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Homebrew Ideas

(49 items)

1.  Achaekek, The Mantis God
So Anyone Else Rewriting Stuff?
Thread (25 posts),

2.  Cayden Cailean
Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules
Thread (3,972 posts),

3.  Halfling Mom
Re: Combat Expertise is Redundant
Post, by rainzax

4.  Crow
Mysterious Stranger Gunslinger - Why does it not change all gunslinger abilities/grit feats into cha?
Thread (17 posts),

5.  Halfling Mom
Re: zax Rogue
Post, by rainzax

6.  Chaleb Sazomal
Variant Rules for a Low Magic Setting
Thread (45 posts),

7.  Angvar Thestlecrit
My solution to the Christmas Tree Effect
Thread (172 posts),

8.  Banba
Rogues Suck?!?!
Thread (131 posts),

9.  Tourist
Re: My replacement for Sneak Attack, allowing for ranged rogues to flourish, and eliminating the buddy system.
Post, by Cheapy

10.  Halfling Mom
Re: Rogues Suck?!?!
Post, by rainzax

11.  Kirhosk
Encouraging Roleplay: Non-combat feats at even levels
Thread (58 posts),

12.  Rat
Re: Liklihood of cursed items appearing
Post, by bookrat

13.  Halfling
The Engineer (Alchemist Archetype)
Thread (48 posts),

14.  Amiri
Re: The Engineer (Alchemist Archetype)
Post, by Anthony Kane

15.  Hand
The Armored-Engineer Core Class: Build Your Own Steampunk Armor. Need Help Finishing Class
Thread (38 posts),

16.  Harsk
Re: Starting before they were heroes?
Post, by Cinderfist


18.  Sovereign Dragon
Synthesist Reborn
Thread (61 posts),

19.  Yakmar
Re: New classes you'd want to see?
Post, by Christopher Delvo

What makes for a truly bad adventure?
Thread (86 posts),

21.  Alastir Wade
Re: No classes
Post, by Salindurthas

22.  Sajan Gadadvara
Re: No classes
Post, by Rynjin

23.  Sajan Gadadvara
"Freeform Class Selection", or "A random idea I had a little while ago"
Thread (111 posts),

24.  Ikrimah
Interest Check for Highly Structured Arena PvP
Thread (1,562 posts),

25.  Dice
Re: How should a GM handle players looking up monster abilities in the Bestiary?
Post, by AnnoyingOrange

Help fill in citizens in a lycanthrope village
Thread (23 posts),

Re: Rogues underpowered? World's easiest fix...
Post, by Atarlost

28.  Cayden Cailean
Re: What are your monk & rogue fixes? (If you think they need them)
Post, by TriOmegaZero

29.  Father Zastoran
Pathfinder with "Third Tier" Firearms
Thread (1 posts),

30.  Aldern Foxglove
Re: The Sandpoint Devil
Post, by Daviot

31.  Aldern Foxglove
Re: The Sandpoint Devil
Post, by Daviot

32.  Aldern Foxglove
Re: The Sandpoint Devil
Post, by Daviot

33.  Karzoug the Claimer
4 generic chases, to be used however you like.
Thread (8 posts),

34.  Darl Quethos
Gunsmoke Domain
Thread (48 posts),

35.  Sargavan Pathfinder
The Hurricane King's Secret (Spoilers)
Thread (34 posts),

36.  Alastir Wade
Evil Lincoln's Anti-Christmas Tree Effect
Thread (147 posts),

Re: Confessions That Will Get You Shunned By The Members Of The Paizo Community
Post, by zero_traveler

38.  James Jacobs
Re: Adventure Paths and high level play
Post, by James Jacobs

39.  Leaf Leshy
Re: You arrive at Foxglove Manor... (spoilers)
Post, by Landon Winkler

40.  Tourist
List of Artificer Classes
Thread (103 posts),

41.  Jhavhul
150 campsite events
Thread (197 posts),

42.  Heretic
Make Death Interesting, Living Dead Template
Thread (3 posts),

43.  Seoni
Re-writing Skull n' Shackles for good(ish) characters - spoilers obviously
Thread (58 posts),

44.  Human
Any good Aerial Combat/Dogfight rules?
Thread (11 posts),

45.  Figurine
Re: Wrath of the Righteous - A Failed AP
Post, by Tangent101

46.  Ghost
Hints for High Level DMing
Thread (133 posts),

47.  Hoary Muntjac
Re: Caster dealing with the mana wastes
Post, by AbsolutGrndZer0

48.  Zayifid
Wrath of the Righteous - A Failed AP
Thread (1,282 posts),

49.  Akata
101 Celestial Bodies In Your Solar System
Thread (220 posts),