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I'm not sure if this problem is generic to ALL the surveys or is specific to the PFS ones. So it is possible that this should be moved to the general section.

I just ran my first game of the playtest tonight (The Rose Street Revenge). Several issues came up and, seeing that I actually want to help improve the rules, I came home and eagerly entered the survey.

Only to find that I was being asked very carefully tailored questions asking about things that I don't necessarily really care about.

Now, I understand that HAS to be a major part of the survey. No issues there.

Where I DO have an issue is that there was nowhere in the survey for me to actually inform Paizo of places where we'd found problems.

Apparently, to do that, I have to create threads and hope against hope that my comments get noticed in all the noise.

I'd recommend changing the surveys so that there are at least some places where the person can actually give his free form opinion. And, of course, I recommend that Paizo actually READ that free form section and not just use the numeric results generated by the other questions.

Perhaps you restrict general comments to up to 3 problem areas, up to 3 things that you really liked Keep the boxes small so that I HAVE to be concise.

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Yep, we're looking at adding some open response surveys for the scenarios. In the lead-up to Gen Con, our focus was on getting the player/GM surveys ready--to say nothing of the other convention collateral--and with everyone getting back into the office, we're going to be finalizing our list of free-response questions.

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+1 to this...

I want there to be a place for feedback that is not entirely being shouted down by naysayers. Now, as for me, I just spray on metaphorical teflon and wade right in, but all that negativity can turn away others who truly want to participate.


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not to mention, the playtest forums are nigh unnavigable as every theorist wants to post their own, "first thoughts" thread.

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Maybe we could just be directed to the review system and drop custom commentary there. Yeah, the rules are not necessarily what is normally expected in a review, but in this case, it could be. One thing I question is whether or not custom commentary will be as helpful as we think it will be. Opening up that level of detail and requiring a very limited staff to read what will undoubtedly be thousands of submissions seems like an untenable expectation.

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I also agree, an open ended question would be great :-) Having a space to give feedback without worrying what others would say would be fab

Can I ask- what was the relevance of asking for gender, age etc?
Players at our table wanted to know what the relevance of asking was. The survey was about the game, not the player.

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