making bank.

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Off-topic; I found a group to play Pathfinder with!

Much better fit than the batch of teenagers playing 5E that was the last open group I tried... we got more done in two and a half hours than the two four-hour sessions I endured before giving up.

So, woot! Have been jonesing for a game so badly that I'd've joined a game of Paranoia...

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I've been lucky with my gaming groups: nobody has ever cared one way or the other about the gender and/or orientation of the characters I've run. I usually run gay males, because I'm one; on occasion I've run (straight) women and a couple of times -- to mix it up and confuse my fellow-players -- straight men.

Anyway, the groups I've been in haven't really batted an eye in any of these cases; honestly, we're not really concerned with the romantic aspects -- PCs might pair off, otherwise it's a mention of seeking professional company in downtime, and no-one cares with whom.

Title: the Binder

Portfolio: Bargains, Invention, Knowledge, Deceit

Alignment: Lawful/Evil

Domains: Artifice, Law, Magic, Trickery

Holy Symbol: Unbalanced Scales

Favored Weapon: Dagger

Clothing: Merchants'/Artisans' garb

Worshippers: Wizards (particularly Conjurors and Necromancers), Nobles, Lawyers/Judges, would-be Tyrants

Holy Text: Creed of the Oathkeeper (a manual for those who intend to keep the letter of the law as sacred -- and only the letter; failure to specify is shameful, if not sinful omission...)

Herald: the Wrath (an Imp Consular of high degree in the mortal realm)

Relations with Other Religions: Wary alliance with Asmodeus (always seeking advantage). Opposes chaotic deities on principle (they just won't keep to their bargains). Most other deities dislike his priesthood, as they are ALWAYS willing to bargain with the faithful of other beliefs, most often to their detriment and corruption.

Ethos: Bargain, haggle: chain with words. Negotiation is the preferred mode of battle in the ongoing War. Take what you can get, charge all the market will bear, and then a little more. "No" is just shorthand for "not yet."

I usually multiclass, but only rarely use archetypes. (Only when playing an Alchemist, and only with a GM who lets me trade out Throw Anything for Combat Expertise -- for the Vivisectionist).

Occasionally, I'll pursue some odd Feats, but usually pretty run-of-the-mill there, too.

I think Traits are probably my go-to modification; I like using Poverty-stricken to get Survival as a class skill, and Magical Knack for shoring up my multiclassed Wizards' caster level. (Though sometimes "Dangerously-curious" wins out, when I'm not multiclassing...)

There are SO many available options these days, but for the most part I tend towards simple. Rogue/Wizard, woo-hoo.

My 2 cp.

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Rysky wrote:
*offers hugs*

>accepts hugs, sniffles a bit<


Thanks to all; was fishing for sympathy, awfully glad to catch some.

And, in other news, my long-distance boyfriend dumped me today.

The breakup was as amicable as these things ever are.

Cake had it right: "'Friend' is a four-letter word."

We return you now to your regularly-scheduled programming.

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