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Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
Darkwing Duck wrote:

In our country, we still hold on to the myth of personal freedom. We haven't given up on that myth, like your people have. It may have something to do with the fact that we've neverbeen occupied by a foreign government.
Yeah, Shifty, why do you hate our freedom? Was it because Australia was occupied by a foreign government for so long?

Damn those foreign occupiers! They made me hate FREEDOM!!

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I‘m a warthog faced, vomitous mass. Children shriek at my hideousness, babes weep at my approach, women cry out “Dear God, what is that thing?”


That's why I wear this sheet.



Karelzarath wrote:
I thought the authorities were coming by to round up all you vagrants, and yet the thread continues.

Holey sheet, eet’s the cops!

Moff Rimmer wrote:
Ok, there's truth in advertising, then there's this.


Kruelaid wrote:

<Walks in. Looks around.>


<Runs away.>


Kruelaid wrote:
Wow. This is my first day clear. 4-5 days of fever for both me and the 6 year old. 39-40 degrees. Mouth blisters. Migraines. NOT FRICKIN FUN. And I'm not a zombie. WHEW!


I heard they're getting ready to announce Pathfinder Second Edition.

Jeremy Mcgillan wrote:
So I finally got around to watching the entire Star Wars original Trilogy. Totally underwhelmed. Poor story and horrible script, ok effects for the time, and I`m totally mystified as to why it was so popular. I guess I`m just not a good geek.


ProfessorCirno wrote:

"I find that insulting" is different from "That is insulting."

I can and will dismiss people when they very dramatically overreact to something - especially when often times it's done for the high theater that is the internet.

Settles back to watch high theatre.

Me, that was good!

Towlie wrote:

Don't forget to bring a towel! When you are going off the deep end, you might get wet and having a towel around will help you keep dry.

.....wanna get high?

Holey sheet! Heve you all been geeting high weeth out me?

Solnes wrote:

O.o M gave me a spy cam award!!!

How ya like my panties??? Oh! Not wearing any.... :P


Me, that's a lot of posts

Solnes wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Solnes: Hey, you're welcome! >:/

Thank you for the award, I shall forever old it dear and near to me... hehe and its shaped just right!! Where do the batteries go?

Ods bodkins!

What would we ever do without you to educate us CoDzilla!??!

houstonderek wrote:

New movie scripts seem to be:


Furry sex.


I guess I don't see enough new movies.


Ball faced?

CourtFool wrote:
This does not mean everyone has to be best of buddies and take long, hot showers together.

But ... that's my favourite type of 'adventure'!


Panzerhand wrote:

a good thing?

29 consecutive hours of roleplaying. new record


Holey sheet I heete theet guy!

Holey sheet! Three glabrezus? One came within a hair’s breadth of TPKing the 7th / 8th level group I DM a few weeks back ... alright, time to test the difference between low-mid levels and high -mid levels!

Init: 1d20 ⇒ 13

Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:
I go to your kinda toy store more, dude. I have more Star Wars figures than dildoes.



Harles the DimWitted wrote:

I agree that mathematical analysis is not the strong suit of Pathfinder. (That is why my current campaign is going down the toilet.)

Hope you enjoy Essentials as much as I am.


Wait! You forgot your bat and ball!

The Crimson Jester, Rogue Lord wrote:
If a bear eats a paladin and poops in the forest. Does that poop now have the celestial template to it?


Theese threead ees sheety!

Evil Lincoln wrote:
Holey Sheet wrote:
Evil Lincoln wrote:

Sean, I just FAQ'd your post SO HARD.

FAQ’d so hard? Holey Sheet!
You know what? I think the post... liked it.

Oh, there's nothing wrong with a good hard FAQ.

Evil Lincoln wrote:

Sean, I just FAQ'd your post SO HARD.

FAQ’d so hard? Holey Sheet!

Wagyu wrote:
It looks like you need to adjust your NADS


dungeonmaster heathy wrote:

There's a roundish, somewhat seethrough form floating two feet in the air, to the left side of the pantry.

It's eating "mnomnomnom...." and the food is going into the mouth, being chewed, and falling on the floor in a pile underneath it.....

I gotta crash

"Slimeer?! Ees theet you?"

Obvious Troll Is Obvious wrote:
Mothman wrote:
And how do you decide if an AP is going to be type A or type B?
Cleverly disguised A or B question is cleverly disguised.

Holey sheet, theet’s sneeaky!

ulgulanoth wrote:
Holey Sheet wrote:
ulgulanoth wrote:
can we gass mothman?
Holey sheet that's mean.

originally i thought of setting him on fire, skinning him alive and crushing him with a rock among other things

then i realised i was etheral

and this is a "family friendly" site

so i restrained my self


Holey sheet thees thread ees long!


ulgulanoth wrote:
can we gass mothman?

Holey sheet that's mean.

FallofCamelot wrote:
Corrosive Rabbit is banned for having an avatar that looks nothing like a corrosive rabit.

Holey sheet FallofCameelot, you are sooo banned for speelling rabbit wrong.

Holey sheet theese thread ees brockeen!