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So I have a druid I've been running in PFS for a while now (lv 6 as of this posting) who's currently an elf. The thing is I'm wanting to race-swap her to sylph, as I feel that would help a few concept issues I've been having with her, as well as basically be more fun for me (Sylph was not available when I made this character a few years ago)

What are the ways to facilitate this change? I unfortunately don't really have any access to rare boons or anything like that to trade, as I don't have access to any cons that actually host PFS. (Only con I have nearby doesn't do it, that I know of.)

I'm willing to work something out if boons are the only way to do this, otherwise any information would be appreciated.

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At this point in your character's career, the only way to do it would be with a rebuild boon, such as the Gen Con GM boons.... however, they are rare (in that you would have to GM at GenCon for one)

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Playing and GMing for online conventions can get you Boons you can trade for GM Boons to change race with a complete rebuild. Pfschat.com will help get you started. Wish I had more help.

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Generally speaking*, the only way to acheive a late race swap is with a full rebuild boon. Race boons usually have to be applied before the character is played on Level Two to have an effect.

Rebuild boons are fairly rare, but sometimes generous posters in the boon exchange thread might give away a boon to a polite person with a good story. It might be worth posting your request there.

As Kitsune Warlock noted, there are online conventions. I am running Play-by-Post Gameday VI right now, which you could join as a GM if you have an interest in the Play-by-Post format. (I would only do that if you think you would like Play-by-Post -- it's a very different format, and games can take weeks to finish.) Otherwise, I believe there are some Virtual Table Top conventions coming up.


*There is one chronicle sheet boon that will let people become Oreads late in life, but I have not heard of one for Sylphs.

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I am afraid I can't help with race swap boons, but I can at least direct you to an online con :-)

TPKon is an online convention the Organised play community runs once a quarter. I know a lot of players out there are not able to get to conventions for one reason or another (location etc) but we try to get a good cross section of games going- as well as aim to get a multi table special running as well.

This quarter, it is going to be on the 6th-8th October, running 24 hours a day due to the global nature of the event. The past three have proven to be a fab success, and every subsequent con, we get more and more tables, and more and more players!

The con support deadline is the 8th September. This is the deadline for us to request the scenario for free for you. You are always welcome to still run a game during that period, but you will need to provide your own copy of your chosen scenario.

There are both Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society games running, and lucky enough to get GM boons on the go too.

There will also be player boons on offer (We roll off on each table to see who gets them. Is usually if you roll a nat 20, nat 1, number the organiser chooses).

If you are interested in finding out more, feel free to drop me a message either on here, or you can contact me on discord:

http://pfschat.com/ And my name is @hels there too :-)

There is an amazing community of online players there. You can also find games/potentially more info on online cons on
PFS Online Collective: http://pfsonlinecollective.com/

With regards to online play in general, I am always around to help if you need a starting hand. I have a generic and VERY basic macro sheet I give out for new players if you need, and can help with online game creation queries.

If PbP (Play by Post is more your thing, Hmm your your lady. She is beyond amazing and if always there to help.

As I say, it may not help with the boon/sylph query, but may help with the second paragraph :-)


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Do not suggest breaking organized play rules on our forums.

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Thank you, Sara Marie, both for the thread merge and for the cleanup! Can you also note that you removed a few posts? That way your statement will make more sense to those who came late to the discussion!


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