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Congratulations all!

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Agreed. If there is anything the online VOs can do to help facilitate getting more people online to join in, please don’t hesitate to let us know :) we are here to help! We also have have lots of games run daily, if you would like some games before the con to get to grips with any tech etc :)

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Hooray! :)

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Always more Hel’s ki.... I mean, Hellknight info!
Seriously though, I think they are fabulous. More info on everything please :)

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Congratulations to all the new 5 Star Gms, especially Matt and Phil.
I’m lucky that Matt W is one of my main GMs who kindly runs for me. WOW- I’ve said it before, and i’ll deffo say it again- if you can get a game run by him, go for it. Trust me- you won’t be disappointed!

Phil is a fabulous GM too. I’m honestly looking forward to a next con in the UK I know he sometimes attends, to see if I can get some games in with him!

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Congratulations to my sister from another mister Christina! Well deserved :)
And congratulations to all campaign coin and 5 star gms on the list. You guys are amazing :)

Thank you so much for running!

boon roll: 1d20 ⇒ 9

S.U.S.A.N has a plus 4 to her skill checks. Looks like no matter how hard she tries, its pretty heavy for her!

Mu! everyone! Great job on blue! Time to turn the fire up on yellow!

Get em' on yellow!

S.U.S.A.N turns her gun on yellow!

rifle: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 91d6 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6

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I understand your frustration at this rule and how it is interpreted. However, FAQs are set up to help clarify rulings. One person may interpret a rule different to another. The developers and writers do not have foresight to see how their writing may be interpreted by different people. All that can be done is to find the best way at the time. This is true of FAQs too.

With regards to Pathfinder Society Play- the rules and guidelines in play are to allow for a level playing field across the world. This is, in my opinion, its main strength, and the reason I enjoy it.

For example; if you were to use your interpretations of the spell slot rules in your games, but then to travel to another location and play with another GM, it would be upsetting to be told that you could not play your character at that GMs table. I am sure a conversation would follow (I know personally, I would be upset in that situation), but with society being for a number of players, and not just one PC, it is needed to protect all players- lets say there are a further 5 players around the table- an in depth conversation between one player and one GM would mean no one can play- the time set for the game would be eaten up by a long discussion. That would be upsetting for the other players.

However, referring to people as 'Idiots' is offensive. People are not trying to offend you, and a lot of very lovely GMs and Players have gone quite far to provide rules, rulings, FAQs, and other methods of delivering information. To call people names for trying to help is not fair, nor is it productive- it is only likely to upset or irritate individuals on this forum, and therefore make any other answers to the original post in a similar vein. And that way, we end up in name calling, and nothing at all productive. Please show posters the same respect they are showing you by trying to find different methods to provide information.

From your posts, it sounds like a home brew game would be better suited. You appear set on your interpretation of the rules, and that is fine in home brews. I understand that the only local games are society play. Have you looked at setting up your own group of non society play? There are a number of facebook pages dedicated to Pathfinder, as well as other channels online and offline. You may find players in your area in a similar situation, wanting to play a home brew game. This would allow you to play Pathfinder, but would stop the unease you feel with society.

I am sure that if you asked on these forums, you may find other players too.

Pathfinder and RPGs in general are a great for many therapeutic uses. I have a number of friends who run groups in the UK for this very reason.

Hach Grakin wrote:
Hey take care yah? No worries about the game. Life always comes first. Especially family.

Thank you, I really appreciate it! I've managed to get back in time for my turn, so I've posted in the game too. I'm super jealous I missed the ship combat, it looked good! :-)

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Hello everyone. I am so so sorry i have not been around. But I am back!!! I just wanted to explain, as I didn't want you to think this was usual for me. My father has been told he is extremely ill, and it has really shaken the family. We are looking into stem cell therapy at the moment, and unless a donor can be found, its likely to be me, as I'm at least a 50% match. Just as we are preparing for rounds of treatment for my dad, my mum has been told she needs a pacemaker. So I have been doing over 1,000 miles a week travelling to them, home and work.
I've spoken to the amazing Mr Wolf, and he has been super lovely.

Thank you to Christina for playing Susan whilst I was away from the table. I am however, back and super excited to continue!!!


Magical Mu wrote:
That's okay! Really, it's a good thing! Just resubmit your information with changes!

Phew! I'll resumbit now. How do I get my info at the top of my posts, in a similar manner to you, Hmm?

Hello Norse,

I am so sorry. I have just realised its -703 , not 704....
Unfortunatley, it also means I was wrong about Against the Aeon Throne.... Susan has GM credit for it for the first two books.

Im so sorry

Magical Mu wrote:

HELLLLOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Yay! our first game together :-)

Hello all! This is my first pbp, but I promise I will try not to be a burden.


Player Name: Hels
Character Name: S.U.S.A.N
Character Number: 183121-704
Slotted Faction: Second Seekers(LE)
Day Job: Corporate professional (H.R Manager). Working on how to post rolls now :-)

Assorted things you should know:

Has this character got any chronicles from Against the Aeon Throne?

No. Funnily enough, it was going to be and was built for it before it all went sour lol

Have you played or GMed this scenario before?

No :-)

What do you do in Spaceship Combat?

I make a fairly good Captain, but I am happy to fit where needed (please don't make me a gunner. Trust me. I am yet to roll above a 9 in any game when manning the guns. I wish I was joking)

Do you have an up-to-date 'bot me' spoiler -- complete with dice expressions?

erm........ Leave it with me :-)

Will you be willing to bot other characters if I ask you to do so?


Do you promise to let me know if you get super busy for a few days so we can bot you?

Of course :-)

I also have a Manticore boon if we end up going low tier on this one and we want to use it? I think the Crypt Warden looks pretty good

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ShadowsOverScotland wrote:

I am not sure how best to flag this one so giving it a go, the influx of so many races across the year+ of Starfinder has meant that they are seeming less valued and less of an interest as a GM convention reward.

We have had the chance to get used to the core book, potential of legacy races as standard, chronicle boons unlocking races, play boons for more races and a stack of GM boon convention races (with double choices).

I would like to suggest that for GM con boons would it be possible to do a race and a featured effect instead of the double boon - I know that we are new to the campaign but we really do have a lot of choices with another Alien Archives on the way...

I know there will still be picks people will want to go for and more characters to build into but it does start to feel like we are gaining these faster than we can look up.

I think this is a good idea. Based on what I have seen, Player reward boons, with items and utility seems to be quite popular. For example, the Hauler Bot was very much the most popular boon at TPKon recently.

I do love playing various races, but I would love the option for more featured effects :-) A choice instead of two races would be a fabulous idea

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I also agree, an open ended question would be great :-) Having a space to give feedback without worrying what others would say would be fab

Can I ask- what was the relevance of asking for gender, age etc?
Players at our table wanted to know what the relevance of asking was. The survey was about the game, not the player.

Thanks Chris! :-)

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I contacted Customer Services for mine, and they were amazingly quick to respond :-)

Thanks for the heads up! :)


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Where are you looking for games?

4/5 5/55/55/5

Hello :-)

Have you checked the google group as well? Many people don’t post all their games on discord. I know that for Tarracon, I will somtimes post links to my games on discord but not every time. The same is true of many gms. Have you checked directly on Warhorn?
As Andrew says, many gms will happily run a requested game.

Drop me a message on discord and we will see what we can do :)


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Congratulations to all the new 5 star GMs!!

And congrats to Chris- the boat was pretty epic to see- and certainly made me want to up my game :-)

Huge congratulations to Jack and Andreas: they all looked amazing and certainly made me very jealous of your gming!!

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This is fab, thanks for the update and opening up ways to get race boons :-)
Does online play qualify for any of these?
Online SFS has a pretty active community, many of which cannot get to face to face games for a wide variety of reasons. Will they be able to qualify? :-)

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Harsk mode? A win surely! :-)

This looks fab. Slightly sad I'm so far away, but maybe one year :-)

Hi Rainzax, I am not sure where one is on the Paizo site, but your local VO may be able to help? The link to the coordinator list can be found: http://paizo.com/organizedplay/coordinators

Online wise, you can find games listed on the SFS Online Collective: http://sfsonlinecollective.com/

Hope the links help :-)

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Gamerskum wrote:
We've been waiting for the PFS Regional Support Package boon in my area for months to no avail are they going to be more forth coming now that the big cons are over and starfinder is out?

Hello :-)

If you speak to your local venture officer, they may be able to help.
The Regional Support Program needs to be requested to the local VO, who most likely will be able to help. What region are you in? The list of coordinators can be found

Hope this helps :-)

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I am afraid I can't help with race swap boons, but I can at least direct you to an online con :-)

TPKon is an online convention the Organised play community runs once a quarter. I know a lot of players out there are not able to get to conventions for one reason or another (location etc) but we try to get a good cross section of games going- as well as aim to get a multi table special running as well.

This quarter, it is going to be on the 6th-8th October, running 24 hours a day due to the global nature of the event. The past three have proven to be a fab success, and every subsequent con, we get more and more tables, and more and more players!

The con support deadline is the 8th September. This is the deadline for us to request the scenario for free for you. You are always welcome to still run a game during that period, but you will need to provide your own copy of your chosen scenario.

There are both Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society games running, and lucky enough to get GM boons on the go too.

There will also be player boons on offer (We roll off on each table to see who gets them. Is usually if you roll a nat 20, nat 1, number the organiser chooses).

If you are interested in finding out more, feel free to drop me a message either on here, or you can contact me on discord:

http://pfschat.com/ And my name is @hels there too :-)

There is an amazing community of online players there. You can also find games/potentially more info on online cons on
PFS Online Collective: http://pfsonlinecollective.com/

With regards to online play in general, I am always around to help if you need a starting hand. I have a generic and VERY basic macro sheet I give out for new players if you need, and can help with online game creation queries.

If PbP (Play by Post is more your thing, Hmm your your lady. She is beyond amazing and if always there to help.

As I say, it may not help with the boon/sylph query, but may help with the second paragraph :-)


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Congratulations to the new 5 star gms!!
And congratulations to all the gms who ran at gencon. I have seen so many posts about how amazing the event was. I think I might need to get my act in gear and get over there next year.

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Hi Diaz

Welcome to online play :-)
I can be found on the discord channel above as. @hels .

If there is anything I can do to help set you up on roll20 (such as help with macros, how to advertise a game etc)
Just let me know


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This is wonderful. The online community is thriving at the moment, and with a lack of comparable 'regional incentive' style boons (which would be v v hard to put in place, I admit- although a few of us have ideas ;-) ) this is wonderful. Massive thanks to you guys for recognising the online community, and for something which will hopefully encourage more of people online!

Now, back to 'the bad olive' inn for another evil league meeting for me....

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Crikey, with the international postage costs and taxes, it is going to double the price to ship it over here......

HOWEVER, I have managed to wrangle it as a birthday present, so..... Come to me, my pretty!

*Spends the next three months waiting by the front door*

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Lau Bannenberg wrote:
Looking for Vanara. Have Vishkanya.

PM Sent :-)

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Thanks for tge lovely comments. And congratulations Matt and Keith! :-)

Hopefully I will see some more of you through Tarracon online soon :-)

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Dan was a lovely guy. Such a fun player, and such a lovely guy to chat to. A real pleasure to see his name pop up on my table. He will be missed by so many people

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Fabulous news! I'm looking forward to this even more now.
The Cons in the UK are always fabulous- the Venture Officer team in the UK are incredible, and this can surely only build on the amazing events they organise and support for us already :-)

See you all there!

Great, thanks. I'm sure it seemed obvious, but it is part of a wider plan, I wanted to make sure it would stay PFS legal etc *rubs hands together* Excellent......

Hi all,

Sorry if this is a really obvious question, but I'm not 100% sure.
Does a rapier count as a bladed weapon for the fencer trait? I'm just looking now, and I'm not 100% positive either way.

Thanks guys! :-)